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Babysitter Blues

The day when Taylor starts calling her boss Mr Sanders, 'Master.'
Taylor is sitting in the lounge reading a book when Sally comes home. She looks up as the young girl races past the sofa and upstairs to her room, her schoolbag swinging wildly on her shoulder.

“Whoa, Sally be careful!” Taylor calls out. “What’s going on?”

Taylor puts her book down and makes her way up the stairs too. Coming to a stop in front of Sally’s room, Taylor lets out a groan. Clothes are being strewn everywhere as Sally searches through her drawers in a frenzy.

“Sally... You’re going to have to clean this up you know, you’re not a kid anymore, I’m not gonna do everything for you. I’m your live in baby-sitter not your slave.”

“I’ll do it when I get back,” she huffs.

“Back? Back from where?” Taylor asks suspiciously.

“Didn’t dad call you? He said I could go stay over at Sarah’s house for the night. We have a group project and he thought you could use a night off,” Sally says as she grabs a bag and starts throwing clothes into it. “I’m getting picked up in 5 minutes.”

“No, he didn’t call... Are you sure he said you could go?”

“What? Do you think I’m lying?” Sally snaps.

“You’ve tried to do it to me before...” Taylor says cautiously. “Sally...”

Taylor’s next words are cut off by the home phone ringing.

“Better late than never,” Sally mutters, “That’ll be dad.

Sure enough, when Taylor answers it, it is Charlie Sanders, Sally’s dad.

“Hey, Mr Sanders, Sally says you’re letting her go to Sarah’s tonight?”

“Yeah, I meant to call you earlier but I got held up, you’re free to go out tonight if you like,” comes the voice on the phone.

“Well thanks, that’s really nice of you, but all my friends would be busy now, it’s a bit late notice...”

“Oh sorry about that, well you know you can always hang around, you live there too, do whatever you feel like.”

“Thanks Mr Sanders, will you be coming home tonight?”

“Not at this stage, got some really important stuff going on in the office,” he responds.

“Okay, would you like me to leave you some dinner in the fridge just in case?”

“Thanks Taylor, you’re a champ.”

Taylor hangs up the phone just as Sally comes racing down the front stairs, she is about halfway when there is a honk out the front.

“Sally!” Taylor calls, “Let me know if you need me to come get you okay?”

“Whatever!” comes the response as the door slams.

Taylor stands staring at the door feeling a little flustered. She slowly walks back to the couch and flops down next to her book with a sigh. As she sits there, it dawns on her that she has the house to herself. A small smile creeps across her face.


Taylor is sitting on the couch naked, a towel wrapped around her head. She has headphones on and the music turned up so loud that the sound can be heard from the kitchen. She is humming along loudly while reading her book.

Having the house to herself, Taylor had decides to let loose a bit. She has a bottle of alcohol sitting next to her that she’s been drinking straight from the bottle, and hasn't bothered with clothes.

Taylor finishes her chapter and putting the book down starts to rub her bare nipples, throwing her head back on the couch while still humming along to the music.

That’s when Charlie Sanders walks in. Charlie had been at work and was expecting a lot more meetings for the night, but someone had rung up and canceled them all, letting Charlie go home.

He stops and stares at the site before him. Taylor is still rubbing her small tight naked boobs, her legs parting slightly in arousal. The music is still blaring from her headphones and her eyes are closed.

Charlie stares for a while, watching her as she touches herself beginning to grow hard. He knows he should probably turn away and leave her alone but he can’t help but stare.

Taylor’s hands move down her body and one slides down between her legs to her nicely shaved pussy. The 28 year old blonde moans softly as she pushes two fingers deep into her wet slit.

Charlie watches his daughter’s babysitter finger herself a while, feeling his cock twitch and grow in his pants. Moaning himself he walks over to stand in front of Taylor, wanting her to notice him.

Taylor continues to finger fuck herself, moaning loudly as she does, completely oblivious to Mr Sanders standing in front of her. Charlie unzips his trousers and lets them drop to the floor, his cock jumping loose.

He begins to wank himself off as Taylor squirms underneath her own fingers. Suddenly, Taylor opens her eyes to find her boss watching her. She immediately stops what she is doing and tries to cover herself up not noticing his cock. Pulling off her headphones she stares up at him in fright.

