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Christmas with Chris

Emma becomes a fucking sister-in-law
If you haven't read An Unexpected Lover Chapter 4, this will all make much more sense if you do, but it should stand well enough on its own.

I spent my first Christmas as a married woman in the arms of someone other than my husband. If you’ve been following along, you know that shortly before meeting my husband I had a one-night stand with his brother; except I didn’t know that Chris and Steve were brothers until Thanksgiving. Needless to say, walking into that Thanksgiving dinner was an awkward situation. I played nice, and acted like a proper young lady until my future mother and father in law had gone to bed and it was just the three of us left with an open bottle of wine.

We settled down in front of the fireplace, Steve and I on one couch and Chris directly across from us, stretched out on the other sofa. We were all feeling a little buzzed from the wine, but I was feeling butterflies. Steve had proposed to me at dinner and I had of course said yes. As I looked over at Chris I saw disappointment in his eyes. I was excited that Steve and I were going to get married, but I have to admit I was pretty nervous about the situation with Chris. I knew that I had to tell him, it’s one thing to find out that your girlfriend fucked your brother, but finding out your fiancée or wife did is a completely different animal altogether. I resolved myself to tell the truth regardless of the outcome, finished my glass of wine, took a deep breath, and spilled the beans.

“Okay Steve, you might as well know the truth. I met Chris back in July at one of Mike’s parties,” I said, watching his eyes for a reaction. “I just didn’t know what to say when you introduced me to Chris tonight; it was kind of a shock since I haven’t seen him since that night.”

“What’s the big deal? You met my brother at a party and a few weeks later we met and started dating. Wait, what happened at that party?” Steve said his brow furrowed in concern. “Chris said something about meeting some hot chick and fucking her brains out in the kitchen in front of everyone; but that wasn’t you, was it?”

I must have turned about six shades of red and I took a deep breath. Before I could say anything Chris jumped in.

“Well Steve, yes that was actually Emma. When I told you about what happened that night, I didn’t think I was going to see her again since she didn’t come to the party the next night, plus who would have ever thought you two were going to meet?” Chris said. It was obvious he must have made me sound like some sort of whore to his brother that night because he was sure as hell trying to protect me now.

“Steve, I mean, I didn’t know you, and I was really drunk and well . . . I guess I don’t know what else to say,” I stuttered. “I mean if I had known I was going to meet you, or if I had already met you things would have been different.” I was trying to cover my ass, but I don’t think Steve was buying it.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You are apologizing to me for meeting and fucking my brother before you knew me. Why in the hell would you think I’d be pissed?” Steve said laughing. “Don’t get me wrong, it sucks that he had you first, but he’s a sexy motherfucker, of course you would fuck him.”

“So you’re not mad?” I asked sheepishly.

“No, I am not mad at you. I wish you would have said that you’d already met when I first introduced you tonight, but I understand why you didn’t volunteer that he fucked your brains out in front of 10 other people in front of our parents. That’s probably better.”

We continued to giggle and drink until dawn, then slept most of the afternoon away. No one out of the three of us mentioned what happened again, and when Chris and I were together everything stayed neutral, that is until Christmas Day.

By Christmas, Steve and I had moved in together, and already gotten married. We were sure that we were meant to be together and didn’t want to wait to start our lives together. Christmas with his family was a two day affair. We arrived at his parents’ house early afternoon on Christmas Eve. Even though we were already married, because we hadn’t had our church wedding yet, and because Grandma was very old-fashioned, we had to stay in separate rooms; mostly to keep up appearances.

“Don’t worry; I’ll sneak in after everyone’s gone to bed baby. It’ll be fun,” Steve said, squeezing my hand. I just giggled in response.

Chris and Steve’s parents owned a business in a nearby town and had a lot of money to spend. Every year for Christmas they invited all of their employees and their families to the house for a huge party. There were easily 500 people in the house, and every one of them wanted to meet me. Apparently no one thought Steve would ever settle down, and that was kind of funny since we were only 18. Somehow I made it through the night, mostly because every time I would catch Chris’ eye he would make some goofy face to make me laugh. I know I was married to Steve, but I just couldn’t get Chris off my mind.

A few minutes after 11, I retreated to my room for the night. I was given one of the many guest rooms in the house while the brothers were sleeping in the rooms they had when they still lived there. My room ironically was next door to Chris’ and at the other end of the house from Steve’s. Knowing that Steve would be waiting a bit longer before sneaking in, I decided to masturbate a little to calm myself down. Stepping into the shower and closing the curtain around me, I blasted the hot water down on my back, trying to work out some of the tension in my shoulders. My fingers teased open my smooth shaven lips to release some of my other tensions.

