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An Undeniable Attraction \\ Part 2

I think you just got us in trouble, I whispered as her thigh let go of my hip.
"Whataya mean?" she whispered, her hands readjusting her slightly hiked skirt. I bobbed my head in the direction of her staring mother. Juliana slowly looked over her shoulder then back at me. 

"Don't worry," she sighed, "Just keep dancing."

"She's going to fucking kill me," I whispered as I began to sway my hips to the music. Jules shook her head, "Just keep dancing. She won't suspect a thing."

"Are you sure?" I murmured, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her into my chest. 

I could feel her hips slowly swaying with mine. Her thighs would seldom brush over the thick bulge in my jeans, making it ever more difficult to kill my hard-on. 

"Stop doing that," I whispered into her ear.

"What?" her dark eyes looked up at me, round and confused. 

"I'm fucking hard and you're just making it worse," I growled. 

Jules pulled her attention away from my eyes and cautiously glanced down at the tent that had form in the front of my jeans. She noticed the wet spot that marked where my dick slipped out tiny beads of pre-cum and another were her juices had tattooed. With a soft smirk spread across her luscious lips, she looked up—seemingly proud of what she had caused. 

"You look...big," she giggled, her eyes squinting as her cheeks rose with her smile. 

I chuckled at her words and the almost innocent expression on her face. Then, I bit my lip and leaned into her ear, "I can show you it, if you want."

Jules's head jerked away, her dark eyes meeting my green ones anxiously. "What?" she muttered, still swaying her hips. 

"Do you want to see it?"

"Um," she bit her lip as uncertainty sank into the pit of her stomach. 

"Come on," I growled sensuously in her ear as I watched her mother walk back to my dad, "I know you're curious."

"I am, but...," she looked around at everyone.

"I'll meet you in the bathroom. Go," I whispered. 

My arm uncoiled from her waist as she slowly backed away. Her stilettos then clicked away as she smoothly and discreetly made her way into the bathroom. 

I praised the heavens that the place was dimly lit, for I was still standing proud against the zipper of my jeans. With the same discretion as Juliana, I made my way back to my seat, where I sat for a few minutes before drifting off to meet her in the bathroom. 

Being that the banquet hall was small, there were only two bathrooms in the place. One for each respected gender. Almost certain that she hid in the female's restroom, I turned the knob to find it locked. 

"Almost done," she hollered from behind the door. 

I knocked on the door, rasping, "It's me," lowly. 

The wooden door swung open and I carefully looked around before gliding through the door. Inside, I flicked the lock on the door and pulled the girl into my chest. My lips instantly caught hers between them. She groaned softly, grimacing at the still lingering flavor of beer on my tongue and lips, but didn't pull away. Her tiny hands caught onto the front of my shirt and pulled me tighter against her hungry body. I cooly wrapped my fingers around her right wrist, pulling her hand off and guiding it south to the still throbbing rock in my jeans. 

As her hand cupped over the thick bulge, she pulled her delectable lips away from mine. Her forehead pressed against my chin as she watched my hand guide hers along the meat shaft. "Ou," she whispered in a moan as her brows pushed together and her hand felt the twitch of my cock. I let her dwell on the newly discovered curiosity for the male anatomy and my lips played softly over the soft skin on her delicate neck. Juliana tilted her head to the side to give me better access. Immediately, my lips took the alabaster skin between them and tugged gently. A low, sensuous, and meek whimper cut through her throat as her eyes closed in bliss. Loosening my lips' hold, her skin snapped back into place before I left a wet peck on it. My lips continued their newly accustomed routine of peck and tug, peck and tug, while Jules' hand clamped down around my pipe.

It felt amazing...a tease, you can say, but I needed more. I needed skin on skin. I needed her soft hand to grope me viciously and pump me until I came all over her dress and thighs. 

My hands snuck between our bodies, quickly popping the button of my jeans open and unzipping them. My right hand then grabbed her thin wrist again and guided her hand into my soldier's home. 

"Oh, fuck," I hissed as she softly locked her fingers around the meaty prong. Jules straightened her neck to better look down at what she was doing. 

Through the material sheathing my dick, she could see her hand moving slowly. It outlined her movements, which awed her completely. "Y-You are big," she muttered as she ran her hand along its length. I tilted my head back against the wall and shut my eyes as she furthered examined the tool. 

I let her play with it for a moment—letting her fingers trace over the probing veins, toy with the moisture that seeped through the slit on the tip of my dick, and gawk at how stiff it had become. Then, I pushed my pants and boxer briefs down, giving her better access to her first cock. 

"Oh God," she whispered as her virgin eyes rounded. 

"Keep stroking it," I groaned as her hand stopped, "Fuck."

My hand quickly met down with her still one, wrapping around it and instructing her hand to move. After several forced pumps, she caught on and worked her tiny fist along my painfully throbbing dick. With each simple stroke came a groan. With each groan came another stroke...and the cycle continued. 

"Faster," I muttered, pulling my head off the wall and looking down at her inexperienced, but hard working hand. Jules tried to quicken her pace, but her tiring wrist soon gave out on her. She switched hands and continued her assault. Soon enough, she was heaving for air—her body tiring from what she was doing. I knotted my left hand into the back of her head and roughly pulled her forward to my lips. The kiss was dangerously sinful, but completely fulfilling. My tongue probed into her mouth and she graciously accepted the slick invader. Another moan rippled through her throat and tickled my tongue as she pressed her thighs together tightly. Her tongue continued to smoothly work against mine before I yanked her away and stared at her swollen and glistening lips. With a cocky smile, I whispered, "Taste it."

