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Cock-sucking Teens

Cock-sucking Teens

A guy is used for cock-sucking practice by two horny teens
Gav slipped off his leather jacket and hung it over the back of his chair. It was Monday again and he needed to get to grips with the project that he was overseeing. He was head of IT Infrastructure at a busy lingerie firm. Lucy’s Underwear Show House had a turnover of £120 million and was one of the fastest growing businesses in the sector. In spite of the recession the company had made inroads into the ‘bedroom’ market capitalizing on the gap left by a recently dissolved name. 

Gav was a little more excited than was usual for a Monday. He had been allocated a student on secondment. She had been in for a brief induction the previous week and he liked what he saw. At 37, he had experience on his side but was also young enough to cut it with the younger set without appearing to be a complete perv. 

Emma arrived at the office just after nine. Being a warm summer’s day, she had put on a pair of leopard print culottes over her tights. Her top was a light mauve blouse with a few buttons at the back of her neck. Therefore the smooth front accentuated her breasts and elicited a few awkward glances from Gav. 

“Morning Emma, nice and early!” 

“I thought it best, first day and everything.” 

“Well, first things first. Tea or coffee?” 

“Coffee, please!" said Emma. 

“I’ve left your login details under the keyboard. Get yourself sorted and I’ll be a couple of ticks.” 

“Okay. Milky – no sugar, please.” 

Emma tried her swivel chair for size, rocking back and forth and swivelling one way and then the other. She began to play with the light on her optical mouse when Gav returned with the two cups. As Emma lifted the drink to her lips, it gave Gav a brief opportunity to glance at her breasts. She had ample boobs, but he would have stopped short of calling her busty. Her legs looked slim and sexy in her sheer, black tights and Gav knew he would have to combat his natural male urges while she was around. 

In her second year, Emma was doing a degree in Business Applications and as she was a customer of Lucy’s, she had jumped at the chance to get some real world experience under her belt. She swept her light brown hair over one shoulder and smiled at Gave over her coffee mug. 

“How long have you worked here?” she asked. 

“Nearly eight years now,” said Gav. 

“Wow! That’s a long time. You must enjoy the job.” 

“I do,” said Gav. “I love computers. It’s ever changing and there’s always something new.” 

Emma crossed her legs, which revealed the dark band on her tights and Gav got an eyeful of leg and then looked up at Emma guiltily. She smiled at him, but it was a very slight, enigmatic smile that sent a brief shiver through Gav’s spine. She liked his blue eyes, which were kind and he had a fresh, honest face. There was a slight pause and a moment of embarrassed silence, before Gav got down to business. He was determined to be on his best behaviour and kept his mind focused on the job, giving Emma a brief history of the company and the role that information technology played in the business. Emma listened intently but was conscious of him steeling glances down at her legs or her boobs, between the flickers of eye contact. 

“Do you have any questions?” asked Gav, following his potted history of Lucy’s. 

“Ummm… not really. If I think of anything…” 

“Oh yeah, just any time, if something occurs to you, just grab me!” 

“Okay, I will, thanks.” 

Gav set up Emma’s internet connection and gave her a little project to work on, which combined data from his spread sheets and some pages from an online brochure. 

“I have this major project on the go, right now,” said Gav. “But I’ll look in on you later and we can catch up this afternoon. Is that all right?” 

“Yeah, fine. Thank you,” said Emma. 

Gav met Emma in the afternoon and they went to fetch a coffee from the small kitchen on the first floor. 

“So, you’ve got freshly ground in that one or ordinary instant in here,” said Gav, pointing to the various buttons on the large vendor. 

“It was instant this morning, right?” asked Emma. 

“Correct. I’ll get you a special one,” said Gav. 

“Yeah! Let’s splash out,” said the student. 

“So, what do you think you’ll do, when you finish university?” asked Gav. 

“I’m not sure yet. I might take off round Asia. I need a year out.” 

“I did that when I was 24. Well South America. I did the Inca trail and everything.” 

“Wow! That must have been awesome!” 

“It was. It was exhilarating.” 

Emma sipped her coffee. 

