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Bittersweet Surrender Part 2

Josie attempts to blackmail her step-dad. Will he give in?
Day 2 - 6:30 A.M

Josie’s cheeks flushed as she thought about the scene that she witnessed last night. Watching Cameron fuck her mom like a wild animal pissed her off and aroused her at the same time. She woke up wet, and it annoyed the hell out of her because she had Cameron on the brain.

She sighed as her hand absentmindedly dipped inside of her cotton panties. She shouldn’t think about him that way because he was a pig, and he was married to her mother. Her hand slowly began to massage her sensitive flesh, her fingers parted her puffy pink folds, and she dipped her middle finger inside of her tight entrance.

She couldn’t get her mother’s face out of her head as Cameron was ramming her from behind. She hated Cameron even more for the show that he put on. Josie was able to hear her mother’s squeals and grunts from down the hall. How fucking rude, they both knew that she was home. Cameron kept grinning for the camera every time he plowed deep into her mother’s pussy. Her mom’s face was contorted in ecstasy, and her whole body visibly shook with pleasure.

Josie pulled her damp finger from her hole and slowly began to massage her taut clit though the fleshy hood, rubbing in slow circular motions. Her pussy ached to feel a cock that big inside of it. She wondered if she could stretch that wide. The boys that she had been with were nowhere near the size of her step-father and their inexperience left a lot to be desired. She swore to herself that the next person she fucked would be a real man. A moan escaped her lips as she thought of Cameron’s mouth, and she began to writhe against her fingers.

Josie looked over at her clock and knew that her mom would call her soon for breakfast. Josie focused on her breathing and the exquisite pressure that was pooling into her lower belly. She opened her legs wider, worked her hand faster over her clit, and her orgasm came like an expected friend. She felt calmer but was very unsatisfied. She wanted to know what it was like to have the mind blowing orgasms that Cameron dished out.

After getting dressed she made her way to the kitchen. Josie’s eyes were assaulted by the sight of Cameron cupping her mother’s breast through her robe as they kissed passionately against the counter. That bastard was doing this on purpose, and she was determined to make him pay.

“Good morning,” Josie said in an annoyed tone.

Her mother had the decency to look embarrassed at the interruption, but Cameron gave a knowing grin.

“Good morning sweetie. How did you sleep?”

“Yes, how did you sleep Josie?” Cameron said.

Josie narrowed her eyes at them both and lied.

“I slept like a baby.”

Josie’s mom looked visibly relieved, and she blushed in embarrassment as she swatted Cameron’s hand away from her ass and gave him a look that said ‘stop it’.

Cameron played the role of a loving insatiable husband well, and Josie knew that it was a crock of shit. He was going to be sorry for provoking her like this; she would make sure of it.

“Honey, hurry up and eat so that you’re not late for school today. I also expect you to stay there for the entire day. No leaving during lunch like you did yesterday, and Cameron told me that he’s taking you out for dinner tonight. I’m happy that you both are finally getting along, I’m sad that I have to work but the two of you need the time,” her mother said.

Josie gave a sweet smile to her mom.

“Mom, I left because I was bored. I’ve aced the SAT, I’m done with finals, and we don’t do anything. I’m happy that he’s taking me out to dinner too. Cameron really isn’t that bad once you really get to know him,” Josie said with a giggle.

Cameron’s jaw visibly tightened as he plastered a fake smile onto his face. Josie was delighted to hear that he decided to take her offer. He had no idea what was coming to him.


Cameron couldn’t believe that he was sitting in a restaurant with his step-daughter under these conditions. She looked like a naughty vixen. Her thick dark hair cascaded in waves and rested on her cleavage. She was wearing a purple Grecian style dress that hugged and accentuated her young ample curves. Was this a date? He was mildly confused, and his eyes kept gravitating towards the peak between her breasts. He wanted to bury his face there. At seventeen she already looked like the type of woman who could start a war of cataclysmic proportions over her affections.

“So Cam, I want to be completely clear as to why we’re here today. You’ve fucked up royally, and now I want you to suffer for it,” Josie said bluntly as she jarred him from his thoughts.

Cameron was so over this bitch. He sat and wordlessly stared at her, took a long slow slip of his wine and laughed.

“The only reason I’m entertaining your bullshit is because I’m morbidly curious as to what you want from me. Why didn’t you show your mom the tape? You would get exactly what you’ve always wanted.”

Josie snorted and blurted out “because that’s too easy for you. You need to know what it feels like to be manipulated. You walk around like you’ve got it all together, as if no one can touch you. I want to show you just how weak and pathetic you are.”

“Is that what you want to do Josie? You want to touch me?”

“What I want from you is none of your concern. I have quite a few things in mind for you,and it does involve me touching you, but not in the way that you like,” Josie said as an evil grin spread across her face.

Cameron’s dick twitched in response to Josie’s words. He couldn’t understand why he was getting hard at the thought of her torturing him. He wondered if she was bluffing.

“What if I decide not to give in?” Cameron asked.

“I thought that you would never ask.”

He watched in silence as she pulled out her cell phone and clicked away. She turned the phone towards him and let him see her click the send button. What did she just do? His stomach twisted in knots, and he had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom.

“Since you wanted to test me Cam, I just anonymously emailed mom a message, saying that I have some information about you that she would be interested in. It’s up to you if I respond to her and good luck trying to smooth that over later by the way. Don’t fuck with me.”

Cameron thought about the jail sentence that he would receive if he strangled her. He doubted if even the best lawyers could get him out of that one. He was going to have to play her game until he could figure out a real solution. He ran a hand down his face and resigned himself to his temporary fate.

“Fine, you’ve got me. Now what do you want me to do?”

“First, it’s over between you and that red headed whore. She’s fired, and you’ll hire me as your personal assistant for the summer. I want to make sure that I’m keeping a close tab on you.”

Day 4 - 1:32 P.M

Things had been pretty uneventful for Cameron since his dinner with Josie. He begrudgingly fired Kristen and his ego was a little bruised at how well she took the news. He paid out the rest of her contract, and he would have given her a bonus if she would have shown a little sadness. He sat at his desk and wondered what in the hell Josie wanted to do to him. She probably just wanted full access to his money so that she could drain him dry like the little spoiled brat that she is.

In three days she should be his new assistant. His wife was ecstatic that he had hired his step-daughter as an intern for the summer. She kept blabbering about how she’s always wanted the two of them to get closer. He had to stick his cock in her mouth just to get her to shut up, and he had the intense satisfaction of knowing that Josie was watching him violate her mom’s mouth.

Cameron’s phone began to buzz, and he saw that Josie sent him a text message. The message demanded that he come home immediately. He shook his head as he grabbed his car keys and headed home.

Cameron walked through the door, and the house was eerily quiet, he went in search of Josie and paused when he looked through the entrance of his room door. Josie was wearing cut off denim shorts that barely covered her ass and a skimpy tank.

“Hi daddy, I’ve just finished preparing everything for our session today,” Josie purred when she saw him standing in the doorway.

Cameron noticed the chair sitting in the middle of the room. On The bed lay a marker, duct tape, rope, handcuffs, clothes pins, and rubber bands.

Cameron’s mouth went dry, and he walked towards his fate. 

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