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Another Wild Night With Mr. And Mrs. Smith

After my first night with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, things got dirty between us. I lost my virginity too.
It was 3 a.m. Mrs. Smith was sitting in a chair near the window. She was naked and enjoying her hot cup of coffee. It was raining heavily, and we were enjoying the sound of rain. I was in Mrs. Smith’s bed, and Mr. Smith was fucking me from behind.

Yes, in my last story, I told you that Mrs. Smith never allowed his husband to fuck another woman or a teen babysitter like me. However, some blowjob was not a big deal. After my first night with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I didn’t remember how many times I sucked Mr. Smith’s cock. Sometimes he asked me to go on my knees in the kitchen and suck his nice hard dick, and sometimes I got naughty with him in the shower.

Mrs. Smith also just couldn’t get enough of my teen pussy. Whenever she found me masturbating in her bedroom with her own toys, she helped me have a nice orgasm by licking and fucking my cunt.

I still remembered how, one night, I was again babysitting for them. Due to some reasons, Mrs. Smith had to stay at her friend’s house, but Mr. Smith came back. After fucking my pussy with one of Mrs. Smith’s dildo, I was reading a magazine in their bedroom. When Mr. Smith rang the doorbell, I went to open the door. Seeing me in my red top and a skirt, he got a big grin on his face.

I sat down on a couch in the living room, and I got him a glass of water. We talked to each other for a while, and he told me why Mrs. Smith didn’t come with him. After telling him that I had put his kid to sleep in his bedroom, I got up to leave. Mr. Smith grabbed my hand and asked me if I could stay a little more. I didn’t know what exactly was going on in his mind. However, I did have a doubt of something naughty would happen between us. Next minute, I was on my knees in front of Mr. Smith, while he was still sitting in the couch. His pants pulled down to his ankles, and his big hard cock was in my mouth.

It was the first time that Mr. Smith and I were getting dirty with each other in absence of Mrs. Smith. Before that, Mrs. Smith was always there to teach me how to suck her husband’s beautiful hard cock. It felt a little weird in for a couple of minutes, but as I got turned on by sucking Mr. Smith’s dick, I started enjoying it more.

Mr. Smith asked me to stop sucking his cock a couple of times. He said that I was too good in sucking a dick, and if I wouldn’t stop, I would make him cum soon. I still had all my clothes on. Mr. Smith didn’t ask me to take off my clothes. He was just interested in watching his cock in my mouth. I stroked his long shaft, spat on its round head and sucked it hard. It was a dirty, sloppy blowjob. I never sucked his cock like this in front of Mrs. Smith.

“Fuck, you are so dirty today,” Mr. Smith said.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Just keep sucking like that, you dirty little slut.”

It wasn’t the first time that Mr. Smith called me a slut. Before, when I had sucked his cock along with Mrs. Smith, he had called me a slut many times. Mrs. Smith told me that her husband loved talking dirty to a woman during sex. I also liked being called a slut or whore. For Mr. Smith, I was a slut and his wife was a whore.

“Fuck my mouth, Mr. Smith,” I said.

Mr. Smith was always acting a little soft towards me than his wife. He always fucked his wife so hard, spanked her ass and fucked her mouth, but with me, he never got so rough.

“You want me to fuck your mouth, huh?” Mr. Smith got up from the couch.

He grabbed my head and I opened my mouth wide. He pushed his cock deep in my throat and fucked my mouth. My eyes got wet and he let me breath. He again dropped his ass on the couch, and I sucked his cock more.

“Oh, shit. I’m gonna cum, Lily,” Mr. Smith groaned.

I didn’t let him pull his cock out of my mouth. I kept sucking it and made him shoot his cum deep in my throat. I swallowed all the cum and then licked his cock clean.

“Oh, I wish Mrs. Smith were here to see you suck my dick like that,” Mr. Smith said leaning back into the couch.

I smiled cleaning the cum off my lips.

“Let me clean myself, then I will drop you home,” Mr. Smith said.

After I reached my house, I fucked my pussy with a glass dildo that Mrs. Smith gave me. I fantasized about Mr. Smith fucking my pussy, but I never thought that my fantasy would come true very soon.

Last night, when Mr. and Mrs. Smith came back from work, I went to the kitchen to get them some coffee. Professionally, I was still just a babysitter for them, but personally, I had become something more than just a babysitter. Most of the time, whenever they came back home from work, they asked me to stay a little more with them. We talk a little and then go to their bedroom, where Mrs. Smith shared her husband’s cock with me.

I poured some coffee in two mugs when I felt a hand on my cute little ass. I thought it would be Mr. Smith, but it wasn’t he. Mrs. Smith was standing behind me.

“How was your day, Lily?” she asked.


“You used any of my toys today?” she asked with a big grin on her beautiful face.

“No,” I replied.

