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An Unexpected Visitor

An Unexpected Visitor

My dad's friend discovers the truth about his wife, and seeks comfort from an unexpected someone.

Uncle Fred isn’t my uncle. He’s pretty much my dad’s oldest friend. He was born two days after my dad to my grandma’s best friend. You could say they were partners in crime since their first month of life. Throughout pre, elementary, middle and high school they were inseparable. Then college came, and they went to different schools. My dad went to the University of Michigan, and Fred went to the University of Michigan Dearborn.

However, they still hung out any chance they could. They’d go to rock shows, go on road trips and have fun. Then after college they finally went their separate ways. My dad moved out west to start a software company with some friends, and Fred stayed in Michigan to work for one of the Big 3.

Unlike my dad, Fred didn’t date a lot. In fact throughout high school and college he didn’t have a single girlfriend. According to my dad it wasn’t for lack of trying. He would pretty much ask every girl he met if they wanted to go out. Most said no, and a few said yes. Sadly none of those yesses ever went past a first date.

No one could figure out why Fred’s luck with women was so bad. He wasn’t ugly. He was in shape. And he wasn’t shy. My dad thought women could see his desperation from miles away and were turned off by it.

Fred firmly believed that there was someone out there for everyone. And he met that someone shortly after his twenty-first birthday. Her name was Julia. When he first laid eyes on her she was on a date with one of his friends. Shortly after they met she called him up and asked him out. From that first date on they were inseparable.

My parents, especially my dad, hated her. He thought she was a stuck-up bitch, and only wanted to be with Fred because he made a lot of money. Several weeks before their wedding, my dad told Fred he was making a mistake, that he shouldn’t marry the first girl to come along. He should be out there meeting and fucking as many women as possible. Fred told him that he was in love and love conquered all. That was the end of the argument.

They got married when I was five. It was a huge affair in Downtown Detroit, and me and Mandy, my three-year-old sister, got to be co-flower girls. I remember thinking that Julia looked so beautiful walking down the aisle, and I couldn’t wait to get married so I could look as beautiful as her.

For a while they’d visit us every year. He and Julia would spoil us rotten. They’d bring me and my sister toys and would get us everything we wanted. I loved them for that. I remember the last time they visited I could hear them arguing about how he wanted kids and she didn’t. It broke my heart to hear her tell him that it had to be her way and not even listening to what he was saying.

Because he loved her so much, none of the arguments and the way she bossed him around mattered. He would do anything for her. When she wanted to quit her job at the salon and open her own, he gave her the money. When she didn’t like her salon’s location, he gave her the money to break the lease and for a deposit on the new location. When she wanted to travel for seminars, he was more than happy to pay for her flight and accommodations.

By the time I was nine I didn’t see them very often. When we visited my grandmother in Michigan, he’d stop over to pick-up my dad for a guy’s night out. With the exception of yearly birthday cards and a lovely letter describing why him and Julia couldn’t attend my Bat Mitzvah, he was no longer part of my life; that is until I was sixteen.

A lot had changed when I turned sixteen. I had a big party, got my drivers license, my parents bought me a brand new BMW, I lost my virginity, and I was constantly experimenting with sex and my sexuality. My parents also gave me something that they wouldn’t have given me the year before, the trust to stay home while they, along with my sister and brother, went to San Francisco to visit my Aunt Tori.

I was ecstatic.  For the first time in my life I had the entire house to myself for an entire week. Was I going to have a party? No, because my parents said in no uncertain terms, “No parties.” Plus I was pretty sure they told the neighbors to immediately call them if they saw cars all over the driveways and street. However, they did say I could have a few friends over.

When I returned home from dropping the family off at Sky Harbor Airport, I was greeted by an unfamiliar car on the driveway and Uncle Fred sitting on the porch. As I pulled my car next to his, I wondered if my dad stealthily planned this, that he knew Uncle Fred was going to be in town and asked him if he’d babysit me. The thought of that angered me.

So I got out of my car and marched over to the porch and sternly asked, “What are you doing here, Uncle Fred?”

When he stared at me I could see he’d been crying. Tears were slowly falling down his face as he asked, “Do you know where your dad is?”

“On his way to San Francisco,” I replied as I sat down next to him. “Is everything okay?”

“No,” he said. “My life’s over.”

“What happened?” I asked as I gave him a comforting hug.

