Consensual Depredation

By sourappletini

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One night I went to see a friend of mine at his house, when I got there and he let me in, we sat in front of the tv watching a movie and chatted for a bit. He said that he was going to get something from the other room and left. A few minutes later he called out to me saying he wanted to show me something so I got up and walked down the hallway, looking in each room to see where he was.

When I got to the room he was in, I found him laying naked on the bed, I walked up to him and he started running his hands up and down my legs. His hands started to drift high and higher each time then he reached up for my panties moving them a side, he started running his fingers over my clit rubbing it gently.

Using his other hand, he runs his hand over my skirt and up past my shirt to my breasts, running his hand up and down feeling the curves of my body under my shirt, he slowly squeezes my breasts, his other hand moves over my ass and up to the top of my back, under my shirt and snaps off my bra and lifts up my shirt and starts sucking my nipples and squeezing my breasts together. I pull my shirt over my head but he stops me half way so the shirt is half over my eyes and I cant see.

He turns me around and helps me down onto the bed holding my arms so as not to take my shirt off, he kisses my neck, down to my breasts, flicking his tongue on my nipples, then biting down on each of them. He then runs his tongue down my stomach, running his tongue around my belly button, following with his hands as he makes his way down to my skirt and slides it down past my legs onto the floor.

He starts playing with my clit, moving his fingers over it and pushes one of his fingers deep inside me. He starts licking and sucking my clit while he moves his 2 fingers in and out of me, my body starts aching for his hard cock to be inside me but he keeps on with his tongue making me want him more, he gives me one last hard suck and thrust with his fingers and slowly draws back

Still holding my arms over my head he pulls me down so i'm half on the bed half crouched on the floor as he runs the tip of his hard cock over my breasts and up to my mouth, slowly he puts himself in my mouth as I run my tongue over his knob, as I suck him as I can feel him moving back and forth out of my mouth, moving my tongue around, feeling as much of him in my mouth as I can and can feel his cock change from being hard to firm and tight.

I moan for him to stop but he keeps going and I try to squirm away but he's to strong and keeps thrusting in my mouth. I can feel my mouth filling up with precum because i'm to scared to swallow as it starts dripping out of my mouth and over his balls onto my breasts, he starts getting more agitated as I try and release him from my mouth

He makes another thrust outwards so hard that hes released his cock from my mouth and I close my mouth turning away as he tries to get it back in, he then grabs my arms with both of his and drags me up so i'm laying fully across the bed, as he's getting on top of me I struggle but i'm starting to get tired and hes holding me down with his weight, with my hands still above my head and not being able to see, he kisses me stuffing his tongue all the way to the back of my throat

While he moves one hand down to my breasts, grabbing them as hard as he can he releases the tension so i'm able to open my legs just a bit but then I feel him moving forward and his hard cock rubs against my clit and over my stomach. I try to moan but its muffelled by his tongue, he moves it in and out and all around my mouth as though he's tasting every bit of me, seeing how the inside of my mouth feels, my tongue agaisnt his, and how much more of it I can take.

He goes in for a second thrust with his cock and misses my pussy because its so wet, then he tries again and I squeeze my legs together and it slides in me sending a rush of pain through my body. He keeps thrusting in and out, while he holds my hands together, and running his other hand up and down my body stopping for quick moments to play with my clit with his thumb and sucking my breasts as I moan loudly and beg for him to stop, but the more I moan the harder he keeps pumping me.

I manage to get my shirt fully off over my head when my eyes start to focus I can see him with his head back and a smile on his face enjoying every minute that he has full control over me and that with each thrust he makes, cuts into me deeper.

I can feel his hard cock getting harder and I look down to see his balls tightly packed underneath, I cry out with pleasure as he pushes his thumb onto my clit rubbing it around and around while he keeps thrusting, my pussy is so hard and wet and I cant stop him, i dont want him to stop anymore, it feels to good. As he keeps massaging me with his thumb I cant take anymore, I quiver as im cumming over and over, my body twitches

He keeps thrusting and now my clit is to sensitive to touch and I beg him to stop but he keeps massaging around and around in tiny circles, I can feel my blood pumping through my clit and up inside of me making my vaginal muscles contract making my insides tighter around his cock, as he moans, he looks down at me and starts again thrusting his tongue in and around my mouth deeper and deeper so I can hardly breath

I can feel him tensing up and his body arches over mine as he pushes his cock deeper into me as he cums... pushing and pushing his body jolting every time he squirts out.

He stays in me for a bit just holding me still...