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Common Interests, Part three

We had found pleasures, but none before now in public, a new twist to our bond and new challenge

The weekend was hard, well not hard as one would think but difficult to bear with the absence of my new found lover. Somehow I wanted more, and then more again and again of the insatiable lush woman who could satisfy my every fantasy. I sat at the computer and wrote, as you have read of our time shared that she had planned for us to come together again.

I saw her only once over our time parted, a pang of heat and yet guilt tracing through me as Jane stood close by and watched when Brenda waved casually as she saw me dropping Jane off at work. I drove home and washed up the covering for the bed, it was a mess, and yet the remains smelled of our joining and I was lost with want by the thoughts of our encounter.

Even the memories then and now enough to arouse me to thickening with want. Several times over the weekend I was forced to relieve the pressures of desire. I lowered my pants beyond the knee and took the might of my shaft in both hands, as my mind raced with the fruitful memories of Brenda and the avalanche of joys we had found. I had become wanton at least, or perhaps obsessed deeply with lust for the younger, hotter than hot woman who had taken my all and reveled in it as no other ever had. I could only hope that as time went by we would share our bodies and desires again and again. Only time would tell that tale, to be sure.

At last Monday rolled around, yeah, to most just another day of labor. Yet my job now had an added benefit, I could see Brenda once in a while; perhaps even visit about our latest reading material. Or, if really lucky, reminisce about our wondrous encounters of one occasion or another.

That was highly unlikely if we planned on keeping it secret, which we did. I got to work at the usual time, 6:45, and prepared my gear; radio, palm pilot computer terminal and printer that are a requirement of the position I hold. I sat down to spend my last few minutes of peace and quiet in the rear break room and allowed my thoughts to focus on the labors of the day. If I had thought otherwise I'd likely be hard as a rock when I walked out to the floor, I knew she would be there soon, if not already.

When I clocked in, she was getting her stuff gathered as well; I smiled as I spoke in my normal tones, "Good morning.” She murmured a reply and stole a side long glance, but no more.

Something in her gaze was off somehow, but I'd have to wait until later to know what caused the lack of glimmer to her gaze. Even during the two months we had been forced to wait to know our pleasures a second time, her eyes always had found mine; mine that had sparkled in those hidden private moments as had hers.

I shook it off and figured that when we had a chance we would discuss what was going on with her apparent lack of enthusiasm. I went to work and put the thoughts out of my mind, and yet each time I saw her she seemed saddened somehow, it was about to tear me apart. The unknown is always the worst.

Break time came and went, she had not been able to get away at the same time I was. It tore at my heart to wait any longer, but unless I wanted everyone in the store to find out about us, I could not steal her aside openly. A chance opportunity availed us a few moments alone, I was working on the overstock lists for the walk in cooler and she came in to retrieve a few heads of lettuce to take it to the floor.

I worked silently where no one knew I was as is often the case. It actually surprised me when the door opened and it was my sweet friend and lover, Brenda. She closed the door completely and walked over to me, slipped her arms around me with tears suddenly welling in her eyes.

Her voice was quiet, sad somehow as she began, "Jerry, we've shared so much, I'm sorry," she whispered as she gave me a tight squeeze. It was as if she were saying good bye.

I know my mouth hung open as I heard the silent concession of regret. My lips pressed to her hair and then neck just beneath her ear and then I whispered, "Sorry? About what Brenda?" with sincere hope it was something simple. I knew it wasn't the moment she leaned back from our brief embrace, her narrow V pressing against my upper thigh a brief reminder at how perfectly we fit together.

"I," she stammered, "I turned in my request for a transfer as soon as I clocked in this morning. Brian got a new job and we'll be moving soon."

My shock couldn't have been more complete if she'd have shot me. Suddenly my heart stopped and then raced as I desperately tried to get a handle on the loss of her as a friend, not to mention lover. "How," I stammered with an almost frantic frustration, "how long until you move?"

"He'll be leaving on Friday to get us a place to live; I'm not sure how long a transfer will take, but personnel says it won't take but a week or two since I am willing to start in any position at the store in Hugo." Her tears had let up, but her eyes were still filled with the glimmer of sadness I could hardly bare to look at. The pale blue perfection of her orbs seemed to carry the weight of the world.