“Hmmm… this is nice.” 

“Yeah, quite a caffeine hit,” agreed Gav. “So what is it tonight? I see Katy Perry is in town.” 

“Oh yeah. Not really a fan. I’m more of a Pixie Lott and Adele kind of girl.” 

“Yeah, what happened to Adele? Not heard anything by her for ages,” commented Gav. 

“Didn’t she say she was having a baby or something?” 

“Yeah, maybe. You’re probably right.” 

“Anyway, my best friend's coming over from France tomorrow. So saving my cash for her and we’ll go round a few bars.” 

“Ah. Is she French then?” asked Gav, curiously. 

“Ha no, she’s just from a posh family. Her Dad is in banking over there. She’s just turned eighteen, so it will be her first legal drink really.” 

“Cool. Well, I better get back,” said Gav. “Onwards and upwards.” 

Emma enjoyed her first day at Lucy’s and the novelty meant the time passed quickly. She liked Gav and his easy going manner. She assumed he was spoken for but he was the type of older man she might go for in the right circumstances. However, with her friend coming over she would be occupied for a week or so. Emma amused herself that night, thinking about the scenarios whereby she and Gav might get it on. She had noticed him taking more than a passing interest in her and her hand strayed down to her clitoris as she lay awake. She began to masturbate, but doing eight hours in the office had been more tiring than she realised. She kept drifting off between the strokes of her fingers and finally she fell to sleep before she could finish the job. 

The next day saw Gav out of the office in the morning, as he had a meeting off site. Emma still had her little project, which he had given her and she was kept busy till after lunch. She had finished and was having a sneaky look at Facebook when he returned. 

“Gotcha!” he exclaimed. 

“Oh! Ummm…. No, I was on a break!” she explained, hurriedly. 

“It’s okay Emma, you’re fine.” 

Emma had put on a red and blue dress and it was very short when she was sitting down and Gav pretended to look at her work as he quietly admired her legs in her pantyhose. Gav had a thing about tights or pantyhose and felt his heart beat a bit faster, especially when he got a whiff of her subtle perfume. Suddenly Emma’s screen went blank. 

“Oh, I didn’t touch anything!” said Emma. 

“It’s your leg,” said Gav. “I noticed yesterday, you keep kicking your foot like that.” 

“Oh, I know, it’s a habit.” 

“It’s okay, I’ll just pop down there and fix it.” 

The computer towers at Lucy’s were all stowed under the desk and Gav slipped onto the floor to reconnect the usb port for the monitor. He got on his hands and knees and pushed the slim cable back into position. He turned and in doing so, found himself looking up Emma’s skirt. She was sitting with her legs at a 30 degree angle and Gav could see right up to the top of her thighs.

“Okay, all fixed.” 

Emma had twigged that he had been down there a little longer than necessary and the thought of him ogling up her skirt made her horny. 

“Thank you, I’ll remember not to kick the cable in future.” 

“Yeah, I’ve moved it back a bit,” said Gav, his face looking a little flushed. 

“Good. Well, I’ve finished the stuff that you gave me,” said Emma, proudly.

“Excellent, I’ll take a look in a bit.” 

Emma got up to go to the rest room and Gav followed her bottom, his eyes enjoying the peachy lumps under her skirt and the little groove that was formed by her bum crack. He felt a twinge of lust and tried to remember where he was and what his responsibilities were. 

Gav had not been a man short of female attention. His ready wit, boyish good looks and well-maintained figure had meant he had had his share of the opposite sex. But it had been a long time since he had had the pleasure of the company of one like Emma. She was pretty, sexy and intelligent and had the body that one would expect of a 19 year old. 

When she came back, Gav had his guilty face on again. Emma gave him one of those knowing looks but behaved normally and proceeded with her work. It was said that men think about sex once every eight minutes. While Emma was about, it was more like every eight seconds. She was going to be around for another two weeks or so, so Gav had to come up with a plan to focus on work or do something about it. As it was, events were about overtake him, in a rather spectacular way. 

