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Common Interests

Working together we found a common interest, became friends and found pleasures in a time of need.
This is a story brought about by friendship of a woman of my acquaintance. Though it is purely fictional, it was not conceived without reason or thoughts of the adventurous tale told of a bond that should never be; regardless of how much the glory of fulfillment might drive friends to seek it.

It had been a year and more since I met her at work, her name, though I will change it to protect the innocence of her reputation will be known as Brenda. Mine, as usual is rarely the same twice in a story of my adventures, for this tale I will call myself Jerome; Jerry to those who would call me friend. I work for a major department store chain as a shift supervisor, a worthy position in both stature and pay grade, certainly a step or two beyond the new employee when she began as a cashier and sales clerk, but not above her in ways of honesty, integrity or graceful beauty. No one knows better than I to never forget the adage of, “Don’t dip your pen into the company ink well,” but over a lengthy span of time the sharp edge of that sword somehow can be forgotten.

Brenda is a bit, well actually quite a bit, younger than my 60 years, she had been wed when she turned 19 and had only been married a bit less than two when she began working in the store I call home for my time of labors. Her beauty is without measure, she is short, well 5’2” with her shoes on, perhaps, she wears her lustrous brown hair long in waves that surround her shoulders more oft than not which frames the pixy face of an angel. Her alabaster skin is set off by eyes of alluring pale blue that sparkle with a particular joy for life that would make anyone’s day brighter, mine included, and has quite often taken my breath away over the time since we met, even though I hid it as best I could from both her and those around us, one in particular. Her figure is slender and firm, her waist thin above finely shaped hips with just enough at her back side to draw a man’s attention, especially I must confess, mine. The bust she modestly covers each work day is not vast as some would think a man’s preference, but pert and firm as her full orbs lushly overflow from her B cup bra on those days she wears a top that shows any cleavage at all; I secretly look forward to those days with eagerness. Her lips carry the perfect bow, a small mouth that holds back nothing in its smiles or seductive capacity as she speaks with enchanting tones that are no less than heaven sent. “Sigh,” is often my silent reply when she speaks with me of our common interests, BOOKS; from wondrous tales of dark creatures of fantasy to even deeper dark tales of mystical magic, powerful compelling yearning and desire.

It took very little time for the two of us to find this common ground, I have read and written my share of dark tales and she had read of many more authors than I even knew existed. We shared what ones we purchased or borrowed from the local library and found the ears around our conversations bored with our quiet conversations of adventures, desire, love, soul mates and when alone on break, the erotic portions contained within the epic adventures of varied author’s words. So could it be a wonder we became closer as time went by? No, but in truth, it should have never happened, though I for one am delighted it did. I still hope for the times of sharing to continue on, and on, perhaps for a long time to come even with the ever present dangers of our spirited bond’s possible discovery.

Like I said, I am almost forty years her senior, but age seems unimportant when affairs of the heart, body or spirit are involved, or at least to Brenda and I that span made no difference in the scope of all else that, in favor of or against, played its hand in our eventual joining. I stand 5’10” and luckily am fit physically and mentally both, though my wife might speak other wise of my sanity as I peck at the keys of a computer more often than she’d like to write yet another tale of erotic adventure or fantasy of adventurous demons, werewolves, vampires or shape shifters. I wear my hair conservatively trim, though not short as is today’s standard, I was a hippie in my early life growing up around San Francisco during that era; and still live by the philosophy of Love, Peace and Happiness with each breath I draw. As compensation for my hair modestly worn I wear also a Van Dyke, both a hum drum shade of grey, though it seems to suit me in a way of mature dignity even though most could argue the point of me being mature at times; I am, however, always a gentleman. I greet each acquaintance, new and old alike with a friendly, “Good morning, afternoon or evening, and will always hold a door open for a lady, and often a man as well.

As far as ladies go, I have but a singular motto, “ladies come first,” first through a doorway, first to be allowed an opinion, “first in all ways,” though in my mind I spell it “CUM” in that I have never failed to arouse a lady to climax before I give forth my heated seed. Perhaps that too is old fashioned in these days of instant gratifications, but it is my way; strangely there have never been any complaints in the sensual or sexual areas of my existence, and Brenda would prove to be no exception.

