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Coach Kennedy's Lesson

Bridget always gets what she wants, and she wants Patrick
Bridget Sweeney rolled her eyes as she listened to the other cheerleaders complaining about having to run laps because they got caught smoking between third and fourth period by Mr. Kennedy, the boys’ gym teacher and the cheerleading and competitive dance team coach. Stupid spoiled brats she thought, everyone knows not to smoke in the second floor bathrooms. Bridget was not above sneaking a quick cigarette between classes, but she was smart enough to use the bathrooms on the first floor that the teachers didn’t use. She knew that because half the cheerleading team had laps to run that practice would start late, and that was a good thing because she could sneak in a quick fuck in the boy’s showers with her boyfriend Tom. Checking her watch and seeing that she was already running late to meet Tom, Bridget slammed her locker door closed and hurried toward the boy’s locker room.

She caught more than one classmate and even a few teachers checking her out as she jogged down the hall, her full C cups bouncing beneath her tank top and her cheerleading skirt lifting high enough to show off her trunks, affectionately dubbed spanky pants by most of the boys in school. Bridget knew that she looked much older than her 17 years, and did everything she could to exaggerate that fact. She was tall, about 5’10”and a slender 125lbs, with long red hair (a gift from her Irish parents), and bright green eyes. It was not uncommon for her to get into the local bars on the weekend without even getting carded; most of the bouncers thought she went to the local university and passed her through without a second thought. She would be lying if she said she didn’t like the attention and the freedom afforded to a teenager that looked and acted like a twenty something. Plus, Bridget was what most adults thought of as a good girl; at least on the surface. She was president of the National Honor Society, captain of the girls’ cross-country team, active in her local church youth group, a straight-A student with a full academic scholarship waiting for her in September at Michigan State University. Bridget also volunteered at the local food pantry when she was not working as a nurses’ aide at the local hospital to get in enough hours to make pre-med a breeze. She was the girl that all parents wanted to have as their daughter; what none of the adults realized though was that she was one of the biggest freaks on Kensington High School’s campus.

Bridget had to have sex daily, if not more than once a day. She had christened almost every classroom in the school, and not always with the same guy. Sex was about power and pleasure to Bridget, not about love. She was always a hit at the weekend parties, mostly because she was going to fuck someone, if not more than one person; and probably would let someone watch. All the boys in her class would fight over her and all the girls thought she was a whore. They were probably right, but while they were so busy being prudes and talking about her behind her back, Bridget was fucking their boyfriends and doing all the things they wouldn’t do. Tom, her current boyfriend, had recently left one of the other cheerleaders, Stacie Campbell, mostly because she wouldn’t give it up; Bridget was happy to oblige him anywhere and in any way he pleased.

Reaching the locker room, Bridget checked both directions down the hall to ensure no one saw her, even though she didn’t care about getting in trouble for being in the boy’s locker room, getting caught would take more time away from getting fucked and that was unacceptable.

“Tom! Are you in here? It’s me.” Bridget said closing and locking the door behind her.

“Yeah, babe, I’m right here.” Tom said, stepping out of the shower. Seeing Bridget’s long shapely legs peeking out from under her short skirt, Tom felt his 8” shaft start to grow hard.

“Mmmmmm, you’re ready for me already huh?” Bridget said, pulling her spanky pants and tiny white cotton thong down and tossing them out of the way. “I don’t have long; Stacie and her skanks have laps to run because Kennedy caught them smoking again.” She reached out and grabbed Tom’s cock in her hand and started forcefully stroking it.

Tom rolled his eyes. “Really, she got caught again? Her dad is going to be so pissed. Stupid bitch will never learn.” He pulled Bridget closer to him and roughly pushed her legs apart so he could stroke her clit. Feeling her wetness creeping from between her shaved lips, he felt his cock grow harder. “Okay, so you’ve only got a few minutes, I guess we’ll have to make it quick. Bend over, bitch.”

Bridget bent forward and grabbed her ankles, showing her ass and glistening pussy to Tom. He quickly lifted the back of her skirt and slammed his cock into her. Wasting no time, he quickly shuttled in and out of her tight snatch while thumbing at her clit. He knew that with the right moves, Bridget could have a full-blown orgasm in under a minute and she was well on her way. Taking no mercy, Tom fucked Bridget as hard as he could; encouraged by the filthy words and moans she was emitting.

