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Baby Girl Loves Her Daddy

Thank you, JWren, for all of your selfless help fine tuning my story.

Driving along Pacific Coast Highway, Rob had the top down on his red Camaro, breathing in the fresh California air and enjoying the feel of the wind ruffling through his hair.  

Newly divorced, he cared only about his Naya. She was all he wanted.

'I can't wait to see my girl; I'm gonna her fuck so hard.’ He smiled at that thought, rubbing his crotch while he imagined her sucking him before he plunged his rampant cock in and out of her delicious bald slit.

Rob felt young and free for the first time since he’d married Jessica. Now, the only thing he wanted was to spend time with Naya.

"I'm so horny for you, Naya... Daddy’s on his way,” he shouted, turning left onto Campus Drive.

Parking his car in front of the University Administration building, a rush of sexual fervor tore through him with such intensity he wasn't sure he could stand up without revealing his erection.


The young lady behind the desk stopped reading and looked up at him.

"Hi, I'm Naya Klein's stepfather, Rob," he said. "Is she in her room?” He was so impatient to see her.

"Let me call. If she’s there, she has to come to meet you," the petite girl said. "It's the rules."

"It's a surprise for her," he smiled. "Just tell her a little white lie. Don't say I'm here." His cock grew hard and pre-cum soiled his boxers as he thought about Naya's sweaty, naked body and having her firm, perky tits in his mouth.


"Daddy!" Naya squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I missed you so much." She was immediately aware of his erection within his jeans and wanted to pull up her skirt and climb on him right there, in front of God and everyone.

"Daddy missed you, too, baby," he smiled. "More than anyone can know."

Holding her tightly, he used her curves to hide the stiff rod making a tent in his pants.

"Thank you, miss," he grinned at the receptionist, still hugging Naya.

"It's Kris, and you're welcome." Uncomfortable and confused, the boyish-looking receptionist smiled awkwardly and resumed reading her book. The possibility of inappropriate relations between this man and his stepdaughter sickened her — and yet, the idea of the sexual taboo turned her on a little, too.

Rob walked Naya to his car and opened the passenger door. "I had to see you. You’re all I think about." As she got comfortable in the heated leather seat, Rob leaned in and kissed her soft, moist lips. He didn't care who saw them. She was his heroin, and he needed his fix.

Rob slid behind the wheel and closed the door. Reaching over, he ran a hand from Naya’s knee along her thigh. "Are you still my good girl?" he asked, desire piercing his soul. "I own you, you know this, right?"

Naya nodded, eyes downcast and her lips slightly parted. She wanted his kisses. "Yes, Daddy. I've always been your girl. Things have changed, but I'm still your girl." To reassure him, Naya gripped his hand and slid it under her skirt until his fingers touched her wet panties. "See?"

Rob tugged her panties aside and warmed his hand in Naya's secretions. "Be still, and stay quiet, now," he told her. "We can't have anyone suspect I'm fingering you."

She wanted to please him but she needed to obey him. He was her stepdad and obeying him was second nature. The chemistry between them had turned sexual when she was seventeen.

Without a word, he slid fingers of his right hand into her swollen cunt. Her natural lubrication soaked them as he stroked in and out, massaged her clit, and teased her g-spot. Her nipples were as hard as freshly sharpened pencils but she sat still, letting him have his way.

Biting her lip, Naya tried to maintain her composure, but she pressed down on her stepfather's hand and the increasing euphoria of her orgasm took hold. “Daddy," she gasped as three large, strong fingers, pressed and massaged her g-spot. Stifling her cries, she emitted tiny squeals like air being slowly released out of a balloon.

Naya held onto his arm and squirmed down on his fingers, humping her clit on his wrist and palm as orgasms raced through her in waves of sweet bliss. Turned on by the man who raised her, the contractions in her vagina sent spasms of pleasure flooding through her entire body.

Rob continued to thrust his fingers deep inside her as she indulged in multiple orgasms. When the throbbing eventually waned, she relaxed, releasing her grip on Rob's long fingers.

"Did you like that, Baby girl?" he cooed in her ear, giving her goosebumps.

"Yes, Daddy, thank you," she said, eyes down and grinning.

Rob's cock stood erect. He needed to fuck her. The pain was torturous, but he loved it. With a finger, he turned her head to look at him — and then put fingers in her mouth so she could taste her sweet juices. Naya held his hand and, looking into his eyes, sucked his fingers clean.

Watching her sucking his fingers, Rob imagined it was his cock in her mouth, and that she played with his balls until his engorged dick erupted like a volcano, spurting hot cum down her throat.

"Can I ask you a question, Daddy?" Naya looked sincere and it seemed important.