“Would you like to stay with us tonight?” she revealed her dirty intentions.

“Okay.” A big smile came on my face.

“Mr. Smith told me something today, I think tonight is going to be very different for the three of us,” she whispered, and then walked out of the kitchen.

With two cups of coffee for Mr. and Mrs. Smith and glass of water for me, I came into the living room. Mrs. Smith gave me a naughty smile, and I smiled back.

“Oh yeah, coffee, I really need that,” Mr. Smith said, grabbing a mug of coffee. “Now you have to wait until I finish this, then I can drop you home,” he said, taking a sip.

“She is staying with us tonight,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Hmm… okay.” Mr. Smith acted normal, but Mrs. Smith and I, we both knew how happy he had to be feeling inside his heart.

“Yeah, I mean it’s been three days, right? I’m sure she would be feeling hungry for a cock too,” Mrs. Smith said, looking at me with a big grin. I blushed.

“I need to take a shower first,” Mr. Smith said as he finished his coffee and headed to the bedroom.

Mrs. Smith and I sat there in the living room for a few more minutes, and then we headed to the bedroom. As we entered in the bedroom, we saw Mr. Smith coming out of the shower. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He dropped it on the floor and sat down at the edge of the bed. His cock was soft, and I just wanted to make it hard by sucking it good.

I stood there near the door while Mrs. Smith started taking off her clothes. After she got naked, she came to me and pushed me on the wall. She undressed me. Now we all were completely naked. None of us felt shy or awkward. We were smiling and enjoying each other’s naked bodies. Mrs. Smith kissed me and my hand moved to grab her boob.

“Mr. Smith told me how hard you sucked his cock last week,” Mrs. Smith said, and she didn’t look upset with this. She still had that big grin on her face. “Why didn’t you reveal that dirty slutty side of yours?” Mrs. Smith asked, but didn’t let me answer her; she kissed me again.

“You said tonight will be different, did you get any toys?” I asked, as I was curious to know.

“It’s so much better than a toy, honey,” Mrs. Smith said.

She grabbed my hand and took me to the bed. Mr. Smith also moved closer to us.

“Tonight, you will feel a real cock inside your tight little pussy,” Mrs. Smith said as she made me lean back into the bed and climbed over me.

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Smith was as shocked as I was.

“Real cock?” I said.

“Remember, I told you that I don’t let my husband fuck any other woman?” Mrs. Smith asked, “Well, after Mr. Smith told me how slutty and dirty you are, I changed my mind.”

“You are saying that I will get to fuck Lily?” Mr. Smith said, feeling confused and excited.

“Yes, my lovely husband,” she replied with a kiss on his lips.

I didn’t know what to say to them. I kept quiet but in my heart, I was so fucking excited.

“I know how much she wants your cock inside her tight cunt,” she said and kissed me. “You want it, right?” she confirmed before making a move.

“Yes,” I replied with a smile.

They both kissed all over my body. I felt so fucking amazing. Mr. Smith fingered my pussy while Mrs. Smith sat on my face. I licked her pussy.

“Who wants to suck my cock?” Mr. Smith said and laughed.

Mrs. Smith and I both smiled looking at each other, and got up. We bent over the bed in front of Mr. Smith and sucked his cock.

“Hmm… yeah, suck it good,” Mrs. Smith said as she moved her hand from my neck to my ass. I smiled as if I wanted to thank her for sharing his husband’s nice cock with me. “I want you to suck his cock like you did earlier when I wasn’t with you, and I want you my dear husband to fuck her mouth.”

Mrs. Smith kissed me again and then sat back. She rubbed her pussy watching me sucking her husband’s dick. I sat down in front of Mr. Smith and I got off the bed. I got on my knees in front of him on the floor and started stroking his cock. I spat on it.

“Yeah, show me your dirty side, spat on that big dick,” Mrs. Smith said.

I looked at her and then spat more on Mr. Smith’s big hard cock. I took it deep in my mouth and sucked it good. Mr. Smith grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. Mrs. Smith also got off the bed and knelt down next to me.

“Yeah, fuck her dirty mouth,” Mrs. Smith said.

Mr. Smith stopped and pulled out his dick out of my mouth. I took a deep breath and looked at Mrs. Smith with a smile. My eyes were wet and I was feeling so good. Mrs. Smith grabbed my face with one hand, made me look at her and then kissed me. We did some dirty tongue kissing.

“Open your mouth,” she said.

I opened my mouth, and Mrs. Smith spat in my mouth. We again did some dirty tongue kissing.

“You naughty little slut, suck my husband’s dick,” she said as she pushed my head onto Mr. Smith’s hard cock.

I opened my mouth and sucked the nice hard dick. Mrs. Smith fondled her husband’s balls and helped me suck his cock. After fucking my mouth again, Mr. Smith fucked his wife’s mouth too. Mrs. Smith talked very dirty, looking up into her husband’s eyes.

