Black Beauty and the Double Booked Cruise

By Bad_4You

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Canceling my vacation was nearly the biggest mistake I’d ever made...
The wife and I were set to leave any day on a week-long cruise when her father fell sick. It was apparent that she would need to stay and lend a hand back home but she was trying to convince me to go on without her. She wasn’t having a whole lot of success. Cruising alone just didn’t sound like much fun.

Before we knew it, and before we had the chance to call them, the phone rang and the cruise line was calling us. It seemed that they had made a mistake and had sold more cabins than were available and they were panicked. They called to offer a solution to the double booking. They would upgrade us to some sort of suite, a room with two bedrooms, if we would agree to share the suite. We would have to share the lone bath.

“I told them of my dad and said that I couldn’t make the trip,” my wife explained, “and so I asked what they could do. Apparently double booking is a very big issue. It destroys their reputation so they remedy it in almost any way possible. They said they would reimburse my fare completely if we agreed with their proposal. What do you think?”

I told her to call them back and say we would agree to it if they threw in a couple a of complimentary massages. They bought it.

“A guy named Sam Thompson will be your roommate. Sam’s from Indiana and the companion had to bail out at the last minute. They will give us full credit on my fare and give you two massages for our inconvenience. You will each have your own queen size beds. How does that sound?”

“It sounds pretty cool but I do have one concern. What if Sam’s a real jerk or ends up being gay and invites a guy back to the room? It could be a pretty uncomfortable trip, depending on what kind of guy Sam is,” I explained. She assured me it would be fine.

I’m glad she talked me into it. It was a great deal and I definitely needed the break. Life’s challenges were starting to swallow me up.

It was weird. It seemed like whenever I travel I always go with either my wife or a business associate. This time I was traveling alone. I flew into Florida without a hitch and boarded the ship early the following morning. Just like when I’ve cruised in the past, you find what level of the ship you’re on and go to your room. And so I found room 612 on the Promenade deck and walked into the room. We normally get a room with a balcony. They are nice but nothing super extravagant. As I entered the room I was blown away. It was three times the size of anything I’ve been in before and it was quite a bit fancier. I’m sure the smile on my face said it all. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Then I heard something on the other side of the cabin, in the bedroom next door. I walked in and saw the silhouette of a shapely female form that was obscured by the bright glare as she stood before the balcony’s sliding glass door. I assumed she was part of the staff.

“Hello there,” I said kind of uncomfortably as she walked towards me a little, allowing her face to come into view. She was an amazingly beautiful and petite young woman. Her teeth sparkled and her eyes shown bright. She was wearing a colorful sundress that showed off all of her gorgeous curves. She continued toward me and extended her hand.

“You must be Mike,” she said as she reached to shake my hand.

“Yes, yes I am. Uh, uh, and your name...?” I was confused and obviously shaken up. I didn’t know what was going on. As I clasped her warm hand the confusion deepened.

“Sam. I’m your room mate Sam! They did tell you about me right?”

“Well they did tell me I had a roommate named Sam. I, I just assumed...” my voice tailed off, partly for effect. I wanted her to know I had no idea that I, a married man, was about to room with a woman.

“Just so you know, I go by ‘Sam’ but my name is Samantha. So they told you my name and you were okay with the room arrangements, thinking your roomie was a man. I’m so sorry Mike! This must be rather disturbing to you.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her and say, “Well actually in a way this is a relief. I was concerned that this guy Sam might be gay. That would have been even more uncomfortable!”

She immediately chimed in, “Well Mike, I can assure you of one thing: I’m definitely NOT gay!” Just as she said that she placed a hand on her hip and playfully jutted it out for effect.

We both laughed out loud. I found Sam to be a very sweet and adorable woman. I did tell her of my concerns, how I was going to have to explain a female roommate to my wife. Fortunately, I would have a week to figure that out as I never use the phone or email when I go cruising. That is one of the ways I am able to “escape completely” as the slogan goes.

We decided that Sam would take the first bedroom, the one as you enter the suite, and I the second. In this way, since I’m a married man, I could have the most privacy. I would need to walk through her room to get to mine, but she would never have to go into my room. That might make the wife feel better about all of this.