"Huh?" her eyes lazily looked up at me as she recovered from the high of the kiss. 

I bit my lip and pushed down on her head until she stood on her knees. 

"Joe," her voice was soft and pure, "I-I've never done this before."

"It's okay," I looked down at her large, round eyes, "Grab it," I instructed and her unsure hand groped the savage beast. "That's it," I smiled, "Lick your lips, Baby," and she did so, "Now trace your tongue around the tip."

Jules leaned in and soon enough I felt the slick muscle work around the pulsing head of my dick. She lightly coated it with her warm juice as her heated breath crashed over each freshly moistened spot. She lapped over and over as she stroked my dick until she finally slid her tongue down the lengthy shaft. 

I gasped, "Oh shit," then let out a breathy chuckle. She looked up at me admiringly, then pulled away from my stiffness. I watched the tip of her tongue glide over her lips again then, surprisingly enough, she popped the bulbous tip into her mouth. "Baby," I groaned as her hot breath pushed over my wet tip, "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" 

"Mhmm," she hummed and nodded, sending a set of vibrations rushing off her tongue and lips and up my needy prick. I hissed in a heavy breath, pushing my hips forward slightly. My hands fell to her ears and slowly pulled her head forward, feeding my undying desire. Those same dark orbs looked up at me approvingly as she took some more into her mouth. 

"Work your tongue, Baby," I whispered. Like an obliging student, her tongue moved softly along the underside of my dick as her head began to bob forward and back. With each push of her lips she gave, I returned a short thrust...until I couldn't handle it anymore. My hands clamped down tighter around her face and I pulled her into me, shoving my dick down her throat. Juliana squealed at the sudden force before her airway became blocked. As I pulled out of her mouth, she coughed and her eyes puddled with tears from the short gagging. During one of her coughs, I shoved myself back into her sweet mouth and watched as her tears flowed over her cheeks. 

I gave thrust after thrust and she gave gag after gag, but she never bothered to stop me. Her eyes of chocolate looked up at me the entire time while I fucked her perfect pout and tight throat. She'd groan and moan, sometimes even whimper with each retraction of my dick, but I quickly returned to her mouth. As I fed her for what she was hungry for, I noticed her hand sneaking up the very short skirt of her dress. Soon, she was bucking swiftly against her finger as she rolled circles around her lusting clit. More moans poured against me with each teasing movement she gave herself until she was soon reaching her end. 

I noticed her brows crinkle together and her forehead become strained with wrinkles as she gasped through the thrusting going on in her mouth. As her orgasm hit, her lips closed tightly—locking my dick in her mouth. With another set of vibrating moans coming from her orgasm, I felt myself reaching my end too. 

"Baby, I'm about to cum," I muttered breathlessly, but she was too caught up in her high to even hear me. "Fuck," I growled, thrusting through her tightly closed lips and warm, juicy mouth. My hands held her head still, giving myself another few pumps. "Oh shit!" I managed to breathe before shot after shot of salty seed poured into her mouth. 

Coming down from her orgasm, Jules initially gagged as her unaccustomed taste buds got the full flavor of my milky stream. Her eyes puddled with more tears, smearing her mascara as she choked on the heavy river of sticky substance the flowed into her mouth. Just droplets trickled through the corners of her mouth, all the while refusing to swallow the load I gave her. As the last of my seed poured out and I straightened against the wall, I looked down at the girl. Her cheeks puffed out with cum that washed around my dick. 

"Take it down," I heaved. 

She shook her head against the hold of my hands. 

"Do it," I smirked, "For me?"

She shook her head again. 

"I'll do it again," I cocked an eyebrow.

Clenching her eyes tightly, she slowly gulped down every last bit of cum I left in her mouth. Once the invaded cavity was empty, I pulled out her mouth—her lips brushing away the cum that lingered around my dick. "It wasn't that bad, was it?" I chuckled as I helped her up from her knees. As she leveled back up, my thumb brushed along that streaks of cum that had dribbled down her chin. "Open," I whispered. She parted her very swollen and red lips for me and I pushed the last bit of my seed into her mouth. After licking my thumb clean and running her tongue over her lips again, she shook her head, "It wasn't that bad."

I laughed, clearing off the dark streaks of mascara that stained her cheeks, "You'll get use to it."

Jules turned around in my arms and took a glance at the mirror in front of us as she leaned back against my chest and pondered on what she just did. 

"You did great, by the way," I whispered in her ear. She turned her head against my shoulder, looking up at me, "Really?"

"Yeah. Rookies usually can't handle a mouth fuck," I smirked. 

"Mm," she pursed her lips together and looked back at the mirror. 

"Yeah," I whispered. Watching her through the mirror, I slid my hand over her hip and down her thigh—drawing tiny bumps to prickle her skin. Moving up her skirt, she closed her eyes and tossed head back, moaning my name. My fingers grazed over the smooth material of her thong, then pushed it aside. Her exposed pussy became victim to my fingers, but I wasn't going to treat least not tonight. 

I ran my fingers over and between her very wet folds, then brought them up to my lips. I lapped my tongue over one of my wet fingers, taking in her sweet and almost tangy flavor. "Mm," I moaned, pulling the finger out of my mouth, "You taste good." Then, I brushed the other moistened finger along her lower pout until she parted her lips. I slid the finger into her mouth and watched her suck her flavor off of it.
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