“Oh God! Tom that feels so good! Yes, fuck me!” Bridget said feeling the orgasm already building.

He could feel his orgasm building quickly as well, his balls were getting tight and he knew he only had a little while left, so Tom rubbed Bridget’s clit even harder. He could feel her muscles tensing and her moans were getting louder; he knew she was on the brink of orgasm. As his first spurt erupted, he felt her muscles spasm around him, and her knees gave out.

Tom’s spunk mixed with her wetness and made sloppy noises as he slowly thrust into her a few last times. As his erection faded, Bridget could feel cum running down her leg. She knew she didn’t have time to shower and make it to practice in time, so she had to just dress and go. She hoped things wouldn’t be too messy at practice. Giving Tom a quick kiss, she pulled her panties and spanky pants back on. “Thanks babe; I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you after practice.”

Bridget went running to practice at the other end of the school. Hoping she wouldn’t be late or else she’d be running laps after practice and she wanted to get home as soon as possible, it was Friday and she wanted to hit a few bars before bed. Her mom and dad were out of town on business, as usual so no one would even know she was gone tonight. She got to the field just as Mr. Kennedy was walking up.

“Ms. Sweeney, thank you so much for joining us.” Mr. Kennedy said.

“Sorry Mr. Kennedy, I got stuck taking care of something while the girls were running their laps. It won’t happen again.” Bridget said, blushing. All the girls in the school had a crush on Mr. Kennedy, and why not; he was barely out of college, only 25, 6’3” with sandy blonde hair and clear blue eyes. This was his first year teaching, so no one knew too much about him, but Bridget wanted to get to know him a lot better, she just had to come up with a plan.

Practice passed without any incident. As she was walking to her car, Mr. Kennedy stopped Bridget. “Ms. Sweeney, Bridget, hang on a second.” He said. Bridget turned to face him, and saw that Mr. Kennedy had taken off his coaching shirt and was wearing only a wife beater. His chiseled chest muscles strained against the thin cotton. She could see his six-pack through the shirt as well. Bridget felt the muscles in her pussy twitch in arousal, she could still feel the remnants of her afternoon escapade dried on her leg and hoped that it wasn’t as noticeable to him as it was to her.

“Yes, Mr. Kennedy?” Bridget said, brushing her red hair away from her face.

“Please, call me Patrick.” He said. “I wanted to ask you something.” Patrick said, blushing. “And I kind of feel weird about it, so don’t freak out okay?”

“Um, okay I guess. What’s up?” Bridget asked, feeling a little wary.

“Why were you late today?”

“I told you, Patrick, I got hung up taking care of something.” Bridget responded, a little defensive.

“Right, you said that, but why were you REALLY late?” Patrick said, crossing his muscular arms across his chest and leveling his blue eyes at her.

“That is personal, and I am not going to answer that.”

“I would really hate to have to call your Dad and discuss your tardiness with him.” Patrick threatened. “You are one of the best cheerleaders on the team, and I need you to be a leader for the rest of the girls and show them how to act. I can’t have you just coming and going as you please.”

Bridget looked him in the eye and said “Mr. Kennedy, Patrick I mean, I promise I won’t be late Monday, I swear it. I just had something I had to take care of on the other side of school and it ran a minute longer than I thought it would. Monday I will be on the field at 2:45 just like I am supposed to.”

Patrick smiled. “Okay Bridget, but I am going to hold you to that. If you are late there will be consequences.” He walked away and Bridget wondered what he meant by that comment.

At 11:30pm, Bridget walked into Smitty’s Pub wearing a black mini skirt, red corset top, and 4” black patent leather pumps. As usual, the bouncer waved her in without even asking for ID. She walked up to the bar and waved to catch the attention of Jamie the bartender. “Hey babe.” Bridget said to the petite female bartender. “I’ll take a Beam and coke please.”

“That will be four dollars, hun.” Jamie said.

Bridget handed Jamie a five dollar bill and started looking around the bar to see if there was anyone worth chatting up. Tom was great and all, but he was a 17 year old boy with no stamina. Bridget was looking for a man, and hoped she could find one here. She did not want to go to bed alone tonight.