“Julia left me,” he said as he started crying harder.

Before I could say another word his phone rang. Immediately after answering it he said, “Hey Robert.”

As the call continued, he got off the porch and walked over to his car to privately talk to my dad.

Five minutes later my phone rang. After answering it I said, “Hey, Dad.”

“Hey, honey,” he replied. “Fred is going to stay at the house for a few days.”

I wanted to say, “No he’s not.” But the only words that I could muster were, “Okay.”

“Thank you,” my dad replied. “He’s going through a real rough time. I need you to be supportive and not your usual sarcastic self around him.”

“Okay,” I said.

“He said he won’t get in your way,” he replied.

“Good,” I said.

“If he wants to talk please listen,” he asked.

“I will, dad,” I replied.

“I owe you,” he said.

“I know you do,” I replied. “Have a safe flight. I love you.”

“Love you too, Jellybean,” he said before hanging up.

A few minutes later we were sitting in the kitchen. He was sipping on bottled water, and wiping the tears from his eyes. He looked so vulnerable. He looked like he wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry himself to sleep. I hated seeing him this way, so I got up from the chair I was sitting in, walked over to him, bent down and gave him a comforting hug as I said, “Everything will be okay.”

“No it won’t,” he said as he pushed me away.

After returning to my seat I asked, “What happened?”

He then told me how Julia was in Phoenix on a business trip for her salon, and he was home all alone preparing for his next bike race, and watching movies. While he was watching something on AMC he picked up what he thought was his iPad to look something up about on IMDB. But it wasn’t his iPad it was Julia’s. He first checked out the info on the movie and then decided to check his email. That’s when he realized it was hers. There were tons of emails from Adult Friend Finder and someone called The Maestro. After reading those emails he discovered that she had been cheating on him for years, and that there was no business trip. She was travelling down to Phoenix to spend time with her lover. To make things even worse he paid for her trip.

That caused something inside him to snap. He quickly packed a bag, drove to Detroit Metro Airport, and bought a one-way ticket to Phoenix. When he arrived he immediately drove to the hotel she was staying, knocked on the door and confronted her. An argument ensued. She told him she hadn’t loved him since the second year of their marriage, and only stayed with him because he had money, and funded her salon. He felt like someone kicked him in the balls. He collapsed onto a chair as she continued to berate him about being a lousy lover, and caring more about racing mountain bikes than her.

After she told him the marriage was officially over he walked out of the room and down to the lobby. He sat down on one the couches and started crying. For the first time since he was twenty-one he was truly alone. The thought of hopping back on a plane and returning to Detroit depressed him even more. He knew that returning to the home they shared would be a constant reminder of her lies and the failure of their relationship.

He didn’t want to be alone; he needed someone to talk to, his best friend. So he got in his car and drove from downtown to our house in North Scottsdale, only to discover that my dad was out of town.

Still visibly shaken after he finished telling me his story, he asked, “Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“Not at all,” I replied.

He grabbed his bag and followed me upstairs. I showed him to the guest room and told him he could use the big shower in my parents room. He thanked me before he put his bag on the bed and started grabbing clean clothes from it.

I went to my room, grabbed my iPod, and started listening to music. Through my open door I watched him as he solemnly dragged his body down the hall. I’ve never seen a man look so defeated. It made my heart break. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. He was such a nice guy, who treated his wife like a princess. He needed to be reminded that good things happen to good people.

So I got off the bed and quietly walked to my parent’s room. The bathroom door was open. The sound of water and the fan were drowning out all other sounds. I could see Fred behind the closed, slightly steamed glass shower door lathering his body with soap. From what I could see his body was nearly perfect. No chest or back hair. A six-pack, built from his years of running track, lifting weights, and racing mountain bikes. Strong looking legs. Brown hair. And a 6’1, 185lb body with little to no body fat. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would leave a bod like that.

I quickly slipped out of my jeans, t-shirt, bra and panties and walked into the bathroom. I then opened the shower door and joined Fred. He just stared at my naked 5’4, 105lb, and 34B-22-30 body. Before he could say, “Get out,” I grabbed his thick 7-inch cock and started stroking.

The soap that settled onto his penis was seeping onto my hand. He watched as it slowly moved up and down his shaft.

“Please stop,” he pleaded.

“Do you really want me to?” I asked as I got onto my knees.