I slowly traced my slit and teased my hard little button while my other hand tweaked and teased my hard nipples. I slid one, then two fingers deep within my pussy and rubbed my g-spot roughly. I could already feel the tingling sensations travelling up my spine. I softly moaned as I rubbed my g-spot and clit at the same time, building the pleasure quickly. As much as I wanted this orgasm to last, I also couldn’t wait for it.

“Need a little help in there?” I heard a voice say from the other side of the curtain. “You look like you could use a hand.”

I abruptly stopped rubbing, my orgasm nothing but a fading memory and peeked around the curtain to see Chris standing in front of the vanity, looking in at me. “What are you doing in my bathroom?” I asked my voice barely above a whisper. I didn’t know who could possibly hear me and didn’t want the household to know Chris and I were in the bathroom together.

“Your bathroom?” Chris said. “This is my bathroom, it just happens to be shared with the guest room you are staying in.”

“Oh, so that is what that other door was. I thought it was just a linen closet,” I said. “That makes a little more sense now though. I couldn’t figure out what you would keep in the closet that was so important it would need a lock.”

“Right, well now that we’ve discovered the mystery of the door, I wonder, did you need a hand in there?” Chris asked again, and I could see the noticeable bulge in his pants. I see he couldn’t get me off his mind either.

I was again faced with a dilemma. Chris was an amazing lover last time we were together, but I was married to his brother and it was one thing to cheat on your husband, but it was another thing altogether to cheat on your husband with his brother in your in-laws house. “Chris, you know we can’t. I’m your fucking sister-in-law, sleeping with you is kind of out of the question,” I said, my eyes avoiding his.

“Aha, but I didn’t ask you to sleep with me, I only asked if you needed a hand in there,” Chris said. He was always one to find the loopholes. “I am just offering to help you out since it seems you need a third hand in there.”

“How long have you been there?” I asked, realizing he must have been there for some time to know that at third hand would be helpful.

“About a minute after the water started. I heard it and didn’t realize it was you in here. I wanted to see who was using my shower,” he said.

I couldn’t fight the urge to pull back the curtain and invite Chris in. I knew Steve would be in my room shortly but I wanted that orgasm right then and didn’t want to wait for it. I pulled the shower curtain back slowly and giving Chris a stern look said “hands and mouth only, keep the animal in your pants.”

He laughed as he stripped down to slide in behind me. He was already hard, and his cock seemed larger than I remembered it, but I was awfully drunk the last time I had seen it. I felt the cold breeze as he stepped into the shower, then the chill of his cold hands rubbing against the hot flesh of my stomach. The goose bumps that rose on my skin also made my nipples harder and more sensitive to his touch. He ran his tongue up my neck while running his hands down my body.

“Mmmmmmm, you are so warm,” Chris said. “Do I have to keep it to hands and mouth only? You know you want to play, plus I can’t keep the animal in my pants because they are on the floor out there and we’re in here.”

I wanted so badly to let him in fully, but I knew that with Steve sneaking in soon that I had better not leave any evidence of being with his brother. “Mmmmmmm Chris, you know I want to, but how would I explain that to Steve ‘don’t mind the cum there dear, Chris and I just couldn’t control ourselves.’ Yeah, that would go over well.” I laughed.

“That sounds good to me, when do we start?” Chris said, mocking me. He leaned in and kissed the nape of my neck and I felt my resolve melt. I reached around and grabbed his throbbing cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He reached down and deftly spread my lips to stroke my aching clit with his finger. My nipples grew harder and he twisted and pinched them with his unused hand. I ground my ass against him, feeling his hard cock rub between my ass cheeks as I moved back and forth against him. “If you want me to stop, just say so. I don’t want to stop; I want you to know that. I don’t care if you are married to my brother or not, I want to fuck you, I want you to scream my name, and I want to feel your pussy milk every last drop out of my cock before I let my brother get his hands on you tonight.”

Hearing him talk so dirty to me, and knowing that Chris intended on taking me, regardless of my reluctance to agree turned me on even more. I felt him push against my back, pushing the top half of my body down. As I bent at the waist, I felt Chris rubbing the head of his cock against my wet lips and starting to enter me. I cringed as his enormous cock filled me for the first time in months. His brother was large, but he was even larger and I wasn’t used to his size. I moaned as the pleasurable sensations started almost immediately. My orgasm was building faster than ever. I am not sure if it was because of the danger of getting caught or I was just that horny, but before I could help it, my muscles were already in spasm around his cock. I felt a mixture of the shower water and my cum running down my legs as I tried to catch my breath. “Oh my god, Chris,” I said between gasps. “That was fucking amazing.”

