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Brody Part One

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An older man's encounter with a young lady

The holiday was not far off and I was excited because that meant that my daughter Jess would be coming home from college for a few weeks. Her long-time friend Brody was coming with her and staying for a couple of days before continuing on to visit her father who had moved away from our home town since his wife had walked out on him with another woman. We were so proud of Jess when she was accepted to college to follow her dream but neither my wife nor I had imagined how we would miss our only child.

A car pulled up in the driveway and doors slammed. My wife was at the door before me as I was in the kitchen loading the coffee machine. I could hear the cries of greetings from the hallway and moments later Jess rushed into the room and into my arms, giving me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. A voice from behind her announced Brody's entrance into the kitchen, "Hi Mr. S" she said and came over to greet me like we always had, hugging me for what seemed longer than usual. I was very aware of her breasts pushed against my chest and to my mind she seemed to be forcing them out and holding them deliberately but then the moment passed.

My wife announced that the supper was ready and then apologized that she had to work that night but it was the only night she would have to while the girls were home. Being a nurse, the 12 hour night shift was hard to swap, especially at the time of year. "That's okay mom," Jess said, "Brody and I are off to the local to see if any of the old gang are around so we will be out this evening and we will probably be late so we would not see much of you anyway."

I thought of the evening ahead and that suited me fine as my hockey team the Edmonton Oilers were playing a late game so I could sit and watch the game in peace.

My wife left for work and I was clearing up the kitchen after supper. The girls had gone for a shower and to get ready for their evening out. I decided to take my shower after I had finished my chores so I would have time to do some work on the computer before the game started. As I headed up the stairs, I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and it reminded me of old times when Jess had lived with me. I pushed open the door of my bedroom and realised the light was on and smiled at my wife's forgetfulness about light switches. It was not until I opened the door that I realised it was not my wife's fault. Brody stood in the middle of the room. Her head was bent down and she was busily rubbing her wet hair with a towel, naked except for a very small pair of lacy yellow panties. Her breasts were medium sized and very firm looking with small nipples. All this registered in a nano second and I stopped in mid step before backing up quietly and pulling the door closed, returning downstairs.

I was shocked by my surprise and yet a little aroused at seeing her like that. After all, she was my daughter's age and I never had a desire to see her naked, that was just wrong! I thought of the times over the years when I had noticed Brody's forwardness. She always seemed a little brazen to me, very outgoing and I can imagine it was not easy for her parents at times as she was very strong-willed and liked to do her own thing. It was weird to see her like I had, and with such a womanly body too.

It was not long before the girls came giggling down the stairs, "Thank Mrs. S. for the use of your bathroom, it made getting ready much faster," Brody said and then they were gone. I went up and showered and settled in to do some work and then watch the game.

Later that evening, I was watching the post-game highlights when I heard the door open and the girls entered the room, Jess looking the worse for wear. "Don't worry Mr. S. I will put her to bed; it's not the first time, she just has to sleep it off. She will be okay," Brody said and then she helped Jess upstairs.

A while later Brody came back into the room and flopped down on the sofa beside me. "How was the game?" she asked. I told her how it went and then asked her about her and Jess' evening, "Meet any hot guys?" I teased.

"Oh Mr. S., college boys are so stupid, only after one thing and when they get it, it is all over in a flash. No, I prefer older men myself, around your age for example." The way she said it made me pick up my ears as I looked at her. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, pushing her tongue in between my lips. My impulse reaction was to respond likewise until I realised who she was and alarm bells rang in my head. I pulled away from her. It was all wrong, she was so young, Jess' friend as well, not to mention I was married. "Mr.S. you are so sweet and so old fashioned, lots of young girls fuck older men these days. I am old enough to know what I am doing, it is not like you are forcing me and besides, I want to fuck you. I can see you would not mind either." She was referring to my traitorous cock that she had placed her hand on and was rubbing through my sweat pants.

She whispered in my ear, "Did you enjoy seeing me earlier?" How she knew I had seen her drying her hair, I do not know, but she obviously did. The image of her came back to my mind and did not help my cause as my cock stiffened even more. I could not deny that yes I did really want to continue but the ramifications were too much to think about. "It will be our little secret, Mr.S." she cooed. "No one will ever know, just you and me."

With that she moved in to kiss me again and this time I gave in to my desire and responded in kind to her aggressive tongue as it poked and probed my mouth. We kissed hard and explored each other before Brody leaned back against the sofa and pulled her white t-shirt over her head to reveal her medium sized breasts contained within a blue sports bra, her long dirty blonde hair cascading around her shoulders. I reached over and took her breasts in my hands, the thrill of feeling her firmness rippling through me. I lifted the bottom part of the bra up and over her breasts so it now sat above them, allowing me free access to them. They did not drop and kept their natural, youthful shape, her pink nipples inviting me to suck them. I lowered my head to one and took the other in my free hand, tweaking and massaging one, greedily sucking the other. I was amazed by the response, they seemed to have mini erections and grew in my mouth like flower buds bursting into flower. When I drew back to look, they were like tiny gun barrels pointing at me and a fleeting memory of a scene from Austin Powers came to me where the cyborg killer women had guns in their boobs and fired bullets through the nipples. I smiled inwardly at the thought before switching breasts and repeating the treatment I had been giving a moment ago.

By now Brody was panting with pleasure and she got up suddenly to stand before me. She reached down and pulled off my sweat pants, taking my boxers with them, then she undid her her denim skirt and let it drop, revealing the yellow lace panties I had glimpsed earlier. She slid her fingers under the hips and peeled them off, exposing her smoothly shaved pussy, before finally removing the sports bra. Then she climbed onto the sofa and straddled my legs, facing me, taking my cock at the same time and guiding it to her waiting pussy. She lifted herself so she was high enough to guide my cock to her wet lips and then lowered herself again on to my cock. I watched in awe as my cock disappeared between her lips, feeling the tightness, how hot and wet she was, realizing that this was the first pussy that I had experienced in over 25 years that was not my wife's. A pang of guilt hit me but it was too late now, as Brody began a fast pace, riding me hard and gasping each time she sank onto my solid cock. I held her hips and helped to raise her each time while she had placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. I don't know how long we fucked but it did not seem long enough to me as I watched her lithe body bounce on me, her pussy seemed to produce much more juice than I thought was possible but finally she went rigid as her climax hit her and she growled, "Fuck, OMG, fuck baby, yessssssss." Her reaction was the trigger for me and I gave way to a terrific ejaculation, squirting deep into her pussy as she continued to ride me and quiver as after shocks hit her, my cock pumping my seed into her until she finally came to rest against my body. "Oh Mr. S. that was even better than I imagined it would be," she whispered...........................

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