"Of course, baby. Ask me anything."

"Do you think of me as your daughter or your stepdaughter?" Naya knew he hadn’t legally adopted her. Plus, he and her mother had divorced over a year earlier, but she wanted to hear his view.

Rob considered his response for a few moments. “Good question, Naya. But I can tell you that I never thought of you sexually until your sixteenth birthday. After that, from that day on, I wanted you."

"I felt the same," Naya confessed. "I know you're my stepfather, but I’ve always thought of you as my father. Is that wrong?"

"Does it matter? It's you and me and I think what we have is all that matters. You’re my stepdaughter, and now you're my lover. One doesn't cancel out the other, does it? "

Rob's logic made sense to her, and she smiled. "So, when I call you Daddy, I can mean it like 'Daddy Dom', and also, like... well, my Daddy?"

Naya watched his face and craved his answer. He and her mother divorced when she’d left for college, but he was the man who helped raise her.

"I can't imagine anything that would please me more," Rob said. He was still her Daddy Dom, and she was his collared sub. “Okay, I'm taking you to dinner and then to my hotel room so you can fuck my brains out.” 

Taking tissues from her purse, Naya stuck her hand down her panties to freshen up. "Yes, Sir, I'd love that."


Leaving the restaurant — well, it was more a campus hang out with good food— Naya’s diamond collar barely matched the sparkle in her eyes when Rob faced her and said, "Let me kiss you, right here, right now.” 

They were standing across the street from the administration building and Rob had noticed Kris locking the doors. He thought she would soon be crossing their path and he gently turned Naya's head with his finger. "Do you know Kris well?” 

Before she could answer, Rob slipped his hand under Naya’s blouse, lifted her bra, and fondled her firm, pointy tits. “She might see us like this. Does that turn you on?"

Naya's cunt ached. "Hmm," she nodded. Although she avoided his gaze, Naya wanted his lips on hers and when he did kiss her, he tasted of truffles and wine. She melted like butter in his arms.

“Oh my god, he's fucking her,” Kris gasped. She felt an ache low in her belly. Her clit tingled, her labia swelled, and moisture flooded her panties. 'Did he say he was her father or stepfather?' She thought he’d said “father” and she was shocked by how turned on she was.

“No,” she corrected. “Step… he said ‘stepfather’.”


Rob hung the 'Do Not Disturb' sign and closed the door behind them. He eyed Naya with raw lust. "Sit on the side of the bed," he instructed and removed his belt. "And keep your eyes down. You need to be a good girl.”

Removing his jacket and tight black t-shirt, he revealed his hairless, suntan six-pack abs, and firm nipples. Naya squirmed, her panties still wet and warm from sex, but she sat, hands neatly folded in her lap, and waited.

Rob stood in front of her and used his right index finger to lift her chin. She looked up at him. "Suck my dick," he ordered. "I'm going to throat fuck you, so be prepared to swallow me."

Lovingly smiling at her, he stroked her hair while she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

"Daddy, may I talk about how beautiful your cock is?"

"Oh yeah, baby, talk dirty. And I like hearing you call me Daddy. It makes me wanna fuck you so hard."

Naya pulled down his pants and boxers. Kicking them aside, Rob placed his hands on the back of her head and continued to softly stroke her hair. He was ready to fuck and, desperate for her touch, his cock twitched in anticipation of feeling her wet warm mouth and powerful tongue.

Cupping his balls with her left hand, she held his erection in her right. "Daddy, you have such a perfect cock, it's so big and veiny. I want to put it in my mouth."

"Do it, Naya, suck your Daddy. It's all I’ve been thinking about today." 

Rob's hips trembled as she licked the juice oozing from his rigid cock. Feeling him grow in her hand, she massaged his balls and licked his dome like she’d done with a popsicle a day earlier.

Naya hummed, and the vibration almost made him ejaculate, but he held out. Every nerve in his body reacted to her tongue lapping the pulsing vein in his thick shaft.

"Oh, I'm such a lucky Daddy," he groaned in a strained whisper. It took everything he had to control his sexual impulse. He watched with lascivious excitement as she licked his scarlet mushroom and then wrapped her lips around it. She rolled the head around in her mouth like it was a Hershey's kiss.

He was close to the euphoria he had promised himself, never doubting that he would fuck her. It was expected; she belonged to him.

“Ha-ahh,” Rob groaned and his body shook. He was ready to erupt, on the verge of again blowing spunk down Naya's throat like a volcano spits lava.

She wrapped her mouth around his manhood, taking him as far as she could into her throat. With her tongue pressed against his length, she felt the pulsating throb of his engorged appendage. She sucked greedily on him, feeling him become as hard as stone.