"Brenda," still in shock, "Why? I thought he liked his job. Is this a done deal, for sure?"

I stood there, I couldn't even hold on to her and yet I couldn't let go of her either; the best friend I had known was leaving, moving away and it seemed as though my world was falling apart. "We need to get out of the cooler, people might wonder what's taking so long; but we need to talk. Jane's off today, can we plan lunch?"

"I don't know Jerry. I'm not sure that's a good idea; unless it's just in the break room or something."

"Yeah, just like we've done from time to time over the last year or so, we'll shoot for noon; I think that's what time you're scheduled for isn't it?" I was desperate to talk this through; my mind was numb with the onslaught of losing her. Not just as a lover, though that was sending waves of grief enough, the idea that after so many years I actually had someone I could talk to leaving was devastating. Jane and I had become accustomed to our routine and no more than passing conversations about mundane routine things.

"Yeah, noon," she said in a voice that seemed even more troubled than my own thoughts. She loaded up the heads of lettuce she had come for and left the cooler, I stayed inside with more work to do than my troubled thoughts would allow me to focus on. I made it through the rest of the morning, though my thoughts were more on the pending eventful departure than my job.

Just before noon I ordered lunch from one of the local restaurants that delivers and had two specials to be sent in at noon, left the money at the customer service desk and asked that they let me know when they arrived. Straight up noon the meals were delivered, I clocked out and carried the bag back to the break room without comment.

I set the bag down on the table and broke out the food; chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, the veggie I had chosen was a tossed salad for each of the two meals. I didn't want to make it seem a big deal, but to me it was an offering of the bond we shared and a way of not overstepping the boundaries we had allowed ourselves, it wasn't the first time one or the other of us bought lunch for our time in the break room. Brenda came in only a minute later and I saw as her jaw dropped, in awe that I hadn't planned something far different, "I thought you would ask me to go outside to the SUV and eat," with a warmer smile than she had been anticipating giving me.

I smiled as well and replied, "Hey, I said it would be just like what we've done in the past, so have a seat. We can eat and you can explain what has happened; unless someone else comes in anyway."

She sat across from me as we normally did, dragged the container of steak and potatoes up and smiled as she saw one of her favorite meals. “That small country restaurant makes the best Chicken Fried Steak in the county, if not state.” I felt relieved that she was going to relax enough to enjoy her meal, we wouldn't get to share them much longer if I had heard right.

Between bites she began to tell the tale, "Brian has been trying to find a better job for quite a while, and George," his uncle, "told him about a tech job for one of the lumber companies in the southeastern part of the state. We were both surprised when he got a call over the weekend to drive down and interview. So, we spent all day yesterday driving the 300 miles each way, and to make a long story short, he got the job."

My own fork had dipped into the steak and potatoes several times but rested as she paused having given the particulars of the how, though I was sure there was much more to it than that. "Well," I began with a calm that only comes from open and honest friendship, "I've got to say, I am happy for his new found fortune. And,“ I paused, “I guess I should be happy for you as well, but it stings a bit knowing that once you're gone the best I'll ever get is an email or text message. You had better plan on staying in touch."

Her hand slid across the table and rested on mine as she whispered, "I may be moving away, but you know I'll have to come back to visit once in a while. All of my friends live around here, especially one in particular," and winked with a sultry smile to go along with it.

I grinned unconsciously and whispered back, "Whenever you need a place to stay, I have a guest house that is yours, or even yours and Brian's for the asking. We're more than friends Brenda, but I will do whatever it takes to remain your literary friend. Maybe we can co-write a story via email and keep the sparks alive," with a sultry wink of my own.

"We'll see, you're the writer, but maybe you can teach me that too. Lord knows you have already taught me some other things I didn't know," and giggled softly.

I laughed as she inferred that I had taught her anything, but maybe the Venus Butterfly was a new position for her after all. Lord knows she certainly enjoyed it as much as I did. The conversation had turned to sex in a heartbeat, and as a result my cock swelled thicker and began growing in the briefs to a point of discomfort. Don't let any guy ever tell you that having a hard on with snug underwear on is easy, it isn't. I looked up at the door to be sure no one was outside it and slid my hand into my pants to adjust; her expression went from light humor to serious interest as she knew of my problematic bulge.

