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Cam Girl

Cam Girl

John makes a shocking discovery when he finds out what his stepdaughter is doing to make money...
Ever since Elena's mother married her stepfather, John, she had so much difficulty bonding with him. She was only eight when her mother married him. He was a very conservative sort of man who wasn’t very affectionate, but he always went above and beyond to provide for his family. Being the wealthy businessman that he was, Elena and her mother never had to need or want for anything. Johnathon Hale was extremely attractive. He had short blond hair, ice blue eyes, an extremely built body, and was very tall, standing at 6’4.

Elena grew up to be a beautiful young woman. She had long, lush locks that were a dark chocolate brown, rich mahogany eyes, full sensuous lips, and a body that every hot blooded man would want to possess and dominate. Her mother was always worried that her daughter was being promiscuous. But Elena was still a virgin... with a secret.

She felt this undeniable attraction that she just could not eradicate, no matter how much she tried to distract herself with her friends, Kevin and Jaden. Every time she went to bed at night, she would think about having sex with John.

Elena was relieved when she graduated high school and was moving away for college. That meant she wouldn’t have to see him anymore except for holidays. John loved his stepdaughter and wanted to do everything he could to keep her happy and provide for her. They had their differences and fair share of fights, but he loved her like she was his own.

Elena had a hard time relying on her step-dad, despite his efforts to prove that he would be there for her in every way possible, emotionally, and financially. When she started school she realized that she would have to work to pay off her loans and she refused to take a dime from John because they had fallen out before she left for college.

So, Elena decided to get into the porn industry and she figured she could make easy money if she did some cam shows on the weekends. It would be instant, fast cash, and no one would have to know.

She got into it for about a couple months and was actually enjoying it. Elena was in that age of sexual discovery, and her new profession was only helping her discover all the things that made her curious about sex.

John was a very sexual man, but he too had secret… he loved watching cam girls.

One night, while he was alone in his apartment, he turned on his computer and decided to go to his favorite cam-girl site: Horny-College-Bitches

When he clicked to connect with a girl, he was expecting to see her face and then they would chat a little, and he would tell her what he liked before she would perform for him. But this time when he clicked, the first thing he saw was a young woman laying on her side on the bed, fingering her smooth, bald pussy with her thong pulled down.

He could see her lush brown hair hanging over her shoulder, which he loved since he had a preference for brunettes. The way she kept playing with her pussy gave him an instant hard-on, as he watched the way she rubbed and teased her swollen lips with her middle finger. John pulled off his boxers and let the weight of his cock hang free, as he grabbed it and began to stroke it slow and hard, squeezing his shaft and imaging that he was fucking that sweet, tight cunt instead.

The woman kept rubbing her pussy until she squirted, which only triggered his own release, but just as he was cumming, she adjusted her cam and John caught a glimpse of his stepdaughter's face. Elena was the one he was jerking off to. He couldn't stop his orgasm, as he came in bucket loads all over his stomach.

Now, since Elena was the only one who had her cam on, she didn't know that her "paying customer" was her step-dad. She blew a kiss into the camera, squeezed her breasts and typed:

Virgin-Slut: Tip me?

John was freaking out, as he quickly cleaned up and just stared at the screen.

Virgin-Slut: Please?

10inchCock: [has deposited $2000.00]

Elena's face lit up in shock. She was expecting something like a twenty dollar tip, the most she ever received was seventy.

Virgin-Slut: OMG TY SO MUCH! Xoxoxox. Watch me again another time?

The wheels in John's head were turning as he wrote,

10inchCock: Stay for a while? Chat with me and I will pay you more for it.

Virgin-Slut: Sure :) But only for an hour tops. I have to study. xx

10inchCock: I like smart girls.

Virgin-Slut: ;)

He couldn't believe Elena was keeping this from him, and what was even harder for him to wrap his mind around was the fact that she was even doing this as a part time profession. John was wealthy enough to support her, and he had offered to time and time again, but she always refused. He wanted to talk to her and figure out why she was doing this.

After about forty minutes of convo, John asked:

10inchCock: Tell me something you've never told anyone before.

Virgin-Slut: I want to fuck my step-dad. 

He zoned out, almost catatonic, staring at all six words in disbelief while reading them over and over again.

Virgin-Slut: Did I lose you? I'm sorry it's not something I'm proud of, but even if you judge me, I wouldn't care. You're just a stranger after all.

10inchCock: No, I'm still here. I'm not judging you at all. Please feel free to open up.

Virgin-Slut: We don't have a close relationship and it's because of me, I have difficulty being around him. My step-dad married my mom when I was young, and he’s been a great father to me, but there’s a rift in our relationship now because of these feelings I have for him. I caught him jerking off one day, and ever since, I’ve wanted to fuck him. That's why I moved away for college. I miss him a lot, and it hurts sometimes, but this is the only solution.

John took a moment to absorb everything she just shared.

10inchCock: Maybe you should talk to him about it.

He had no idea where he was going with this, but was just wingin' it.

Virgin-Slut: I'm scared he will be grossed out and things will grow even weirder between us. Plus, if he told mom, then my family life would really be screwed.

There was no way he was going to tell his wife about this. No matter how much Elena pushed him away, he loved her. It was right there in that moment that John realized that he felt the same way about her. It was awkward to spend time with each other because he was sexually attracted to her, even hugging her was hard but he never realized it until Elena opened up.

10inchCock: I'm sure you will feel better once you tell him. I think he would understand.

Virgin-Slut: Looks like your hour's up. Thanks for chatting with me, and thanks again for the more than generous tip. I hope I have earned myself a regular client.

He hated that she was doing this.

