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Fifteen years after his wife died, he meets a young girl that reminds him of her...
This is my second story. Don't be shy to critisize me. I know it got damn long again... Sorry... Enjoy it anyway!

This story happened around fifteen years after my wife Karen had died. She had died of an unwanted abortion together with our unborn little daughter. I’d been to her gravestone at the cemetery once a week ever since. After she had died I never got into a new relationship, it was as though I had totally lost interest in women.

My name is Marc; I’m 5’9”, something like 165 Lbs. I’m a well built sports man working as medical consultant for a greater drug Inc. Some sort of a boring job. I still live in the same domicile I did with Karen only that I have lived in that family home alone ever since.

I was 46 when suddenly something unforgettable was about to occur.
The house next door had been empty for some years and finally there was a family about to move in. It was just a lady of my age and her daughter.
I was sitting sunbathing in an easy chair outside as I saw the mother getting on her new garden for the first time. I somehow couldn’t turn away my eyes from her. She was really good looking for her mature age. But when her daughter came into view I almost swallowed my tongue. She was the cutest little thing I could ever have imagined and at the same time a smoking hot babe. I swallowed hard when they both came up to the garden fence to greet me. I joined in and tried my best not to stare anywhere impolite.

“Hi there, I’m Rosalyn and this is my daughter Denise she just turned sixteen last week” the mother said in a very kind way.

I gave my best not to have a shrieking voice. “Oh, happy birthday then. My name’s Marc. Nice to meet you two.”

We shook hands, sort of usual polite stuff but I couldn’t help noticing Denise’s smooth and soft skin. My heart took a good leap as she smiled at me and thanked me for my birthday wishes. I had never been so ensorcelled by a young teenage girl and it made me somehow feel a bit like an old lusting geezer.

“Pull yourself damn together, ol’ perv!!” I thought smiling back at the young lady.

My inner fight was abruptly stopped by Rosalyn’s voice: “We’re gonna live here for some time. It’s just a matter of feeling good in this place or not. We’ve been moving around since Denise’s father dumped me for some twenty year-old blonde porn slut but we never found any new place that felt like home again.”

“Oh, I see. I’m really sorry about that. I know some people can be damn jerks” I said still absorbed by the beauty of her daughter. I tried to change the subject: “Hey, how about dinner at my place tonight? Since I’m alone anyway I wouldn’t be bothered to have company.”

“Yeah sure thing, right Mom?” Denise said before her mother could answer anything.

Both Rosalyn and I had to laugh about her daughter’s overhasty reaction.

“Do you have any preferences?” I asked.

“Nope, as long as you don’t serve us beetroot” Denise replied.

Rosalyn added: “Same for me.”

“Alright then. Meet up at my place at seven, ok?”

Both of my new neighbors seemed looking forward to our first real meeting.

It was already 4 p.m. and I had to get the dinner from the groceries store. I had after all these years of solitude become a quite good chef. By the time Karen was alive I didn’t bother about any meal at all because she had always done everything in the kitchen. After she had passed I first had to learn how to cook for I’d REALLY sucked. After a short time already I had turned up to be a quite talented cook though and I was learning really fast.
So for this evening I planned to make some real good Paella.

At 7 p.m. sharp I heard the doorbell ring. I opened up the door. As I saw my two neighbors standing in front of me my eyes popped open as if they had wanted to jump out. Rosalyn had put on a black gown that formed her body at the right places and made her look at least ten years younger. I started asking myself how stupid any reasonable man had to be to dump a woman so good looking in her late forties. Standing next to her was Denise. This was the first time I looked at her closer.
She was around 5’4”, 34B/C-26-37 by visual judgment, eyes blue like a mountain lake and curly natural sandy blonde hair. Her evening dress was emphasizing her curves and making her young tits and her firm ass stand out, almost begging to catch the looks of everyone around.

That’s some real hot stuff…” I thought before exposing my mind to my own mental machine gun again.

“Come on in. Don’t be shy, I won’t bite you” I said smiling at my guests. “May I offer you something to drink?”

“Do you have white Martini?” The mother asked.

“Yeah, sure. And for the young lady?”

“Same over here please” Denise said with sparkling eyes.

I was a bit confused. “Do you allow her to drink, Rosalyn?” I asked her mother before saying anything stupid or wrong.

“Sure. I don’t see the point of forbidding teenagers to drink if they get drunk whenever they like by one or another way anyway.” Rosalyn replied as though she had prepared and used that sentence many times before.

“Alright then. Come to the living room and have a sit on the couch. I’ll get your drinks.”

Both of them followed me in the living room and sat on the couch. I opened the cupboard where I stored my drinks.

“Want some ice cubes, ladies?”

“Nope, no ice for me but put some in for Mom” Denise said.

I looked to them and her mother only nodded.

I took a Martini on ice as well and handed them over their glasses.

“You live here alone, you said earlier?” Rosalyn asked.