Two hours passed without anything or anyone of value catching Bridget’s attention. She returned home alone. As she was walking into the house she heard a car pull into her driveway behind her. Startled, she turned around to see Patrick’s Ram pulling in. “Um, Patrick may I ask what you are doing at my house at 2am?”

“I thought that was you at Smitty’s. I kept telling myself that my 17 year old star cheerleader could not possibly have been at the bar drinking underage, but here you are.”

“I was at Smitty’s yes. But they let me in, didn’t even ask for my ID. Shouldn’t they be the ones in trouble, not me?” Bridget said putting on the charm and pouting her lips at Patrick.

“I never said you were in trouble, Bridget. I do find it interesting though that while the rest of the girls are your age are at house parties drinking beers, you are at the bar drinking whiskey.” Patrick said, enough under the influence to not care about the fact he could feel his cock growing hard looking at Bridget in her sexy outfit. Even though he was feeling a good buzz, Patrick was smart enough to not do anything to jeopardize his job or his freedom. Bridget may have been a senior, but she was still underage and a statutory rape charge would be hard to explain.

“Okay, so I don’t really like beer or getting groped by teenagers, what’s wrong with that?” Bridget said, getting defensive again.

“I didn’t say there was anything wrong with that, just found it interesting.” Patrick responded.

Bridget could tell he’d been drinking and probably shouldn’t have been driving. “Patrick, you probably shouldn’t be driving. Come in and I’ll make you some coffee. If you want you can crash on the couch and go home tomorrow.” She wasn’t sure if she was offering to be nice or because she really wasn’t satisfied with her one orgasm that afternoon. It would be nice to fuck him Bridget thought. God, he’s so hot, and I bet he fucks so much better than Tom does.

“Bridget, do you really think that’s appropriate?” Patrick said. “I mean it’s obvious no one else is home, and you are going to invite me in where any of your neighbors can see that I stayed the night. I’d lose my job for sure.”

“Fine, then I’ll drive you home and call a cab to bring me back here. You have been drinking and have had more than me. I don’t want you getting pulled over.” Bridget said, putting her foot down.

“Okay, okay, you win. I will come in for coffee and leave in about an hour.” Patrick said, locking his truck and following Bridget into the house.

She got the coffee started and pointed him in the direction of the couch. She tossed him the remote and told him to watch what he wanted while she ran upstairs to change. Bridget was still so aroused, she could feel her hard clit rubbing against her panties and stirring up her hormones. It didn’t help that sexy Patrick was downstairs waiting on her to serve him coffee. She knew if she didn’t relieve some of the pressure that she would be hard pressed to let Patrick leave without her trying anything. Bridget slowly undressed, admiring her body in the full length mirror on her wall. She loved the way her 34C breasts swung as she danced and the gentle tuck of her waist. She had an amazing ass and long legs. Her pussy lips were full without being too large and hid a very sensitive clitoris. Rubbing her hands all over her naked body, she started rubbing one nipple and pinching it while teasing the tip of her finger along her clit. Her lubrication quickly spread and made her clit easily slip between her fingers. Laying on her bed and spreading her legs, Bridget reached for her favorite toy, lubing it first; she slid the vibrator all the way against her g-spot and turned it on high. Feeling the waves of pleasure start low in her abdomen, Bridget began rubbing and pinching her nipples to increase the pleasure. Her pussy twitched as the vibrator tormented her g-spot. She moaned and ground her hips into the bed, it felt so good. Come upstairs Patrick, you know you want to come upstairs. Please just come upstairs. Bridget thought to herself. She enjoyed masturbation, but having someone helping was always better.

Patrick wondered what was keeping Bridget upstairs so long and started wandering up the stairs. He heard a low buzzing noise and fast breathing coming from one of the bedrooms on his left. Peeking in, he saw Bridget on her bed, spread eagle, with a vibrator sticking out of her pussy and one hand pinching her nipples while the other stroked her clit. He could feel his cock start to grow and his balls start to ache. This was wrong; he was not supposed to feel like this for a student. As much as he tried to ignore the desire, he wanted to bury his face between her creamy white thighs and lick Bridget’s clit until she couldn’t take it anymore. He stood in the doorway, watching her body writhe in pleasure and hearing her whimper as her orgasm approached.

