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Chelsea, What Are You doing?

Chelsea, What Are You doing?

My daughter's friend is very naughty.
I know this is terrible, but I really get quite aroused by my daughter’s friend Chelsea. She’s here all the time. I swear that girl is always teasing me and flirting with me. The girls are on summer vacation. Chelsea stays here a lot. My daughter is seventeen and Chelsea is eighteen. They'll both be seniors this year.

Chelsea had gotten left back in elementary school and should have graduated already. She's very mature for her age. My daughter is more silly and Chelsea is very sure of herself. Chelsea’s parents travel a lot for business, so they asked if we could keep an eye on her. It’s our absolute pleasure to watch her. Our daughters have been friends since middle school.

Ashley and Chelsea act like they are sisters. They dress alike and sometimes double date together. They’re both good girls and love boys. They’re always having friends over to our house. We have an in-ground pool in our backyard. It has a diving board and a slide. Ashley loves to have pool parties all the time. Ashley and Chelsea are very tan and love to swim.

A few days ago the girls were in the kitchen, and they had made my wife and I breakfast. They had made pancakes, bacon, sausage, toast and eggs. I was just wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt. While we were eating breakfast, Chelsea had her foot in my lap. She was playing with my cock, through my shorts.

She rubbed her big toe all around the material on my shorts. She moved her foot up and down on my hardening cock. My wife and daughter were right there. She was giggling with my daughter, while she was stroking my cock with her toes. I was hard as a rock. I was trying to contain myself, as my wife was right there. I really could not get up, until my hard on went down.

After a while, Ashley and Chelsea excused themselves and went upstairs into Ashley's room. I had a raging hard on at the table. I had to wait until my wife had gone into the other room, so I could go into the bathroom and jerk my raging cock off. I finally was able to get up and hurried into the bathroom. I was so hard and my cock was huge.

I stroked my cock thinking about Chelsea. I could not believe she had done that in the kitchen. We could have been caught. I guess she loved the thrill of it all. I too had a thrill, when I jacked off and came all over my hand thinking about what just had transpired.

Another time, I was in the shower and did not have the door locked. Chelsea came into the bathroom and went to the bathroom. I was getting out of the shower and there she was urinating on the toilet. I quickly grabbed a towel and asked her what the hell she was doing here. She just giggled and said she had to use the bathroom.

Lately, I cannot think of anything other than impure thoughts of this girl. One day I was sunbathing in our yard and had fallen asleep. I had this dream that Chelsea and I were having sex. I dreamed that she removed all her clothes and stood in front of me shaking her ass and playing with her tits. She then hopped on me and straddled me on my chair in the backyard. She put my cock into her pussy and started to fuck me on the chair. She was moving her body up and down over my shaft.

In my dream, she was squeezing her jugs together, while I sucked and nibbled on her hard nipples. She was telling me how much she wanted to fuck me. Her hair was swaying in the light breeze, as she rode her little heart out on my prick.

It was such a hot and sexy dream. I must have been stroking my cock a bit, while I was dreaming. Then my wife woke me and asked me what the hell I was doing stroking my cock in the backyard. I told her I was having a hot dream about her. Obviously, I lied.

Chelsea is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She is very tan and has tight curly brown hair and brown eyes. She has huge breasts. The girl was very blessed and has knockers that are probably D cup. She has long legs. She is just the prettiest girl in the world. She has a beautiful smile. Obviously, she is sex crazy, because she is flirting and hitting on me constantly.

Let me tell you about an interesting night that I had recently. I'll go into all the details of what happened.

My wife and I had gone out to dinner and to a nightclub. We had the best time. Sally my wife was very drunk, and very horny, and wanting to have sex. She practically attacked me in the car. I told her we would have sex, when we got home.

“Richard, I’m so horny! Will you eat my pussy and then fuck me?”

“Of course, sweetie. You know I love to do that for you." 

My wife got comfortable on the bed, and she spread her thighs. I got comfortable and got to work on my gorgeous wife’s cunt. I licked and loved her pussy. My wife gets so wet and juicy, and I licked and lapped at her pussy like a puppy. My wife had her hands in my hair and she was grinding her cunt into my face.

“Richard, that feels so good. Oh, fuck. Eat my pussy faster!”

I worked my tongue up and down over her pussy. She was moving her cunt across my face. My tongue was so far up into her cunt. She was bucking and squirming and grinding her sexy, wet, pussy into my face.

“Oh, God, I’m coming.”

I licked my wife’s pussy and then got on top of her and slid my cock into her creamed up cunt. I pumped my cock into my wife’s pussy. Her pussy felt like velvet, as I fucked her.

“Oh Richard, I love when we make love. Oh God your cock feels so amazing in my pussy. I love you so much.”

“I love you, dear.”

I pumped a few more times and we both had a wonderful orgasm. We were hugging and kissing and fell asleep holding each other. Basically we passed out. About two hours had passed, and I was again having a dream about Chelsea. I had a dream that she was sucking my cock. It felt so real. I woke up and Chelsea was in my bedroom sucking my cock. My wife was passed out next to me sleeping and snoring and Chelsea was sucking on my cock.