After unpacking and getting the room settled Sam and I went our separate ways for the rest of the day. I didn’t see her again until spotting her standing in line for dinner. She was obviously alone and so I walked on over and asked if she’s like some company. I was glad she accepted. As I thought about doing this trip alone I knew that the meal time was going to be the most boring time for me. I’m a very relational guy and eating alone held no appeal to me whatsoever.

The food as always was exceptional but I was even more delighted with the company. It seems that Sam was to have traveled with her younger brother, who happened to be an actor and a model. Just weeks before departure he landed a lucrative job and, in that line of work, you just don’t turn it down.

“We are extremely close. He is a truly great guy and I couldn’t be prouder of him for the man he is and for his successes,” she beamed. It was rather touching to hear a woman speak so fondly of her brother. With every new bit of information I received, Sam became more and more appealing. Speaking of her appeal, did I mention that Sam was black? I don’t ever remember being overtly attracted to a black woman before. The area I live in does not have lot of ethnic diversity. Most of the people around me are white, Hispanic or European and so I can’t say that I’ve ever been taken in by a black woman that I have actually known. Sure there are the actresses and models that reel you in, but never someone face to face. That all changed the day I met Sam. I found her very dark and soft looking skin to be extremely beautiful. All of her features pointed to the fact that she was an irresistible beauty. In fact, I would describe her as drop dead gorgeous.

The conversation finally rolled around to me. After sharing about our lengthy marriage, the kids and career she wanted to go a little bit deeper.

“So that’s a long time to be married. Are you happy?” she asked.

I picked up my glass and brought it to my lips. I was just buying time. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to answer the question. Sure I loved her and I’d say most of the time we’re happy, but she didn’t ask that. She asked if I was happy.

“Well, I will say you are a perceptive woman Sam. I’m not sure what you want me to say.”

“Tell it like it is Mike,” she encourages. “Just tell it to me straight. We are fast becoming friends so unload on your friend. I can tell you need to talk.”

“If the truth be told, I’d say that we are okay but I am not,” I said. “It seems that my bride has long ago decided that sex is for young people, like maybe for those who want to just produce babies or something. You know, that mentality that says ‘when you get to be our age’ you just don’t need it any more. Well I’m here to tell you Sam that that isn’t true. At least it isn’t true for me. It seems as I grow older, and the responsibilities of life are lessened, the passion in me burns even hotter than before. So, in this very important arena – the sexual arena – I am decidedly unhappy.”

There I said it. I’ve thought it for countless years, but who do you say that sort of thing to? It has always seemed to me that when a man says this sort of thing he is just whining. And if there is one thing that is unattractive in a man it is whining!

“You know something Mike, do you know what my goal is right now? It’s to marry the man of my dreams and stay together until death parts us. I am 38 years old and have never been married. I long to be married. But my momma taught one very important thing about marriage.”

“38 years old? I thought you were 25! Well that explains the level of maturity. Damn, sorry about that. So, what is the important thing that you learned?” I chimed in.

“She taught me what the foundation of a marriage is. Do you know what that is?” she asked rhetorically. “She said that the core business of a marriage is sex. She said that it’s the only thing you cannot outsource. I’m here to tell you Mike that something is wrong here. I love sex. A normal, healthy woman should love sex. I don’t mean to be crass, but let me say this. If we were married I would make love to you until you couldn’t get it up again and then I’d feed you Viagra until you couldn’t get it up any more after that! I would wear my man out! That’s what I would do. That’s what my momma taught me! And that is what your wife should be doing for you!”

I grabbed the glass and blocked my mouth with it again. My cock, somewhere in the course of this dialog, had grown hard and uncomfortable in my slacks. I couldn’t disagree with Sam. In fact, though I’d never heard it said in quite that way, I could not have agreed with her more.

She went on and asked some more probing questions. I answered every one. For some reason I trusted her and sensed an authentic heart. I covered sexual position, the fact that she doesn’t like much of anything except missionary. I told her of my longing to tongue a woman again because the wife doesn’t like oral any more. And no, I haven’t done anal yet. I would have been served divorce papers if I had tried. We covered the full gamut. I told her I was sick and tired of vanilla sex. At one point I looked down at my crotch and saw that my pre-cum had leaked through my boxer briefs and had left a silver dollar sized spot on my tan pants. Shit! As soon as I stood up, I pulled my tucked in polo out and did my best to cover up my hard on.

