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Baby-girl Daddy Ch 2

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My name is Raymond. My best friend Amanda and I love to role play. I sat staring at my computer, trying to drum up something clever to put in my reply to her. Her last email made me so fucking hot and left my fingers so shaky, I could hardly type.

In my mind, I envisioned us actually meeting her for real. I’d place his arms around her, pull her close, and kiss her passionately. I could actually feel her lips parting as our tongues did the dance of lovers. Oh God every part of me wants to fuck her. His pupils widened and his cock stirred in his pants. Thus he began his letter;

“Amanda my sweet play mate, how are you baby? I thought I’d write to you and tell you that I’ll be driving through her small town in two weeks on the way to a convention. I would love to stop by for a cup of coffee and say hello. If you just happen to be alone, we can go somewhere discreet and make love. If you send me your phone number I can call you before I leave honey, that way you‘ll know when to expect me.

Is your mother-in-law still there? If she is we’ll have to be content talking over a cup of coffee and remember to watch what we say, OK?

Hope to see you soon my sweet baby-girl, love daddy.”

Later that day he read her response. She’d love to see me. Adding that she would write something sexy, and cum filled later, because her hubby was home and too nosy at that moment.

Two weeks later I was driving toward her town, so shaky and excited, I wanted to pull off the road and jack off. However, I wanted to save all my sexual desires for my beloved Amanda.

I found her house and parked the car near the house next door, just in case the mother-in-law was watching the road.I walked to the door, telling my dick it was not time to get excited….as if it would actually listen to me, as it has a mind of its own

I knocked twice, swallowed hard, and wonder which woman would answer.

Amanda opened the door; and her eyes went wide with delight.

She put a finger to her lips, and whispered, “Hello there, come in, but please be quiet, his mom is here."

She took me by the hand and quickly led me into the kitchen. I sat down where she suggested as she poured us each a cup of coffee.

I looked around to make sure no one was looking and kissed her hard on the lips. Of course she returned the kiss.

“Be careful will you baby. We would not want dear ole momma to catch us.”

I looked around making sure ‘mom’ was not peeking around the corner. I then took Amanda’s hand and asked, “Are you okay honey? I remember you telling me how rude she is.” I then placed my fingers to my lips and blew her a kiss.

With an angry look on her face she replied. ” Yes, but I wish she'd learn to be polite enough to call before she visits. I hate it when she just drops in, like this. You’d think this was the only hotel in town, with a vacancy sign in the front yard and a damn revolving door. I told hubby that I’d help her pack and personally place her on a bus to Ten-buck-two.”

I chuckled, “Now, you’re not that mean, are you! If you are remind me never to make you mad at me.”

She smirked, “I wish I had a way of making her wish I never came for a visit this time. With the way my luck has been lately they'd both have me hanging by my toes by sunrise. ”

I winked, and suggested. “I can think of something more excited to do.”

She grinned. “I’m game baby, what do you have in mind.”

She took me by the arm and walked me to her bedroom.

I whispered in her ear, “Are you still daddy’s Baby-girl?”

Amanda kissed my cheek, “You know I am--my heart belongs to daddy!”

After closing the door and locking it, she put her arms around my neck. I pulled her close, kissed her hard, and felt her knees shake. I wanted her with every part of my body.

Nevertheless, she hesitated and then placed a hand on my shoulder, and whispered. “I think we’d better stop and go some-place discrete. It is too risky here and that bitch might catch us."

I looked and nodded in agreement. Then asked where the bathroom was and quietly left the room.

I calmly peeked around the corner making sure her mother-in-law was still sleeping on the couch. I didn’t want to run into her and try to explain, why I’d just came out of Amanda’s room.

She closed the bedroom door then grabbed the small brown overnight bag from under the bed, and giggled.

“Oh Daddy, you’re going to love this."

Inside the suitcase were a short leather skirt, white blouse, and white lace panties with matching garter belt, nylons, and heel. She couldn’t wait to wear it for him.

Amanda was writing something on a piece of paper when I walked into the living room. She glanced up at me and then pointed to the door. I grabbed our bags and exited.

Once we were out of earshot she told me, “I left her a note saying I was going out to dinner with a friend and wouldn’t be back till around 11 pm. Now, don’t look so worry daddy we will be safe, and besides hubby doesn’t get home till after two am.”

I glanced at my watch; it was 4 pm. “Well; now that gives us six hours for hot sexy fun honey.”

I put the suitcase in the trunk and opened the car door for her and winked. Then went around and got in behind the wheel. I then started the car and then looked over at her.

“Damn, never in my wildest dreams would believe I would actually meet my Baby-girl. Honey, have I told you how beautiful and sexy you are?”

She laid a hand on my shoulder. “Neither did I daddy. I had no idea my wish would ever come true and we‘d met. Oh daddy you’re so handsome.”

She gave me directions to an out of the way restaurant, perfect for talking unnoticeably. I was careful when we got out of the car and walked into the diner, I did not want to do anything suspicious. The waiter directed us to a hidden corner and handed us a menu.

I touched her hand and asked. “Are you really hungry? “I’m have an appetite, sweetie, but it’s not for food. Oh Amanda, my sexy baby-girl, lets go somewhere more private, I want to make love you.”

She winked, “I’m not a bit hungry, all I want right now is you!"

I left the waiter a tip, then stood walking close to her hoping that no one would notice the tent in my pants.

I then drove to a small motel in the next town. After checking in, I escorted her to the room.