I could not believe it. Chelsea was between my legs sucking on my hard cock. She worked her mouth up and down my thick prick. I had my wife’s juices on my cock and this slut was sucking on my cock.

“Chelsea are you fucking crazy! My wife is right here. Are you losing your mind?”

"Relax your wife is drunk and passed out. I’m going to rock your world.”

I could not even concentrate. Chelsea was working her slut mouth up and down my thick cock. She was massaging and rubbing my smooth balls, while she whored on my cock. She took my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. I could not believe this was happening. My wife never moved. She was passed out and snoring. She does that sometimes, when she is drunk. What happened next blew my mind completely. Chelsea removed her nightgown and her panties and she hopped up on me and put my cock into her pussy and rode me cowgirl.

I could not believe it. Chelsea was fucking me right next to my wife. Her cunt felt so good. She rocked her tight body over my cock and her huge tits were swaying in the back ground. I sat up and played with her gorgeous jugs. I was bucking my cock up into her pussy. We were fucking right in my bed, with my wife right there.

“Mr. Smith I have wanted you forever. Fuck me!”

Chelsea rode me hard with her beautiful young cunt, and I bucked into her. She was not making any noises as we fucked. I could not believe this was happening. I just wanted to fuck this bitch all night. Her pussy felt so good. I didn’t want to get caught though. After a while, I picked her up into my arms and took her downstairs into my office. I also grabbed her nightgown and her panties.

“Are you out of your mind? We could have gotten caught!”

“I just want you to fuck me. I have a crush on you. Fuck me, Mr. Smith!”

With that I bent her over, and I slid my cock into her. I fucked her hard that night. I grabbed onto her hips and pushed and fucked into her young cunt. Her pussy was so tight and felt so good on my cock. After a while, I came. Then I put her on my desk, and I ate our cream pie out of her young, sweet, beautiful, bald, cunt.

I rubbed and massaged her huge tits. She was like the perfect fucking doll. She was a complete whore. She loved sex and loved the danger of it all.

“Oh, Mr. Smith, eat my pussy. Your tongue feels so good. I have wanted you forever."

I licked and sucked on her pussy. Her pussy was so creamy. I could not believe that she had a pierced clit. She had this cute little jeweled thing on it. It was so sexy. She was just the sexiest little slut, I ever fucked.

“Mr. Smith fuck me again! I want you to use my body tonight.”

I moved her to the couch, and I got on top of her and fucked her again. We kissed deep and passionately, while I made love to her. Then she put her legs on my shoulders and I was able to really fuck her much harder. She lifted her tits as I fucked into her slutty cunt. I was licking her nipples as I rammed her harder and faster each time.

“Oh God it feels so good. Fuck me harder!”

“I want to fuck your ass. Get on your hands and knees and present that gorgeous ass and pussy for me!”

Chelsea did as she was told and got on her hands and knees. I spat into my hand and rubbed it all over her anus. I slid my cock into her tight anus. I went very slowly. I have a seven inch cock. She must let boys fuck her in her ass, because I slid in pretty easily. I grabbed her hips and fucked into her tight rosebud. Her anus felt so good.

“Mr. Smith, fuck me faster and harder.”

With that, I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock into her ass. She was moaning and groaning and her huge tits were jiggling as I fucked her.

“Finger your pussy, you little harlot!”

Chelsea put her fingers into her pussy and fucked herself as I told her to do. I was thrusting and pushing my cock further into her ass, while she was finger fucking her slutty cunt.

“Oh God, I’m coming. My pussy is coming.”

“Fuck, I’m coming in your ass. Oh shit, it feels so fucking good.”

I pulled out and carried her to my desk and spread her legs again. I ate her pussy. I was lapping at her sweet and tangy cunt. Chelsea had her legs wrapped around my neck and her hands were in my hair. I licked and sucked on her wet snatch. She had the best looking pussy I ever ate. She was bald and beautiful. 

“Mr. Smith, you’re such a sexy man. I’ve dreamed of this. I've wanted you for such a long time.”

“You my dear are a little slut. I can’t believe what you just did in my bedroom. I mean it was totally hot and sexy, but so dangerous too.”

“I just wanted to rock your world.”

“Sweetie you rocked my world. You’re the sexiest girl alive. We have to be careful though. Next time, I’ll take you to a hotel away from here. I can’t have my wife knowing that I’m fucking my daughter’s best friend. We have to keep this quiet.”

“Tell me you love me, Mr. Smith. I know I love you.”

“I don’t know if I love you, but I love fucking you.”

“That works.”

That night I fucked Chelsea all night. She went back to her room, and I slipped back into my bed with my wife.

I will definitely arrange time to fuck her. She is the sexiest girl on the planet. I drifted back to sleep and had very erotic dreams about my slut named Chelsea. She is the sexiest little fuck on the planet.

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