The dinner was over and we got up and just strolled around the decks for what seemed like hours. It didn’t take long before we had become close friends who wanted to hang out and be together. It felt so natural to be with her. Besides her beauty, she was perhaps the easiest person I’ve ever talked to. She had a maturity of thought and emotions that was hard to find in people, a real depth. I couldn’t help but think that I might be in trouble with this woman. In all my years of marriage I have never slept with another woman, never even kissed another. For the first time ever I felt I was at risk.

Around 10:00 Sam said she was getting tired and was going back to the room. “Are you staying up or…?” she said with a smile that nearly melted my heart.

“Yeah, I think I’ll check out the sports bar. I’ll catch you in the morning hon,” I said as she smiled and turned to go.

Whew, I thought, that was a close one. For the second time tonight I was nursing a hard on. This beautiful creature was really getting to me.

I delayed for about an hour and entered our room. It was pitch black as I quietly made my way across Sam’s bedroom towards mine. A breeze was blowing from the balcony, causing the sheers to blow back into the room. As I pierced my doorway’s threshold I turned around facing her room and quietly began to push my door closed. Before the gap had disappeared the curtains caught my eye again. This time, after my eyes had grown a little more accustomed to the dark, I made out her lovely form as she sat on a chair on the deck. She looked amazing in the moonlight. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. She was wearing some kind of see through cover up. I could make out her firm right breast and the flatness of her stomach. I saw her right hand slowly moving rhythmically to some beat in her head. I kept on looking through that crack of the door for several minutes. I felt like a damn voyeur.

Just as I was about to close it again I overheard her. The sound of the waves was crashing against the ship below and the wind was blowing. In spite of the competition from both, it failed to mask the sound, one of the loveliest sounds I’ve ever heard. I quickly opened the door and recklessly walked back in. I heard it again. Fuck I was getting hot. My cock was throbbing and begging for release. I figured that all of the background noise would mask my presence as I was just three feet from her now. My feet straddled the room and the deck as I stood over Sam and watched. Her left hand was no longer undetected. It was pinching the hardened nipple of her left breast. Her right arm, the one that I saw moving, was the instrument of pleasure, as her fingers were buried inside her velvety lips and being pulled in and out. There, I heard it again…

“Ohh….ohhh.” Sam was finger fucking herself right in front of me! I had never seen a woman do this before and I couldn’t believe how exciting it was or what it was doing to me. I don’t think I’d ever been harder and hotter before.

“Ohh…Ahhh…Yes….” She said as her body began to surrender to her need. “Fuckkkkkkkk!” was her last cognitive word as her hips ground against her fingers and her ass rose from the chair. Her left hand quickly left her tit behind and she began to gather her slick juices and feed it past her lips. The air was fast filling with the sweet aroma of her wonderful pussy.

“Hmmm…Ahhh…” as her back dramatically arched and her body quaked as the orgasm ripped through her body. She kept diddling her clit and bringing her soaked fingers to her lips and sucking them clean.

That was enough for now. I almost ran to my room and closed the door. My pants and boxers were at my ankles and my back on my bed in mere seconds. Soon my right hand had surrounded my cock and began beating it relentlessly. With my left hand slowly playing with my balls and my hips joining the thrusts in the air, I lasted but a minute or two. My cum shot high into the air, perhaps three feet high. The first load hit my chin and grazed my lower lip, the second hit my neck and that was followed by splatters on my chest and belly. It was the biggest load I’d ever had. I was so fucking horny that when I heard Sam close the slider with a thud, I scooped my cum from my body and fed it down my throat and swallowed it. I kept milking my cock until I drained it entirely and drank every last drop. I so needed that come but soon my mind kicked in. What in the hell are you doing Mike? She’s a very nice, very beautiful woman. But you’re a married man! Soon I was sleeping, and having a nasty dream about my beauty.