The rest of the week passed till Friday arrived and Emma turned in, wearing red hot pants. Murmurs and looks of astonishment and envy rippled through the office from guys and girls alike. On any other day, the Office Manager might have raised some type of protest, but Friday was only half a day and everyone tended to dress to impress. Along with her tight white sleeveless vest, Emma was just about on the limits of respectability, even for a Friday. 

“Ahem! Who’s the lucky guy?” asked Gav when she parked herself at her seat. 

Emma just smirked without answering and gave her de facto boss a smouldering glance. 

Gav realised that he had possibly been indiscreet and some might take exception to his comment and he regretted it, seconds afterwards. 

“Shall I get the coffees? Asked Emma. 

“Yes, that would be nice, thanks.” 

Gav normally did the honours in the morning, but wasn’t going to miss a look at his temporary assistant from another angle. She worked it, as she got up and wiggled to the door, causing Gav to gulp and send his mind into overdrive. Her red hot pants were almost skin tight, emphasizing her luscious butt cheeks and her shapely legs. 

Emma seemed quieter than usual and didn’t seem to be her normal chatty self. Gav interpreted this as having a guy on her mind, which dampened his own spirits in a way, yet was happy that at least someone was going to get it. Then he remembered his earlier remark and decided he needed to make amends, in case it had actually caused offence. 

“Emma, about earlier. When you arrived. I didn’t mean anything by it.” 

“It’s okay,” she said quietly. 

Gav wasn’t convinced. 

“Are you sure? It was inappropriate. I apologize.” 

Emma looked like she was thinking what to say and licked her lips and looked at Gav, sheepishly. 

“Can I have a word, a minute?” asked Emma. 

“Yeah. In private you mean?” 

“Yes, is that okay?” 

Gav was uncertain what was on Emma’s mind. If she hadn’t been offended, what did she want to say, that needed to be said behind closed doors? 

He took her into one of the small meeting rooms, off the main office. They both sat down and Gav tried to concentrate on her face, in spite of her breasts jiggling under her top. Emma looked at Gav and spoke quietly. 

“Can I ask you a question, Gav?” 

“Fire away!” 

“It’s personal. A bit” 

“It’s okay, I’m good with personal things.” 

“Okay, are you married or anything?” 

“No rings, look,” he said, holding out his hands. 

“Yeah, so you’re… hmmm… this is difficult." 

“It’s all right. Just say what you want to say.” 

“Well, you’re single? Like fully single?” 

“Yes Emma. Well at the minute anyway.” 

Gav was surprised by the line of questions, but delighted all the same.

“Good. Well… the thing is. You know my best friend is over?” 

“Yes, you said. What’s her name?” 

“Isabel. Izzy if you want to wind her up.” 

“Ha right!” 

Emma kept shuffling in her seat and crossing and re-crossing her feet under the desk. 

“Yes, she’s very shy.” 


“Sorry, that’s a bit random. I mean she’s intelligent and everything and she bright but she’s…” 

“Are you okay?” asked Gav. 

“Actually can I just get a drink of water?” 

“Sure, I’ll wait.” 

Gav had been certain that Emma was about to make a pass at him, but then she had thrown the friend into the equation. He had gone from excitement to elation to confusion in the space of two minutes. Emma came back sipping her water and then resumed her seat. 

“So this Isabel?” said Gav, encouragingly.

“Yes. What it is, Gav. She’s eighteen now, two weeks ago and she’s got a boyfriend. She’s dated before but she’s always been shy and I don’t think it, you know?” 

“I think so,” said Gav, uncomprehendingly. 

“Well, this guy is a lot more experienced than her. It’s come to the stage of the relationship when she wants to…” 

Emma paused to drink her water. 

“To give him a blow job,” she continued. 

“Oh, I see. Sorry, Emma. It’s interesting, but why are you telling me all this?” 

“I know, sorry, I’m getting it all mixed up. We, well she. That is we, need a guy to practise on. She’s really nervous that she will be rubbish and she asked if I could borrow her my boyfriend or something.” 



“It’s ‘lend’ her your boyfriend.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, I’m rubbish at grammar.” 

Gav smirked, still not absolutely certain where this was going but was enjoying the story. 