Bridget hadn’t seen Patrick in the doorway or else she would have invited him into her bed. The orgasm she had been chasing all day was still eluding her and it was frustrating. Try as she might, she just could not get off. Rather than just trying to get off, she started imagining what she would do to Patrick. She reached over and grabbed her magic bullet; positioning it over her clit, she turned it on high and let the vibration go to work. She let the fantasy play out in her mind:

He’s probably still sitting on the couch watching TV. I should walk right up to him, naked, and straddle him on the couch. I won’t even give him a chance to say no, I’m going to just unbutton and unzip his jeans and pull that amazing cock out. I saw him getting hard earlier, I know he wants me, he just won’t admit it. He wouldn’t know what to do as I slowly licked around the head of his cock, rubbing his balls through his jeans. Mmmmmm, and then I could slowly pull all of him inside my mouth and stroke him at the same time. I bet that would get him nice and hard. Then I would pull his jeans the rest of the way off, so he could feel my skin against his. I’d crawl up to straddle him again, pushing my nipples in his mouth while grinding my pussy against his cock, making him beg me to fuck him. Then, once he begs enough, I would slowly slide him inside me. I would ride his cock until he was screaming my name, but I wouldn’t let him cum yet. I would grind my hips against his, rubbing my clit with my finger and let him feel my pussy pulsate around him as I cum again and again; then, and only then would I let him cum, and fill me with his sticky sweetness.

Between her fantasy, the vibration on her g-spot, and the vibration on her clit, the elusive orgasm came quickly. Bridget felt her muscles spasm around the vibrator and her juices flood out leaving a wet spot beneath her. Gasping for breath, she turned off both vibrators and lay on her back in the moonlight basking in the waves of pleasure. Patrick could not believe his eyes, most of the girls he dated weren’t confidant enough to masturbate like that and here was a 17 year old who couldn’t get enough. He didn’t have the heart to tell her earlier, but he knew exactly why Bridget was late to practice that afternoon. He had seen her coming out of the locker room and the smell of Tom’s cum was unmistakable. As soon as she passed him, and he smelled the sex on her, it became impossible to ignore how badly he wanted her. Maybe that’s why he followed her home from the bar, and accepted her invitation for coffee. All he knew is he was treading on dangerous ground and he had to be careful. That is why Patrick decided he couldn’t tell Bridget he’d seen her masturbate.

Monday afternoon arrived sooner than expected, and Bridget was still trying to satisfy the urges running rampant in her since Friday afternoon. Tom kept trying to convince her to skip seventh period and meet him in the field house, but she knew she’d spend more time getting there and back then she would having sex and she was getting bored with him. One of her classmates, Amber said she was ditching seventh and asked if Bridget wanted to tag along. Amber and Bridget had fooled around before at some stupid football party last year and from what she remembered, Amber made sure she enjoyed herself. Bridget decided to follow and just see what happened. Within a few minutes, the girls ended up in the showers near the pool, which was not in use during this half of the day. Amber and Bridget kissed and groped each other in the hot steamy room. Amber slowly kissed her way down Bridget’s body, stopping to lick and bite at each of her erect nipples. Bridget arched her head back and tangled her fingers in Amber’s hair, pulling her closer. Amber continued kissing and licking down Bridget’s stomach and stopping at her cleft. Using her nose, she slowly probed Bridget’s folds and traced the outline of her slit with her tongue. Sliding one, then two fingers deep within Bridget, Amber rubbed her g-spot and licked and bit at her clit. Bridget moaned and ground her pussy harder against Amber’s face.

“Oh my God, Amber, that is fucking amazing; please don’t stop.” Bridget said as her orgasm slowly built.

Amber responded by rubbing her g-spot harder and biting down hard on her clit. “I don’t plan to stop.” She said.

The sounds of the showers masked the moans of the girls as they brought each other to orgasm after orgasm. Seventh period quickly passed and the sound of the bell quickly alerted Bridget to the fact that she only had 10 minutes until practice began. Kissing Amber goodbye she ran to the practice field, hoping she would be, at worst, the second to last cheerleader to get to practice.

