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Daddy doesn't like my skirt

Older men are so much fun
I met Greg when I was 18 and he was 29. I found older men to be irresistible and when I became of legal age I was determined to get myself one. Greg knew his way around a woman’s body and took me to new heights. I shared every secret and every desire with him. He helped me explore my sexuality all while keeping me safe. I felt secure and protected when I was with him.

It was a year into our relationship when Greg asked me to live out his fantasy of playing Daddy and daughter. I could never deny him anything since he rarely asked anything from me, Greg always gave.

Two years have passed since my first time playing with Daddy. We both loved it so much that we adopted it as a life style. If we were alone we would just fall into the roles and enjoy ourselves. Daddy knew what his girl needed and always made sure I was happy.

At this point in our relationship I was 21 and Daddy was 32. I was in my final year of university with only one month left before I had my degree. The weather was warm so I decided to wear a skirt to class.

I was in the kitchen when I felt Daddy come up behind me and whisper in my ear, “You are such a naughty girl for teasing Daddy with such a short skirt. Daddy will need to punish his little girl and have her lay across his lap for a spanking.”

I shivered at his words. His hands were on my hips leading me over to the couch. I watched Daddy sit down in front of me. He spread his legs and pulled me between them. He lifted my shirt and placed a kiss on my belly. He ran his hands up my legs, under my skirt and cupped my ass cheeks. He began to knead my cheeks, all while rubbing his day old scruff on my stomach.

“You know this skirt is too short, baby girl. I have had to punish you for wearing it before. I will not have your reputation spoiled by being a cock-tease.” I could see the love in his eyes but also the anger that was just below the surface.

Daddy turned me and laid me across his lap. His hands stroked down my hair and back. With each pass he pressed down so I could feel his hard cock press into my stomach. Once I was relaxed he raised my skirt, I heard his breath hitch as he uncovered my lacy, purple thong. He didn't bother to warm me up he just smacked me until his anger was almost gone, leaving red marks all over my little ass.

I didn't realize I was crying until he stood me up and wiped away my tears before pulling me to straddle his lap. I hid my face in his neck and wrapped my arms around him. His hands were under my skirt again as rubbed my pink bum. He let me cry into his shoulder as I clung to him. I always got emotional after a punishment. I didn't like disappointing my Daddy.

After a few minutes of soothing me, Daddy spoke, “It was naughty of you to plan to wear that little skirt to school. You would make so many cocks hard that you'd be known as a cock tease. I just want to protect your reputation because Daddy loves his little girl so much.”

Daddy kissed the top of my head before he lifted me with one hand, enough so that he could push his pants down and let his hard cock out. Daddy’s cock slid between my cheeks, over the lace. I whimpered knowing where he was taking this.

"You are Daddy's little cock tease, no one else gets to see his baby girl dressed like this."

He moved my thong so that his cock was trapped between my skin and the lace. I whined into his ear and clung tighter to him. He rocked his hips and slid his cock back and forth. Daddy hummed as he enjoyed the feel of the lace on his cock.

Lifting me up, he slid directly into me and pulled me down hard making sure he was seated completely inside me. I screamed at the sudden intrusion and bit into his shoulder. Daddy never let me enjoy a punishment fuck. I knew it turned him on to punish me. He always ended a punishment by using my body to cum.

"Shhh baby girl, Daddy needs to punish his little girl for being such a tease. Let daddy teach you what happens to naughty girls." He attempted to ease my cries.

He continued to lift and drop me onto his hard cock seeking his own release, just using my body. With each thrust a new sob broke from my lips. I listened to Daddy grunt his pleasure as he took from my body. I dug my nails into his shoulders and sobbed my apologies for being a cock tease.

He slowed his pace and pulled back looking into my eyes, "I’m sorry, baby, for having to punish you.” He kissed me softly. “Let Daddy take care of you now." He began to rock me back and forth, adding friction to my clit to make me moan.

Keeping my mouth to his, Daddy slipped his tongue into my mouth and battled my tongue into submission. With his hands on my ass he ground me into him, giving me friction on my throbbing clit. I moaned into his mouth as I shuddered. One hand moved to my breast. He rolled my nipple and pinched it through the cotton of my shirt. His hand, that was still on my ass, moved between my cheeks to pull on my thong, rubbing the material across my clit and against his cock as his cock slid in and out of me. He nipped at my bottom lip which made my insides tighten and for me to cum around his cock. I clenched and released triggering his orgasm.

"Take Daddy's cum, baby. You make Daddy feel so good."

I could feel his cum fill me as he gave three hard thrusts. Daddy held me close as he started to soften inside me. I enjoyed the aftershocks of my orgasm as Daddy rocked us back and forth. I knew he could feel my little muscle spasms around his cock. I buried my face into his shoulder again, this time leaving little kisses all over his skin.

"Daddy loves his little girl."

I hummed in satisfaction just enjoying the last few moments before I had to leave for school. I whimpered feeling so empty when Daddy released me to stand up. He straightened my skirt and placed a kiss to each of my breasts as he stood.

“Get your bag from the kitchen and I’ll take you to school.” Daddy gave me a sweet kiss before patting my bum and pushing me toward the kitchen.

“ Shouldn't I get changed and cleaned, Daddy?” I looked back at him as he tucked his cock into his pants and straightened his suit.

“No, sweet girl,” Daddy shook his head. “I don’t want you to do either. I want the little boys to see my cum running down your thighs.”

I whimpered at his demand, I could already feel his cum on my thighs. Daddy smirked at me as he left the room. It took me a moment to collect myself and get my things. When I got to the car, Daddy was waiting for me with my door open. I kissed him before I moved to sit in the car.

“I may love my cum on your thighs but not on my seats.” Daddy laughed as I noticed the plastic bags covering my seat.

I flopped into my seat before slamming the car door. He was still laughing when he made it to the driver’s seat, “Now, baby girl, be good today for Daddy. I’m so proud of you.” He gave me a lingering kiss before we were off, starting our days.

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