Enough of the background for now, I know the readers of my tales do not do so to hear the routine ho hum of its pseudo reality, but want to see or rather, feel, pardon the pun, the meat of the story quickly, sincerely and to put it bluntly…to the point. The point of my ten inch cock driving a woman to the edge of satiated lust and then carrying her over it time and time again. This story will be no different, though it is far closer to my heart than most for reasons one may well read between the lines to know.

Brenda and I had talked so many times of authors like Christine Feehan, Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole and others it was easy to see we needed to share even more than the love of the words held in the volumes we each read with a zeal for the pleasures they contained, yet only the looming threat of infidelity restrained me, for one. For Brenda, I should not speak her private thoughts, fears or desires. All of the authors we read held a common interest and goal, each spun tales with a plot, several strong characters developed within the story line and yes, they each share a passion for detailed accounts of pleasures of the flesh. That was one of the things she and I shared deeply in spirit, though our spouses each seemed to be far less enthusiastic than us as we increasingly spoke of sated glories and passionate climaxes.

About two months ago our relationship changed for a reason neither of us can truly explain, a twist of fate would best subscribe to its happenstance. It may have been timing, or just simple need; perhaps it was just meant to be, but the facts remain, things happened and I for one am grateful they did, and most certainly glad that we didn’t get caught.

It was on a Thursday evening, I got off work at 4:00 as usual and took my time departing, and I was destined to sit home alone until Jane, my wife, got off work anyway. As I walked out of the store I saw Brenda sitting on the curb waiting, as she often did for her ride home. Her husband was late that day and she was, shall I say, unhappy about it. I asked, “What’s up? Is Brian running late today?”

Her reply came with a forced smile, “He went to the casino and has apparently forgotten me,” and frowned revealing the pent hostility she held close to her breast.

The downturn of her beautiful lips was like a slap in the face to my ever gentlemanly persona as I sat down beside her to visit while she waited for her ride. “He’ll be along,” I assured her with the most positive words I could think of, “He’s probably winning big and hasn’t realized the time.”

“Yeah,” in a curt response, “he hasn’t won at the casino in months. In fact the rent for last month was past due when I got paid and had to take it in to the landlord myself before he could get his hands on it, again,” with a tone of anger I hated to hear from such a normally upbeat person as Brenda.

I did something I probably shouldn’t have done and laid my hand on hers as it rested on her thigh, squeezed it gently to give her encouragement to bear with him. We both knew she loved him with all her heart, and little things like losing some money at the casino would work out. “It’ll be okay Brenda,” I assured her. We sat for a few more minutes in silence until it was broken by her cell phone’s chirp; I smiled knowing it was the tone of an incoming call from Brian.

“Where are you?” she queried with abrupt words on the border of anger. I couldn’t hear the lengthy response, but apparently it wasn’t what she wanted or needed to hear as she replied, “Fine, I’ll find a way home on my own then!” and with a definite rage to her voice said, “Bye, see you when you can find your way back,” and clicked the connection closed as her eyes glowed red with her rage on the verge of tears.

“Brenda,” I said in as soothing a tone as I could muster, “What’s up?”

“The ass hole told me he’s stuck down there. He called his parents, but it will take a while to go and get him, or find a tow truck, or whatever the fuck he’s going to do.” She paused as the tears welled in her eyes and fought against them as she continued, “He’s in Oklahoma City; a fucking hundred and eighty miles away. He went down there to play in a Texas Hold Em Tournament and now the car won’t start and lost his ass on top of every thing else.” She couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as her anger and disappointment took over; it about broke my heart to see a friend in such a state.

My hand slid over her shoulder and I pulled her closer, I knew it was not the thing to do right in front of the store where everybody knew both of us and our spouses, but I couldn’t let her suffer alone without knowing somebody cared; that wouldn’t be me at all. I whispered to her, “Sit tight for a minute or two; I’m going to go tell Jane that I’m taking you home.” Jane, my wife of almost forty years works in the same store as I, well, we both do.