I awoke early the next morning and prepared to go to the fitness center. I knocked on Sam’s door and she told me to come in. She was sitting up in her bed facing me as I walked in. She looked to be naked beneath the sheet she held against her chest. Her hardened nipples poked through the cotton fabric. There before me sat every man’s dream. She was so damn sexy. I just stood there gawking at her, rather speechless, until I finally spat out that I was going to workout. She said she’d be down in a few to join me.

I was running on the treadmill when she caught my eye. Fortunately the machine next to me had just become available and she laid her towel on it to reserve it. As she began to stretch and limber up, my dick began to swell. She seemed to be teasing me with her ass – a nice big muscular runner’s ass just like I love – along with a lot of other moves that marketed her wares perfectly. All too soon she was driving me insane. Every movement she made accentuated her beauty and caused my illicit desire to grow. My cock began to leak in my shorts. If I could, I’d bend her over the side bars and fuck her right there in front of everyone.

It wasn’t long before we were running side by side. She was a fantastic athlete, very strong and with a lot of endurance. I got off the machine and began some circuit training and weight lifting, always keeping my eyes on Sam’s ass, her lovely cheeks held tight in her steel blue dolphin shorts. When she finished I asked if she liked basketball.

There was a court on the upper deck and we were the only occupants. She hadn’t played in many years so her shot was way off. Her athleticism showed through however. She had a ton of energy and was very quick. Soon we were playing HORSE and after I beat her in that she asked for a game of one on one. I always hated playing basketball with women. It seemed every time I was the one guarding the chick and, being the gentleman that I am, I would always go real easy on them and not really guard them. That is how I started out with Sam. The competitor in her would have none of it.

“Come on, play ball! Don’t give me this half ass stuff!” she yelled out, somewhat playfully.

I began trying and she was guarding me with a lot of aggression. At one point she got a rebound after I missed a shot and she began dribbling, just teasing me with the ball. In spite of not playing in a while, she was still quite the ball handler. She spun and went toward the basket and began backing me down towards the basket. Her ass kept pounding on my dick as she continued to back me in. I didn’t know what to do.

“Basketball is sure an exciting game, huh? I can tell that you love it Mike. You’re as hard as a rock,” she said as she curled around and shot the ball. I looked down and my cock was sticking straight out. Once again a wet stain encircled the tip. “I can see you’ve got game,” she said after looking down at my shorts. As she licked her lips and smiled I was racked with embarrassment and lust. “Maybe we better go now, don’t you think? Before someone gets hurt with that thing?” she laughs.

There was nothing but uncomfortable small talk as we walked back to our room. In spite of wanting this woman beyond description, I was determined to just tuck my peter away and chill out. As I opened the door I told her of my intention to go and get a massage after my shower.

“Cool, that sounds like a good idea,” she said. “After you get out and go downstairs I’ll take my shower. Maybe then we could eat lunch together?”

“That sounds like a great plan,” I said, relieved that the sexual tension between us was dissipating. When I got out of the shower I put on a tee shirt and sweats and headed to the spa. As I left the room Sam was walking into the bathroom for her shower.

I didn’t make a reservation and, as luck would have it, there were no openings for a massage until the next day. As I unlocked the door Sam was just exiting the bathroom wearing a lovely pink sundress. She looked incredible.

She looked up at me quizzically and said, “What are you doing here?”

“They were all booked up. I made an appointment for tomorrow. Hurry up and we’ll go eat.

“I thought you needed a massage? Hey, go into that walk in closet over there,” she said as she pointed to the far end of the room. There inside was a folding massage table. “Set it up. I am a great masseuse!”

I did as I was told. If she was talking, I didn’t hear her. I couldn’t have heard anything over the beat of my heart that was pounding in my head. I hopped up on the table and lay on my stomach.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I rose up onto my elbows and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean get the hell out of those clothes, you silly man. How can I give you a massage like that?” she laughed.

I took off my shirt and peeled my sweats down, standing before her embarrassed once again. She told me to pull down my boxer briefs and lay down on the table. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around, pulled them down and laid on the table with the towel over me.

“Haven’t you had a massage before Mike? Just relax, let all of your inhibitions fall to the floor,” she said as she poured the liquid onto my back and began to rub. You could tell within seconds that she knew what she was doing. Her hands felt incredible. It ends up that Sam once worked for a physical therapist and regularly gave massages as part of her job. She worked my neck, shoulders and arms and back before commenting on my modesty.

