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Brody Part Two

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Brody returns
I actually wrote this months ago but for some reason never submitted it, I have only just realised so here it is...

We eventually got up from the sofa and Brody turned to me, "I better go and see how Jess is doing. Thanks Mr. S, that was wonderful." She grabbed her clothes and left the room.

My mind was in turmoil as I made my way unsteadily to my bedroom. What had just happened? Did we really fuck on the sofa? My god, what was I thinking? I climbed into bed and turned out the light but my mind would not shut down. Images of what had happened earlier replayed in my mind, arousing my cock again. Excitement and guilt raced through my mind. I knew it was totally wrong and such a risk to my marriage and yet I would gladly do it again. What was I thinking? I drifted off into a fitful sleep, my cock throbbing with the memories of the evening.

I suddenly came awake and the room was dark, except for the glow of the street lights filtering through the curtains. I heard a rustling sound and at the same time felt the sheet pull back from my waist. Moments later, I felt a tongue run around my semi-hard cock, galvanizing it into action. I heard a slurping sound and then warm lips closed around my shaft as they began to suck me slowly. As I looked down the bed, I could see the shape of a head bobbing up and down and the figure of Brody kneeled by the bedside. I gasped with pleasure as her tongue licked the tip of my cock.

She quietly continued to suck me as I lay back and relaxed. As I did so, I glimpsed the bedside clock and realised that the time was much later than I had thought, it was almost dawn. Panic set in as it occurred to me that my wife could be home any time. As if I had my thought had willed it to happen, I heard the rumble of a car engine approaching the house and I knew that she was here already.

I sat up and pulled Brody's head away from my cock. She could see the panic in my eyes and she smiled. Next, she did the last thing that I ever imagined she would do in such a situation, she climbed on the bed and straddled me, guiding my cock to her pussy.

"What, what are you doing? Are you crazy? My wife's pulling into the driveway!" I whispered harshly.

She just smiled at me and then took me inside her, in one swift movement. She was very wet and obviously in the mood.

I heard the hum of the garage door opening.

"No, we can't do this!" I gasped.

Brody began to move faster on my cock, smiling and licking her lips, as she saw my panic building.

I heard the door close behind the car. My wife was in the garage.

"Brody," I begged, "Stop! Leave the room! She will kill me!"

Brody moved faster, her eyes closing as she lost herself in pleasure.

I grabbed at her hips, trying to push her off me but she had me pinned down good and my cock was not helping, still stiff and approaching release.

The connecting door from the garage to the house clicked and the light downstairs came on.

Brody went into a spasm as her climax hit. She gasped but contained the sound, as she bucked and rocked on my cock, her juice flowing around it. Despite myself, I felt my cock stiffen even more as it exploded in her, shooting my cream into her, as she continued to ride me.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware of hearing the water running in the bathroom sink downstairs, as my wife washed her hands and busied herself, putting her work stuff away before heading up to our room to take a shower.

Brody slipped off my body, leaned over and kissed me on the forehead before sliding like a shadow into the night back to her room with Jess.

Moments later, I heard the click of the light being turned off downstairs and my wife's footsteps on the stairs, as she made her way to the room. I lay in the dark with the sheet pulled up and around me as she entered the en-suite bathroom to take her shower. My heart was pounding with the knowledge of the danger that had been narrowly avoided. I could not bear the consequences of being caught with Brody and vowed to steer well clear of her in future. That girl was trouble.

Well maybe until the next time...
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