Her head turned quickly to look into my eyes, something between fear and hope glistened beyond the tears that still filled her orbs. “Jerry, we shouldn’t; you shouldn’t,” and stopped before going on to explain.

“Well Brenda,” I said commandingly, “I don’t know why the heck not. You’re a friend of ours, and Jane would be the first to admit you need help and would do it herself if she weren’t stuck here until midnight. I’ll be right back,” and rose to my feet to go back into the store to explain that Brenda’s husband had car trouble and she needed a ride. Jane agreed wholeheartedly and asked that I tell her to let us know if she needed a ride to work in the morning. I nodded and walked back outside to the still seated lady in need. “Let’s go kid,” I chided as I so often had of our age difference.

Her face twisted into a faint smile in spite of the woes of the happenings at hand. “You’re sure she’s okay with this?” she asked sheepishly.

“Yep,” I replied as I held a hand outstretched to help her up as I relayed Jane’s comment, “She said to tell you to let us know if you need a ride to work in the morning,” and turned my gaze through the glass where Jane stood watching with saddened eyes. Brenda looked through the window as well and was met with a sympathetic look and nodding smile. We turned and walked out to the employee parking area and I unlocked the door of my SUV for her to climb in. She did as I walked around to the driver’s door and unlocked it as well, climbed behind the wheel and started it up to warm the chilled interior from the day of sitting in just above freezing weather. After the oil pressure came up I put it in reverse and backed from my normal slot; having a normal place to park was one of the few benefits of being a long term employee, though it wasn’t a rule, only a silent agreement of the others that worked there. It wouldn’t take long for the heater to kick in and steal away the chill, in the mean time I glanced over at the pert, barely visible bumps of her nipples just beyond the parting of her hoodie’s gap; puckered from the cold of sitting on the curb.

Brenda lived a bit farther from the store than I did, but it was a nice day to drive anyway, the pavement was dry even with the chill and the sky was a pale blue grey, reminiscent of the eyes that had so often drawn my attention, without any clouds at all in the waning sun of the day ebbing winter’s day. We rode silently for the first mile or two before she began thanking me for helping her out. My gaze turned to her and told her jokingly, “No problem, I know you can make it up to me; somehow,” with a naughty sounding chuckle. I hoped in ways she thought I meant sharing another book’s wonders, but silently my thoughts were for a more personal adventure. The look on her face was, as the advertisements say, “Priceless,” as if some epiphany had blossomed in her mind.

The drive to where she lived would normally take about 45 minutes, so we had a time to share whatever we wanted with a privacy we had rarely found, the books we were currently reading would have been our favorite topic, but somehow only parts of them were discussed; sex became the theme of the ride. About half way to her place I made comment that we had just passed the turn off to where I lived. She asked me about where I lived and I told her just a couple of miles south of the highway if we had taken that turn off. The rural setting was something we were both accustomed to, but she interjected, “Can you show me? I’ve never seen your place. I’ve heard it’s nice. Is it true you even have a guest house?” in rapid successive questions.

I chuckled as she asked to see my home, the one I shared with my long time spouse, the one my children had been raised in, the property that we had built a guest house for my now deceased mother in law. I slowed and turned in to the next driveway on the left side of the road and turned around. “Yeah, sure, why not? We’ve got time,” I said as my heart thumped a bit harder than usual. “It’s just a simple house; we built it ourselves a little over 30 years ago, but the guest house is only a couple years old. That we built for her mom, and it sits empty now since, as you may remember, she died a couple of months ago.” I took the turnoff and wheeled our way to my acreage in the woods as my heart began to thrum a song of arousal I couldn’t seem to control. I felt it happening, but couldn’t counteract it as each pulse forced more and more blood to fill my worthy member as the thoughts of want drew me deeper into desire for the younger and usually happily married woman who I had in truth only offered a ride home to.

