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Coffee, Hotels, and a Surprise

Coffee, or as I call it: The Devil's Drink.
I call coffee “The Devil's Drink”. I imagine you think I'm crazy because, let's be honest, how many of us only function because of coffee. Before you call for me to be beheaded, let me explain. Nothing good happens after you're asked the phrase “Let's grab some coffee!”. Even bars are better than coffee. Ideas spark in bars. People fall in love at bars. People get wasted and have great times at bars. It is said that after discovering the structure of DNA, Francis Crick blasted into a pub and told everyone he had discovered the secret of life. Getting coffee, on the other hand, is a quiet way of saying “I have something to hide, so meet me somewhere neutral so I can try to fuck you behind someone's back.”

I've been asked out to coffee on many occasions. Sometimes I am a strong person and politely say no... but sometimes... sometimes I'm feeling lonely, or horny, and agree. I got a text thirty seconds before I fell asleep one night. "Up for coffee?" they asked. I agreed, and after finding out where, threw on some clothes and drove.

I had met him for coffee on several occasions prior to this. I had even met him at a hotel once, but something felt different this time. I look in the mirror before I left, and decided I actually looked good enough to sneak around town, so I got my keys and my purse and left.

When I got there, we caught up. I asked about his wife, and what they had been up to lately. After a forty-five minutes of chatting. He said he wanted to meet my under more intimate circumstances. I think was mainly because of the last time I met him at a hotel... must have sparked something in him.

“Tomorrow I'll text you more details, okay?” He got up, threw a fifty down on the table, and walked away. “Ooookay?” I though to myself. I was unbelievably horny at that point. I was squirming in my seat the entire drive home. When I got there I immediately pulled out my vibrator and masturbated twice just thinking about fucking a married guy.

Sure enough, the next day he texted me. He told me to meet him at the same hotel as before. 

Around 9:00 I quickly put on something not resembling pajamas, almost put on some make-up, and got in the car. It's a bit of a drive for me so I got the pleasure of thinking about what I was doing for a good thirty minutes. It got me anxious, but excited. As I drove I reflected on my relation ship with this guy.

We met at a club a while ago. It was one of those times where you go out with your friends, and drinks just... show up in your hand. As it turned out they were coming from one particular person (I had to flash the bartender to get this information). I was pointed to a guy sitting at the bar. He wore an expensive suit, and was sitting closely to a beautiful woman, and talking to her intently. She was wearing a tight red dress, and he was staring at her cleavage. I only know, because I was too. I thought he had found some other skank, and I had missed my opportunity for more free drinks. To my surprise another hurricane got delivered to my table. My friends were starting to snicker at this point.

I waited for a good moment to talk to the guy. Eventually, his lady friend got up and went to the bathroom. I approached him. He smiled and gave me a business card. It said he name, his position at some marketing company, and his cell phone number. He winked and told me to leave before his wife came back. Just in time too, I walked away just as she got back. I heard her ask about me. He wrote me off as some girl who though he was a celebrity. My friends all asked me what he said. I told them about his wife. A chorus of childish laughter erupted from them. To be honest, I was laughing at this point too. Part of me wanted to tell the guys wife, but the other part of me wanted to see where it went.

A passing headlight reminded me that I was driving. Another text had been delivered to my phone. It was a picture of a fancy, fancy, fancy hotel room. The room gaudy and gold, but the hot tub in the living room was really working for me. I was starting to get more excited than anxious at this point. Of course, at that exact moment, I saw the break lights. Break lights for miles it seemed.

Police cars screamed by me, sirens wailing, tires spinning on the ground. I sat and sat waiting for movement. It seemed like nothing was moving, nor had ever or would ever, move. Some guy next to me was blaring some electronic music, the rhythmic bass mixed with the glowing, red, brake lights again sent me into daydream land.

I remembered the first time I texted him. It was about six months prior to being stuck in the traffic. I was home alone, drinking and watching the entirety of Supernatural from episode one. Hot guys mixed with drunkenness reminded me of the card. I scrambled for my phone. I typed thirty different drafts of the text I would eventually send (one included only a picture of my tits). I finally came up with something that didn't sound too crazy. A while later he texted me back. He apologized for the delay. Apparently he was in a movie theater with his wife and couldn't get to me right away. He also told me about his wife's business trip, and how I should meet him at a specific address. I assumed some cheap motel or something.

I Googled the address; it was a beautiful hotel downtown. Right then and there I decided to go. I told one of my friends where I was going, but I didn't tell him why. I told him to check in with me at some point the following night.