“Yeah. I lived here with my wife before she died almost sixteen years ago.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bother you.” She said sincerely.

“No it’s ok. I mean, it’s already sixteen years ago.”

We had a nice chat for a while before passing to dinner. Denise was sitting quietly smiling beside me and listening to our conversation without saying a word. It wasn’t that kind of forced awkward hush coming from her it was kind of more an educated and polite silence. Sometimes I thought catching her checking me out intensely but didn’t pay any further attention to it.
We had a great time together. We mostly talked about the neighborhood and the local area, nothing special to think about. Since we got along quite well I also agreed to receive Denise whenever she was alone or wanted to come over.

A few days passed without anything special happening until Thursday. I made my usual weekly visit to the graveyard, put some fresh flowers on my wife’s tomb and took away the older bunches. On the way back home I saw a girl walking slowly on the sidewalk. As my car came closer to her I recognized Denise only wearing some sort of short gym suit that didn’t leave that much imagination to her curves. I stopped.

“Hey Denise! I’m just on the way home. Wanna come in for a ride?”

She smiled at me sweetly. “If you ask so nicely, I’d be stupid to say no.”

She got in and sat right next to me on the front seat.

“What are you doing dressed up like that in the late afternoon all alone on the street?” I asked her a bit accusing.

“I’ve got some workout till 5.30 on Thursday s and since it’s summer I didn’t bother to bring any backup clothes” she replied politely.

“I see… You sure look great in that dress, Denise.”

“Oh, thanks, Marc. Call me Den, if you like but don’t pronounce it in front of my mother, she doesn’t like shortened names” she said winking and putting her index finger on her lips.

“Alright then, Den.”

“And where are you coming from?” she asked.

“I’m coming from the cemetery. I go there every Thursday afternoon and put some new flowers on the gravestone of my wife” I answered.

“Are you still sad sometimes that she died?”

“It’s been such a long time since she passed. She died of an involuntary abortion along with our unborn daughter. Our daughter would be of your age now. Who knows, maybe you would have become real good friends. But sometimes, yeah, it all comes down on me again and I can’t hold back the tears anymore. Yes, even old stuff like me can cry like a little child sometimes.”

“Sorry to bother you with unpleasant questions.”

“Hey, no need to be sorry. It’s no big deal, you know?”

A few moments of silence passed before she bit her under lip and looked at me shyly.

“Everything alright, Den?” I asked her.

“Can I call you Markie?” she asked barely forming the words correctly.

I had to laugh about that. “And that’s what you’re being so shy for? You don’t need to be shy in front of me at all, Den” I told her still being all smiles. I patted her head.

“Markiiiie” she said in a childish innocent voice. “I’m cold may I get a bit closer to you?”

She put her head on my shoulder and I put my right arm around her. She was truly shivering so I rubbed her a little.

“Thanks Markie. Then tell me… Have you ever had another woman since?” She wondered.

I quickly looked into her eyes and back on the road. “No, not that I’m not interested in girls, I really am, but I guess I somehow could not afford to forget Karen entirely.”

“So you didn’t have any sex since, I guess” Denise asked eagerly.

I confusedly glimpsed at her. “You’re a bit nosy for your age, are you?”

She grinned widely. “Yes I am. Are you telling me?”

“Uh… What the hell… No I haven’t had any lady in my bed ever since.”

“So your wife must have been everything for you, right?”

“Yes, she was. It took me very long to get over her death. I was very close to end my life often enough. But like you see I’ve afforded to get more or less over it. The hardest thing was to get any solace. The only person who could have comforted me in my darkest moments would have been Karen and no one else. So since she was gone I was totally left alone with no one to talk with. It took me a lot to get me back to normal life.”

“Oh, I bet you did.” Denise said with honest pity in her voice.

“My turn to ask you questions…” I said changing the subject abruptly. “Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Nope, I never had a real one.”

“You gotta be kidding me. A drop dead gorgeous girl like you and no boyfriend?”

“Hey… You’re making me feel embarrassed.” She almost shrieked her face red as a tomato causing me to giggle.

“I’m just being honest with you, hon.”

“Well, I appreciate that.” She replied a bit more confidently.

“So no boyfriend… But you must have dated some, right?”

“Yeah, but they all dumped me after a while because we were moving to another place.”

“Damn jerks. How could you dump a girl only because she’s moving to some different place? That ought to be hard I guess.”

“Well, I never had a chance to get too close with them.” She sighed. “But I don’t mind, honestly because I’m waiting for the right guy to take me out, to love me, to have sex with me.” As she said that she had a soft dreamy expression in her eyes.

“That’s really sweet, you know? I think it’s very important to lose your virginity to the right guy and not just some random lusting stud. I’ve lost my virginity when I was 19. It was the first night together with Karen. She was actually my first great love, my first girlfriend and my first and only wife. And I never regretted anything of all I have done with her.” I told remembering a few moments of my life with Karen.

Denise was surprised about all I had just told her: “Wow, this is really remarkable.”