“You know,” she said as she swiped the towel from my ass, “you didn’t seem so shy last night when you’re telling me your wife never bangs you. What’s with all of this shyness all of a sudden? Haven’t you ever had a massage before?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little nervous I guess. I’ll try to relax,” I assured her.

“Yeah you do that. A massage is supposed to release all kinds of tension. Hey, lift your ass into the air.”

I’m buck naked on the bench and uncomfortable as all get out, and she asks me to lift myself off the table. I don’t know what to do. At this point my cock was at full mast. I rose up and as soon as I did she grabbed the tip of my cock, pulling it down towards my knee, and tells me to lie back down.

“There, that has got to be so much more comfortable. It couldn’t have been too pleasant lying down on your swollen stick.”

I could feel it. My cock is now straight as a board, lying on the table between my two legs and pointing to my feet. Just then she coats my ass with oil and begins to work it in hard.

“You’ve got a very nice ass Mike. Your gluts are tight and firm, just like I love. Very tasty!” she said in a very seductive tone.

The oil has dripped onto the back of my legs and I can feel the slick liquid on the underbelly of my cock and balls. I am ready to come and I haven’t even been touched. I can feel my pre-cum pooling on the table.

“Mike, you need to get this looked after,” Sam said as I felt her slimy finger pet the back of my cock. This thing is leaking profusely,” she giggled as she continued to pet it. Suddenly I felt the unmistakable sensation of her lovely tongue gliding across the back of my cock. It didn’t lick me but three of four times when I felt my cum shoot out of me and onto the table.

“There now that should take a little bit of the edge off honey! It wasn’t fair that you saw me come last night but I didn’t get to see you,” she said huskily. “Turn over!”

As I flipped over onto my back I looked down and saw a trickle of cum running down my still hard cock. I was so fucking horny.

“You have once nice piece of meat there Mike. Are you sure that wife of yours doesn’t like it?” she asked as she took a hold of it and began to slowly stroke it. “Damn, you are one fine specimen of a man!” She let go of me and brought her messy hand to her lips and licked it clean while holding my eyes with her own. She tugged the sundress over her head and stood beside me completely naked, chest heaving and nipples soaring towards the ceiling. She took my hand and pulled me to sit up and placed my hand on her left tit. She turned and looked down at the table and the mess I left behind. She extended her hand towards my splattered cum, took some in her fingers and brought it to her lips.

Just as she was about to suck them she said, “So the wife only likes vanilla huh? Well, I’m not opposed to vanilla…” Just then she sucked my cum into her mouth and tilted her head back, slowly allowing it to slide down her throat. “In fact, vanilla just might be my favorite flavor!” she said as she pulled me off the table and walked me over to her bed.

“I’m sure glad the wife talked you into this trip. You sure needed it!”

She motioned for me to lie down and climbed on top of me, sitting on my belly facing me. The sight was breath taking. Black Beauty was sitting on top of me and her shaved exposed pussy was beginning to drip onto my abs. As she continued to stare me down with her dark, gorgeous eyes, she turned around and pulled on my throbbing dick, causing what little cum remained in it to poke through my slit. She collected my cum again, this time bringing it not to her mouth but towards her other lips.

“If you were my man, I’d fuck you until you begged me to stop. That’s what a marriage is all about honey.”

I sat mesmerized by the sensual display of this lovely woman. Still staring at me, she brought her left hand to her pussy and spread the black, smooth lips until bright pink popped into view. The sight was overwhelming.

She took my cum and coated first her black and then pink folds of skin. There was no turning back now. I had to have this woman. As she finished applying my cum she spoke once again.

“I know that you’re tired of vanilla Mike. So here it is honey, a Neapolitan pie for you!” She scooted forward and lowered her chocolate, strawberry and vanilla colored flesh onto my hungry mouth. As I lapped at her luscious cunny, she grabbed my head of hair and ground her hips into my face. If I died now, I’d die a very happy man. Her breathing so escalated you could no longer hear the waves through the slider.

“That’s it honey, no more vanilla for you. That’s it, eat me. And just think baby, we’ll be fucking all week long!”