She looked at her watch and whispered, "Stand up by the door, lean against it for a minute," and eyed me seriously. I could see her intent and swallowed the hard knot in my throat as I slid from my chair and stood with my back to the door blocking the small window and anyone's unwelcome entry, I hoped.

She leaned over far enough to unzip my pants and reach in to straighten out my problem, her solution was to withdraw it from the underwear and pull it free from the unzipped trousers. I gasped as her hand stroked the length of it quickly, instantly I was fully erect and nervous as hell of being caught. "Let me taste it Jerry, just a taste," she cooed as her head dropped and I felt her tongue slip from base to head of my throbbing member. My body shook involuntarily as her lips closed around the bulbous crown and her tongue swirled over the ridge at its base.

I pulled her from me and gasped hard at the feelings she had given me so quickly, but then she knew just how to turn me on, that was a given. I took only seconds to give her a serious look as I tucked the raging hard on back into my pants and zip up. I leaned over to her and whispered, "If that's what you wanted for lunch, than we should have gone to the park."

I looked at my watch; we only had 45 minutes left as she picked up both lunch boxes and said, "Let's go to the park then." I slung my book bag over my shoulder to cover the rather obvious bulge behind my waistband and we walked to the front of the store laughing about one of the books we had each read. She covered our escape well when she told the service counter worker, "its way to nice a day to sit inside. We're gonna go eat under a tree," and laughed. The person who was behind the counter nodded, but didn't seem to take it as anything out of the ordinary; In truth it would be, but it was not the first time we had gone outside during lunch.

I tried to walk at a normal pace as we crossed to the employee parking area, unlocked the passenger door and watched her climb in and walked to my own. I was horny as hell and could sense that Brenda was as well. I drove us to a park down by the river, drove back along the dirt trail that a few fishermen use from time to time and parked, yep, under a tree. The drive had taken just over four minutes, a time I had to plan for the return journey ahead.

I got out of the driver's door and before I made it around to open hers, she was naked from the waist down and turned her legs out to surround me as I pushed my pants and underwear down to the knee and let them fall. One might think we were both eager to get to the end of the journey, but I eased into her wet gripping walls slowly, an inch at a time as her body quaked with lust and oozed nectar with each advancing stroke. She came quickly as I lunged the last inch inside her snug sheath of heaven and began pummeling her with ravaging strokes as my body too shuddered with the excitement of our passion.

My balls slapped at her ass as we reveled in the glory of our bond, neither of us knew if we would ever be one again, but we'd have this fuck to remember forever. I lifted her just as I had in my driveway and she drew me deeper into the sweet abyss of her pussy, lunging onto my shaft again and again as her hips thrust ever harder to have my all. She screamed loudly as again her climax washed through her and flooded the thick plug that barely restrained the copious flow. I carried her to the hood and pressed her against the grill, my cock driving deep and hard over and over as she whimpered with the now continuous climax as she begged me to fill her with my seed.

"Oh God Jerry, oh yeah that's good, fuck me harder," she gasped between pants for air. "I want to feel you fill me up baby," and clamped her muscles tighter than ever around the swollen prong that was pounding her savagely. I gave up trying to restrain my need and sent several jets of heated semen into her core as I continued to slam in and out wildly. She screamed as she felt the molten cream fill her womb and had another massive orgasm as she fell back against the warm hood gasping and panting.

As my cock's flow ebbed I pulled out from the lush haven of my lover and dropped to my knees; she knew what was coming and parted her legs wider, her feet raised to my shoulders as I licked and sucked the remains of our pleasure from her core and licked her clean even of the seeping mix of our pleasure juices. Her body wrenched with thunderous contractions as she felt my tongue scoop as deeply as I could to clean my baby's sweet depths of our joining. Once done I stood up and she returned the favor, no sense in letting the moment pass without as much joy as we could find, it could be our last time.

She lapped along the length and swirled her tongue over the base and top of my dick, swept the nectar from my sack and then sucked the head in to drain whatever was left of my seed, which wasn't much though my dick was still hard as the proverbial post she knew it to be. I shuddered at the erotic nature of her caressing touch, but knew we would soon have to return to work. She pulled at my hips and took the thickness of my manhood into her mouth, I groaned as I felt the sweet warmth surround my shaft, even slightly softened by the explosive climax I had found it was still a worthy effort to take it in.