He didn’t say a word. I took his silence as an invitation to put his penis into my mouth. The water rained onto my blonde hair as he closed his eyes and grabbed the back of my head pushing his dick toward the back of my throat. It was in there for less than five seconds before it exploded and his baby juice filled my mouth.

As his penis slowly became flaccid, he took it out of my mouth. Instead of a happy or relieved look on his face, his was ghost white. He finally looked at me as he screamed, “Get the fuck out of here.”

I exited the shower, and grabbed a towel before leaving the bathroom. I then stood in my parent’s room planning my next move. Before he kicked me out I could tell he wanted more. I could feel it as his cum shot down my throat. So I spread the towel onto the bed, climbed on top of it, got onto my back, spread my legs and started playing with my wet pussy.

After a long ten minutes, he finally emerged from the bathroom fully clothed. He froze in mid-walk as he stared at my fingers moving in and out of my cunt. You could tell from the look on his face that he desperately wanted to jump on top of me, but he didn’t. Instead he just stood there watching.

As I tasted my juices off my index finger, his right hand started slowly rubbing the crotch area of his khaki’s. I desperately wanted him to whip out his dick and fuck me. Instead he turned around, faced the other direction and said, “Please stop.”

“Don’t you like watching me play with myself?” I asked while I rubbed my clit.

“You’re only sixteen,” he said as he turned back around and resumed watching me.

“You’re only forty-one,” I replied as he dropped his pants and started playing with his hard cock.

“You’re my best friend's daughter,” he said as he continued stroking.

“So?’ I asked.

“This is so wrong,” he replied as he moved closer to the bed.

“When was the last time you ate pussy?” I asked.

“It’s been a long time,” he whispered as he dropped onto his knees, got between my legs and inserted his tongue into my nicely trimmed box.

He clumsily moved his tongue around. It was obvious he had no idea what he was doing down there, but I moaned as if he was the undisputed world champion pussy eater.

Several minutes late,r he stood-up, spread my legs farther apart and inserted his cock into my box. As I continued rubbing my clit he slowly moved his unit in and out.

“Do you like that?” he said softly.

“Yes,” I squealed.

“You feel so good,” he moaned as he increased his tempo.

“Mmm,” I replied.

“Can I ask you something?” he said.

“Anything,” I replied with a squeal.

“Can I fuck you doggy style?” he asked.

I just smiled.

A minute later, I got on all fours. He got behind me, inserted his dick and resumed fucking me. He held onto my ass cheeks as he pounded away. Our combined moans and the sound of our bodies slapping together supplied the soundtrack to our carnal activities.

Several minutes later, he got on his back and I hovered above him playing with my pussy. I slowly moved down and sat on his cock. As I wiggled on it, I leaned toward him and we passionately kissed.

His thrusts immediately increased as I bounced on his penis.

“Oh God, Ami,” he moaned.

I immediately jumped off him and laid beside him as I frantically stroked his cock until it erupted. He let out a loud moan as his load shot all over my hand, his belly and the bed.

Then reality set in. He once again turned pale, got off the bed, grabbed his clothes and walked downstairs. A few seconds later, I heard the front door slam shut, and less than a minute later I heard his car engine start.

I was worried about him. I tried calling his phone, but it went straight to voicemail. I then decided to call Julia and let her know that he might be on his way back to her hotel.

After finding her number on my parent’s computer, I called. It rang and rang before going to voicemail. I tried calling several more times, and each time I was greeted with the same recorded message.

About an hour later, I got a text from her that said, “Thanks for the heads-up, I alerted hotel security about him XOXO Aunt Julia.”

“What a bitch,” I thought to myself as I put my phone down.

As the hours passed, worry began to set in. I wondered what happened to him, where he was and was he okay. I once again tried calling him. Like all the previous times it went straight to voicemail. After leaving tons of messages, I actually decided to drive around looking for him.

I tried to think where would a man not that familiar with Scottsdale go. I knew he liked golf so I drove to some of the public courses to see if he might be there. His car wasn’t in any of the parking lots. I then drove to several restaurants and bars close to the house to see if he was there. Once again his car was nowhere to be seen.

The search was futile. I ended up grabbing some Taco Bell and going home. Part of me hoped he’d be sitting on the porch waiting for me. But when I arrived home, he wasn’t there.

A few hours later, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Fred stood on the other side. As I let him in, he said, “We need to talk.”

