Cousin's Touch

By buckeye11

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This story was written by me, but from my wife's point of view following my last deployment. This was the start of her sexual awakening. 

My husband is an Active Duty Soldier. When he returned from Afghanistan, I gave him a threesome as a surprise "Welcome Home" present. I wanted to do it, but I didn't want to just pick some random stranger. The one person I knew who was sexually adventurous was my cousin. She was very attractive, but she was still my cousin.

I knew that my cousin had a few threesomes, and that she thought my husband was very attractive. She had told me several times that she thought he was hot and she had been a little flirtatious with him before. She never crossed the line, but she had mentioned how she would love to join us sometime. She always said it in a laughing manner, but I was sure she was serious. I am not sure if the threesome or the fact that it was with my cousin is more taboo?!?!

A few weeks before he came home, I asked her to come visit me.We spent the evening drinking a few bottles of wines, listening to music and talking. As we got ready for bed and the affects of a few glasses of wine, the topic turned to sex. I asked her about her threesomes, and she was more than willing to share. She admitted that she found both Mark and I attractive and that she would jump at the chance to be with us. She asked me if I had ever been with a women. I had not. She asked me if I would touch a women or be touched. I told her I wasn't sure. I told her that I was sure that I could never go down on a women. She told me that it was actually a lot of fun and that it was one of favorite things to do.

We ended up finishing off two bottles of wine and more than half the third bottle. I told her I was horny and needed to go to bed. She asked me if she could sleep with me. I told her yes, in some way I wanted her to touch me, but I wasn't sure where this was going. I forgot to mention that at the time, I was 32 and she was 24. We weren't teenagers, but there was a lot of teen like sexual tension there.

I went to bed with a T Shirt and black lacy panties on. She crawled into bed with just a pair of panties on and I was pretty sure something was going to happen. I had never been with a women, but had to admit I was very attracted to my OWN COUSIN! She has strawberry blond hair and is about 5'5 ,110 pounds. She is in shape and takes care of herself. Her breast were facing me and her nipples were hard, but I wasn't sure what to do. When we got into bed, she asked me how serious I was about wanting a threesome with my husband. She laid her hand on my stomach. I told her I really wanted it, she jokingly said "The threesome or now?" We both laughed, but knew she was right.

I was laying on my back and she was shirtless laying on her side. Her nipples had hardened and it turned me on knowing that she was getting excited.She was caressing my stomach with my shirt lifted. I told her it felt really good and closed my eyes. She ran her fingers down over my hips and traced her hands down my legs and up between my thighs. I slightly opened my legs hoping she would touch me more and closed my eyes as I let out a little moan. She rubbed her hand over by panties and could easily feel the heat coming off my pussy. I lifted my hips to meet her hand, and it was on.

Her fingers were inside my panties in a matter of seconds, and my clothes were off almost just as quick. She kissed my neck and breast as she entered me with her fingers. I was a little surprised when she kissed me, but I liked it. She slid her panties down and I touched her. It was so soft and hot. We were both totally shaven and slippery wet. She tasted me first, and much to my surprise, I returned the favor. We played for a while until we both passed out. She woke me up with a little morning fun too. It was an amazing experience. I am glad I did it, but a little embarrassed that it was with my cousin.

I didn't tell my husband about playing with her until a few months later. I was afraid he would be upset. When he came home, she spent the weekend with us and she was his personal toy. She pleased us both. My husband asked me to taste her and to let him watch, so I did. I have played with her several other times. With him present, but watching, with him joining in and by ourselves. She has joined us on one other occasion when she was his toy from the time she walked in the door.She like to be domination, but my husband is too kind to push her limits.