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Cruising the Seas With My Black Beauty

My first encounter with my gorgeous black roommate continues…
I lapped long and hard as my beautiful new friend sat on my face. Her slick pink folds, topped off with my white creamy cum, created a wonderful contrast in color as it met her soft, ebony skin. She was like a drug to me. One lick was all it took. I couldn’t get enough of her. Sammy continued to pull my hair, forcing my tongue ever deeper inside as I feasted on her pussy. Her steamy treasure tasted wonderful.

As I gripped her lovely, ripe ass cheeks I was able to be a tad more vigorous in my ministrations to her. I set aside the concept of licking her and instead began to eat her, devouring her cunt for all I was worth. It was frantic and it was powerful. Obsession was the word. She began to wail and moan and scream obscenities, riding my face furiously while gripping my head with her smooth thighs. Her body continued to flail until her delicious cum flooded my mouth and washed over my face and neck. I was a drowning man who never felt so alive.

“Fuck, you sure know how to take care of your woman! Damn! You’re sure your wife doesn’t like that?” she asked through belated breaths. “I can’t could any woman not fucking love that?” she asked incredulously.

“Hmmmmm, Sam you are so tasty.”

The last thing I wanted to do was to talk about my wife. I just wanted to enjoy the moment and bask in the afterglow of the pleasure I heard coming from this whimpering, beautiful woman’s lips. I lifted my tongue and continued to lick her until she begged me to stop.

“Don’t honey, I’m too sensitive. I need a little break now,” she pleaded as she removed herself from my face.

“Okay babe, why don’t you just lay down here on the table,” I said as I looked over at the massage table. "It’s my turn to give you a massage,” I stated flatly.

We both arose from the bed and, before she lay down on her stomach, I took a hold of her and kissed her deeply. I loved the way her ass felt as I kneaded it in my hands and how her warm flesh melted against mine.

I eyed her gorgeous body for a few seconds before I reached for the oil. Her soft ebony skin and curvaceous frame were truly a sight to behold. With a woman like this, I could see how a man might never want to leave the room. This is how it should be between a man and a woman, I thought. I just kept drinking her in. I just couldn’t get enough.

As the oil descended from the bottle and rolled across her shoulders and down her back, I heard a deep sigh of contentment from Sam. The more I worked her shoulders and back the more she content she became. I stood next to her left shoulder and leaned down hard into her back and progressed towards her bubble butt.

Just as I began to slide up the slope of her curves she opened her eyes and said, “Nice.”

I looked down to see what she had commented on only to find my cock swaying horizontally right in front of her face. Shocker! It wasn’t like I wanted to fuck her or anything. I was just aching to slide my Johnson into her velvety depths and make this goddess come again and again as I ravish her body. Soon enough Mike, I told myself, soon enough.

I walked down her body a little so I could better concentrate on the mounds before me. All around each cheek, down to her upper thighs and then back again I roamed. I sprayed a little more oil down her deep crack and my eager hands soon followed. She involuntarily spread her legs about a foot wide, allowing me to plummet her sweltering depths. My slick fingers found her lips and slid methodically inside her warm groove, hitting her swollen, oversized button again and again as I did. The moans once again spoke volumes. She was in heat and loved what my fingers were doing to her. I continued to stroll down her body, working down her legs to her ticklish feet.

“Come back up here baby,” she said hoarsely, “my feet are good. I need you up here!

“Turn over and I’ll continue babe,” I said as she rolled over with her legs bent. A cool, naughty lust-filled gaze made its way towards me.

“Do my pussy again Mike, make me come!”

“In due time honey; we’ve got all week remember!” I said as I anointed her breasts with oil.

As I worked it in her already hardened nipples looked as if they were going to explode. I couldn’t help but lean down and softly flick my tongue over each protruding tip.

“Oh, yes babe. Suck my tits!” she uttered.

I kept squeezing and massaging, licking her every so often when her eyes begged for it. As my mouth captured her left nipple my right hand began the slow and sensuous descent to her naval. I played in her hole while sucking on my little pacifier. Again my hand moved down, rubbing her mons all around until a slick finger found her wet slit. I worked it back and forth, rubbing her clit tenderly with every pull of my hand. Sam raised a hand and placed it behind my head and aggressively pulled me down on her tit, feeding me her precious flesh as I continued to nibble and suck. By this time my digits had penetrated her. I began to slowly but deliberately finger fuck my girl. Sam was soon on the verge of another come.

“Fuck me Mike, get on top and fuck me now!” she pleaded.

“In due time babe…Do you actually think this flimsy table would hold us both?” I asked as I picked up the RPM’s of my fingers. “Perhaps it is best to go solo.”

She couldn’t take it anymore. Her back arched up off of the table and her cries filled the room as I felt her cum gush out and flood my hand. I leaned over her, still plowing my fingers, and captured her beautiful lips while sliding my tongue deep into her mouth. Her body was still bucking and she inadvertently bit my tongue hard. That just stirred an even greater passion in me. I began to tongue fuck her mouth as I worked a third finger inside her cunt. Either her long orgasm continued or another one started. She was going crazy, pulling the back of my head even deeper into her mouth and fucking my hand rabidly with her hips until she moved her head away from me.