I saw her eyes fall towards my lap and an expression of wonder filled them as she took note of the bulge that had erupted down my pant leg all but to the knee. We had long ago discussed penis size and how it related to degrees of pleasure for a woman vs. a man, Brian being well hung with an average girth and worthy eight inch length, but even though she had heard me say I was fairly well endowed she had never really looked, I guess; or had she? I knew she realized I had checked out every availed inch of her, even though nothing had ever been suggested to know more than what could be seen in our typical work clothes, those were lines that co workers shouldn’t cross, especially married ones when one of those very spouses worked in the same gossip center of town.

“Um,” she stammered as her eyes stared down at my right leg and the evident bulge of my thickening cock, “I know you said you were well endowed, but, DAMN Jerry,” and sucked in a deep breath apparently to calm her thoughts or revel in the quiver of her abdomen’s wave of heat; either way, I was further aroused by the mere sound of excitement.

I turned in to the drive way, a broad semi circle that spanned over half a mile of hard packed rock and dirt winding through the large bare oaks of late winter. I pulled to a stop in front of the modest barn style three bed room house. The guest house sat just to its left separated by only forty feet from the main structure; both were of typical frame design that carried barn style double pitched roof lines and dormer windows to allow light into the interior. The upper spaces of the older main house held 2 large spare rooms that were rarely needed of late and sat empty except for the art studio I had designed into one of them when I followed that muse’s direction in pursuit of creative desires.

Her jaw fell open; understandably, she lived in a small older mobile home in need of repairs. To her my modest home must have looked like a mansion as she stammered, “Its beautiful Jerry,” and leaned over to whisper, “can we go inside?” with a shiver as if she was cold; I thought that unlikely, but perhaps her nerves forced the quivering tremors.

My face turned to meet her gaze, our faces separated by only inches; her shallow breaths warm over my cheeks and mouth as her eyes glistened with the same questions I felt deeply within my heart and aroused core. “Are you sure we should?” I whispered as her lips trembled with a closeness we had never shared.

“Yes,” she whispered in reply. Her face moved closer as our lips quivered with a spark that stirred inside us both. They met tenderly in our first kiss, quiet and pure were the touches of her bow to mine, sultry heat built quickly between us and the kiss deepened to one of desire; almost desperation coated with glistening energy one should only feel for their life’s partner. It was wrong in so many ways, but our fate seemed sealed as my tongue swiped over her lower petal and probed her cavity as hers danced with it to join in the erotic moments we both wanted beyond any sense of reason.

My hand rose to her right shoulder and pulled her closer; she turned to face her new found lover and slid her hand over the bulge she had admired already. A gasp streamed from my lips as I felt her fingers close over the thick weighty shaft beneath the lightweight fabric of my pants. She groaned as her hand slid deliciously up and back along its length ending with a firm grip over the bulbous crowned head as it grew thicker with each gently persuasive touch. She whispered into my lips as our kiss became more and more demanding to know one another, “Let’s go to the guest house. I don’t want to do this where you and Jane sleep.”

I could have laughed or cried but neither seemed right at the moment. No one knew that my wife and I had not shared a bed in more years than even we could recall, and it was only right that that ignorance be perpetuated. I reached over and pulled the door handle on my side of the SUV and slipped away from the awkward, in so many ways, pose of desire. I walked briskly to her door and pulled it open with haste. She swung her legs out and I caught her in my arms, pulled her close and whispered as my lips danced over the sensitive spot below her ear, “I’ve got a better idea; we’ll go up to the studio. The guest house will be way too cold on a day like this; it’s long since been winterized,” and turned with my arm around her waist and guided her to the front door.

I unlocked it and opened it gesturing for her to enter. She balked; paused for a moment before she would cross the threshold and I could have fainted thinking she had brought me so close to an act of adultery and was having second thoughts, but her words were far from fear or denial. “Is there anywhere to lie down in the studio?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“You’ll see soon enough Brenda. I think you’ll like my studio, and it is the one place in the house that she never goes.” Her smile broadened as I led her to the staircase that led up to the second floor art gallery and studio I had thought would allow me to make a living; it hadn’t, but I still draw, do photography and sculpt from time to time when the muse drives me to such creative means.