We all got back into the bed. Mr. Smith grabbed a condom from the nightstand's drawer.

“Don’t, let her feel your cock inside her pussy,” Mrs. Smith asked her husband not to put on a condom. I also didn’t want it. I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Mr. Smith jumped into the bed, and he sat down between my legs. I spread my legs a little more to tell him that I was all ready for his hard cock.

Mrs. Smith sat down next to me. She slowly moved her fingers over my perky tits. Mrs. Smith moved her hand down to my pussy and inserted a finger in my love hole. She pulled the finger out of my pussy and licked it.

“Fuck her, honey. She is so wet for her first cock,” Mrs. Smith said.

Mr. Smith grabbed me by my thighs and aimed his cock to my pussy. I started breathing fast.

“Relax,” Mrs. Smith said, and she kissed me.

Slowly I felt something going inside my wet pussy. Mr. Smith pushed his cock in my cunt. I knew how thick and big his cock was, but inside my tight cunt, it felt bigger and thicker than I knew. I didn’t know how much he pushed his cock inside me, but it was paining a little.

“You okay?” Mrs. Smith asked, looking into my eyes.

“Hmmm… yes,” I replied.

“Keep going, baby, fuck her. Make it her best night ever,” Mrs. Smith said.

After that, the pain increased, and I felt Mr. Smith’s cock going deeper in my pussy. Mrs. Smith lifted my head and placed a pillow under my head. I was fucking shocked to see Mr. Smith’s cock deep inside my pussy.

Mrs. Smith started kissing me more, and Mr. Smith fucked me. Soon, the pain turned into pleasure. Mrs. Smith’s hand again moved down to my pussy, and she started rubbing my clit. Both husband and wife made me cum hard with in a few minutes. My body shook, and my breathing got heavy. I had my first orgasm with a real cock. Mr. Smith slowed down but didn’t stop fucking me.

After fucking me one more minute, Mr. Smith pulled his cock out of my pussy. He rubbed my pussy with his hand and then petted it.

“Let her relax a little and come here, you dirty whore,” Mr. Smith said as he grabbed his wife’s hair.

He bent Mrs. Smith, near my legs, over the bed. He spanked her hard a couple of times. Mrs. Smith enjoyed it so much. She smiled, looking at me.

“Fuck yeah,” Mrs. Smith moaned, as Mr. Smith pushed his cock in her pussy.

Right in front of my eyes, Mr. Smith banged his wife as if she was some street whore. He slapped her, pulled her hair and spanked her hard. Mrs. Smith also loved it, and she talked dirty to him all the time.

“I love your ass, honey,” Mr. Smith said and spanked her one more time.

“Then put it in my ass, baby,” Mrs. Smith moaned.

I watched Mr. Smith pulling out his cock and then pushing it in Mrs. Smith’s tight ass.

“Oh, God, yeah,” Mrs. Smith’s moans made me touch my pussy. She noticed me slowly rubbing my clit, and she smiled.

After fucking his wife’s ass for a while, Mr. Smith again fucked her pussy. Mrs. Smith collapsed on the bed as she came hard. Mr. Smith fucked her for one more minute, and then he collapsed on her back too. I lay there, slowly rubbing and touching my pussy. I was surprised and happy to realize that I was not a virgin anymore.

“Oh, fuck, I love your cum in my pussy,” Mrs. Smith moaned.

Mr. Smith got off her and went to clean himself. Mrs. Smith looked at me and smiled.

“Want to lick his cum out of my pussy?” she asked.

I nodded in yes. Mrs. Smith got up and sat on my face. She spread her pussy and let the cum flow down from her pussy to my lips. I ate her pussy and licked all the cum.

“Hmmm… you are so good, Lily. I’m glad that my husband fucked you, you little dirty slut,” Mrs. Smith said as she got off me. She leaned over me, and we started kissing each other.

“Thank you, Mrs. Smith,” I said.

She smiled in response and kissed me more.

Mr. Smith came out of the washroom and joined us in the bed. We lay down next to each other and touched each other’s body. As I grabbed Mr. Smith’s cock and played with it a little, it got hard again. Mrs. Smith got out of the bed and headed to the kitchen to get some coffee.

After a few minutes, when she came back, she saw me sucking Mr. Smith’s cock. She smiled and sat there on a chair near the window.

“Fuck me again, Mr. Smith, please,” I said.

Mrs. Smith also heard me, and she smiled as if she gave permission to her husband to bang me again. Mr. Smith bent me over the bed. It had started raining. Hearing the sound of the rain, I felt Mr. Smith’s cock going deeper inside my pussy. He grabbed my hair, spanked my ass and fucked me hard, just liked he had fucked his wife a few minutes earlier.

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