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Cordelia's Feet 7 - The Queen Bee's Love

Things spill over into Miss Wilkins' work while she falls deeper and deeper for her wicked student.
When you have been flying above the clouds for too long, it feels banal and lacking once your feet touch the ground again. The euphoria you have felt gives way to a yearning emptiness inside your heart, one that cannot be filled by anything but another trip into the limitless skies. Thus, the Sunday after Cordelia had dropped me off at my home had dredged on in agonizing slowness. Every few minutes I found myself frozen in the middle of whatever I was doing, my thoughts once again filled with images of her angelic face, and the need to follow her on another depraved journey coursed relentlessly through every fiber of my being.

I recognized all the symptoms for what they were - unmistakable signs of an addiction that would inevitable blow apart my world. But like a heroin addict anticipating their next shot, I trembled with unfulfilled need. My heart was still tortured by images I had conjured up of my beloved Queen Bee and the intriguing, exotic Natalia, tortured by the depraved games had I imagined their beautiful bodies playing with each other’s, while I had lain alone on the wooden stage and worshipped my Goddess with my fingers in my cunt.

Yes, cunt. The days when I lovingly called it ‘kitten’, ‘pussy’ or even playfully ‘snatch’, were in the past. A love-hate relationship with it had taken hold, now that I had allowed it to become the centerpiece of my existence and the dictator of my decisions.

I hated the swollen state in which it was all day even if I didn’t stroke it to life, and I hated that I could not control the wetness that seeped down my thighs as soon as I thought of my sweet, ruthless student. But most of all, I loved it, because the intensity of the feelings it had given me had transcended everything I thought I knew about fulfillment. And every single tingling, dripping, clenching moment reminded me of that pleasure.

I looked at the plate of cold, half-eaten spaghetti in front of me and sighed. How long had I been away in that other world again? Five minutes? Ten? Half an hour? I couldn’t say. But my hand had made its way dangerously close to my cunt, my fingers only a fraction of an inch away from stirring the pink, boiling vortex of desire there.

Need. I had never been able to appreciate the all-encompassing quality of that word. Now I knew exactly how intense it could be. Need, that was what I felt for Cordelia’s closeness, for her touch - and for her mean games of teasing and embarrassment.

I thought it was silly, a behavior befitting of a teenager, but my fingers nonetheless picked up my cellphone and started to type a text. I had to erase each word a few times before I got the spelling right, and after what felt like ages, I quickly pressed the send button before I could get second thoughts.

My Goddess to whom I pray, my Sun around which I revolve! I need you so much. Every fiber of my being yearns for you. I am going crazy without you. I love you.

As soon as the phone announced that it had sent the message, pangs of shame and guilt rocked through me. I was disassembling myself for her.

Still, hardly a minute went by where I didn’t glance at the screen of my silent phone, willing it to blink and beep to tell me she had read my devoted message and found it worthy of being answered.

Unable to do anything productive around the house, I ripped off my clothes and threw myself onto the bed, rolling up into a ball and rocking with desire, hands clenched to keep them from breaking the promise to stay chaste that I had given her before she had driven off.


Hours later - hours filled with tossing and turning in futile flight from reality - there finally was the expected beep, and my hands snatched the phone, only to fumble like wooden sticks when I tried to unlock it. My heart clenched, because her message contained only one word.


My desperation washed over me in crushing waves, but even this one word of cruel, teasing arrogance managed to make the muscles in my cunt clench in eager submission.

I was on all fours on my bed, naked and with my bum high up in the air, the cellphone in front of me while my elbows rested on the mattress. Like a cat in heat, I realized, but that only drew up images of the latex-clad cat woman at Natalia’s exhibition and increased the throbbing emptiness between my thighs.

It was the longest Sunday of my life, and the night didn’t turn out to be much better. Sleep was a luxury that only came in short, troubled episodes, and when dawn finally broke, I needed a third cup of coffee to find my bearings.


The five minutes in the staff room had been hell. Only half of the crowd was already there, but each cheerful greeting and each pair of eyes that flickered towards me dug deeply into me and almost had me stammering. One of them had witnessed my depraved performance, and I had no idea who it was.

Anthony, who gave P.E. and biology and was well-known as a womanizer? But he seemed to be more interested in getting a cup coffee from the huffing, steam-blowing, near-dead machine someone had brought with them years ago than in me. Or Mr. Stone, our reserved principal, about whom it was whispered that he had a thing for fragile ballet dancers?