She gagged as it slid past the back of her mouth and yet kept pulling at my hips as I stood still and allowed her to take only as much as she could or would. I looked down to see her eyes gazing back to my own; a glimmer of devious delight highlighted her look as she swallowed the next inch and then the next. I gasped as over half of my cock now took residence inside her throat, swelling again to full girth she choked and went on.

Her lips closed around the base as my body shook with the pleasures no other woman had ever found possible, to deep throat a ten inch cock has to be a masterful feat. She backed away for only a moment and gulped in a breath before engulfing my length again, and then again as the spasms of climax ran hot through my veins and sack. "Oh God Brenda,” I cried out as my fingers tangled into her hair pulling her onto the velvet shaft harder and thrust my hips to fuck her face with a ferocity she seemed to revel in.

It didn't take long before she sucked down the next volley of semen as it slid into her belly without having to swallow. I pushed her head back and bent to clasp my mouth to hers as the remaining dribble of cum dripped onto her bare thighs below. My hunger was beyond measure, my greed to know her joy ever more heightened as our mouths locked into heated passions even greater than those we had already shared.

My breaths came in deep felt gasps; she was so absolutely amazing I could not get enough of her. And yet soon she would be gone. As our lips parted I could have cried. The woe of her departure had hit home fully; now not only would I not have my one and only friend, but her loving caress and hot sultry body would be no more to share.

I panted out, "We have to get back, we'll be late if we don't go soon," and kissed her lips yet again and lifted her to carry her back into the seat to redress with my pants and briefs slung between my ankles. I pulled up my briefs and then trousers and hid away the swollen but sated prize she seemed to relish so eagerly. It was tender with the recent onslaught of climax but I tucked it away none the less.

As she finished pulling back on her pants and shoes, it was as if we had simply eaten lunch, except what was left of the food was still safely tucked inside the go boxes it had come in. I laughed and said, "I guess the chicken fry wasn't the best thing on the menu after all, not that I'm complaining about the sauce I was able to eat," and chuckled naughtily as I swung her door closed.

"Jerry," she cooed, "you are so naughty, we just have to have lunch together every day before I leave. Well, every day your wife isn't around anyway," and giggled. I leaned in through her window and kissed her again, this time only to agree with her request. I pulled myself away and walked around to my door, settling my yet swelled dick as I walked and slid into the driver's seat. One glance over at her and I started the SUV up for the return journey. She looked over at me and her eyes welled with tears, she too had found the reality of her departure's losses. "Jerry, I am so angry; he just had to get his fricking new job now; now that I finally found a man who could satisfy my fantasies and fill me up beyond my wildest dreams."

I stole my eyes from the road long enough to look over at her, it saddened me in ways only she could understand, but one or both of us had to be strong, it wasn't like we would each get a divorce just so we could have sex. "It'll work out Brenda," I said bravely, "somehow we'll see each other even after you've moved away. In the mean time, I want to know your thunderous orgasms every day; I mean it Brenda, every day!"

She smiled and laid her hand on my shoulder, she could tell I was as upset as she was over the mess we had come to know. "I don't know how we can pull that off, but even one day without your big cock thrusting hard, deep inside me will be one I cannot bear."

I pulled up beside a roadside trash can and tossed the remains of our lunch into it. I was still hungry, but that wouldn't matter, I had fed on something far more delicious than what that restaurant ever thought about preparing. We made it back to the store and clocked in right on time, well she was even a minute or two early. No one seemed the wiser of our tryst. The sparkle of her eyes was back for the rest of the day, I guessed that I would have to find a way every day to satisfy her needs, and mine as well. I checked the schedule and found a couple of days during the current week that we could slip away, one way or another and made sure she was aware of them.

Wednesday came slowly, Tuesday had been a bust, Jane was working and we couldn't get away, but we were both ready for our sharing on Wednesday, for sure. I let her go out first, allegedly to go and find something at one of the nearby restaurants and I left the store a couple of minutes later, picked her up in the alley and drove to our spot; the shade tree we shared on Monday. I had tossed a blanket into the rear of the SUV and laid it out over a pile of leaves for us to lie down; for once.

