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Caught But By Who - Part 1

First story.. Be kind lol.. Caught masturbating.. But by who......
Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm a twenty-six-year-old male who lives at home with his step mum, dad and his sister. I stand at 6'6" tall, I have brown hair and green eyes. I have an athletic build, not the worst looking in the world. But, I am very shy. I've only been with one girl and since that ended, it’s just been me and my hand. I noticed a male sex toy advertised on the internet not long ago and decided to get one out of curiosity. 

One Saturday morning, I woke with my usual morning erection crying for attention. I reached down and freed it from my boxers, playing with it and stroking it gently for a few minutes before deciding I should get my toy out for some fun. I reached under my bed and pulled the toy from its hiding place. Finally, once I was set up and ready to go, I squirted some lube onto my hard cock and onto the opening of the Fleshlight. I began fantasizing about sliding my cock in and out of a hot wet pussy; I positioned the toy so that I was in the missionary position. After about five minutes of slowly fucking my toy, I decided to change positions and lie on my back, as if the girl I was fantasizing about was on top. 

I started off slow again but then began fucking my toy quite fast and could feel my orgasm building. A few more thrusts, and I let out a small moan."Mmm, that was good," I thought.

I lay there on my bed for a few minutes, with my cock still in the toy. Just as I was about to slide it off and get cleaned up I heard a creak outside my door. I quickly glanced over and noticed someone disappear from the door that I must have left slightly open. 

I panicked. I quickly slid the Fleshlight off my now flaccid cock, set it on my stomach and pulled my covers over me to hide any embarrassment, but it was too late. Whoever was out there had already seen me. But who was it? And how much did they see? 

I lay there still for a few minutes not sure what to do. I felt my cum dripping out of the fleshlight and onto my stomach. I decided I should get cleaned up, then go downstairs and see if anything was said. After rinsing the cum out of the Fleshlight and wiping it off my stomach, I put my toy back in its hiding place and went down stairs. I looked out onto the drive and noticed dads car wasn't there. So I thought it must have been my step mum or my sister. 

I heard the TV on in the living room so I hesitantly walked in to find my sister watching TV.

"Morning, sis," I said.

She looked over at me and said, "Morning, Ryan." 

I stood at the door for a few minutes but nothing more was said. "Hmm, nothing different there," I thought. 

I then heard some dishes being rattled in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and said, "Morning, mum,"

No reply… I once again said, "Morning, mum," a little louder this time. 

"Oh, morning, son. Sorry I was in my own world there," she finally said, without lifting her head to look at me. 

My mind was racing. Was it my step-mum that saw me masturbating? Could it be that she was still thinking about me using my toy? I stayed in the kitchen for a few minutes- nothing else was said, but she still hadn't looked at me. I told her I was going to go for a shower and left.
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