When we got to the top of the stairs it was nicely warm, we stepped past the half bath’s entry to the door and I swung it open to reveal the 30 foot square room with four dormer windows to allow light into the simple open room from both north and south. The south wall was set up for drawing with a broad angled table and all the instruments needed to create pen and ink, graphite, or acrylic medium drawings. The center expanse and north wall were reserved for clay and wood sculpting and held a three foot square pedestal turnstile to rotate even heavy pieces of wood or clay to fashion what my muse drove me to. The last setting lay along the far end’s westerly facing exterior wall; glass paneled double doors led to a balcony and exterior stair along with the lift to hoist even heavy wooden logs to be chiseled into shapes of varied subjects or to carry the clay or other art supplies needed to satisfy my muse’s commands without going through the lower floor’s space. It was there that the backdrops for photography hung silently awaiting a subject to be frozen in a moment’s pose for posterity. I was, and am proud of my little studio even though of late I spend much more time pounding out words on the computer downstairs.

Her eyes took in the space and varied art pieces that filled the walls and unused floor spaces, but seemed to focus on the area designed for photography. There, nestled near the corner was a smallish platform bed, actually a full size mattress atop of a tall platform base for those who had posed for erotic remembrance in times gone by. She turned to me and her face angled up to look into my awe inspired eyes, radiant with her presence. Hers were aflame with a want I could easily understand and I lowered my face to once again kiss her, this time the heat flamed instantly in us both as we captured each other’s embrace that with faltering steps moved us towards the other side of the room to end beside the pedestal bed. She pushed my jacket apart and pushed the shoulders down over my arms eagerly as our path was coursed, and with equal spirit I allowed my arms to drop so she could take it off and drop it to the floor as my mouth continued to capture hers. Again her hands busied themselves as she pushed my polo shirt up over my aged but firm muscular abs and chest. Her mouth returned to my flesh to lap over my chest and nipple as she dropped the shirt a couple feet closer to the bed than the jacket before it as we moved ever closer to the bed we would inevitably share.

Not one to be impatient I let her remove the coverings of my torso before engaging in my own desperate acts of disrobing her as well. Her hoodie was flung to the floor as my tongue speared into her mouth with greed and was met with equal savagery. The buttons of her blouse were dispatched carefully one by one quickly and the increasing opening gave me reason for my lips descended from the lush bow of her lips to jaw and then the sensitive flesh of her throat. As the gap widened my mouth greedily moved to her chest as she gasped with yearning want as we arrived a foot from the bed. I pushed the arms of her shirt down to the wrists and she dropped it to the floor as well while I kissed and nipped at the space between her lush firm breasts above her conservative but sultry lace bra. Her hands swept to my nape and clasped me forcefully to draw my mouth closer to the prize she offered. I unfastened her bra and pushed the fabric up and over the sweetest tits I could have imagined as my thumbs pressed to the sides and then over the pale pink of her course textured areolas; her nipples already rock hard and swollen with her arousal. I licked circles over one and then the other as she pulled my mouth to meet her arching offering. Her bra seemed to vanish as she tossed it aside. My teeth nipped at one textured nipple and then lapped and sucked it with soothing caress with seductive intent that worked her into the beginnings of frenzy.

A hand pulled at my neck to encourage me onward as her fingers tangled in the hair behind my head, I groaned with the wonder of her taste, her skin on fire as was my mouth. Lapping and licking my lips and tongue joined together to seduce every feeling of pleasure she could derive from my advance; I sucked her tit deeply into my cavernous mouth and found her body quivering with needs as commanding as my own. One hand trailed over her bared taught abdomen with down pointed fingers; I knew the waistband of her pants would be loose enough and slipped them inside and felt her body jolt against the raging storm brewing in her feminine core. Her breaths came in ragged gasps as my fingers pushed farther towards her sensual center. My other hand dropped and unfastened the button and then unzipped the barrier to our continued joy; I met no resistance what so ever and soon the hand within her pants found her slit had more than dampened her panties as my fingers plied the puffed petals beneath the thin fabric with firm caress. I pushed the fabric of her pants over her hips, one side and then the other with my free hand until they dropped to her ankles in a swirling puddle as her body shook with the ravaging digits caressing her pussy and my mouth that had not let up on its own erotic delights over her engorged nipple and swollen breast.