I chuckled at the provincial means of the pose, but it didn't take long to have her naked except for the skewed bra I left her with as I laid atop of her and nudged the broad head to her petals with a groan. My mouth captured her breast as my tongue swirled over the textures of her areola and nipple, sucking, licking and taunting her to arousal as she felt me enter the wet tight walls of her vagina in slow paced thrusts that stole inch by inch into the depths she loved me to find.

Her body shook as the first wave crashed through her and she moaned my name softly again and again, building in volume and intensity as my dick drove harder and deeper inside its haven. By her second wave her channel was slick and hot, I groaned not wanting to release yet, she needed to know the full scope of my arousal and feel my semen fill her.

I pulled out and bid her to roll over, she grinned and did so willingly and rose onto her knees before the swaying meat she craved. I taunted her for only a moment with my tongue as it swept over her petals, clit and sphincter muscle. I vowed silently to myself that I wanted her to know my entry there before she left me for good, but that would not be today.

As the alignment was secured I thrust deep in a savage stroke and buried my cock into her and pulled completely free of her flesh as she gasped knowing the torture she would receive, "Jerry don‘t tease," she pleaded, "just fuck me hard and deep with that monster cock. I need it babe; please don't tease me today," she added with commanding tones.

What is a man to do when his lover commands a particular angle or tempo? I slammed in and out hard, deep and fast as her body gave itself over to the pummeling meat and found her peak as she screamed aloud with its onslaught. Her face buried into the blanket as I pistoned in and out with a rare savagery that we had come to know as our way. She climaxed again and sent a wave of cream along my shaft and shooting all over my hips and thighs; thankfully I had brought a roll of paper towels.

As that wave ebbed she fell from my grasp and turned around, inhaling my dick into her throat as I was so close to ejaculation I could do nothing but shake all over. She sucked me in to the base once again and I erupted down her throat as she drank me dry. My body tensed so much I thought even a slight breeze would break it in half, my voice could do naught but growl sounds of pleasures beyond compare.

We settled against each other and enjoyed the few minutes we had left before returning to work, both dreading each day that brought us closer to the imminent departure of Brian first and then her to follow. We made our way back to the store and I parked to where none of the cameras would catch our arrival. She went in first and I followed a couple of minutes later; again, thankfully, no one the wiser. I took Jane back to work that evening, but Brian was there promptly on time to pick up Brenda, I waved at them as they drove off.

The night was uneventful, until about 9:30 anyway when Jane called and said that she was going to have to take a couple of days off to help out our daughter in Georgia. I asked when and she replied as if I already knew, "Friday through Tuesday," with curt, almost hateful tones. She knew she'd be on her own driving half way across the country with her mother directing every turn since one of us had to stay home to take care of the animals. I let it drop for the moment as I remembered what Brenda had said about Brian leaving on Friday to find them a place to live. Could I be so lucky; I hoped so.

Thursday morning came and I went in to work as usual, it was Brenda's day off, but I saw her come in the store to shop, it was pay day. I managed to find a time when her hubby was elsewhere in the store and told her of the impending trip Jane would take. Her eyes lit up like electric blue neon with the possibilities she quickly saw as well. I smiled.

Brian came back and we had to say our good byes. I told him, "Hey heard you got a new job," gave him a high five, "that's great. We're just sorry to lose Brenda, she's been a good worker, and there aren't that many willing to do the jobs around here," and laughed along with them both.

Brian asked me as an aside, "I know you brought her home that time when I was stuck in the city, I'm going to be gone a few days, any chance I could ask you, or Jane, to give her a ride to or from work until I get back. My folks are willing but I hate to impose on them all the time; I'd pay you for the time and gas."

I smiled and replied as casually as I could considering the request and resulting excitement, "No problem man, we live the same direction as you guys, one or the other of us will be glad to give her a ride whenever she needs it." I saw Brenda blush ever so slightly, she knew I had intentionally left off the 'to or from work' part. "In fact," I added, "if it would be easier she can stay at our guest house while you're gone and it'd be a lot handier for all concerned. How long are you gonna be gone?"

'I'm not sure, depends on when I find a place and when her transfer comes through. I’m supposed to start down there on Monday. You sure you and Jane wouldn't mind putting her up? That's a heck of an offer, sure would make it easier for her to get back and forth."

"No problem," I replied as he offered a handshake. We shook on the deal and I'm actually surprised I could maintain my composure, but did. They left the store soon after, bags in hand chit chatting over the developments excitedly.

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