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Daddy and I

Afternoon delight

It was a normal afternoon and I had just come home from shopping with some friends. Daddy (stepdad) was asleep on the sofa nude, where he had been watching television. For those of you who don't know, in our family dynamics, we rarely wear clothes at home.

The sight of his thick cock hanging between his legs made me so wet. I decided to wake him with a little tease. I went to my room and stripped. I put on a purple thong, matching wool leggings, and my clear stripper heels. I returned to the family room and got down on all fours with my ass facing him.

"Daddy, oh daddy, wake up."

He woke to see who was calling him when he saw me on my knees.

"Wow, that's the way I love to get woken up!"

He sat up on the sofa and stared at my ass. My big tits were hanging heavy as I reached between my legs to rub my already moist pussy. I rubbed my clit through the material looking over my shoulder at him. He had his cock in his hand stroking it as it started to grow.

I was so wet I decided to insert two fingers into my pussy and slid them right in. I fingered myself as daddy watched. I started moaning at the pleasure I was giving myself. I wanted his big cock but decided to toy with him a bit more. 

I rolled over on my back and placed my heels firmly on the floor. I lifted my ass off the floor in a fucking motion as I continued to finger fuck myself. His cock was fully erect but he made no attempt to stop me or join in. I grabbed my left tit and brought the nipple to my mouth. My tongue played with the hoop piercing as I continued my finger assault. He loves to watch me play with myself. He slid down on the floor with me and grabbed my thong at my hips sliding them off of me. 

"Let me help you with that."

He sat beside me and put his two middle fingers in my wet pussy. He cupped his hand over my mound and started fucking me hard. I was so hot feeling his fingers on my G spot, I wasn't sure how long I would last. My hips were meeting his every movement as he continued to finger me. I could feel my muscles contracting and was out of control cumming. He slowed for a minute while I shook in orgasm.

He then got up on his knees a put his cock in my mouth. I started sucking his cock as he fingered me more. I was trying to concentrate on his cock but my pussy was building for another orgasm. He could tell by my bucking I was ready again and slammed his fingers into me. This time I needed to break away, pushing his hand away as I exploded. I rolled up in the fetal position quivering.

"Damn, I love to watch you cum."

A few minutes later, I grabbed his cock and took it deep into my throat. He grabbed my tits pinching my nipples as I gulped on his cock. I wanted his cock inside me now! He got between my legs spreading them wide. He placed his cock between my swollen pussy lips and pushed it all the way in.

I let out a gasp as he filled me up. He started a slow steady rhythm as he fondled my large tits. I love watching his big cock disappear into my honey hole, as his heavy balls slap my ass. I closed my eyes and remembered seeing his balls slapping my mom's ass when I watched him fuck her last. He kept my legs spread wide as he fucked me a little harder. He was not in a hurry and wanted this to last. After several minutes he removed his cock and rolled me over on my knees.

I arched my ass in the air and placed my head on the floor. He slid his thick cock back into me and started fucking me a little harder. His balls were now slapping my clit with each thrust. I was in heaven as he continued his assault on my sweet pussy. He placed his thumb on my asshole and slowly worked it in. This drives me crazy with sensation.

I slammed back against each stroke wanting his cock deeper. In my mind, I could see his cock penetrating me and his balls slapping my clit. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum. He felt me starting to contract and plowed deeper, if possible, into me. I was ready to cum and only hope he wasn't. I could feel my body quiver as he fingered my ass faster. I was cumming again. He held his cock deep inside me while I shook and twisted on his rod. 

When I was done, I pulled away and spun around. I took his cock deep into my throat, tasting my own juices. He grabbed the back of my head, shoving his cock into my throat.

"Take it, Ada, take it all."

I was gagging on his length but wouldn't stop. He placed two fingers in his mouth to get them wet. He then reached over my back and pushed them into my ass. He was loosening me up for what was to come. A few minutes later he spun me around. He got up to his feet and hovered over my ass. I felt the head at the entrance of my tiny asshole. I braced myself as he slowly pushed in.

He took his time allowing my rosebud to open for him. When he felt me relax he pushed the rest in. He started a slow pile driver action into my waiting ass. His balls were hitting my freshly fucked pussy each time. My ass was clamped around his cock as he stretched me open.

"Damn, you are so tight."

He fucked me harder and harder slamming his cock into my tight ass. He slowed for a second and I could feel his cock starting to contract. He was going to fill my ass with his cum. A few more pumps and he was cumming. He buried his cock in my ass and pumped me full of his seed. When he pulled out we both collapsed on the floor. We lay there together for a few minutes when we heard mom walk in. 

"I see you two have been enjoying yourselves."

Dad and I just grinned back at her. 

"Ada, you need to get him hard again while I take a shower. It's my turn now!"

Mom stripped off her clothes and headed to the shower. I took dad's cock back into my throat, sucking him while fondling his balls. A few minutes later, mom returned in only platform heels and sat on the sofa.

She watched as I sucked dad's cock. She was rubbing her big tits with one hand and her shaved pussy with the other. For a woman in her forties, she is one sexy bitch.

"Let me have him now."

She slid her ass to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs wide open. He knelt in front of her spread legs and started eating her moist pussy. I got up in the recliner and watched as I had done many times before. I pulled my heels back towards my head so she could see the cum dripping from my ass. He grabbed her hips pulling her to his mouth as she moaned and rubbed her tits.

I could see her hard erect nipples from across the room. She was moaning in pleasure as he tongue fucked her. It wasn't long before she was twisting under his tongue and started cumming. He continued his tongue assault until she grabbed his head pulling him up towards her.

He knew what she wanted and pushed his cock deep inside her. She let out a moan and wrapped her legs around him. He grabbed her tits fondling them and pinching her erect nipples. She unwrapped her legs and pulled her knees to her shoulders.  Daddy was slamming his cock deep into her wet pussy. His heavy balls slapping her pretty asshole.

She was rubbing her clit as he pumped her full of meat. She was starting to moan louder and I could see she was ready to cum again. She was now meeting his every thrust. She suddenly tensed up and let out a moan. She started to shake and pushed daddy off of her. 

I went over to daddy and took his cock into my mouth as I stroked his shaft. He grabbed his cock from me and started pumping it. I knew he was going to cum. He shot his load down my throat, while mom laid moaning and quivering on the sofa. 

It was all in all a great afternoon, but now it was time for daddy's two sluts to start dinner.

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