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Caught But By Who - Part 3

How far is my step-mum willing to go?
I was liking this game my step-mum and I were playing. I was glad she was so open adn understanding. And the more I thought about her, the hotter she became. I went straight to my room, flopped down on my bed and freed my rock hard cock that was about to burst through my boxers. The image of my step-mum with her hand in her panties had me cumming in no time. God, I wanted her so bad now, I thought. I used my boxers to wipe up as much cum as I could before I jumped into the shower to wash the rest off. I got dressed and headed downstairs with my cum soaked boxers in hand.

She was now sitting at the table eating her breakfast. She looked up at me and smiled. "Feeling better?" she asked. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Yes, a lot better thanks. Here is a wee present for you," and handed her my boxers..

Her eyes widened and she half shook her head. With the sexiest smirk on her face she said, "You're a wild man, mister," as she put them on her lap in case someone walked in and saw them.

"Well, what do you expect when you have such a sexy step-mum?"

I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was there before I leaned in and gave her another kiss. This time I reached over and gave her boob a quick feel. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could feel her hard nipple. It felt great. We broke off the kiss and she told me to behave and get to work before I was late. I was in the best mood ever going to work. I had the biggest smile on my face.

I was sitting in work for a couple of hours when I felt my phone go. I looked down and it was a text from her. The text read: 'I enjoyed that this morning, thank you. You had me so excited I went upstairs and had sex with your dad :) x.'

I replied, 'I'm glad you liked it. So did I, as I'm sure you could see, but I'd rather not think of you and dad having sex :/ there's only one person I picture you having sex with x.'

'OK, I'm sorry, he is my husband though. If you're going to get me horny, I'm going to need some relief. Do you really think I'm sexy?'

'YES! Very sexy. You are getting me hard again, and I know he's your husband, and you're having sex with him, but ou don't have to tell me about it,' I replied.

'OK, I wont mention it again. Hehe, no playing with it in work.'

'I cant make any promises, I just wished the day would hurry up and end so I can see you.'

'Hehe, now now, remember we need to keep calm.' I didn't reply to that text.

When I got home there was no one else there. I went to my room to get changed and noticed a pair of my mum's panties on my bed. I grabbed my phone and texted, saying,

'A present?'

'Yes, they are the ones I was wearing this morning. Hope you enjoy them.'

I dropped the phone on the bed and picked up the panties, brought them to my nose and inhaled her sweet scent once again. The smell gave me an instant hard-on. She must have been very wet this morning, I thought. I then sucked on the crotch area of the panties to see if I could taste my mum's pussy. I stripped off and wrapped the panties round my cock. I then got my phone and took a picture to send to my mum. Along with the picture I wrote, 'Thanks, you are the best step-mum in the world. I think I could taste you! ;) x.'

I got an instant reply, 'Oh, my god! Are you serious? You are such a naughty boy!'

'Yes, but I guess there is only one way to find out if it is you I can taste ;).'

'You are such a horn ball, you need to calm down by the time I get home.'

'OK, I will. Where do you want these panties?'

'Keep them. I'll get them later.'

I loved the smell and taste of my mum's panties, so it didn't take me long to shoot my load into her panties. I used her panties to clean the rest of my cum up before getting dressed again.

My sister was the first to arrive home, followed by my step-mum. I tried my best to keep calm. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. She couldn't help but smile as well. But that all changed when dad came home. He brought her flowers, obviously looking for a repeat performance from this morning. And I think he is in luck. She was very happy with the flowers and gave him a hug and kiss. I had to leave the room as I was getting very jealous.

The flirting continued throughout the rest of the evening between my dad and step-mum. After dinner, my sister and I did the dishes as they cuddled on the sofa watching TV. After the dishes I went to my room to play the X-Box. At about 10pm my step-mum and dad headed off to bed. My sister was watching TV in the living room. I got a knock on my door—it was my step-mum. I immediately stopped the X-Box and could do nothing but stare at her. She looked so hot. She was wearing a very short silky nightie. She sat next to me on my bed and put her hand on my leg. I felt a twitch in my groin area.

"I know you didn't like what happened tonight. But you must remember I am his wife."