10inchCock: For sure :)

Virgin-Slut: Bye xx

She blew him another kiss and then the camera disconnected. John knew he had to talk to her, which meant planning a visit to Boston as soon as possible.

Every night since then, he logged on to that same website and looked for Elena's username. He never revealed his identity and the only reason why he tried to catch her online was because he wanted to pay her enough money so that she wouldn’t have to cam with other creeps. But Elena would always start touching herself for him, which would only get him hard as a rock, and he would eventually succumb to temptation and jerk off to his stepdaughter's wet cunt. They would chat for an hour and he she would talk about her darkest fantasies.

By the time three weeks passed, John felt like he really knew Elena inside out. He called her one afternoon and told her that he was in town. She didn't sound too happy over the phone, but he hoped he could somehow come clean and tell her that she had been sex chatting with him for almost a month.

Before going over to her flat, John showered and got ready, looking like his usual handsome self. He was nervous and hadn't jacked off, which was unwise because it meant she would’ve easily gotten him horny.

He knocked on her door around seven and Elena answered, wearing a short skirt and a white tube top. It was hard to look at her without remembering the way she fingered herself with expert fingers.

"Dad," she tried to smile, "Come on in.” She stepped aside, avoiding the opportunity to hug.

Once he took off his jacket, he sat on the sofa and asked Elena to join him because he needed to have a serious chat with her.

"So how's your job going?” he asked. “Do you need any extra help with money?"

"No, thanks. Work is going great. I don't need help."

John placed his hand on her thigh and said, "Elena, you know I love you, right?"

"Mhm.” She nodded.

"Please don't get mad at me when I say what I'm about to say."

She looked worried at first, but stayed quiet.

"I… I know."

"Know what?" She appeared to look confused.

John sighed. "Look, I know that you take off your clothes for money on webcam."

Elena’s face went pale. "What? Who's been spreading these lies about me?"

"Please don't deny it, be truthful to me."

"I'm not lying!"

"Well then allow me to refresh your memory, virgin-slut, meet ten-inch-cock!"

Elena froze, her expression unreadable.

"You've been talking to me all this time, and it happened by accident,” he admitted. “I wasn't expecting to find my own daughter on some sleazy cam site."

"So… you… you've been… oh my god!" She stood up and ran inside her bedroom, choking on tears.

John went after and stood behind the door. "Elena, let me in. Come on."

"I am so humiliated!"

"Sweetheart, I'm not mad at you. I mean, I was. But—"

"I told you things! Private things!"

"Baby, it's okay. That's why I'm here. I want to be here for you." John rested his palm against the wall and leaned into it. "I promised you that I would always give you whatever you needed," he paused and took a breath. "Elena, I love you. Let me in, and I promise you won't regret it. I'm not here to judge you."

She wiped her tears and slowly opened the door, allowing her handsome stepfather inside.

"I… I didn't mean those things that I said," Elena uttered, trying to hide her spilled secrets. "I was just confused."

John took off his shirt, revealing his broad muscled chest and chiseled abs.

"I really think we should fuck. What your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her." He stood in front of her and waited.

Elena's heart was beating like a jack hammer and she was aroused beyond belief, as she cast her eyes on his hard body. His user ID had been 10inchcock, and she was curious to see if it really was that big.

She took a step forward, took off her shirt and stepped out of her skirt, as the bulge in John’s pants began to grow.

"You don't think I'm sick in the head?" she asked.

"I think you need me in ways only you and I could understand.” He caressed her face and kissed her slow and sensually.

Elena grew more confident and kissed him back, elated with happiness that this was actually happening.

In no time they were both naked, and before he could ravage her pussy, she told him that she wanted to record the first time he fucked her virgin hole.

John liked how kinky his daughter was, it was an extreme turn on. She turned on her webcam and he lay down on the floor, letting her mount him in reverse so that his cock would show up on cam when it would plunge inside of her.

And his ID name was rightfully owned. He was definitely a ten incher, possibly more.

Elena lay back on his body and moaned as John slowly slipped his cock inside of her forbidden hole, careful not to push all the way because it was her first time. She had remained a virgin, but now that pussy was being invaded by her step-dad’s throbbing cock. He touched her body, fondling her breasts as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Daddy," Elena breathed. "Your cock feels so fucking good inside me."

"It's yours, baby." His slow penetration made her pussy quiver all over his cock, as he fought the urge to blow a load. John fucked her like this until her cunt was stretched out enough to fuck with speed.

They moved over to the bed and he sat on the edge as she sat on his cock, bending her knees over his thighs. John held her close, locking his arms around her as she vigorously fucked his cock, taking in all ten inches like a pro.

"Fuck, Elena…” He kissed her passionately, shooting pre cum in her vulnerable opening.

"I want your cock so badly.” She panted, feeling close to a mind numbing cum.

He couldn't get over the fact that his cock was inside of her. It was sinful and so wrong, but it felt so natural to have sex with her. She had the tightest cunt he had ever fucked.

"I'm close, Daddy," Elena sped up.

"Cum on my cock." He groaned, feeling her speed milk his dick with every grind back and forth.

"Oh god, oh god!" She screamed her orgasm and John muted her pleasurable cries with a lustful kiss, sucking on her tongue as he shot the biggest load of his life in her pussy. He had been careless and didn't even use a condom.

Elena kept kissing him like a lover, as she slowly rocked her pussy on his dick, which had remained hard.

"I can't believe you fucked me.” She licked his neck.

"I can't believe I'm still inside you." He throbbed.

"I want this every day."

"Then I guess I'll be moving in with you." John kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples before he lay her down and went down on her pretty little pussy.

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