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Curious Casey Plays in the Snow

This happening has always been a unique fantasy of mine.
C urious Casey sits at home by herself on a cold, February afternoon, feeling horny and creative. Casey’s laptop was open with big-dick-porn. Watching porn was a new hobby of Casey’s but today she was bored of it and looking to try something new. Casey was a sixteen-year-old girl with blond hair past her shoulders, pale skin and blue eyes. She stood at just five feet tall, with well-formed firm breasts. She had a curvy body giving her a round ass and bare feet with painted-red toenails.

Casey was in a self-discovery phase. She was artistic, yet secretly very sexual. Casey lay on the couch in her t-shirt and yellow panties bored of the porn displayed on her laptop. Casey suddenly remembered a video that excited her the night before, a video where two girls were paid money to strip down, completely naked outside and make naked snow angels. Casey smiled as her stomach filled with butterflies. She skipped to the front door and looked out the window to the cold, windy, winter air. She wasn’t interested in making snow angels, but considered how daring, fun and beautiful it would be to take a step outside, bare from head to toe, on this beautiful, wintery day.

Casey took a deep, cleansing breath, removed her shirt now exposing her firm breasts and let her yellow panties fall to her feet. Casey always made sure that there was no sign of hair between her legs. The naked, teenage girl took another deep breath as her heart pounded. She slowing turned the doorknob and let the door swing open. As she bravely took a couple steps outside, she mistakenly shut the door behind her. Casey took a step, then another and another. Casey was now standing bare naked in twenty-five degree weather. She walked and walked feeling her bare feet sink into the thin, slushy snow. As she made her way around her house and into the back yard, a cold breeze swept by her bare, little body. The feeling made her scrunch up as she squealed and giggled.

Casey shivered with a smile on her face. She began to bounce up and down to keep warm. She bounced as her erect nipples bounced with her and her jiggling round butt. The feeling was so exciting. She pranced around as if wandering through a meadow. She leaned her head back and let the snowflakes fall on her face. Casey then decided to start swinging on the swing set that was built in the back yard a long time ago. She brushed the snow off the seat and squealed cheerfully as she sat down on the cold seat. Casey made a few swings when she suddenly got an idea. She realized that the poles on the swing set were metal. It reminded her of that scene in the movie, “A Christmas Story”, where the boy sticks his tongue to the frozen pole and gets stuck. Casey smiled at the thought. Casey had always wondered if that was a myth. She stood up and slowly walked over to the metal pole observing it. She took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching. The adventurous, naked girl took a deep breath. Casey poked her tongue out from between her lips, took a step forward and gasped as she felt the tip of her tongue sting as she pressed it to the freezing pole.

Casey stood in surprise for a moment. She felt that now it was time to go back inside, but was shocked when her tongue stretched as she tried to walk away. Casey let out a squeal, but not a cheerful squeal, a panicked squeal. She pulled again, and again, and again, and again. She began pulling repeatedly, bobbing her head back and forth desperately trying to free herself. There was no use. Casey’s tongue was frozen to the pole. She began to panic more and more as she felt the stinging on the tip of her tongue growing worse and worse. Casey stomped her feet in frustration. She didn’t want to make too much noise and attract attention. Casey wrapped her arms around her freezing body. Her nipples were hard and thick and her pussy was covered in goose bumps.

Casey started to wine and bounce up and down as if she was throwing a tantrum. Tears started welling up in her eyes and began sniffling. She tried pulling again but moaned and squealed in pain. She stood there pouted and stomped her feet again like a spoiled brat. Casey whimpered and cried as she gave up hope. Tears streamed down her face as she felt every inch of her dignity slipping away.

Casey now felt numb between her legs, so she decided to put her hands down there to try to warm them up. She started rubbing harder and faster. It seemed useless until her pussy started to warm up and put her fingers inside her cunt. Casey closed her eyes and suddenly, the image of her crush, her sister’s twenty-four-year-old friend Johnny, popped into her head. She saw him with his blue eyes, shaggy hair, a bit of stubble on his face, and thin, muscular, 6’2 body. She saw herself standing naked in front of him. He was staring at her with a grin on his face. She looked up and down his body. Then he started pulling on the crotch of his jeans.

He was looking at Casey the whole time and started squeezing his hard cock outside of his jeans. Then he said to her, in his low voice, “Hey Casey, I need your help. Will you come over here?”

Casey began stabbing her crotch with one hand and rubbing the outside with the other. She breathed heavily, causing her warm breath to hit the frozen pole in front of her. She continued rubbing and fingering as she imagined herself walking towards Johnny until she was right up to his chest. He spoke again. “It’s so hard Casey. I want you to take care of it for me.” Casey obediently stood on her knees. She put her hands on his crotch and felt something hard and thick. “Mmmmm, pull it out beautiful. It’s hard for you.” Casey blushed as she unzipped his fly, reached inside, and pulled out his stiff, long rod.

Casey felt her juices running down her leg and was now moaning at the thought of sucking Johnny’s long, hard cock. She breathed harder and harder though her tongue remained frozen to the pole.

She started stroking it and licking his cock until it was well inside of her mouth. It tasted so good inside her mouth as it throbbed and pulsed. Johnny grunted loudly as Casey sucked and stroked his beautiful, long cock. “Yes! That’s it Casey! Harder! Harder! I’m going to cum!” Casey did so, and sucked and stroked as hard as she could. She now had her other hand rubbing herself as she sucked. Johnny grabbed her blond hair to hold her in place. “That’s it Casey! That’s it! Aaaaaahhhhh! Aaahhhhhhh!” His warm, white cum filled her mouth and she happily swallowed it down.

Casey opened her eyes to see that her tongue was no longer attached to the freezing, metal pole. She pulled her hands away from her pussy and realized that she (in real life) had cum herself. She was catching her breath and actually felt a little sweat on her fore head. A bit of sunlight began peeking out of the sky and the freezing wind had calmed down. Casey smiled at herself and giggled, but decided it was time to go inside. She looked around to see if the coast was clear and made her way back around the house to the front door. When she got to the door, she couldn’t open it. Casey pulled and jiggled the handle, but she had locked herself out. Casey had freed herself from the frozen pole, but was now locked outside of her own house naked on a cold winter afternoon. She tried and tried again to get the door open, but then her heart stopped as she heard the sound of her older sister’s car pulling into the driveway.

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