We’d barely got into the room when I pulled her close and kissed her deep and hard while sliding my hand up under her blouse.

“Oh God--I want you--Amanda! I want to kiss you from your hot lips to the center of your pussy. I want to feel your juices filling my mouth as my tongue works its magic on your clit. Oh my sweet baby-girl lets fuck!”

She kissed my cheek then stepped back and stated, “Slow down daddy, let me change into something sexy for you, then I am all yours."

She grabbed her bag and hurried into the bathroom. While I took the liberty to strip, pull the covers down, and climb onto the bed. My cock was already hard, as if to yell, “Come on, let’s fuck her!”

She donned the sexy outfit and checked myself in the full length mirror. “Hot damn girl you are sexy!”

She sauntered into the room and just stood there without saying a word. When I saw her leather mini, semi-transparent blouse, garter belt, nylons, and heels, I thought I’d would pass out and fall off the bed.

“Hot-dam Baby-girl I love you sexy outfit. Turn around honey show me what you have for your sweet daddy.”

She turned slowly then bent over running my fingers down her legs. Then stood there squeezing her hard nipples thru the translucent fabric. She licked her lips and my cock got harder.

“Oh Raymond, for an older guy you’re so fucking sexy! Are you ready for some fun daddy?”

“Well then, strip for daddy, but leave on your garter-belt and heels.”

I gasped and licked my lips when she removed her blouse. She knows I love to play with big breasts and that I cannot wait to fondle hers. She parted her legs wide, to show me, her shaved cunt.

“Ooooooh fuck baby-girl you’re making my cock drool! Come over here on the and lie down on the bed next to me.”

After she did that, I started kissing her from forehead down leaving a soft trail of butterfly kisses. Her body responded; nipples hardened and moisture dripped from her mound. I ran a finger thru her labia, then brought them to my lips and licked them clean. I then leaned over and encircled her left nipple than the right, biting each making her quiver with delight.

She stopped me and said, “Lay on your back daddy.’

She then did the same to me; kissing my lips then moving slowly downward, until her lips were touching the tip of my cock.

She flicked her tongue thru my pre-cum savoring its aromatic flavor and purred, “Yummy, you taste so good,”

She kept on lapping at my cock and balls teasing them with her tongue. When she slid her hot, warm, lips around his rod, all the way to my pubic hair, I thought I’d cum right then and there.

“Damn, girl you sure know how to give great head! Oh, now slow down, not so fast sweetie, I don‘t want to cum in your mouth. Oh honey, changes place with me, I want to eat you and bury my tongue deep in your pussy.”

She moved and lay down on the bed and spreading her legs wide. “Come on daddy dinner’s ready! Suck my clit--oooh--yes--harder--oh god, bite my clit gently and finger fuck me hard. Wow, you sure know how to eat pussy-pie. Make me cum!”

I ate her hot-box eagerly for a few minutes, then paused. “Straddle my cock honey. I want to watch my dick slide in and out of your cunt. Oh baby-girl rides me hard, put me away wet!”

She moved and slid that wanting pussy down hard on my throbbing member. She then reached down, and pinched her nipples hard, rolling then between my fingers and began to talk dirty.

“Oh daddy fuck me, ram your cock deep in my hot cunt. Oh, yes, harder, as you watch me suck my hot swollen nipples and bite them hard. Oh-ah, just like that, oooh don’t stop! Fuck me, deeper, harder!”

She started moving in rhythm with my thrusts then reached back and squeezed my cum filled sack.

I in turn grabbed both hips and slammed her down hard on my throbbing member. With a breathless tone, “That’s it my pretty, keep going, fuck your daddy!”

The site was amazing; she slammed her smooth pussy down on my cock, repeatedly. I reached up and began rubbing her clit. After a few good thrusts, I pinched her clit.

“Oh shit--I’m cumming!”

As the wave of climax surged through her body it triggered mine. My jism explode against the walls of her vagina.

After the event, we lay nestled in each others arms. She snuggled up closer and looked up into my face.

“I love you daddy--I’m your Baby-girl forever!”

I kissed her softly and winked, saying, “I love you, Baby-girl.”

I looked at my watch and nudged her. “Its time to go honey, you’d better get dressed so I can take you home.”

We drove home in silence with her head against my shoulder. A tear formed in my eye, I wished this could go on forever. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman. However, she had a life of her own and a husband. She didn’t really need someone my age.

I pulled up next to her house, and she got out of the Vehicle, and blew me a kiss. I hoped no one was watching from the window.

“Good-bye, email me when you get home, I had a great time, and wish we could do this often.”

I watched her walk nervously toward the house, probably thinking that woman had figured out what she was really doing. After all, most Mother-in-law’s always looking for something like that, as they didn’t want their precious son to marry anyone.

Later on, Amanda told me, when she entered there was her mother-in-law was awake and reading the newspaper. She figured the woman would let her have it with both barrels loaded, just because she liked too.

However the woman just greeted her with a big smile, and her normal intimidating gaze, and asked, “Well, did you have a good time with your friend, honey, I didn’t realize you were gone till I read your note I must of fell asleep on the sofa again. Oh I‘m stiff, I think I will head off to bed, am comes early these days. By the way I will be leaving the day after tomorrow, I want to spend some time with my older sister while I‘m here, Goodnight.”

“Good-night mom, see you in the morning.”

If I was Amanda, I would not let my guard down until I saw that woman, pulling out of the driveway.”

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