Her luck held out, as Stacie was the last cheerleader to arrive and ended up with laps after practice. Bridget had a hard time concentrating in practice. Every time she caught Patrick’s eye she remembered Friday night and how badly she wanted him. Amber had done a good job of satisfying Bridget, but the sight of Patrick just revved her hormones into high gear. Bridget could feel her pussy getting wet and her clit rubbing against her panties, every move stimulating her hard button and driving her insane with pleasure. During some of the new routine, she felt herself have multiple orgasms just from her panties rubbing against her clit. While it felt amazing, it was nothing compared to what she still wanted to do to Patrick.

Bridget heard footsteps approach her as she took a shower after practice. Assuming it was either Tom or Amber she responded without looking. “What baby, you couldn’t get enough of me? You need some more already?” Bridget said, letting the soap suds trace the curves of her body.

“Actually Bridget, it’s me. I need to talk to you, right now. It’s important.” Patrick said. He didn’t actually think he’d see her in the shower. Most of the girls use the showers on the opposite side of the wall so he could communicate to them without them being seen, but Bridget chose one of the showers that faced the hallway, so everyone could see her. He felt his cock stiffen again at the sight of her nude body and had to fight the urge to join her in the hot shower.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Bridget thought to herself. I just invited Patrick to fuck me, and he just saw me naked, and now I have to sit in his office and talk to him. This is not good. She dried off and walked into his office, still wrapped in her towel; her eyes on the floor the whole time. “Patrick, you wanted to see me?” She said meekly.

“Yes Bridget, I found something in your bag when it fell over while you were in the shower.” Patrick looked at her sternly holding a joint in his hand. “I thought you knew better than this.”

Bridget felt the color draining from her face. The joint was hers, and she’d been looking for it for a few days. She was kind of glad it had been found, but not so glad that Patrick found it. “Listen, about that, I can explain.”

He cut her off. “No Bridget, there is no explaining. You knew I had a zero tolerance policy. I ignored it Friday, mostly because it was after school and one drink wasn’t going to cause a problem when you didn’t have practice for 48 hours, but this is a different story.”

Tears sprang to her eyes, Bridget knew that any record of that joint being on her or in her things meant goodbye to everything. She had to do something to convince him not to say anything. “Please, Patrick isn’t there some way we can discuss this. I swear I haven’t smoked any pot, I’ll take a test. A friend gave it to me, but I never did anything with it. I swear.”

“A test isn’t necessary Bridget. I know you aren’t smoking pot, but the fact that you have it is enough that you could lose everything. You shouldn’t be hanging around with anybody who could make you lose your scholarship.” Patrick said, rubbing his hand on her leg. As he touched her skin, his cock sprang to life again. Try as he might, he could not get the image of her naked body out of his mind.

Bridget could see his cock stiffening. What’s that I see? Someone wants to come out and say hi! He tries to pretend he doesn’t feel it, but he does. She thought to herself. She could feel her pussy getting wet again, and knowing he was reacting the same way she was, Bridget decided it was time to make her move. As bad as it was, Patrick couldn't report her for the joint if he knew she could report him for having sex with her. He had far more to lose. She grabbed his hand from her knee and started pulling it higher up her thigh.

“Bridget, what are you doing?” Patrick said, trying to pull his hand away.

“Shhhhh!” She said, putting her finger over his lips as she stood up and locked the office door. “I am only doing what we both want.” Bridget turned to face him and slowly dropped the towel, exposing her naked body to him. “Don’t try to stop me. This is the second time I’ve seen you getting hard looking at me, I know you want me.”

“Bridget we can’t, I mean, I’m your coach, there are rules, and laws against this sort of thing.” Patrick said, protesting while his cock grew to its full size and strained against the fabric of his jeans. His mouth was saying no, but his body was saying yes.

“What are you going to do, report me? Do you honestly think I would turn you in for this? I’m the one coming after you.” Bridget said, reaching down and unbuttoning Patrick’s jeans. She pulled his shirt off, exposing his chest. Straddling him, she sat on his lap, her mouth inches from his. “If you want me to stop, just tell me; but before you do, think long and hard about whether you really want me to stop or if you’re just scared you’ll get caught.”

Patrick could feel the heat from her pussy radiating through his jeans, he knew she was right; he was more scared of getting caught than anything else. He did want to fuck her, and he didn’t want to wait any longer. Looking Bridget straight in the eyes, the only thing he could say was “Kiss me.”