I allowed my lips to part from her tit and fell to my knees before her as my hand also left the wetness of her loins and pulled away from the soaked panties she bore without shame. Her body all but naked before me sent waves of heated blood through my veins, though most seemed to end in one particularly sensitive organ…my cock ached with the hard timbre of the pulse that filled it; soon it would be have to be released from the confines of my pants, though I had broken the rules on that day and had no underwear on to entrap the now raging hard on as it throbbed along the right pant leg, restrained only by the thin khaki fabric of the cargo pants I wore more often than not for work.

My lips pressed to the lush trim of her mound beneath the thin fabric as I lifted one leg from behind her calf and breathed in the scent of heavenly aroused womanhood, a scent that varies from one to the next, yet Brenda’s intoxicated me more fully than I could ever remember in my lengthy life of embracing a woman’s tender flesh. She stepped from one leg and then the other of her pants and they were strewn to the side as my hands swept slowly upward over her calves and then thighs. I heard her groan wantonly, her body quivered; yearned for my touch as she spoke in raspy tones, “Good God, I’m so hot I could boil and egg between my thighs,” and gasped as my fingers pulled the crotch of her panties aside and I slid my tongue over the hot swollen petals of her labia ending with a flicker of the tip on the engorged clit as it just barely escaped its hooded crown. Her cache narrow enough that with her legs together my tongue touched not only her petals, but each thigh as well.

I leaned back for only long enough to pull the panties down along her legs and prompt her to step from them as my lips returned to her pussy greedily lapping and licking her with wet fury and fire. One hand grasped her butt from around her hip and pulled her closer while the other pressed her thighs wider for the eager lust of her flesh; she gasped again and again at the onslaught of pleasures that washed through her, any thoughts of misdeeds or our infidelities gone for now, lost in the wanton act of pleasure. Her abdomen clenched hard as she felt the first wave’s flow from her deepest recess; filling my waiting mouth with creamy honey sweet nectar; tipping my head back I opened my mouth to receive her gift and felt her body tremble as I sucked it from her lush wet channel, and then scooped at it with my broad curved tongue to take all she could give. I felt her textured g-spot only an inch beyond the entry of her snug walls and flicked the tendril’s tip over her inner sensitive erogenous zone as she provided another gush of cream for my delighted taste buds and gullet. Her hands pulled at my head as if she wanted my whole face within her; though I knew soon she would know my head and shaft and be sated more fully than she could have imagined.

My hand that had held her now parted thighs open dropped to my waistband and unbuttoned the restraining catch. My eyes gazed up over the bounding breasts swaying with her heaving breaths and I smiled as my groan of delight filled the channel of glorious flesh gripping at the invasive tendril of my tongue with a symphony of the humming vibrations. After the zipper had been lowered on my pants my hand returned to the drenched feminine flower, a single finger replaced my tongue as my mouth moved to her clit and lapped at it while sucking it gently into the sealed vacuum of my mouth. She cried out, “Holy Crap,” as she came again in a wave that coated my hand as the single digit stroked her cavity in slow deep thrusts to the knuckle. One finger became two, and as the tempo increased her arousal did as well. Her hips now lunging to meet each time they filled her, her voice croaked in an animalistic growl as another wave crested within her womb causing a violent clenching of her abdomen’s muscles and the grip of her strong inner muscles around the two fingers that fucked her seductively.