“Budge over,” Melinda Brooktree’s deep voice almost bellowed in my ear, and when I took a step to the side to let her through to her desk and looked a bit intimidated at her, she studied me for a moment, appearing puzzled. Thank god she didn’t inquire, and I chastised myself when I caught my thoughts wandering into forbidden territory where the overweight chemistry teacher who was ten years my senior was playing a nude lead role.

I fled the confines of the staff room as soon as I could, quickly closing the classroom door behind me, leaning back to take a deep breath in the short solitude before the first students arrived.


“Good morning, Miss Wilkins!”

I was quite early, as was usual for me on Mondays, and I jumped when I found my own chair occupied. My heart picked up speed, and when I saw Cordelia sit there, the white, skin-tight summer dress with pink stitching hugging her form with absolute perfection, I could only respond with a quiet, trembling gasp.

She was lounging in the chair like she owned the place - yes, somehow she did, at least far more than I did - and her right foot rested lazily on the top of the desk, wrapped in delicate bands of white leather and arched high above a needle-thin heel. Her pink-painted toes waved invitingly at me when she saw me look.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked, the playful smirk on her lips belying the compassionate sound of her voice. “Did you dream of me and all the things Natalia and I did last night?”

I tried to answer and tell her that this was not the time and place for this discussion, but I didn’t get the chance. Winking at me, she splayed her left knee to the side until it pointed straight at me, and the hem of her dress slid down and exposed her perfect thighs, until only an inch of fabric covered her crotch from my greedy eyes.

She beckoned me closer with a crooked finger.

“This is too risky,” I told her even while I approached with hesitant steps. “Please, you said you wanted to keep me around. We’ll get caught! They will fire me. What then?”

“I’ve given you a promise on Saturday that I’ve failed to keep,” she said, completely ignoring my plea. “I don’t want to be called a liar.”

My breath got stuck in my throat when she pulled up her skirt even more, and her naked, glorious plum glistened in the morning light that fell through the windows.

For a moment, she smiled brightly at the look of fascination on my face, but then she bit her lip and her eyes took on a faraway look. Her right index finger slid down between her legs and pressed ever so slightly inwards between her puffy labia.

“God,” she sighed with half-closed eyelids, “if you could see yourself, the look of absolute need on your face is so sexy!”

“Stop,” I pleaded once more, half-heartedly. “We’ll get caught!”

But then her finger sunk deeper, vanished in the wetness of her sex millimeter by millimeter. Her eyelids fluttered.

“You’re trembling,” she commented, sounding out of breath. “It’s so empowering to know that I am doing this to you.”

Her finger was in all the way, up to the last knuckle, and her small, breathless whimpers rang through the air like tiny wind chimes. In her youthful perfection, she may well be the queen of the fairies, and her chiming sounds of delight the music to her folk’s magical dance. This was so incredibly sensual. Goosebumps raced up and down my spine, and I wanted to fall to my knees and tell her how perfect everything about her was.

Her thoughts weren’t that far from mine, obviously, because she pulled her finger free and held it up for me to see in all its honey-coated, glistening glory.

“Kneel,” she whispered, barely audible and yet so full of determination, “and you can taste me.”

I felt like a charmed snake when she held out her finger at my waist height, and there was no resisting the compulsion to follow her orders unquestioningly. I sunk to my knees and leaned forward, my eyes riveted to the shiny digit that carried the sweet juice from her folds. We both shuddered in pleasure when my lips wrapped around it and my tongue tasted the musky deliciousness, and she moaned when I softly began to suckle on it.

“Good teacher,” she encouraged and stroked my hair with her free hand, triggering another warm wave of submissive delight. “Keep sucking and don’t move, no matter what happens. Can you do that for me?”

No! I couldn’t. I shouldn’t. I nodded, a slightly slurping sound escaping around her soft finger.

Panic gripped me at the clicking sound of the opening door. Cordelia just shook her head and smiled at me. Then footsteps could be heard, one, two, at least three pairs of feet coming closer from behind. The door clicked shut again, but my moment of relief was short-lived when another pair of feet approached, punctuating the air around me with the hard staccato of high heels even while Cordelia’s gaggle of friends entered my line of sight.