Grunting and panting, pushing and pulling, Rob wanted to make it last. But, possessed by sexual greed, he thrust his groin into Naya's face faster and with more force until he was on edge, ready to cum. Rob held her head close and shot his spunk down her throat.

Naya swallowed as his seed came in waves of torturous delight. "Good girl," he panted, his hips involuntarily jerking while he clutched her head to his groin. He loved her and wanted her carnally, over and over again.

Finished and limp, Rob slowly eased backward, removing his cock from her throat as gently as he could.

"As soon as I'm ready, I'm gonna fuck you."

Naya found a washcloth and cleaned his shaft and balls, making sure to wash his inner thighs. The soft terry cloth felt good and he ran his fingers through her blonde hair.

Feeling the fat veins in his cock begin to pulse again, Naya stroked him gently. "Oh, Daddy, you're getting hard again,” she said and squeezed. Almost immediately he was stiff, so she tugged faster with a firmer grip.

Rob's knees buckled as she jerked him and he was soon ready to cum again. Naya opened her mouth and he ejaculated spurts of milky white seed over her face.

"God, baby, you're turning your Daddy on so much! You are so beautiful.”

He cleaned her face with the same washcloth.

"Daddy, can you help me take my clothes off?" She sounded so innocent while rasing her arms.

Rob lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. "Now, I want to watch you undress,” he said. “I want to see my baby unwrap what God has given me."

Pulling up a chair, Rob sat and stroked his hot dick while he watched Naya take off her bra. Her tits were small and firm with nipples that reminded him of meringue. 

"Call me, Daddy," he said, burning with desire and his cock already rising in another erection.

"Okay, Daddy," she giggled, "and I am such a daddy's girl, aren't I?"

"You are Daddy's girl.” Saying those words aloud made his dick harden.

Naya unzipped her skirt and let it fall. "Don't take off your panties yet," Rob said. "Lay on the bed and spread your legs."

Rob climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees. Wrapping his arms under her muscular thighs, he put his nose firmly against her wet panties and sniffed her sweet scent. Naya spread her legs wider, and shuddered as Rob lapped his tongue against her clit, and sucked the juices from the silky cloth.

Naya groaned, her vagina contracting around a phantom cock inside her. Reaching back to graasp the headboard, she trembled with need. "Oh, Daddy," she moaned, wanting him to fill her aching cunt.

After pulling down her panties with his teeth, Rob licked Naya’s labia and she thrashed about on the crumpled bedding. "Fuck me, Daddy," she begged.

Hearing her call him “Daddy” sent waves of excitement coursing through Rob and his cock ached with anticipation. He clambered on top, flesh meeting flesh. Perspiration and body oils allowed him to slip and glide over her young, firm torso.

"Daddy's gonna fuck you so hard, baby!" he grunted and thrust his engorged cock inside, hammering deep into her tight vaginal hole.

Naya wrapped her legs high around him and dug her nails into his back as she took in his size. They were in heat, fucking like animals. Rolling her on top of him, they gripped each other's forearms as she bounced up and down on his mighty erection.

Orgasm after orgasm Naya held on, wriggling down on his stiff member, pleasuring them both until Rob could no longer keep it up. They pressed their sex together, enjoying wave after wave of pure physical gratification until, limp and wet with satisfaction, they collapsed, wrapped in each other's arms.


"Daddy, are you awake?" Naya whispered.

“Hey, sweet girl.” Rob rubbed his eyes, letting them adjust to the light. "Did you enjoy fucking Daddy as much as I enjoyed fucking my girl?" He smiled and held her close. "Tell me again; I want to hear you say it."

"Yes, Daddy, I loved it, I love your cock.” She smiled, rolled over, and rested her folded arms on his chest. Nestling into him, she used his chest as a pillow.

"From now on, you are my daughter," Rob told her. "I mean, as far as others are concerned." His cock twitched. He grinned and daydreamed for a brief moment about the fun they would have.

Rob rolled Naya on her back and fondled her firm breasts, creating goose bumps on her areolae. With a kiss on her throat, they were ready to fuck again.

"Stay on your back," he instructed. "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. And no talking. I don't want to hear you. Understand? Just nod if you do."

Naya nodded and opened her legs wide for him. Her pussy was already lubricated and her heart raced.

"That's my girl," he whispered, running a finger in and out of her swollen cunt. His cock was rigid when he draped the backs of her knees over his shoulders and inserted a finger into her tight anus. She contracted around it, gripping it tight.

