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At The Dinner Table

I grabbed his crotch suddenly, underneath the table, while we ate dinner with his parents.
Tonight was incredibly important. My boyfriend, Tre's parents were going out of town and we were having his whole place to ourselves. It was going to be a long, fun night...

I was just putting on my ruffle navy blue tank when my cell phone started vibrating and playing my ring tone obnoxiously loud. I picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Baby, you don't know how badly I want to fuck you, just like we planned..."

"Tre, I can't wait." I said. "You can do whatever you want to me. The dirtiest things."

"I'm sorry, Bria. My parents cancelled their plans last minute. They're not leaving town. But listen, they said they wanted you to come visit anyways and meet them."

I sighed in disappointment, but tried to stay chipper. "That's fine. Okay. We can do it some other night. I'd love to meet your family."

"Baby, thank you so much! They really want to see you, and I'm glad that you're okay with all this."

We spent the next couple minutes chatting, and then we said our goodbyes and I went back over to my mirror.

My tank top revealed the tops of breasts, and my nipples were clearly visible, as was my black thong through my white short shorts. I knew this wouldn't be acceptable for the change of plans, so I changed instead into a semiformal floral dress. I grabbed my purse and phone briskly, and left to drive to Tre's.


I rang the doorbell and waited patiently, until Tre opened the front door. I didn't even say hello, I just thrust myself into him. He grabbed my ass, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He started kissing and biting my neck, which he knew was my weakness, and slammed my body roughly up against the wall. His fingers were only just making their way up my inner thigh, when there was a loud shuffling sound, and someone started walking down the stairs in the front foyer. Tre immediately separated himself from me.

"Bria! It's so nice to finally meet you. I'm Mrs. Smith, but just call me Diane." Tre's mother came forward and gave me a quick hug.

"Well, uh, you two should probably take some time to get to know each other better. I'll just be in the next room." Tre went off.

I spent the next half hour helping to set the table in the dining room, and Mrs. Smith chatted with me about random varying topics.

Finally, Tre and his father came in. "Hello there, I'm Jonathan." I shook Mr. Smith's hand, and we all sat down at the table.

Mrs. Smith came back in with a serving dish of some fancy spaghetti and meatballs. She talked all about how much Tre loved the meal when he was a little boy, and then after a while that somehow transitioned onto Mr and Mrs. Smith having a heated debate about politics.

I could tell by the look in Tre's eyes how horny he was, how much he had been expecting me to be riding the shit out of him right now, rather than listening to his parents argue.

At this point I was feeling sympathetic, and naughty. So I made sure Jonathan and Diane were paying zero attention us, and then I slowly trailed my hand under the table and squeezed Tre's leg, just above his knee.

Tre just looked at me, quizzically, not certain as to where I was headed with this. I gave him one of my most evil and sexy smirks, and gradually moved my hand up to his inner thigh. I rubbed his leg slowly, my fingers just underneath the area where his crotch was. Tre coughed and tried to look casual.

Very suddenly, I grabbed his balls and started playing with them, rubbing them in quick strokes. Through his jeans, I cupped them and massaged them vigorously. Tre jumped in his chair at this, and even though his eyes were growing incredibly wide, he still managed to pretend he was listening intently to his parents' conversation.

I giggled quietly, and started stroking his huge shaft, which was growing rapidly stiff. I put pressure on the crotch of his jeans, and rubbed in circular motions. Tre couldn't stop fidgeting in surprise and pleasure, and his knee hit the table, knocking some silverware to the floor. His parents glanced over briefly, and then continued their exchange.

Tre fumbled to align the cutlery and and plate in front of him, trying to act casual and calm. Time for the grand finale, I thought. I easily fit my hand into his loose-fitting pants, hastily playing first with the bulge underneath his boxers, and then moving my hand through the elastic waistband so my hand was gripping his rock hard cock firmly.

I pulled back briefly to put my hand to my face, pretending to stifle a cough. In reality, I spit discreetly into my hand and then moved back into his underpants. With the moisture of my saliva, I could rub his dick fast and hard without friction.

I started at the base, where I could feel his thin layer of trimmed pubic hair. Then I swiftly moved up the full length to the head. I massaged the tip, and then continued back downward. I kept going continually, up and down, with increasing speed. Every time I felt his tip again, it felt more engorged, and I could tell how angry and purple it probably looked underneath his jeans and boxers.

While I was jacking him off, I proceeded to eat the food on my plate with my spare hand. I was quite surprised at my ability to keep a cool demeanor, smiling and nodding my head at certain parts of the talk between the parents. I looked over at Tre for a long second, winking and licking my lips sensually. His eyes were begging me to stop, but to keep going at the exact same time. I grinned, and continued on.

After only another 30 seconds, I saw his whole body get tense out of the corner of my eye. He released his fork from his hand, and it clattered onto the table. His back was archingcompulsively, and he fought to stay silent, to avoid moaning. He let out only a tiny breath of shock, the look on his face twisted into a mix between casualty and an expression of utter orgasmic delight. I felt his cock throb and pulsate in my hand, the precum dribbling onto my fingers. Suddenly, I felt long spurts of semen spattering the fabric of his boxers, and my hands. After a prolonged period of time he spent shifting, fidgeting, and shaking in his seat, he leaned back in satisfaction and relief, although when I looked at him he feigned an expression of annoyance.

I just smiled innocently.

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