He responded by gripping my hips tighter and fucking me even harder. I could hear his breathing rate increase as his orgasm approached. “Goddamn it Emma, you are going to make me cum already. Baby, I never cum this fast; what are you doing to me?” We were both moaning together as the text alert on my cell phone rang. That meant Steve was getting ready to sneak into my room. Before I could let Chris know that we only had a moment before Steve got there, I felt the hot surge of Chris’ semen hit the walls of my pussy and felt the throbbing of his cock. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back as he came which was just the push over the edge I needed to cum a second time. We just stood there a moment, drinking in the reality of the situation. I had just fucked my brother-in-law, and now my husband was on his way to my room to fuck the shit out of me. My legs were trembling from the force of the orgasms and my face was flushed both from the rush of adrenaline and from the heat of the shower.

I quickly shut the water off, grabbed my towel and kissed Chris as I sprinted to the bedroom. “I’m coming in there for round two once little brother goes back to his bed, don’t you dare let him wear you out.” Chris whispered to me as I closed the bathroom door behind me. I hurried and got under the sheets, making it appear that I didn’t answer the text because I had dozed off. I was able to wash my hair and complete my shower before Chris decided to join me, but I wasn’t able to wash the evidence of our rendezvous away. I could only hope that Steve would see me sleeping and leave me alone for a bit so I could jump back in the shower before he found out.

“Baby, you didn’t respond to the text. Are you in here?” Steve said. He pulled back the covers, saw that I was already nude and figured it was for him. He gently shook me awake and started kissing me. Even though I had just had two earth shattering orgasms, the feeling of Steve’s hands caressing my naked flesh ignited the fire again.

I moaned softly as Steve kissed his way down to my nipples and began licking and biting at them. They grew hard under his tongue as my back arched in pleasure. Instinctively, my fingers groped for my button. As I spread my lips, I could feel the semen leaking out of me. I pushed as much out onto the sheets as I could and wrapped the top sheet around me and through my legs to absorb as much as possible. I wasn’t intentionally deceiving my husband, but when you’ve only been married a few weeks, it is usually a good idea to be faithful.

Steve started kissing his way down my stomach, and I knew he wanted to lick and suck at my clit. “Steve, baby, no more foreplay; I want you to fuck me now,” I said distracting him enough to prevent him from tasting his brother’s cum on my lips. 

“Oh you do huh? You want me inside you right now? You can’t wait any longer for me to fuck you?” Steve said, positioning himself between my legs. I only hoped that he wouldn’t notice the cum on the sheets. It was obvious that Steve was as horny as his brother had been, because he wasted no time burying himself balls deep in my pussy. He started fucking me so hard the headboard kept tapping against the wall behind us.

“Steve, slow down baby, you’re making too much noise, and someone is going to hear us,” I said. I heard the door open and looked to see Chris standing in the doorway between my room and the bathroom watching us. Seeing him watch his brother fuck me got me even wetter and turned on. I started grinding my hips against Steve as he fucked me. My orgasm was fast approaching again, and I wanted Chris to see his brother make me climax. Low moans and grunts erupted from Steve as he slammed into my wet hole over and over again, bringing me closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. I could hear Chris’ breathing quicken and thought to myself he’s actually getting off watching his brother fuck me which pushed me even closer to the edge of orgasm.

I rolled Steve onto his back and straddled him, pushing his hard cock into me while I was able to stare Chris in the eyes from the bed. I watched him as I slowly rose up and down on Steve’s hard cock, teasing both of them simultaneously. I watched Chris stroking his cock as he watched me, always matching my speed. I circled my hips slowly around the mushrooming head of Steve’s cock while rubbing my clit with my thumb, chasing my orgasm. As Steve grasped my hips and pushed himself deep inside me to bring on his orgasm, I heard Chris choke back the sounds of his orgasm and saw the trails of cum on his chest in the moonlight through the window. He silently disappeared through the bathroom, presumably to clean himself up. My orgasm gripped me quickly and I fought back the urge to scream out. Quietly panting I slammed my hips into Steve over and over again as the muscles in my pussy danced around Steve’s cock.

Soon, and for the second time that night, I was filled with cum. I fell to the bed next to Steve satisfied and tried to catch my breath. He reached over and brushed the hair from my face and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. “Something got you wound up tonight baby. That was hot. Maybe we’ll stay over tomorrow night too and do this again.” I grinned to myself and thought how much fun that could be.

I woke up the next morning alone in bed; naked and sticky from all the cum. I could only imagine what the housekeeper was going to think when she saw these sheets. I took a quick shower and dressed for breakfast. I joined Steve and the family at the table for an enormous Christmas breakfast and spent hours opening lots of wonderful presents. Steve and I decided to go home rather than staying over one more night and as I kissed and hugged Chris goodbye, he whispered in my ear, “You were right, you are my fucking sister in law, and I love it.”

“Bye Chris, it was so nice to see you again,” I said as I winked at Chris while walking out the door with my husband.

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