I didn't sleep. I paced around my apartment, listening to music. I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't do anything productive. I was a mess, worrying and contemplating the worst ways he could murder me that night. Finally it was about 5:00 pm. Over fifteen hours since I made the decision to go. I had gotten dressed and had been sitting on the edge of my bed. I finally decided on a black g-string, matching black bra (which in retrospect was too small for me), black mid-length skirt, and a deep red halter top. I did my hair in a loose pony tail, and applied more make-up than usual, and deep red heels.

It would only take me thirty minutes to get to the hotel, but I left early. I wanted to scope the place out a little to make sure I wasn't going to get murdered. I arrived at 5:40 and went up to the room. I made a mental note of where it was and went back down the elevator to the lobby. I saw a bar off to my left. “Perfect!” I thought.

I sat at the bar, warding off business men by the dozen... apparently I looked like a high class prostitute, and to be perfectly honest, I did contemplate actually taking a guy up on his offer. To this day I still think of going back dressed like that and making some money.... My cell phone alarm went off. 8:25. I jumped up out of my seat, left a twenty on the counter to pay for my one drink, and hurried up-stairs. The hallway to the room was spinning, I felt like I was doing something so unbelievably crazy, my brain couldn't process it.

I knocked on the hotel door and he opened it. Then a car honked at me. I shook back to reality and noticed the cars ahead of me were almost gone. I put my foot to the ground and sped down the highway. My excitement had turned back into anxiety. I had met this guy a lot before, the first time at the same hotel I was driving to now, the rest at an old coffee shop in the city. Every time I met the guy I thought it would turn into a sexually charged evening, and sometimes it kinda did.

I mean, a couple of time we made out, and I one even sucked his cock in his car after a coffee, but usually we just talked.

I arrived at the hotel, and was going valet my car. I was greeted by name.

“Your parking has been paid Ms, Liviana.”

“I... how do you know me?”

“We were prepared for your arrival.”

Who the fuck? I did feel more comfortable about it for some reason. The entire hotel knew I was going to be there this time. How much did this fucking guy spend on all this? I walked up to the hotel room he sent me. I knocked and he answered. He was wearing a cartoonish robe, and held a pipe.

“Hi, Livi!” He had a huge grin.

“I didn't know you smoked!”

“I don't! It's not even loaded!” He tossed the pipe on to the floor.

“This way, my sweet!” He bowed with his hands leading me toward the hot tub in the living room.

There was a T.V. Hilariously showing a log fire on the screen, and the tub bubbled to life. He took off his robe, revealing silk looking swim wear, and stepped, SLOWLY, into the tub. He finally settled and beckoned me again.

“Come on in!”

“How fucking much did you-”

“Don't worry about me. Just come get in the tub. Do you have something to wear?”

Shit. I forgot. I wasn't in the right, rational, frame of mind to have properly prepared for this.

“No I don't.”


“It's fine! Though. I'll just... I'll get in,” I stammered.

I went out of his line of sight and took my clothes off. My jacket, untied and removed my halter, folded my bra, kicked off my shoes, dropped my pants and thong, and folded them neatly onto the bed. I slipped in the tub next to him. He put his arm around me and I could see his cock start to perk up, almost coming out of the water. We sat like this for a few minutes and then he kissed me. Our kiss progressed from light pecking to passionate in about twenty seconds. I threw a leg over his and crouched down to kiss his face. I moved to his cheek and down his neck. He squeezed my ass closer to him, raising my body until my tits were pressed against his face.

The man knew how to use his tongue. He kissed the valley between my tits, and then one, and then the other. His tongue lightly flicking my nipples when we would press his face into my chest. My back arched backwards and my head tilted back. I moaned softly as he massaged my tit that his lips weren't sucking on biting on.

He stopped, so I looked down at him. He was looking up at me, smiling. I smiled back. I stood up off his lap and put my knees on the bottom of the tub. I kissed his neck, his shoulder, his collar bone. As I did this I pulled his now throbbing cock out of this trunks. I took a deep breath, and put my head under the water. My hair floated on the surface as I took his cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, feeling his rigid cock sliding between my lips and touching my throat. His hands lightly scraped up and down my back. I came up for air and smiled again at him. I kissed his cock and slowly stroked him under the water, pressing his cock between my tits.

I took another deep breath and went under water. I wanted to impress him with how far I could take his cock. As I pressed my head down onto his cock, I could hear him moan from under the water. His cock touched the back of my throat, and then went down it, I could feel his hips on my lips and his cock pulsing in my neck. I gagged a bit and let out all my air, and surfaced. He looked at me with wide eyes.

“Lets move to the bed.”

“Okay!” I smiled back.

He got up out of the water and dropped his silly trunks on the floor. He took a towel and watched as I emerged, slowly from the water. Stepping one foot immediately in front of the other. I noticed that he had completely stopped drying him self to watch me. Then he noticed that I was holding my hand out for a towel. He snapped out of gawking and handed me one. We (kind of) dried off and he led me by the hand towards the bed. Once we were standing next to the bed, he took both of my hands and looked, unblinking into my eyes.