“It’s okay, but I’m still not sure…” 

Emma cut in. 

“I don’t actually have a boyfriend right now?” 



The penny dropped with a clank. 

“Shit. You mean me?” 

“If you could.” 

A wave of anxiety and a brief shortness of breath overcame Gav as the full force of the proposition hit him and he took a drink of Emma’s water. 

“Hope you don’t mind,” said Gav, “I needed a drink.” 

“It’s fine. So what do you think?” 

“So, let me see if I’ve got this right. You and Isabel want to practise on me with your blowjob skills?” 

“Basically, yes.” 


Gav began to get hard. 

Isabel and I are close as well. Before she went to live in France, when she was sixteen, we used to get drunk sometimes and mess about and then we got it on a couple of times. She’s so pretty and now she’s mega hot! She’s just shy around guys. We would put on a bit of a show for you as well.” 

“Wow okay. Ummm… I don’t know what to say.” 

“Yes, would be good. She goes back on Wednesday, so this weekend would be good.” 

“Yes then. Sheeez… seriously?” 

“That’s all good then. I was worried you’d be mad at me.” 

“Mad at you?! Of course not. I’m flattered and astonished.” 

“I’m glad you said yes. I feel that I sort of know you now, and..."


"I love to suck cock. It really turns me on.” 

Gav’s already semi-hard dick suddenly went the extra bit and he wriggled, uncomfortably in his chair. 

“If you want to give me a minute, I’ll come back in the office. I just need to deal with something.” 

“Okay,” chuckled Emma. We’ll sort out the location and everything later, yeah?” 

“Yes, sure.” 

Gav eventually regained his composure and re-joined Emma in the office. The rest of the day continued relatively normally or as normal as was possible following a proposition like Emma’s. Later on Gav spoke to Emma about what was said and it was agreed it best if they came to his home on the Saturday afternoon. Gav wasn’t sure if he was breaking company policy by getting involved with a secondee like this. He had been a model employee in his time at Lucy’s and he figured he was due a little dalliance. It was the best friends thing that really got him going. That was naughty.

Gav had showered and was flipping through Computer Monthly when there was a ‘tap-tap’ on his front door. Suddenly his belly was full of butterflies and a prickly heat shot round his head. He opened the door and stepped back, his mouth open in awe of the two girls on his doorstep. Emma was in a shiny, figure-hugging purple dress. It was short; shorter than would have been permitted at work. Her hair flowed beautifully over her shoulders and her red lipstick highlighted her full, heart-shaped lips. Beside her was her best friend, Isabel. She was fractionally shorter than Emma with her short, bobbed hair a shade or two darker. Her complexion reflected her Mediterranean life-style, but she shared her friend's hazel eyes. She too was wearing a short dress. Hers was lemon yellow and didn’t leave much to the imagination, owing to the way it followed every contour of her breasts and hips. Gav’s eyes wandered over the girls, his eyes settling on Emma’s cute little triangle, which pressed against the front of her dress. Gav had seen his share of eye candy, but confronted with two girls of the calibre of Emma and Isabel was something different, entirely. 

“Come in, come in!” 

“Thank you,” the girls said, in unison. 

“You both look amazing. Make yourselves at home. Sit where you like.” 

Emma and Isabel sat down together on the sofa. Gav looked at their legs, his gaze continuing up to their panties, which they made no effort to hide. 

“Can I get you a drink? I have some white wine. It’s chilled.” 

The girls looked at each other and nodded, Isabel giving Gav a bashful glance as he checked her out again. 

“I’ll be back in a minute.” 

When he returned, Emma was leafing through his magazine. 

“You and your computers!” said Emma, flinging it back on to the coffee table. 

“You don’t look like a computer geek,” said Isabel. 

“Thanks. Geeks just play at it. I’m the real deal.” 

He handed them their wine and Isabel smiled and then bit her lip, as she looked down and noticed the swelling that had developed in Gav’s trousers. He had battled against it to begin with and had limited it to a semi, but her eyes were making it hard to maintain that limitation. Gav felt himself becoming properly aroused as both girls stared at him with a mixture of expectation and impishness. 

