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Close Teacher part 3

Opportunity knocks for a teacher and his student.

Close Teacher part 3


6:45 AM .   My alarm clock rings.   It takes me a moment to realize that I don’t have to get up for work.   There's a knock on my front door.   “She didn’t.”   I think to myself, half hoping that she did.   She did.   I open my door to find Tiffany standing there in a long trench coat and big sunglasses.   “Good morning, Mr. Reynolds.   Nice Jammies.  May I come in?”   she asks walking in, then closing the door behind her.  

“How did you know where I live?”   I asked, still groggy from just waking up.

“Shhh” she says.   Right in front of the locked door, she kneels and pulls down my pajama pants.   She takes my cock in her mouth and immediately starts to bob her head.  I feel the blood rushing to my hardening cock.   Even with her sunglasses staying on, from my point of view, I can see her blue eyes looking up at me, and below that her welcoming, shiny, pink-lipped glossed mouth wrapped around my cock.   I watch as she moves back and forth, her blonde hair parted and swaying, and seeing my cock lubricated from her saliva and my pre-cum.   I watch her lips expanding and adjusting to the head of my cock as it slides out enough just so the tip of my cock remains pressed between her lips.   Inside her mouth, her tongue swirls around the head, sending chills down my legs.   I swear I could feel every tiny bumpy texture of her tongue rubbing the head of my cock, and I feel that same tongue texture rubbing the sensitive underside of my cock when she takes my head deep in her throat.   I grab her blonde hair, but again, not controlling her movements.   I don’t have to.   She knows just how deep inside I like it, she knows how to vary her speeds bobbing her head, she’s capable of little to no teeth being involved, and, of course, her tongue being very involved.   For the first fifteen minutes of my day off of work, I spent ten of them getting the best blow job of my life from Tiffany, this beautiful, intelligent, and persistent seventeen-year-old blonde cheerleader and my student.   I tell her that I’m going to cum and her hands move from my thighs to my ass, cueing me to cum deep in her throat.   When I started to cum, she pulls me in by my ass, and my sac rested on her chin, her nose meeting in my pubic hair, and my cock unloaded stream after stream of hot cum inside her mouth.   I can feel her throat trying to swallow it all with my cock still deep inside her, but there was so much that she had to let some cum leak out the side of her lips.   She slowly lets me thrust in and out of mouth with cum now drooling from her chin onto my floor.   With my orgasm ending, through a little window on my door behind her, I watch as it is just starting to brighten up outside.   I look down at my student kneeling before me, with my cock, still hard, sliding in and out of her cum-filled mouth.   7:00 AM : that was how my day started.

Tiffany’s mouth releases my cock and she swallows while looking up at me over her sunglasses.

“Just what I’d been craving.   Three days now I’ve swallowed your cum, and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it.”

“That was … the best I’d ever had.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not.   I’m still hard here thinking about it.”

“Well then…” she unties her coat, she lets it fall to the floor revealing her nude body to me, “let’s take it to your bedroom.”   I follow her staring at her round ass the whole way to my room.   She turns her head over her shoulder just to make sure I was watching.   This was the first time I’ve seen her completely naked, and she was a fantasy come true.  It's like an airbrushed model, not a single blemish on her smooth pale skin; a playmate sprung out of the pages of the centerfolds.   When we reached my room, she sat on the edge of my bed with her legs apart.   “You don’t have to go down on me, I’m already lubed just from sucking on you.   Come here and fuck me.”

I walk over to her undressing myself.   I put her left calf over my shoulder and stare down at her blonde and trimmed pubic hair, noticing her "innie" belly button, and up to her beautiful and firm breast.   They weren’t too big, especially with her lying down, but I imagined that if I pressed them inwards and had my cock in between them, we could titty-fuck later.   And it occurred to me, then, that Tiffany was going to be with me all day.   I brought the underside of my cock over to her waiting pussy, and rubbed it along her slit, spreading them open, and listening to them squish.   “That feels good,” she moaned, “but you’re teasing… I want you in me.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen you naked.”


“I’m just savoring it.”

“Mr. Reynolds, I’m going to be here all day with no clothes on.   We’re going to fuck in every position imaginable.   I’m going to be fucking you 'til you’re sore and I want your cum to be seeping out of my pussy and mouth long after I’ve left here… so, I implore to you: let your cock savor the inside of my pussy instead.”

I slowly push my cock head into her hole, with her pussy lips parting for its entrance.   Her pussy is still tight, yet slippery enough that I can push my cock in without hurting her.   “Hmm, so away from school, you’re giving the instructions?   Tell me, Tiffany, how do you want me to fuck you?”