“Liviana, I-”

I pushed him into the bed, face up. I crawled on top of him. I could feel my tits sliding over his body: past his feet, over his legs, his cock slipped in between my tits, over his stomach and finally rested on his check and I bit his neck. I moved his arms above his head and helped his cock slide into my pussy while I lay on him. Then I leaned up and slowly sat down on his cock. Once we achieved full penetration I slowly began to bounce on his cock.

I bounced faster and faster. I saw his eyes roll back and he let out a quiet, deep breath. His hands slid up my thighs and stomach and he felt my tits bouncing to the rhythm. As I bounced, he forced his hips up. This created a super intense feeling for me. He was powerful, and my tits were almost beginning to hurt because of the added force. In one motion he suddenly flipped us both over, cock still deep into my pussy.

He then held my hands above my head, and whispered “How's that feel?”

Before I could answer he started pounding away. His hips, slamming into mine. The force was amazing. I finally managed to squeak out:

“Fuck-ing a-maz-ing. Fu-uu-uu-ckk” My speech was broken by the sheer force of his cock slamming into my pussy. He went harder, leaning up a little onto his arms. The pillow behind my head was the only think keeping my head from slamming in to the back board; my arms were useless in that regard because he was too strong. Panting he told me to flip over. I did so.

I stuck my ass up in the air, and attempted to brace myself against the head board of the massive bed. I felt him spread my ass apart and slide his cock into my pussy. He slowly forced it all the way in. Then slowly brought it back out. Then slowly in, slowly out. I moan quietly and arched my back into a concave position, allowing my pussy to be more accepting of his long cock. He then grabbed my hips and slammed his body into mine. I felt the shock wave ripple from my ass, down my legs, up back, to my tits and then back to my ass.

He slammed into me again, and again. It was incredible. I was actually screaming at this point. I tired to scream into a pillow, but I'm not sure it made a difference.

“Fuuuuck!” I screamed, my entire body feeling the force and pleasure.

He asked again, “Like that, baby?”

“Yyyyeeeeesssss!” I said back, softly, my eyes closed, trying to feel ever inch of his cock in my pussy.

He continued to pound into me, and I began to shake. My body was starting to tense. For the first time in my life, someone was going to fuck me until I orgasmed. Orgasm I did.

“Fuck! Fuck I'm cumming!” I screamed at him.

He continued to fuck me through the orgasm, which was incredible. I shook and scream. I didn't scream words, just noises, filling up the room, and I'm sure pissing off the other hotel patrons. Soon after I came down off the initial, blinding orgasm, he too was going to blow.

“Oooooh shit, here I come!” He said.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy and stoked it until he laid stripes of cum across my ass, and up my back. I could feel the hot streams slowly drip down my sweat soaked back and down my ass to my legs. I leaned on my head, using my neck for support, rubbed his cum around my ass. I felt his sticky mess, working into my goose-bumped skin. We collapsed simultaneously onto the bed. Me, face down, he on his back. We lay there, panting and sweating.

“Let's get in the shower,” he said at a whisper, unable to catch his breath yet. I agreed, seeing as how the entire back of my body was covered in cum. He led me by the hand to an enormous shower. He took his wedding ring off and set it on the sink. We climbed in and he filled a loofah with soap and handed it to me. As we showered I asked him about his situation and why he was even doing this when he had a wife. I didn't feel bad, I was purely curious.

“So, not to pry, but why did you do this for me?”

“To be honest, it's just immaturity on my part... I have been fucking the same chick for five years now.”

“Oh...” I looked at him with an eye brown raised.

“Look I know it's shitty, okay?” He looked down.

“Here's the thing... I'm telling her about all this. Tomorrow, when she gets home... I'm coming clean. That's why I went all out. I decided that if this was going to be the last time I ever cheated on my wife... then I wanted it to be special. She's probably going to divorce me after all this... so I figured I'd blow some money on you.”

Needless to say, I was astonished, slightly flattered, and a lot embarrassed. On one hand I used, but on the other... I had an amazing night and I wouldn't ever forget it. I still don't regret it.

That was about ten months ago. Three days ago I received a text from a number I didn't recognize. That's where my story with him takes a radical spin.

I got a message on my phone. Attached was the man and his wife, at their anniversary dinner, that happened last night. I thought “I knew he wouldn't tell her.”
He told me all about their conversation. She knew about me. About what we did. Every dirty minute of it. From holding hands at the coffee shop, to blowing him in the car, to fucking at the hotel. Even crazier: she wanted to meet me. Even, even crazier: she wanted to get me in on some three way action. I couldn't believe it. I still don't. I never saw that twist in our story coming. My head is still spinning. 

I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

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