“Emma has told me all about you,” said Isabel. 

Isabel had an unusual accent; a mixture of Queen’s English and a continental lilt. 

“I imagine she has.” 

Gav mentally pinched himself, to confirm this was all real, but there was no doubting his unfurling cock and the sweet perfume of the girls, which had followed them into his sitting room. 

“What do you do in France?” asked Gav. 

“I’m a student in Montpelier,” answered Isabel. 

“You too. What are you studying?” 

“It’s a combined degree in European studies and French,” said Isabel, clutching her wine glass nervously. She was taking little sips and playing with the stem of the glass. 

Gav detected her slight anxiety but wasn’t sure if it was any worse than his own. 

“I can see the likeness,” said Gav, feeling the need for small talk. 

“Yeah we have the same eyes. And nose,” said Emma. 

“Hmmm.. you do,” acknowledged Gav. 

“She’s a cutie though, isn’t she!” said Emma, putting an arm round her friend, affectionately.

Seeing them cuddle made Gav's heart miss a beat.

“So… I guess we should, you know…” said Emma. 

“Are you okay doing this then?” asked Isabel. 

“Yes, it’s a pleasure to help,” said Gav, with undisguised understatement. 

“I would have been more amazed if he’d refused,” said Emma. 

“Yes, I suppose,” said Isabel. “Emma probably explained. I’m not very confident with things. I’m just frightened of messing up.” 

“I told you, you’ll be fine,” said Emma. “Just do what I do.” 

“Okay. I’m fine with girls though. It’s just you know… the thingy.” 

“She means cocks!” said Emma. 

“I gathered that,” replied Gav. 

Isabel giggled, nervously. 

Emma looked at Isabel and then Gav. Then she turned to her friend and hesitated. She looked at Gav, as if she wanted to make sure she had his full attention. She proceeded to slide her hand along her friend's leg, pushing up the hem of her skirt. Isabel turned and looked at Emma and the two girls moved closer together. Isabel ran her hand along Emma’s arm, gently stroking her as they began to kiss. 

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Gav. He had watched some DVDs with girl on girl, but seeing two girls getting it on, up close was mind blowing. It wasn’t any half measures either, the girls were properly French kissing and Isabel was caressing her friend's breasts through her dress. 

Isabel opened her legs a little wider and looked at Gav, biting her bottom lip as Emma rubbed her index finger around the cleft of her panties. Gav’s cock was now fully hard and he attempted to manoeuvre it around inside his trousers, to ease the discomfort. Emma looked at him as she massaged her friend's pussy through her panties. 

“I think you need to slip them off, so I can show Isabel what to do,” said Emma, sexily. 

“You two are too much!” said Gav. 

“I told you that we were close,” said Emma. “We haven’t started yet.” 

“Right,” said Gav, uneasily, fumbling with his hard on. 

“Are you going to play with it, or are you going to take them off?” asked Emma, sarcastically. 

Isabel returned her shy glance towards Gav and her eyes followed his hands, as he stood up and began to undo his belt and then the zip. 

“It’s best if you get ‘em hard first,” said Emma. “You can begin with a soft on, but in my experience, it’s best if you get them aroused.” 


“Guys love the visual stimulus,” added Emma. 


“Do you want to slip your stuff off and sit back on the chair, Gav?” 

“Yeah, sure. “ 

Gav rolled his trousers down and kicked them off. His cock had made a huge tent in his boxers and it was evident to the girls that he was packing a huge wang. 

“Hmmm… Gav! Yum! It’s nice to have a good one to work with,” complimented Emma. 

Gav was hot and trembling a little as he peeled off his boxers and his cock sprang up. It was both long and thick. 

“Wow! That must be eight inches?!” exclaimed Emma. 

“Something like that,” said Gav, his faced flushed and his heart pounding. 

Gav sat down again and involuntarily shielded his cock. The girls giggled. 

“Don’t hide it!” protested Emma. “We wanna see!” 

Isabel was all eyes, staring at Gav’s cock in awe. 

“Dresses off,” said Emma, casually. 