“Mmm, slowly at first…”she says in between moans, “mmm, keep going, deeper.   Oh…, yes, okay… now stay deep in me."  Our pubic hairs meet and I press up against her, her one leg up still around my head. "Mmmm.  Can you feel my pussy squeezing you?   Mmm, okay, pull out a little… in, out, yeah… like that.”   I start a consistent rhythm in and out of her pussy.   I put her leg that was over my shoulder down and she wraps her legs around me.   “Faster, Mr. Reynolds, fuck me faster.”   I start increasing my speed, in turn making me pound her harder. “Yes fuck me hard, harder, yes, yes!”   My head hovers over her head, but I look down at my cock disappearing and reappearing between her legs.   “I’m going to cum, Mr. Reynolds.   I want you to cum with me.”   I’m pounding her as fast and as hard as I could now, to a point where I’d be concerned if not for her moaning in pleasure and instructions to fuck her even harder.   “I’m cumming,   I want you to cum inside me too.    Fill me up, deep inside me.”   I did feel it building as she instructed me to, and I feel her legs shaking, and her pussy convulsing as I release my first rope of cum inside her.   I start to moan outloud, realizing that we can both be loud away from my desk in the classroom.   I arc my back and push forward into her, continuing to spurt cum in her.   My hips stopped moving, but she continues to grind our pubic hairs together while the last of my cum is massaged out with her contracting pussy muscles.   I collapsed on top of her, she’s still slightly grinding herself underneath me.   Having cummed twice in my first hour of the morning, I felt spent on top of her, and felt like I could fall asleep while still inside her.   Her grinding gradually decreased and we both feel asleep, naked, sweaty, and at some point in our sleep I finally did slip outside her pussy.  

It was about 9:00 AM when I was awoken by Tiffany’s glistening lips wrapping around my cock.   She somehow climbed down and started sucking on me without waking me.   My cock started to get hard in her mouth.

“I woke up, saw your cock limp, and thought ‘hey, that’s not right.’”

“You are too good to be true.”

“You like waking up with your dick in my mouth?”

“Mmm, turn around and let me taste you at the same time.”

So Tiffany turned her beautiful ass towards me, lowering her pussy to me, and I ate her pussy while she sucked on my cock.   As I worked her slit with my tongue, dancing around her clit, I could feel the vibration of her moans with my cock deep in her mouth.   We were in the sixty-nine position for awhile, but looking at her ass made me want to fuck her from behind.   “Tiffany, grab the head board, because I’m going to ram into your ass very hard and I don't want to hurt you.”

“So protective of you, but you don't have to worry.  Fuck me hard without disregard for safety.”

So we wildly fucked in the doggy position.   She screamed out in pleasure and I found that I was too.   I've never been loud during sex, but Tiffany brought it out of me.   I watched as my cock disappeared right under her pink asshole.   And true to my word, I started to pound rapidly and fiercely on her round ass cheeks and the clapping sounds were loud and frequent but over shadowed by her moans.  We were both taking advantage of not having to be quiet.   I watched her back, and how they get narrow down towards her ass, then they widen at her hips: I was fucking this perfect, hour shaped glass figure, and fit teenage body.

“I want to cum on your back.”

“Oh, I've already cummed several times, and you can do whatever you want, Mr. Reynolds.”   

            Her compliance made me pound into her even faster and harder untill I felt like coming again.   I pulled out, and pushed my cock in between her ass cheeks and pushed her cheeks together engulfing my thrusting cock.   The underside of my cock rubbed up against her asshole.   I spurted a stream of cum high up in the air before it landed on her back.   I can see her body reacting as cum fell onto her shoulder blade and rolling into her spine line.   Some of my cum spurts in between her pressed-cheeks as my head was fully hidden between them.  I continue to thrust between her ass-cheeks as cum was still slowly leaking out of the tip.

            “Your cum was still warm when it hit my back.”

            “It was a lovely sight.”

            “Lucky you.   Do you mind if I use your shower?”

            “Not at all.”

            “Come shower with me.”

            In the shower, I had a real chance to savor and admire her beautiful body.   Her blond hair was even sexier wet.   Mid-way through, we turned off the water and soaped up each other’s body.   I spent a lot of time massaging her slippery seventeen year old breast.   She spent a lot of time cleaning my cock and getting it hard again.   We turned on the water and got so hot rubbing our slippery bodies together with soap that we started to fuck in the shower.   First I lifted her up and let her fall over and over on my cock, then I pulled out and she turned over facing the the shower head.  I fucked her from behind as we were both standing.  The clapping sounds from her ass was magnified from the acoustics in the bathroom.  I felt myself cumming again slamming into her beautiful round ass and unloaded inside her pussy.  After my orgasm subsided, I pulled out and watched my cum leak out of her pussy, down onto the bathtub, keeping its form in the water, and swirling down the drain.

            12:00 PM , we got out of the shower and she went directly to my bed.   I made us some lunch and we ate naked in bed.   We had our first long conversation.   We avoided the heavy topics, such as if anyone ever found out about us.   Instead we focused on each other’s dreams and ambitions.   Our hobbies, favorite foods.   We laughed, and joked about a lot of things.  We conversed and it seemed like our ages were not at all a factor.   The most serious of our conversations were about my previous relationships.

            “So earlier, you said that was the best blow job you’ve ever had.”


            “How about with your all your past girlfriends?”

            “They wouldn’t take me as deep as you, nor as fast.”