On his knees, he grasped her hips and pulled her close to his groin. Holding his palpatating cock, he guided it to her ass and pushed slowly but firmly. "Oh, good girl," he sighed as he penetrated her tight hole. He started with easy, careful strokes but, as his erection grew incredibly harder and larger, he thrust quicker and deeper. Naya cried out and reached down to rub her sensitive, fleshy clit.

Rob fucked her with all his power, the headboard crashing repeatedly against the wall like an accompanying drumbeat.

"Daddy!" Naya screamed, clenching her stomach muscles as she experienced an orgasm from masturbating her clit and Rob’s cock pumping deep inside her anus. She tried to be quiet, but her moans of pleasure were unstoppable while he pounded his cock into her like a jackhammer.

Rob held her tight while his hips jerked as he emptied the last bursts of spunk into her passage. Some leaked when he withdrew and lay her back on the bed. Her legs still wide open, she continued rubbing and smacking her clit. “I’m still coming. Please, Daddy, finish me. Please, Daddy,” she squeaked.

Obligingly, Rob put his face to her pussy and licked her clit until she exploded, squirting uncontrollably into his mouth. Her body crunched and her fingers froze in the air like talons as she let out a passionate wail, signaling an end to her orgasm in dramatic style.

"Oooh, that felt so good, daddy. I'm like jello now," she laughed and smiled lovingly at him.

“Naya." Rob's tone was scolding. "What did I say? Did I not tell you to be quiet?"

She lowered her gaze, and nodded.

"You've disobeyed me. Don't look me in the eyes unless I allow it." Rob put a hand on her jaw and drew her face up toward his. She kept looking down, remaining docile. "Good girl. This is the what I expect. You may look at me now, sweetheart and tell me how much you love having Daddy's cock in you."

"So much, my clit is still tingling," she smiled, lifting her gaze to look at him.


The restaurant was packed with students, teachers, and residents of the university town. Rob pulled out a seat out for Naya, then sat beside her.

Kris, the young receptionist he met the night before, was at the next table. "Hello," he said, greeting her with a smile. He believed she suspected he fucked his stepdaughter.

"Hi." Her reply was curt, barely polite.

"Daddy, I think she knows," Naya whispered.

"I hope she at least thinks she does," he chuckled, squeezing Naya's thigh. "I'd love to watch you fuck her." The way he whispered in her ear made Naya shudder.

"Daddy?" She seemed shocked. "I mean, I'd do anything for you, I just didn't expect you’d want me to fuck someone else."

"Excuse me," Rob leaned over, speaking to Kris, "you remember my daughter, Naya… sorry, I mean, stepdaughter. Sometimes even I forget," he added with a devilish grin.

Kris lowered her book and stared blankly at them. "Yes, it seems you two are enjoying each other’s company."

"We have fun."

With nervous excitement, Naya watched Rob making his move.

"We'd love it if you'd come and join in on our fun.” He paused. "Unless you have other plans today?" Rob's cock stirred. He loved playing the game.

"What kind of fun?"

“Join me in fucking her. I'm fucking her brains out."

Kris was stunned, unable to move. "You're a perv, and that's disgusting! No, I won't join you in fucking your stepdaughter."

Rob wasn’t deterred. ”I saw you watching us last night. I also noticed you checking out my Naya. She's hot… go on, admit it."

"Daddy, she doesn't want to fuck me," Naya protested.

"Don't you want to fuck her?” Rob knew Naya could only answer ‘yes’.

"Excuse me, hold it right there… I told you I wasn't going to join your family fuck-fest.” Kris looked around to see if anyone else had heard. "I mean, I like girls, yes, I'm sure that's pretty obvious." Indeed, Kris had a cute androgynous look, suggesting her sexuality.

"Please?" he asked. "I'll just watch. Maybe jerk off if you don’t object."

He and Naya stared at Kris.

“ I… uh… I don't know," she eventually muttered. "I will admit, I thought of you both when I masturbated last night. So yes, it's a turn on."

Rob grinned. ”Well then, come with us. Have some fun.”

Kris looked at Naya. "Do you want to fuck a girl?" She was now direct, even bolder than Rob.

"I will do anything my Daddy wants me to do. And I’ll do it well.”

Kris felt Naya's sexual energy and was aroused by her dirty and yet innocent qualities. “Okay. Why not? Sure. Where to?”


Rob waited until the girls had entered the hotel room before he stepped in and closed the door. He took immediate control.

“Naya, you take off your clothes first. Let Kris see your beautiful body. Show her why your Daddy wants you so badly."

Kris stood in the cntre of the room, doubts suddenly flickering through her mind. 'Why have I got myself into this situation?' But she said nothing while Naya removed her shirt, bra, and finally her panties, displaying her shaven slit to Kris. "Do you like? Do you want to touch me?"