Isabel looked at Emma nervously, but gripped the hem of her short dress and almost simultaneously the girls lifted their dresses up and pulled them off. They were dressed in matching undies – skimpy white panties and push-up bras. Emma had marginally the bigger boobs, especially since she was a little slimmer, but both girls had gorgeous shapely figures. 

Gav’s cock twitched as he watched. The girls had toned tummies and slim waists. Isabel had maybe a little extra on her hips, but only a little. The girls turned to each other and kissed again, at the same time undoing the clips of each other’s bra. Gav could see the outline of Isabel’s gorgeous ass, the cheeks barely covered by her panties. Emma’s was equally pert and the site of them sent a thrill of lust through his loins. The two best friends turned towards him, losing their bras at the same time. Isabel’s were a little more up-tilted and her areolae were large and puffy. Emma had equally succulent suckable boobs. Gav saw just how suckable as Isabel bent over and closed her lips around one of Emma’s nipples and drew her titty into her mouth. Emma looked at Gav, sexily, as she ran her fingers through her friend's hair, and expressed her pleasure with soft ‘oohs’ and little gasps. Gav’s jaw simply dropped as they squished their bodies together as they kissed. Their boobs were squashed up, nipple brushing nipple as they caressed and fondled each other’s bodies. 

Gav’s cock was aching before long and he gave himself a gentle rub, just enough to ease the pressure without too much stimulation. 

“I think we should get you familiar with some cock,” said Emma, holding her friend's hand and leading her towards their toy. 

Emma knelt down and Isabel did likewise, and they each put a hand on Gav’s knees. His cock was thick and twitched visibly, the bulbous head fat and engorged. Now that the girls were closer Gav could see the tiny goose bumps around their nipples and other tiny details like the little mole on Emma's stomach. 
“Forget whatever you’ve seen on porno’s Isabel. Men don’t go in for all this gagging and shit. The secret in a good blow job is to go slowly and softly. You shouldn’t need to put any pressure on and that way there’s no teeth."

Isabel nodded attentively taking everything in, like a good student. Gav thought the rather matter of fact way of Emma’s approach was extremely erotic. 

“I’ll show you what to do and then you do the same." She then turned to Gav. "Are you okay, boss?” 

Gav gulped and took a deep breath. 

“Yeah, I think so. Knock yourself out!” 

Emma sat up on her knees and lay her palms on Gav’s thighs. She rolled her tongue along the underside of his shaft and licked the same area several times, gradually extending the length of cock that her tongue was stroking. Eventually, she closed her lips around his cock as she reached the helmet. She flicked his little banjo string, drawing gasps of pleasure from Gav. Then she gripped his cock at the base and went down on him, her head bobbing slowly as she took him a little deeper with each stroke of her lips. Gav drew breath sharply as Emma applied perfect pressure with her soft, moist mouth. She looked into his eyes, keeping eye contact as she sucked him. She made contented little moans and it was evident that she enjoyed having a thick, hard cock in her mouth. She broke away at last and turned to Isabel who had been watching every detail.

“Don’t forget this bit,” said Emma, pointing his fraenulum. It’s the most sensitive part and you’ll drive him wild.” 

Isabel nodded, her face full of the eagerness of a new pupil. 

“Do you want a go?” asked Emma.

Isabel's face developed a rosy glow and then she moved towards Gav, exchanging places with her more experienced friend.

“Okay. Sorry if I’m not expert first time,” she said, looking up at Gav with her dewy, hazel eyes. 

Gav didn’t speak but looked at the gorgeous eighteen year old and braced himself. Isabel touched his cock. Her hands were trembling slightly as she studied his huge manhood with its thick vein and purple tinted head. 

“Lick it first,” encouraged Emma. “Imagine it’s an ice lolly.” 

Isabel closed her eyes and licked the head. She licked his engorged penis round the top in a circular movement. She started and squealed as his cock twitched and bounced against the tip of her nose.

“He hee, it’s alive!” 

“Keep going, you’re doing good. Lick the shaft before you suck him.” 