            “I do it with ‘gusto’ eh?”

             “You do it like you love it.”  

            “I do love it.   Speaking of which, it’s been 2 hours since you’ve last shot cum in me… due time.”

            “Wait… reapply your lip gloss… I love it when your lips are shiny for me.”

            “As you wish.   Anything else?”

            “Hair in pigtails?”

            “Like our first meeting?”

            “Yes ... but stay naked.”

            She giggles, gets herself ready as I requested and again starts to suck on my cock.   I was standing bedside and she was still on the bed, laying on her stomach with her neck up.   She lets it harden in her mouth.   I got a great view of her ass, and every now and then while she was sucking on me, I would reach over and give her ass a squeeze.   Other times, I would grab and play with her pigtails as I enjoy the warmth of her mouth surrounding my entire cock.   After a few minutes of her bobbing her head up and down, she stops and strokes my cock.  

            “My neck is sort of cramping, you mind thrusting into my mouth.   Oh, and don’t be careful… just fuck my mouth as hard as you want.”

            She climbs off the bed and kneels beside me.   She presses her lips on the tip of my cock and remains still while I push forward through her lips, onto her tongue, feeling the roof of her mouth on the top side.  While I mostly thrusted forward down her throat, I would sometimes thrust to the side and into her suctioned cheeks.  I enjoyed watching my cock head puffing out her cheek making me visual my cock in her mouth.  I started to work a fast rhythm in and out while enjoying the slurping sounds as saliva escapes and drips on her chest.  She starts to massage her breast, moaning on my thrusting cock.  Then I remembered how I wanted to stick my cock between her breast.  "Rest your jaw a little," I instructed popping my dick out of her mouth, "and let me fuck your chest."  I spread my legs a little, she sat up a little, and my dick was in perfect position to be in between her chest.  She pressed her breast together and looked up at me as I started to thrust noticing the firmness of her young tits.

            "You like how that feels, Mr. Reynolds?"

            "Well enough to cum. Can I cum like this on you?"

            "If it pleases you, it pleases me. Cum on me, in me, just cum."

            "Tiffany, your breast are so nice... and firm... oh... I'm cumming now...."      

             She looks up, raising her chin, and I shoot my cum as far up as the side of her nose, and the rest dribbles down from her neck onto her chest. Between her breast, it lubricates it further while I was still sliding my cock between them. She takes my cum and rubs it all over her chest and takes the glob by her nose off with her fingers and licks her fingers clean.   It was 3:00 PM , and I had cummed for the fifth time.

            “Wow is it three already?” she said checking my alarm clock.

            “Yeah, hard to believe that it was just 24 hours ago you were riding me on my chair after school.”

            “You know I really wanted that cum in my pussy, until Ms. Powers showed up.”

            We both stopped talking for awhile.   For the past eight hours, we’ve enjoyed each other’s company to the point where we had forgotten that all this was illegal.   That I cannot have sex with someone under eighteen, nor a student for that matter.   Earlier when we talked, we avoided the heavy subjects… this subject in particular: we were not supposed to be physically together.  

            “I have to go, Mr. Reynolds.”

            “I know.”

            “You going to miss me?”

            “I’m going to miss every inch of you.”

            At 3:15 , she was at the front door, with her trench coat on and her big sunglasses.   She reached for the doorknob and was about to exit.   My heart began to sink at the thought of her leaving, and I reached out for her hand before she opened the door.   She turns around, and we kiss.   It’s amazing, after all of the physical contact we’ve shared, the pleasure we’ve given each other, that we had yet to kiss.   I think because while we crossed the line of the law giving into our physical attraction to each other, we had yet to cross that emotional line.   Tiffany is seventeen, I’m twenty-six.   I am her high school teacher, she is my high school student.   But none of that seemed to matter this day, away from school.   And during this kiss, we both realized that while we were both enjoying the thrill of forbidden sex, this was the first time we were actually scared: we were in love.

            In our frightened state, the only thing we could do was continue our kissing.   We made out with a passion, to keep either one of us from saying something funny, intelligent, mature or endearing.   We kept kissing, trying to turn our relationship back to solely a physical one.   I press her up against the wall, and felt up her trench coat and reaching for her drenched pussy.   I untied her trench coat while keeping our lips together and they once again came off.   I picked her up and her legs wrapped around me.   I pulled down my pajama pants and I sat on my couch.   She was on top of me, rubbing her pussy on my cock.   Everytime we fucked before, we kept it as physical as we could… but now our emotions were getting involved.   My cock kept sliding up and down her slit, and it wasn’t planned, but it did find her hole.   It was a surprise to both of us when my cock went deep inside her pussy.   We finally broke our long kiss and stared at each other.    She started riding me, never breaking eye contact with me.   She continued to ride me on the couch and stared at me the entire time.   Neither of us were as loud as we were before… and we both cummed together on that couch.   She broke eye contact as our body spasms were ending, and she rested her head on my shoulder.  

            “What do we do now?”

            “I don’t know.”  


To be continued….

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