Her tongue probed his mouth as he ran his hands along her hot flesh, her nipples hard against his chest and her wetness leaving a spot on his jeans. Pulling her onto his desk, he reached down to pull his jeans off. His hard 9” cock stood at attention, the pre-cum glistening at the tip. Bridget’s hand instinctually reaching down to stroke him brushed against his hand cupping her pussy and gently spreading her lips. He slowly kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders while slowly rubbing his finger along her clit. Her moans told him he was hitting the right spots. She pushed him back into his chair and slowly kissed her way down to his cock. Taking it in her hand, Bridget slowly started licking and kissing the swollen head. Her tongue slowly teased the drop of pre-cum from the tip and lapped it up. Patrick grabbed her head and forced himself deep into her throat.

“Oh my God Bridget, I can’t believe I am doing this. Your mouth feels so good.” He said, already having trouble catching his breath.

She responded by pulling him deeper into her mouth and increasing the pressure of her suction. She used the hand that was not stroking him to rub her clit, getting her fingers nice and wet. Patrick could feel her moans vibrating through his shaft as she masturbated herself to orgasm while sucking him off. A quick orgasm overtook Bridget, wetting her hand profusely. As she slowly came down from the orgasmic bliss, she used her sopping wet fingers to tease Patrick’s sphincter. Amazingly she felt him relax enough that she could slide one finger in to the second knuckle. Feeling his balls tighten from the combination of pleasure, it had only been a few moments since she started, but Bridget knew how to suck in a way that left him awash in pleasure.

“Wait, Bridget, Stop.” He said, pushing her away from him. She looked up at him quizzically. “I don’t want to cum yet, and that felt too good.” She smiled and stood up. Bridget turned away from him, and slowly bent down to grab her ankles. Patrick grabbed her hips and hungrily buried his face in her pussy. His tongue tickled and teased her clit while his nose rubbed against her ass, stimulating it. Her orgasm was fast approaching, and the combination of sensations was making it hard to concentrate.

“Patrick, oh God Patrick, that feels amazing.” She said rubbing herself harder against his face. His nose buried itself deeply in her ass as she pushed against him. He grabbed her hips again and started to lick and suck at her sphincter. His tongue pushed deep inside her ass while this thumb gently brushed against her clit. He could feel the muscles tensing as her orgasm approached. Rubbing her clit harder, Patrick continued to eat her ass, daring her to cum. Bridget reached through her legs to stroke his cock with the same speed he was using to rub her clit. She could tell by his breathing he was getting close. “Patrick, I want to feel you inside me, I want you to fuck me.” She said breathlessly.

He quickly stood up and buried himself balls deep in her hot, wet snatch. He slammed his cock into her repeatedly, making her scream his name. He could feel the muscles of her pussy getting tighter and tighter around his cock as her orgasm started. As her muscles exploded around his shaft, the first of his hot ropes of cum shot deep into her cavern. Patrick slowly eased his pace while they both panted, trying to catch their breath from the massive orgasm.

Amazingly, even though he had shot his load, Patrick noticed that his cock was still hard as a rock. The sensations he was feeling were incredible. Rather than stopping, he kept pounding Bridget’s quivering pussy, the mixture of their orgasms leaking out around him and running down their legs. Pulling out of her pussy, he pressed the head of his cock to her ass and pushed deep inside. Not wanting to waste the pleasure he was feeling, he quickly fucked Bridget’s ass as hard as he had been fucking her pussy. Her moans of pleasure let him know he was on the right track.

“Yeah, oh yeah Patrick, that’s right. Fill my ass. Fuck my ass and fill it up with your cum.” She said. She had such a naughty mouth when she was fucking. She pushed back against him to increase the pressure as he fucked her ass. Within a few moments, he felt the familiar tightness as his orgasm approached. With a loud grunt, he filled Bridget’s ass as he came. Stopping to catch his breath, he could feel his cock slowly shrinking, finally satisfied.

Bridget slumped forward, done in by multiple orgasms, totally spent, with cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. “Aren’t you just a sight right now?” Patrick jokingly asked. Here baby, sit down and let me clean you up. Patrick sat her down on his chair and proceeded to lick her clean, being careful not to stimulate her too much and push her over the edge. He then wrapped her up in her towel and helped her get dressed. He drove her home and tucked her into bed. Kissing her on the forehead he whispered to her. “Thank you, that was amazing.”

To be Continued?

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