He followed me into the living room and sat next to me on the couch. For several minutes we sat in uncomfortable silence. I finally broke it by asking, “Are you okay?”

“No,” he replied. “I feel sick.”

“Why?” I asked as I grabbed his hand.

“Because I cheated on my wife,” he said with a solemn tone in his voice. “And because I fucked my best friend’s daughter. That’s why I feel sick.”

“You did nothing wrong,” I replied.

“Both of those things are wrong,” he said as he took my hand off of his. “How do you not see that?”

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked.

“That’s not the point,” he exclaimed. “Until today, do you know how many women I’ve been with?”

Before I could say a word he said, “Just one. I lost my virginity to her on my twenty-third birthday. Moved in with a year later. And married her three years after that. And now I fucked everything up by cheating on her.”

“She cheated on you first,” I said as I put my hand back on his.

“I still love her,” he said as he started crying. “What am I supposed to do?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have the words to make him feel better. So I kissed him on the lips. He immediately pushed me away as he said, “This is wrong.”

“No it’s not,” I replied.

“When you were born I used to hold you,” he said. “When you were younger you used to sit on my knees as I told you stories about your dad as a kid.”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty,” I asked as I stood-up next to him.

“You’re just a sixteen year old kid,” he said.

“I’m a sixteen year old woman” I replied as I started taking off my clothes.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said as I stood before him. “And I’m so weak.”

He pulled me close to him, and brought his lips and mine together. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths as his right hand started playing with my pussy.

I then grabbed him by his hand and walked him upstairs to parent’s room. I climbed onto the bed, spread my legs and started playing with myself as I watched him undress. As he pulled his clothes off his body, you could see the sadness disappear from his face as a smile started to appear.

He then climbed onto the bed and resumed kissing me and playing with my breasts. My hands were slowly stroking his cock as we continued making out.

After a few minutes of that, I got on my knees and started sucking on his cock.

As I grabbed his balls and licked the tip he said, “Julia hated sucking my dick.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” he replied as I enthusiastically resumed sucking. “Don’t stop.”

I then moved my tongue off his shaft and started licking his balls. He emitted tiny moans of pleasure as I alternated between the two. While I was doing that, he reached behind me and started playing with my tight teenage pussy.

A few minutes later, I slid onto his thick hard cock and started bouncing.

His eyes locked onto mine as he watched the joy his penis was bringing me.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said as he pulled me down toward him for a kiss.

He then started thrusting harder and faster which quickly made me cum.

He then sat up and started sucking my tits. I jumped off his dick, got back on my knees and started sucking it. Once again he started playing with my pussy and his fingers brought me to another orgasm.

I once again climbed onto his dick. My ass faced him. He grabbed onto it and lifted me on and off of his junk. As he did that I started rubbing my clit. My body started shaking as it was overtaken by orgasmic bliss.

Soon after that he had me get on all fours. He once again fumbled around my pussy with his tongue, before re-inserting his penis into it and started fucking me from behind.

“It feels so good,” he said.

“Go faster,” I squealed.

Like a good soldier he did as he was told. He felt wonderful as he rapidly pounded me like I was concrete and his penis was a jackhammer.

He then took his cock out and teased my pussy with it before putting it back inside of me.

A few minutes later, I slid off his dick, turned around and started sucking it. As my blue eyes looked up at him, he pushed me onto my back and teased my cunt with his cock before thrusting it back inside. I then arched my back and started gyrating on it.

“Wow,” he said. “My wife never did that.”

“Stop talking about your wife and fuck me,” I screamed.

He then rapidly increased the speed of his thrusts. Sweat poured from his forehead and drizzled down on me. And his grunts were getting louder as his body was getting ready to release his pleasure seed.

“Don’t cum in me,” I squealed as I had another orgasm.

“Okay,” he said as he continued pounding my vagina.

“Do you like Uncle Fred’s cock?” he screamed.

“Yes,” I screamed.

“Good,” he said as took his cock out and sprayed his load all over me.

He collapsed onto the bed as I scooped up his goo with my left hand and seductively tasted it off each finger before giving Uncle Fred a kiss.

As our lips locked onto each other's,  I started thinking about how much I used to enjoy sitting on his lap listening to stories. While I’ll always cherish those memories they were nowhere near as enjoyable as what just happened between us.

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