"I know you are. But I can't help how I feel."

"Well you are going to have to control you emotions better. I can't stay long, but as a way of making it up to you, I was thinking you might like to masturbate in front of me?"

She didn't have to ask me twice. I pulled my now rock-hard cock out and started masturbating. We didn't speak nor did we break eye contact. After a few minutes, I got a little braver and asked if I could see her boobs. To my surprise, she stood up and lifted off her nightie. I almost shot my load right there and then. If I thought she looked hot when she walked in, now I felt I was in heaven. I hadn't seen my step-mum's boobs for many years. She must have been enjoying the show as her nipples were like bullets.

She dropped to her knees; her head and boobs were inches from my cock. I couldn't hold it any longer and I shot my load all over my hand, cock and chest. She stood up, put her nightie back on and, as she was about to leave, she slipped a hand into her panties, brought it back out and offered me to suck on her fingers. I jumped at the chance. I sucked eagerly on her wet fingers.

"Good boy. Well, is it the same taste as earlier?" she asked.

I just nodded my head. She removed her fingers and gave me a kiss before leaving. I lay on my bed, still in shock at what had just happened. After about ten minutes, I decided to listen outside their door to see if I could hear them having sex. I sneaked up to their door, and sure enough, I could hear mum moaning. He's such a lucky bastard, I thought. I didn't stay long before heading back to my bed to go to sleep.

The next morning I woke with my usual morning erection. I still couldn't believe what had happened last night. I didn't masturbate that morning. Instead, I got up and looked out the window. I noticed dad's car wasn't in the drive. As I walked down the hall, I heard the shower going. I poked my head in the door and saw mum's silk nightie lying on the floor. This was my chance to see her completely naked. I sneaked in, trying not to make a noise. I closed the door behind me, slipped my boxers off and pulled the shower curtain back. I made mum jump and apologized straight away.

"What are you doing in here?"

"It's okay, dad's car isn't there. He must be away out and I wanted to see you naked."

"Well, you're here now, you might as well join me."

I stood for a second just taking in my mum's hot naked body, the water running down her body over her irresistible tits and down to her smoothly shaved pussy.

As soon as I joined her in the shower, I grabbed the soap and started to rub her all over, spending plenty of time on her boobs, ass and pussy. I made sure my hard cock kept poking her as I rubbed her all over.

"I heard you and dad fucking last night," I said. She looked up at me, a bit surprised.

"I thought you didn't like thinking about that?"

"I don't, but I wanted to hear you. I hope I get to make you moan like that someday."

"You are such a naughty boy," she said with that sexy smile on her face.

Once I rinsed all the soap off, I began kissing my mum. I then worked my way down, kissing her neck and eventually reaching her boobs. I kissed her boobs, then licked and sucked her nipples. I slid my hand over her butt, gently caressing it before I brought it round and rubbed her pussy. Then, for the first time, I felt my step-mum's hand on my cock. I let out a small moan. I looked at her and we both smiled before embracing in a passionate kiss.

Now it was my step-mum's turn to work her way down, kissing my neck, chest and tummy. Before I knew it, she was on her knees, kissing my cock and fondling my balls. She then took the head in her mouth and began running her tongue round it. She was driving me crazy and she knew it. She must have sensed I was about to cum and swallowed my whole cock into her mouth.

"Oh, mum, that's great. Keep sucking my cock. You're going to make me cum."

I think she liked hearing that as she began sucking faster. A few more bobs of her head and I let out another louder moan as I pumped my cum into her mouth. She kept sucking until I had completely emptied my balls into her mouth. I helped her up and we hugged and kissed in the shower.

"That was amazing," I told her.

"Thank you, baby. You have a nice cock. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did, too. Now, we must get out and get dressed."

As we stepped out of the shower we heard a car pull into the drive. I quickly grabbed my boxers and ran into my room. I heard the front door open and dad shouted upstairs to ask if anyone wanted a fry up for breakfast. I pretended to be asleep and didn't answer. I heard mum shout back that she would love a sausage. And then gave a naughty laugh.

As I lay on my bed, I wondered if I could go all the way with my hot, sexy step-mum.

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