She held his cock between two fingers and licked the flesh along the underside of his penis. She had a gentle, loving motion, rolling her tongue in a circular fashion and then remembered not to miss the sensitive stringy bit. It made Gav groan with pleasure, as she licked and tickled him in every possible way. 

“Ooh what! He’s cum!” said Isabel, seeing the translucent fluid ooze from his cock.” 

“No, it’s pre-cum, you’re okay, some guys do that, some don’t.” 

Isabel looked up at Gav and smiled a naughty smile. She licked his cock and caught the pre-cum on her tongue and it stretched in a fine line of elastic gloop, as it mixed with her saliva. Gav groaned some more as Isabel continued to lick and kiss his swollen head and then swallowed his cock, sucking him gently, like Emma had done. Gav had to breathe through his nose, as his teeth were clenched and his body stiffened as he groaned with ecstasy. 

“Hnnggghh! She’s good.” 

“Hmmm… quick learner,” said Emma. 

Emma let her friend enjoy the sensation of a man’s cock in her mouth for a minute or two and then interrupted her. 

“Next, you have to remember his balls. See, Gav’s got a nice shaved balls sack and they love having the scrotum sucked. Like this look.” 

Emma took a mouth full of balls and sucked on one of his nuts and then released it, making a wet noise as the firm, walnut patterned flesh sprang back in place. Isabel followed Emma’s lead and sucked his sack, while Emma gave his cock a little suck. 

“I think we need to finish him,” said Emma. “But do it slowly. He needs to be begging by the time he comes.” 

“Ah okay.” 

“When you go in for the finish, always combine handwork with the sucking. Because there’s two of us, we can suck him together, but a good blowjob can be a perfect blowjob if you get the wanking right.” 

Emma kissed her best friend as she slipped a hand down the front of her own panties and fingered her clit. Emma whispered something in Isabel’s ear and the girls stood up, taking off their panties at the same time. Emma turned Isabel, as if to show Gav how perfectly pert her bum was.

The girls were shaved apart from a rectangular landing strip of tufty pubes. Gav watched in amazement as he saw the girls completely nude for the first time. Emma had slightly more protruding labia than Isabel, but they were equally pink and lusciously moist. The girls knelt down again and kissed, passionately. Soon they were nibbling ears and necks, their breathing hard with arousal. Emma touched Isabel's pussy lips, working her fingers round and round on the fleshy pink flaps. Isabel mewed with pleasure as her friend's fingers slipped into her pussy from behind, one hand slipping between her legs, teasing her soft bum flesh.

Emma withdrew her fingers, as her friend was panting with orgasmic pleasure. Emma stroked her juice-covered fingers on Gav's cock, smearing the girl cum on his throbbing head.

"Okay, let's do it," said Emma.

As Isabel licked Gav’s cock, Emma wanked him with two fingers of one hand and was stroking his legs with the other. 

“That’s it, slowly, slowly, Isabel. He’s going to come!” 

Emma joined her friend and the two girls kissed his cock at the same time. Gav was breathing so deeply now and his muscles were tensed in his legs and buttocks as the cum welled up from deep within his balls. 


Emma massaged his balls, as Isabel licked his cock. She could feel the their fullness, packed as they were with creamy spunk. Gav grimaced, his body a tumult of pre-orgasm. 

“Fuck! Unnnnngh… can’t…hold…back!” 

"That's it Gav! Come"

“Aaahh! Ooooh! Yesssss!” 

Gav’s cock erupted causing the girls to squeal and they attempted to dodge the spurts, but inevitably ended up with some jizz on their hair and a little on their faces. 

“Aaaah! Yes! Hmm! FUCK!!!” 

Gav lay back in his chair, his dick and his body spent. He was drained. 

“Are you okay, Gav?” asked Emma. 

“Yeah, just!” 

“Your first blow job!” said Emma, turning to her friend. 

Isabel bore a satisfied, bordering on smug expression, after a job well done.


Gav and Emma’s working relationship was never quite the same after their naughty encounter, but both managed to see through the remaining ten days of her secondment, without raising any suspicions in the office. Gav would never forget that afternoon in his home, when he provided his ample endowment for the cock sucking teens.

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