Kris looked over at Rob. For some reason, she felt she needed his permission. He nodded and Kris instantly cupped Naya's breasts and kissed her neck. From Naya's pert boobs, Kris slid a hand down to caress the smooth skin of Naya's labia.

"You're so wet," Kris whispered, sliding a finger inside Naya's cunt and stroking her clit.

With surprising spontaneity, Kris undressed, throwing her clothes off, and lay Naya down, holding her wrists above her head. "If I'm gonna fuck you with someone watching, I get to do what I want." 

This transformation aroused Rob. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, stroking it before his pants even hit the floor. 'Oh shit, yeah,' he thought. 'Fuck my Naya, fuck her, oh yes...'

Kris gripped Naya's throat and held her down while she inserted fingers between her pussy lips. "Tell me how much you like this," Kris said, keeping a firm grip on her throat.

"Yes, oh God, I like it," Naya gurgled, "I like it very much. Please, fuck me." She struggled to speak, but she was elated, thrilled. Kris flicked her clit, lightly but enough to make Naya flinch. Low moans became louder as Kris penetrated her with her entire slim right hand.

"You have beautiful tits, Naya. Mind if I suck on them?" Kris released her hold on Naya's throat, and also stopped fist fucking her, leaving her aching with desire.

Kris straddled her and kneaded one tit while sucking the other like a kitten nursing from a mama cat. Rob watched with voyeuristic glee, slowly stroking his shaft, controlling his erection, not wanting to cum too soon. 'Oh, yeah,' was the only thought running through Rob's mind as he stared, masturbating and taking in the moment as the slightly-built lesbian fucked his Naya.

Kris sat up and motioned for Naya to lay with her head at the foot of the bed. Without speaking, Naya lay on her back, her feet pointing toward the headboard.

'Oh, good girl,' Rob thought. He rubbed his cock harder, guessing what Kris had planned. Kris positioned her pussy over Naya's face and put her hands beneath Naya's thighs. Slipping her tongue between Naya’s folds, Kris tickled her thick, juicy clit. ‘You're my girl now,’ Kris thought, quickly flicking her tongue on Naya's erect nub. She lowered her hips. "Lick my clit," she told Naya.

“Yes, lick her clit, Naya," Rob said. "Get in there and eat her pussy. Come on, you know what to do.”

Fleetingly annoyed that Rob had spoken, Kris ignored him and focused on her orgasm. "Suck my clit and finger me,” she ordered.

Slurping, sucking and licking Naya's clit, Kris started to finger-fuck her. "I bet your daddy likes this, huh?" Kris eased her clit down onto Naya's face, frustrated by her lack of attention.

Releasing a muffled squeal, Naya signaled she was close to an orgasm. She licked and sucked Kris's clit, and stuck a finger deep inside.

'Oh, yeah, that's it, oh yes,' Rob thought, fisting his cock. He was approaching climax and could see the girls were also close. 'Let's cum together, girls. Oh God, yes, please,’ he prayed.

Kris and Naya began to press their faces into the other’s pussy while rocking and rolling their hips. Spasms of passion flowed through their bodies as they rode each other, gripping tightly. Filled with sexual hunger, they came over and over again. “Fuck me… oh God, that’s good,” Kris shouted.

White noise filled Naya's ears as she buried her face into Kris's wet, pulsing pussy. At the same time, massive spurts of semen shot from Rob’s enormously throbbing cock.

Finished, Kris rolled off Naya and fingered her own wet, swollen labia. "Oh, God, that was good," she laughed. "Do you like girls, Naya?”

Naya nodded and turned onto her side to look at Rob. "Did you enjoy that, Daddy?"

"Yes, baby, I loved it," he smiled. His long cock hung limp and satisfied as he motioned for her to come to him. "Come and give Daddy a hug, I want to feel your warm juice."

Naya got up and fell into Rob's arms. She put his fingers between her legs and onto her clit. "I'm only your girl, Daddy, only yours. You own me, remember?" 

Rob glanced at Kris as if to say, 'You can go now,' but she was already gathering her things. As she stood to leave, Kris smiled at Rob. "Enjoy her. I know I did."


Rumors spread around campus about Naya and her Daddy. But it remained just hearsay — except, of course, for Naya and Kris.

Spring break approached, and it was Naya's turn to work in the administration office. Thinking of her Daddy, Naya left a small wet spot on her chair as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Daddy,” she smiled broadly. "Spring break is right around the corner, and I miss you."

"I miss you, too, baby girl. I need to see you. I need to see you so badly.”



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