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Blondie's Gift

Blondie's Gift

Blonde Gives Him A Gift
I can't believe that my boyfriend wants to do this, but I agreed that I'd do anything he wanted. I didn't think it would be this, though. He wants to watch me having sex with another man. I tried asking him why he wants this. All he said is that it's always been a fantasy of his. I'm not sure what kind of fantasy that is, but who am I to judge?

He had me find someone. It was me who was going to have to fuck him, after all, right? We went to bar, thinking we'd just scope the place out. It was then, I saw Greg. He is good looking, tall, in shape, full head of hair and not totally drunk.

“I think he'd do, don't you? He's kinda hot,” I whisper over to my boyfriend.

“Blondie, if that is who you want, go for it,” Sam smiled at me.

It was easy as that, at least for us. When I went up to Greg, who introduced himself, his eyes roamed my body. I had a feeling he would be okay with this, seeing his eyes taking me in like he was. We had a drink, talking, joking, getting to know each other. He told me he was single and that he came out alone tonight looking for a one nightstand. It was kinda bizarre to me how honest he was.

If he can be so honest, surely I can be as well, right? I took the chance, I flat out told him what I was looking for. At first he laughed, but when I didn't join in on the laughing, he knew I was serious. I explained to him more about what me and Sam wanted and he seemed interested. I mean, what man really wouldn't?

After a little while, I brought him over to meet Sam. I told him that Greg agreed, that we should go get a room. I could tell visibly that Sam was already hard. I guess this was a turn for him, even before it begins. That made me turned on, knowing I could please him, even just agreeing.

Greg followed Sam and I to the closest motel. Sam went in and bought a room for the night. I was nervous, unsure if I could pull this off, even if I was horny. Greg seemed pretty relaxed, talking easily with me as we waited for Sam. His eyes never left my body, always looking. I'm wondering if he was trying to think of what I'd look like naked, even though it wouldn't be long before he would know.

The room was a simple room. A queen size bed took up a good part of the middle of the room. A rather large TV at the end of the bed. On either side of the bed were night tables and lamps. A table for two in the corner, on the far right and a couch on the left side of the bed. It wasn't entirely nice, but it could have been a lot worse.

Sam took a seat on the couch, telling us to act as though he wasn't there. It was Greg who took the first move, coming up to me. We undressed each other, until we were fully naked. Greg was even better looking naked than he was clothed. I could tell he was in great shape.

We both got onto the bed, touching each other, kinda like virgins would. It was different to do this with someone I didn't know his likes. So, I just acted as though I was with Sam. I began to kiss his chest, kissing down until I was face to face with his cock. I took him in my mouth and began sucking deeply. He laid back, moaning out with lust. My tongue working his length, sucking faster and harder.

I liked the taste of him. He was smooth against my tongue. I was just able to take him into the back of my throat, he was rather thick. I played with his balls as I sucked on his cock. I wanted to give him the fullest pleasure I could. I was totally into this now, knowing that the more I pleased Greg the more I pleased Sam. All I wanted was to please my boyfriend.

Greg gripped my hair, pulling me towards him before he reaching around and smacking my ass hard. I could feel it would leave a mark, the idea makes me moan, asking for another one. He was willing to comply. I moved around to face away from him, straddling his cock. I started to fuck him while I watched Sam, he just sat there watching the both of us. His expression natural, I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it. I didn't want to get distracted, so I didn't allow myself to over-think it.

With his hands on my hips, Greg began helping me fuck him faster. Even without seeing his face, I knew he was watching his cock disappear into my tight, little pussy. From his own grunts and moans I could tell he was loving it. Every so often I could feel his cock throb inside me, making me squeeze around him tighter. I began to cum, hard around him. I felt the tight grip of my orgasm pulling, squeezing around his thick cock.

I was rather impressed at how hard I could cum by another man's cock. His fingers dug into me more as I came for him. As if to control his own orgasm, not wanting to cum just yet. I didn't want him to either, I was having too much fun. He must have known what I was thinking, because before I knew it, I was lying on the bed. Greg lifted my legs and drove his face into my pussy.

His tongue dove so far deep inside my pussy, I came instantly. I wasn't sure if it was an aftershock from the one I just had, or the intense feeling of his tongue taking action. I'm guessing it was both, whatever the case, I came so hard. In and out his tongue fucking me without a care.

Slipping up to me, he only keeps one of my legs and lets the other lie flat down. My right leg over his shoulder, he leans in, pushing his cock back inside me. He thrusts hard, deeper, looking at me. His look is intense, making me moan out. He tells me how good I taste. He leans down, offering me a taste from his lips. I kiss him just barely. Of all the things we're doing, kissing him is the most personal.

His keeps his hips thrusting, grinding into me every few thrusts. I know he is close, he wants to cum deep inside me, filling me with his spunk. I moan out, wanting to cum again with him. How sexy it would be to cum at the same time. I moved with him, making him thrust a little harder, before we suddenly locked at once. We both began to cum. Grunting and moaning filled the room, making me suddenly aware that Sam was still in the room, watching us.

We slipped out of each others arms, sitting up as Sam just sits smiling at us. He asked Greg if he had a good time. Of course Greg said he had, before going to take a shower. He needed to wash up and head home soon.

I went to Sam, sat on his lap and asked if it was everything he wanted. All he did was smile at first. I was scared he was going to say he he hadn't, but when he whispered that it was perfect, I let out a sigh. I was so pleased he was happy with it.

After Greg's shower, he got back dressed and left after wishing us the best. We didn't exchange numbers, nothing. Just left it at that. Of course Sam had more on his mind, when he suddenly turned me around, pulling his pants down and thrusting his cock inside me.

The hold he had on my hips hurt so badly, that it made me cry out a long moan. I could feel just how excited he was with what he saw. He fucked me hard and long, deep inside me. Our bodies slamming against each other, each thrust harder than the last. When he groaned out that he was going to cum, I told him I was going to also. He moved a bit faster, stretching me further, until we both came together.

In each others arms, we fell asleep happy with trying something new. I was brave enough to give my boyfriend something he truly wanted.

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