“FUCK…Yes, fuck me Mike,” she screamed into my ears.

Three cabins over they heard the same message. Her body kept on bucking against my fingers for the longest time. I looked down on my beauty and just reveled at the pure lust and passion on her face and her quivering body. Her eyes were shut tight as she continued to murmur vague obscenities.

At this point my cock was ready to burst. Pre-cum was running down the shaft as it throbbed in mid-air. I pulled my hand across the length of it, milking my cream upwards towards the tip and with my index finger and thumb, pinched off my nectar. I seductively coated Sammie’s lips with it as my touch startled her enough to open her eyes. She knew what I had just painted her with and, while staring dreamily at me, licked her beautiful plump lips with her luscious pink tongue. Again, the contrast of color drove me wild. I forced my tongue between her lips and continued to finger fuck her to yet another come.

When her panting subsided I removed my fingers and, as I leaned my head back, raised my hand above my head. She watched as her juices flowed down my fingers and dropped down into my waiting mouth. Eventually I sucked my hand until all of her juices had slid down my throat.

“You are so tasty Sam; I need some more,” I said as I traveled down her body.

I looked into her deer-like eyes as a broad smile spread across her face. She spread her legs and extended her hands to me, inviting me to dine on her swollen, flooded snatch. I dove in without abandon and heartily ate her to another come. With a drenched face I finally rose from her core and, using my fingers, began to lick as much of her cream from my face. As her chest heaved, just trying to catch her breath, Sam motioned me to come back up the table to her. She reached for me and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her mouth.

“You are one hot lover. I’ve never felt so good in all my life!” she moaned.

Her lips washed my face free of her juices and her tongue dove into my mouth. “Damn, you’re right, I am tasty!” she laughed.

Her laughter initiated the transition I was looking for. I needed to fuck her and I needed her now! I walked back to the foot of the table and pulled her body towards me. As the gap between us lessened a big toothy smile appeared.

“Does my lover want something now?” she mused.

“Damn straight woman,” I said while inadvertently stroking my cock, “I’m going to bury myself in you!” She just smiled back at me as I pulled her dark, sexy legs around my waist.

I flicked the head of my dick back and forth between her fleshy folds, soaking my now glistening tool in the process. I tapped on her clit with the mushroomed head until I could hear her breathing thicken. I couldn’t believe it. This amazing woman was already on the verge of coming again.

“Hey,” she said breathlessly, “can you get something for me before you put it in. Can you get my little friend out of the night stand?”

Dismayed I left her body and quickly retrieved her toy. It was a five inch vibe. I handed it to her and adjusted our bodies in position again.

“Okay, where were we now?” I asked playfully, tapping her clit again.

“You were just about to fuck me with that big fat cock of yours. Shove it in me my sweet lover. I want to feel you slide in between my sugar walls as I grip you with my tight, hot pussy. Come on, shov...”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. With a quick thrust of my hips I was balls deep inside her sultry, tight cunt and started pounding her body hard.

“Oh yeahhh…Fuck!” were the only words I could make out as my balls slapped against her gorgeous ass.

I held onto her hips as I attempted to split her in two with my needy dick. I looked down at her body as it writhed beneath me. She held the vibe on top of her clit as her body embraced the orgasm that had overtaken her body. Her groans were almost delirious as it racked through her. It was a beautiful sight. As she calmed a bit I told her what I wanted.

“Put the vibe in your mouth and suck it while you use your fingers on your nub honey,” I demanded.

She stared at me as she lost the toy in her mouth and began rubbing. This little nymph was nearly there again.

“That’s my girl. Now hand me the vibe,” I said as the assault on her pussy continued.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. I moved her ass off of the table a little, placed her feet to my shoulders and pulled my cock out of her body. I leaned down and licked over her slick rosebud as I slid the vibe up her hot pussy.

“Tell me you want it,” I said as I waved my slippery dick through her lips again.

“I want it, I want it bad. Fuck me now Mike!” she demanded.

I pulled the vibe out, made sure it was set to medium, and slowly slid it into her tight ass. Her eyes bugged out as her little friend bottomed out into her. As I pushed my cock back into her I could feel the vibe moving behind her vaginal walls. It took all of my concentration to continue to thrust in and out of her.

I held onto the tops of her meaty thighs as I plowed my cock deeper into her. With a wild yell the two of us exploded into mind altering comes. Her ass rose repeatedly off of the table as I pounded her tight body until I could barely stand. After a minute or so my cock slipped out of her hole. I lay on top of her heaving body to catch my breath before gathering her and placing her on the bed next to me.

“Fuck, that was nice. You are full of surprises aren’t you?” she said as she covered my mouth with hers.

“Yes it was. I have never been in a woman as tight as you. You’re like heaven on earth Sam,” I said with smiley eyes of my own.

“Well you certainly are a good fuck. And just think, this is only day one,” she said. “We still have six more to enjoy together.”

“Yep and tomorrow’s my birthday. What a great birthday week! This is the best Sam!” I wanted to convey to her how much I was enjoying being with her. Words could not sufficiently do the trick.

“Your birthday? Nice! Well then, I’ll have to plan a surprise or two to celebrate!”

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