Eireen and Monica took up a seat on my desk to my left. Lisette and Kaila stood behind Cordelia, whispering between each other.

Which meant one thing - the person who approached and came to a stop right behind was an unknown.

“Welcome,” Cordelia greeted the newcomer with a dramatic gesture. “I hope you enjoy the little exhibition here.”

My head tried to turn so I could take a glance at the stranger. Questions raced through my mind. Was it another of my students? Or one of the teachers, the one who had watched me two days ago? My cheeks burst into flames, and Cordelia’s hand on my chin halted my movement.

“Tut, tut,” she admonished. “No movement, I said! Keep sucking. Or don’t you like my pussy’s honey?”

I quickly resumed my duty, which earned me a satisfied smile.

“She’s quite the eager thing.” Cordelia told our ‘guest’ with a grin. “But you’ve already seen that yourself.

The suppressed chuckle from behind that accompanied the embarrassed shivers I felt was not enough to take a guess who she might be, but it was clear that she was the one who had watched me. It was a woman, at least, and not one of the testosterone-driven wanna-be bulls.

There was a short pause in the talking, and I could only wonder with trepidation what would happen next. The clock was ticking, and there wasn’t all that much left of the twenty minutes I had thought I had until my students would file in. I looked pleadingly at Cordelia, and when she caught my stare, I pointed my eyes into the direction of the clock above the blackboard.

“My teacher-slut is fearful she might get caught,” Cordelia explained to the others and drew giggles. “Go ahead,” she then told the woman behind me, “just like we discussed.”

Fabric rustled for a moment where the stranger stood, then there was a little pause. I did expect some kind of touch, but when fingernails trailed up both my thighs and the hem of my skirt followed the movement, I gasped nonetheless.

There is something so sexy in feeling my skirt lifted and feeling the cool air touch the exposed parts of my bum cheeks, something that was strong enough to balance the shame I felt at that moment. When her fingers deftly pushed under the waistband of my panties and made their way towards my sopping cunt, my hips rocked involuntarily.

“See, eager, just as I said.” Cordelia’s voice dripped with amusement.

Something pressed against the entrance to my cunt. At first I thought it was a finger, but it was too rigid for that. It began to slide inside, small bumps teasing my pussy walls, and I felt it push my walls wider apart with every inch. I sucked harder on Cordelia’s finger, as if this act offered protection from the shame I felt when my cunt rejoiced in the depraved act, and little moans escaped and gave away my unrestrained arousal. A last, strong push buried whatever it was deep inside me with an almost painful twinge, filling me up completely.

Then the fingers vanished and my skirt covered my bum once more.

“Thank you,” Cordelia said, looking over my head, and after a second, the sharp footsteps retreated. The door clicked twice.

“You’re wondering what it is, aren’t you?”

I answered with a slight nod, and she slowly withdrew her finger from my mouth. She exaggeratedly wiped it on my cheek and grinned. “That’s not the only thing you should wonder about,” she whispered. “But lessons are about to start. We will continue this after school. Keep it inside you; I’ll check when I visit you at home.”

My beloved put her leg down from the table and let her skirt cover her up again. Her friends moved towards the door, and with a last, playful smirk, she followed them, leaving me breathless and dazzled. I had to force myself to get up, unpack my things and write out the keywords for the first lesson on the blackboard.

I don’t think I’ve felt this self-conscious before. I felt the pairs of sixteen and seventeen year old eyes on me all morning, sure that they all noticed the little hitches in my voice when I moved too fast, and I felt the intruder in my pussy, the small tremors that shook my hips each time I sat down or stood up and the flaming blushes that covered my cheeks when thoughts of the foreign object inside me once more managed to push the lesson’s topic aside.

When the last bell rang, I had never been happier to have made it through a day, and I waited impatiently for the last straggler to leave my classroom. I decided to forgo my usual visit to the staff room and headed home.


She was alone, that was the first thing that I noticed when I answered the doorbell, and she carried a sports bag with her - white, frilly, with a pink logo and no doubt incredibly expensive. Her blond hair sparkled in the summer sun.

“Please come in,” I offered, and she passed me with a smile, setting her bag down on the coffee table and slipping off her thin blazer.

I almost gasped when I saw the deliciously tiny white bikini top she was wearing, small triangles of nothing that covered little more than her nipples, held together by invisible strings. They looked as if they would fall away any moment, and I found myself holding my breath.