I pushed her back and her buttocks set upon the satin covers of the bed, I was not done with my feast and wanted to sate her orally before she knew the girth or length of my engorged cock. A breath escaped her as she landed on the bed and fell back; my mouth captured her even before the bounce of the mattress raised her back up. My hands grasped her legs behind the knees and raised them over her and attacked her pussy as all my knowledge and expertise came in to play. She hoarsely rasped out another untranslatable utterance of pleasure and I drank of her fountain of honey sweet juices once again. My tongue thrust into the wet snug walls and found her grip severe around it, her body went into spasms of joyous release as her climax flowed from peak to peak without pause, my shoulders held her legs up and over her as my hands captured her breasts and twisted her nipples with just firm enough pressure to arouse and not cause undue pain. She cried out, “Oh God, that’s so awesome, eat me, oh yeah; I’m gonna cum again,” and I obliged as I nipped at her clit with my teeth and then plunged my tongue deep into her sheath with savage speed and deft angle. “Ahrg,” her animalistic growl cried out loudly, “Holy shit,” she screamed as her core sent another wave of cream into my mouth and splashing over my throat and chest. She was ready now for what would even more fill her with joy.

I held her legs aloft as I rose and allowed my pants to fall around my ankles, the question of whether I was truly well endowed no longer in doubt. I kicked off my athletic shoes one after the other and stepped from the confines of the pants that could prevent the motion I had in mind. My cock waved forth and back as I did so, at one point slapping against her inner thigh unintentionally; the slap forced her to open her hazy eyes with a gasp of awe as she murmured, “Oh yeah, now that’s a cock! I want to feel that buried inside me,” and chuckled in her raspy voice of overtly pleasured arousal. I pulled her cheeks to the edge of the bed that was just tall enough to not have to stoop or squat to meet her at the most ultimate and intimate angle and lifted her straightened legs against my torso as the inch and a half crown pressed to the sopping wet petals of the sweet haven I sought.

My hips flexed and sent the crown through the inner labia’s heated flower to the brink of her sheath; I groaned at the wet sultry heat of her pussy as it caressed the swollen crown of my overly eager meat. Her hips fluttered as much as the grip of her legs against me would allow and I felt her need to know my entry. I pushed the head into her outer muscle and paused as her body shook with my broad girth and reveled in the sweet pain of being stretched wide. Each gentle push and retreat sent it deeper into the tight hot sheath of glory, her walls slicked with creamy nectar caressed and gripped my shaft making even the snugness easily penetrated as her muscles gripped in waves to draw me deeper; my groans grew louder with each inch’s plunge deeper into her core. It took a lot more strokes than the inches that filled her to finally find our mounds pressed together as my cock bounded uncontrollably in spasms deep within her channel and womb; few women could take the offering I provided, yet Brenda reveled in each slippery thrust as the gentle penetrations built slowly to a level of savage greed from her partner, pounding harder almost than humanly possible as we found the perfection of our joined bodies desires.

My balls slapped at her anus with each time I filled her and the sounds echoed from the silence of the walls around us, our voices past words only grunted and moaned our delights. I slowed and held myself deep within her after ravaging her sheath for endless minutes until the sun’s setting rays shimmered through the doors at our side and reveled in her heated sheath as her muscles yet rippled with messaging grip over the velvet steel shaft. I withdrew slowly until even the head parted from her petals. Her head that had lain back with closed eyes and gaping, gasping mouth to revere the fucking she had received sprang up abruptly as her channel fell empty of its prize. She would have spoken, but as her lips parted to argue or comment I thrust into her in one punishing stroke to the hilt of the expansive cock she now knew so well; instead she screamed my name loud and drawn out with the viscous onslaught of sensual fluids erupting around my shaft. Again and again I repeated the tease and slammed into her depths as I taunted her with the devious torture of pleasure, and each time her response was the same as her body convulsed into a continuous orgasm, peak after peak, never to ebb until she again felt my dick, expanding with thick eager need spasm uncontrollably deep within her womb without movement but for the quaking of my meaty prong. “Fill me Jerry,” she pleaded as her stream of cream flooded past the vast plug once again.