“Mr Sanders... You’re home early! I thought you wouldn’t be back tonight.” She says hysterically. “Oh my God I am so sorry!”

“I didn’t expect to be home myself but I’m glad I am,” he says staring down at her.

“Mr Sanders? What do you mean?” Finally she looks down and finds his cock sticking out right at her.

“Suck it!” he orders.

Taylor looks up at him and then back at his cock. Leaning forward she takes it in her mouth. Charlie moans as her tongue swirls around his tip and she sucks him hard.

“Yesss,” he hisses. “Are you going to do what you are told slut?” he asks her harshly.

Feeling so turned on about the turn of events, Taylor nods while still sucking his cock. He moans again grabbing her head.

“Good girl,” he tells her. “Now make sure you blow me good!”

Taylor bobs up and down on Charlie’s cock, giving him the best blow job he’s ever had.

“Oh fuck stop! I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop!”

Taylor does as she’s told and pulls her mouth away, a bit of precum sliding over the edge of her lips. She licks it up and looks up at her boss in expectation.

“Mmmm, you’re rather the submissive one aren’t you?” he purrs down to her.

“Yes Master,” she murmurs. He grins.

“I want to play with you now,” he says slyly. “I want you to just sit there and take it, I also want you to enjoy it. Will you be a good slave and enjoy what I do to you?”

“Yes Master,” she says immediately, feeling herself get even more turned on at being called slave.

“I never realised how sexy and submissive you were Taylor. I’m glad I chose you to look after my daughter while I’m busy. I should be paying you more than I am for the great work you are doing,” he tells her as he reaches out to cup her small breasts.

Taylor moans as he plays with her nipples but doesn’t move.

“Finger yourself as I play with your tits,” he orders.

She complies, her fingers instantly going to her soaking wet pussy. The squelching sound of her fingers moving in and out of her pussy can be heard over the faint sound of music still coming from the headphones.

“Mmmm, yes that’s a good slave,” Charlie growls just before leaning down and sucking on her already hard nipples.

After a while of sucking on Taylor's nipples and watching her finger herself some more, Charlie feels himself wanting more attention. He wants to plunge his big thick cock into his slave’s cunt and fuck her furiously.

“Stand,” he says harshly, jerking her off the couch.

Wide eyed, Taylor stands naked in front of her Master. Charlie sits down on the couch and looks up at her.

“Sit on it.”

“Yes Master,” comes her quick response as she climbs on top of him and sits on his raging erection, pushing him up into her tight wet hole. They both let out a moan as he enters her.

“Now ride me slut!” he orders as he slaps her ass hard.

Taylor moans at the slap, feeling more turned on as she starts to bounce up and down on her Masters cock. With his hands on her hips as a guide, Taylor gains momentum and is soon slamming her pussy down onto his cock hard and fast.

They are both breathing heavily now, and Taylor looks like she won’t be able to keep up much longer. Her thrusts are slowing and she is gasping for breath in between moans.

“On your hand and knees,” barks Charlie. He smacks Taylor on the ass a few times as she does as she is told. She moans as each slap brings more arousal to her tingling pussy.

Charlie kneels behind Taylor and presses his cock to her pussy entrance again. Giving his slut one more smack he thrusts his cock deep into her wetness hard and fast.

Taylor moans and squirms as Charlie pumps in and out of her in sexual frenzy.

He moans as he feels the build-up of and orgasm and prepares to cum in Taylor's tight wet pussy.

“I’m gonna cum in you slave, and you’re going to take it, and you’re going to love it,” he grunts as he fucks her hard.

“Yes Master,” Taylor moans, “I want you to cum in me master.”

Charlie lets out an almighty moan as he releases inside of her, cumming so hard that some of it dribbles out of her pussy around his cock.

Taylor lets out a small ‘Ahh' as she feels the explosion deep inside of her. She collapses in exhaustion.

“I want you to come to my room after Sally has gone to sleep every night I am here. And if you hear me come in early morning, you will come to me and let me find my release with you however I want. Fail to do so without a good reason and you will be in danger of being fired,” says Charlie as he stands, using the towel that had slipped off Taylor's head to clean himself. “Do you understand Taylor?”

Taylor moans, still lying on the floor. She arches her head around to look at him.

“Yes Master,” she says with a content smile.

Charlie picks up his pants and leaves the room, his cock feeling more satisfied than it had in a long time.

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