She wasn’t done undressing. A quick flick of her fingers opened the zip of her skirt and had it flutter to the floor. My eyes followed its movement, but then they travelled up her lean legs and focused on that sweet spot between her thighs. Another small triangle covered her mound, pulled tight over it and leaving no detail of her ripe pussy lips to the imagination. I had to take a deep breath.

“Now it’s your turn,” she told me with a smile, one eyebrow raised and a lovely pout on her sweet lips.

“Let me - let me just fetch my bikini,” I offered, but her hand caught my wrist and stopped me from turning around.

“Silly teacher.” Her whispered admonishment travelled like silk over my skin. “I brought your outfit. But first you have to undress for me.”

My fingers trembled, both from the embarrassment I still felt about getting naked in front of her for some strange reason, and from the feelings looking at her scantily clad, perfect body evoked in me. One by one I opened the buttons, her critical eyes watching my every move. The blouse joined her skirt on the floor, and my nipples strained against the confines of the bra, hard and sensitive. I fumbled a few times with the clasp, but then it snapped open. Following her encouraging nod, I let it drop down.

Cordelia’s playful smirk did not bode well, yet it was like Michelangelo himself had painted this expression on her face, sweet and knowing and beautiful. She stepped closer, so close that her bikini-covered nipples almost brushed against mine.

“Tell me,” she whispered barely audible, “do you want me to touch your tits? Would you love it if I caressed them with my fingers, running small circles all over them and getting closer and closer to your rosy nipples? Would it excite you if I gave them the smallest of flicks and watched them strain to reach out for my touch? Would you want me to…” She paused, smiling sweetly, then her tongue sneaked out and deftly laid a shiny coating over her full lips. “ take them into my mouth and kiss them, suck on them, softly bite down and pull while my tongue rubs all over their tips?”

Trembling, I almost shouted my response. “Yes, Cordelia! Oh god, yes!”

She bent her head forward and her breath tickled my ear. “Too bad I won’t do that, isn’t it?”

I almost sobbed. The images she had conjured assaulted me with a force that made my knees shake, and the glee in her voice trickled down over my like bitter-sweet honey.

“I love to see all these emotions on your face,” she told me while she took a step back. “It only takes a few seconds to have your eyes wide in excitement or misty with unfulfilled need.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can stand it,” I confessed, eyes downcast and overcome with a need to lay bare my feelings. “I can barely function; all my thoughts revolve around you, from the moment I wake until I fall asleep. You’re my addiction. And I’m afraid. Afraid that this wicked world into which you’ve pulled me will soon crumble to dust, leaving me with nothing. We have to stop this! Please!” Somehow I had managed to say the words that had been at the top of my tongue.

“I understand,” she replied, sitting down on the coffee table and playing with a loose curl, looking thoughtful and allowing me to feel a little relief. “It has all happened quite fast and you think that I won’t stop before something happens that can’t be kept secret.”

“I’d lose my job and everything I have.”

“Yes, I know that.” She looked a little sad, and some part of my heart fluttered with compassion.

“Perhaps,” I suggested, not thinking, only reacting to the wide-eyed, mournful look in her pretty eyes, “we could just tone it down. Not - not do things in public and involve other people?”

“We could.” She seemed to weigh the idea for a few seconds, and some color flooded back into my black-and-white emotional turmoil; color that got swept away with just a few words. “But where would be the fun in that?”

“Cordelia, please! We need to be rational about this!”

“Rational?” She giggled, gifting me with a condescending smile. “It’s far too late to do rational. I’m having so much fun.”

I tried to plead with her again, but my words died in my throat. Her legs shifted apart and her fingers pulled the tiny piece of fabric over her crotch to the side. The smooth skin and the delicious promise that the tiny strip of rosy folds that peeked out gave captured me without mercy.

“It’s too late, because I only need to do this,” she whispered, running her finger slowly through her sweet pussy and moaning quietly, “and I can see so much need, so much hunger in your eyes. It makes me feel so beautiful and strong. How could I give that up?”

“It’s still wrong!” I gasped, my gaze never straying from the finger that stirred her forbidden treasure. “Please!”

“Do you want to smell the power you give me? Do you want to taste my honey? Then undress for me!”

“No!” I whimpered, but my fingers were already busy with my skirt’s button, and before I could really become aware of what I was doing, my panties slid down my legs and pooled around my ankles.