In complete control I released the first surge of semen; thick, hot, fluid fiery man cum that she had pleaded for filled her womb with molten heat. I pulled back past her cervical muscle and thrust again to the chamber of her feminine core and sent another copious stream of cum to join the first as my body quaked with reverie, the quickened pulse of my heart flowing from the throbbing swollen veins along my shaft, through my frame and into my ears causing the delirium of pure lustful pleasure to be further heightened.

Her body fell limp as I slowly stroked in and out of her walls to allow for a calm to replace the insanity of overpowering orgasms. Our breaths came at last to a somewhat normal rhythm and I lay down atop of her glistening sweat laden flesh with my own as my shaft probed again and again into her channel as it too calmed from the raging storm of climax. My lips pressed to hers gently to seal our joining with love, not the love of marriage, but of carnal desires fulfilled. Flexing my hips to slowly withdraw from the lush folds and rolling off of her I laid on my side looking at her with rose colored vision of a bliss I had not found in far too long, if ever. Her eyes glistened as they held my gaze, she whispered, “Wow, I can’t believe the way you made me cum, I have had orgasms before, but never like that Jerry,” and kissed my cheek tenderly.

I chuckled softly as I felt her kiss and heard her words. My mind raced as to how to reply, finally I whispered back, “You’re unbelievable Brenda, your orgasms spurred me on like I’ve never known, you gave me more overwhelming joy than you can imagine; I can’t believe your muscles’ grip and how they milked me dry. Next time we’ll have to try more than one position,” with a faltering chuckle. We lay silent for another five minutes before either of us really moved; we stared into each other’s eyes and touched the other with gentle caress on flesh that would not call for another round of heated joining; I had to get her home and we both knew it. I rolled off of the bed and retrieved her clothing before my own, handed it to her with a smile of thanks that seemed to say it all. As I retrieved my own clothes she sat up and began dressing with the covering bra that stole my gaze of the lush pert breasts I had lavished and hoped to again. I handed her a towel and she removed as much of the cream and cum as she could as it continued to flow from her flower; a break from my norm of cleaning a woman’s wiles with lips and tongue, but my fatigue was greater than I could recall. She slid her feet and then legs in to the wet panties, a grimace of awe at the mess that yet oozed from her core. I was saddened by the loss of seeing her beauty, I knew deep down it may never happen again; we were married after all, but not to each other.

I drove her home with a shared silent reverie and as I pulled up in front of her home I turned and smiled, she replied with a kiss, tender and gentle to say good night without words. Neither Brian nor his folks had made it back as yet. She walked to her door as I watched over her path and went inside with only a slight gaze over her shoulder to bid me farewell. I drove home in silent thought, Brenda and I had shared what few people had ever dreamed, much less known; the purity of lust and desire at a time of need and the fulfillment of a bond far deeper than friends can share. Even though I knew it should never happen again, I could dream and recall the splendor of our time of joy filled passion. I am old, but not forgetful of such wondrous memories.

The next day it happened that we were on break at the same time without anyone else in the room, we spoke quietly and concluded that we would have to return to the friendship we shared as we had been before, it was best for everybody involved in our lives to revere the memory and maintain the status quo so that no thought of our adultery would come to pass. So far it has gone well, no one suspects that two co workers had been sated lovers on a night not long ago. I secretly hope she will again need a lift some day, but fate so far has not abided my hope. As I take my member in hand to satisfy my masculine needs of late my thoughts are of Brenda’s hot tight pussy, the firm breasts I could easily devour again and again and the spectacular orgasms she and I both found; a silent sigh passes through me each time I walk past the stairway that had led to heaven.

Brian apparently had learned his lesson. That was his last trip to the casino; things in Brenda’s home have settled into bliss that married people should share as often as they can. She speaks to me from time to time of the wonders he avails her but confides that he is, “Not you, Jerry, not by a long shot,” but that she is content. I gather that is her way of telling me that until some happening drives us together again, I will share common interests with a friend and not a lover, I sigh as my recollections come to an end…for now.

As always, but, especially with the departure from the tales most have come to expect from me, I ask for comments and or votes that I might know a reader’s response to this tale of taboo desires of adultery.
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