Her crooked finger beckoned me closer, and I stepped out of them. It pointed to the floor in front of her, and I needed no words. I sunk to my knees, eyes riveted to the slick, ripe folds that had ensnared me.

“Here,” she purred, holding out her index finger, and I couldn’t stop myself from inhaling deeply to fill my senses with her scent. “Describe it to me,” she continued, her cheeks flushing with arousal.

“God,” I whispered and had to clear my throat. “You smell like heaven. It’s… it’s musky and sweet, spicy and sharp. It wraps like a blanket around my senses and smothers them with pleasure!”

“Oh my,” she giggled. “You’re quite the poet. Stick out your tongue.”

I trembled when I did so and felt her finger touch me there. She slowly drew a line along the middle of my tongue, and I had to fight with every fiber of my being not to wrap my lips around that soft, strong digit with its shiny pink nail and worship it with kisses.

“And how’s this?” she questioned, a breathless quality in her voice.

“The sweetest, bitter honey. Like jumping into the sea from a huge cliff. Overwhelming. Delicious. Intense and wonderful.”

“You’re sweet.”

These two - no three, the teacher in me chimed in and almost made me giggle in my strange, dissociated state of mind - words made me feel giddy and warm.

“You know,” Cordelia said and bit her lip, “I shouldn’t say this. Hell, I shouldn’t allow myself to feel this. I’m growing fond of you. You’re so pliable, and I love that you are so clever but still helpless. You look so cute when your eyes plead for just a single touch, a smell or a taste. I’m tempted to go back on my own words and allow you a taste from the source.”

I hadn’t realized it, but the finger that stroked her delicious folds was flying by now, and only the short pauses in her speech gave away her arousal.

“Please let me,” I begged, “let me worship your temple, my goddess!”

Our eyes locked and time seemed to stand still. My blood rushed in my ears like loud drums and my body trembled in high frequency. I saw her lips move, saw her eyes widen in astonishment over her offer, and then her words registered.

“Kiss my pussy! Lick me!”

My heart jubilated and did somersaults. My skin prickled and burned. My breath flew when I leaned forward, full of disbelief and elation. When she didn’t stop me, when she only looked at me with a feverish desire that I had never seen in her before, I moaned and bridged the last inch.

Wetness greeted me, warm and tasty, covering every little taste bud with its thick, heady deliciousness. Then I felt the silken smoothness of her folds, felt my tongue glide over skin even softer than I could ever have imagined, felt it touch crannies and little bumps on its way upwards and finally encountered the swollen, pulsating pearl.

Her head tilted backwards and a moan drew from her throat, soft and full of joy. I repeated my motion, drinking her taste, brushing the silken smoothness of her perfect thighs with my cheeks before my tongue pushed deeper and another layer of my Queen Bee’s honey was spread over my chin. I reveled in the moment, drunk with joy and shivering with happiness.

The doorbell shrieked and I jerked, but I couldn’t stop. Not now. It rang again, longer this time, and tears threatened to pool in my eyes when Cordelia’s fingers pushed me back.

“Get the door,” she ordered, her voice thick with arousal.

“But…” I tried to protest. “I can’t! Not like this.”

“Get the door!” This time she hissed.


“No buts. Do it. Now!”

“I’ll just go and put on…”

The bell rang again. “No. Open it like you are!”

My breath raced. My heart thundered. She couldn’t expect me to open the door in the nude, could she? But the look in her eyes brooked no more protest. I tried to think rationally. I didn’t expect anybody. It was too late for parcel deliveries. She had to know who it was. She just had to! I got to my feet, repeating the words in my head as my mantra. She had to know!

My hand trembled like mad when I reached out for the doorknob, and a tranquil clarity settled over me. As I stood there, naked, flushed and smelling of arousal, I knew that this was one of the moments that could decide fate. If it was anybody I knew, a neighbor, a colleague, my life would be over. The bell rang once more, long and unrelenting, and I felt Cordelia’s impatient look on my naked back. I had entered my home as a respectable teacher. In just a second I could become a depraved slut in the world’s eyes. A twist of my hand could ruin everything. Yes, I could run up the stairs and hide in my bedroom, leaving Cordelia to deal with whatever it was. I turned my hand and pulled the door open, and I felt more alive than I had ever felt before.

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