“Well thanks, hon. It’s what we both wanted and it worked out really well. Tell me… Do you fancy someone?”

Denise got all shy and a little red again.

“I guess this means yes. I’m not gonna ask for his name cuz you might melt away from embarrassment.” I said playfully getting a poke from Denise for being a bit bold.

We arrived at our destination in the next instant. I stopped the car right before the entrance to her garden. Denise hugged me closely and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks for the ride, Markie” she said smiling and waving her hand.

“Sorry I didn’t shave my beard today.” I replied causing her to giggle.

As she walked to her home I couldn’t help looking at her sweet tush. Again I had to force myself to look away and come back to earth.

The same evening I was watching TV in my bedroom upstairs. My bedroom had a window from where I could see the neighbor’s house. There was a window as well. As I turned off the TV to get to bed I took a look out of the window to the other side. What came to my view struck me like lightning: I realized it was Denise’s room I was looking in as I saw her getting undressed and ready for bed. She didn’t seem to realize there was someone watching her. Luckily I had already turned off the lights and she couldn’t see me at all.
She took off her top. She wasn’t really doing it too fast. It was as though she was stripping for the invisible audience. Then she unclasped her bra and let it glide slowly down her stomach. Her breasts were a total eye-catcher. Firm, perfectly round, with small perky nipples, no sag at all. I couldn’t make the slightest move for I was so attracted by the sight of that young beauty getting naked. Next she unbuttoned her pants and let them fall on the ground. My mind had a total blackout as I caught a sight of her black laced thong tracing perfectly the crack of her nearly bare tush. Her whole body seemed so naturally perfect as if she was born with an obligation to be beautiful.
Suddenly the light got off in her room. The first move I afforded to make came after five minutes. All I cared about in that moment was to jerk off my raging hard-on.
I felt like releasing an immense amount of retained lust, like jacking off a mountain of testosterone caught in a nearly impenetrable web.

The next day Rosalyn was out for some business trip and she wouldn’t come home until the day after. So according to our deal I was in charge to take care of Denise. Alright then, I thought when I got back from work. I had stopped working a little earlier to be able to receive her. She came like she had said in the morning around 4.30 in the afternoon. As she rang at the door and I opened for her I was glad to see a young and pretty girl dressed in sensible clothing with just a little bit of cleavage, not revealing too much of her curves or but still making her look great.

“Hey Markie!” She said hugging me.

“Hi Den. So how’s it been at school?”

She took off her shoes and sat on the sofa in my living room before rolling her eyes. “Boring as ever. It was just history, gym class, maths and so on, daily boring stuff…”

“Oh poor you. Does this mean, you’re not gonna stay at school for much longer?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I sure will, because I like learning and I wanna be a doctor after my studies.”

“You have big plans, do you? How come that you wanna be a doctor?”

She started giggling. “I’ve just watched too much of Scrubs.”

I had to laugh at her remark. “Dinner won’t be ready until 7 p.m. That ok for you? Wanna drink something?”

“Yeah sure. Just gimme a big glass of water, I’m so thirsty and it’s so hot outside.” As she said this, me put her index finger in her cleavage and pulled it a bit off her chest displaying me a good view of her tits.

“Goddamn! She’s noticed!” I thought picturing my moment of lust the night before but that was all I got to see for the moment. So I thought it was nothing to be aware of.

I got us two glasses of water and sat on the easy chair right in front of the sofa. I watched her exactly as she took the glass to her mouth, closed her eyes, put her lips softly on the bezel and slowly took sip after sip of the clear liquid. It was like watching two girls French kissing. She knew how to put a sight of pure eroticism in the way she drank. Again it took me everything I had not to stare at her.

She put down her glass and smiled playfully at me. I HAD to do something in order not to lose my bearing right there.

“I’m gonna prepare dinner” was all I could come up with. I stepped away. “If you like, you can watch TV. Just do as you like.”

My face felt glaring red as I went to the kitchen. I could still feel Denise’s look fixed on me. Arriving in the kitchen the first thing I had to do was to sit down and gather my breath. I almost took me ten minutes to get back on my feet again.
I started preparing dinner. I had just put down one of my big knifes as I headed to the kitchen door and wanted to see after Denise. The door flung open and Denise bumped into me so hard I fell to the ground and she fell onto me. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes before realizing our lips were just half an inch apart. I could feel her soft breath on my lower lip.
We lay there like this for a few moments. A thick tense atmosphere was building around us. My mind blacked out totally. Suddenly Denise’s face blushed and she got down from me.

“I’m so sorry, Marc. I didn’t want to startle you. I’m so sorry. Please, don’t be mad” she blurted out.

Either she was a real good actress or it had been a pure coincidence. I couldn’t say.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright as long as you’re not hurt” I sighed.

She quickly ran back to the living room leaving me totally confused about what just had happened.
I finished dinner. It was prepared by 7 p.m. I had made my favorite Thai Curry. Denise seemed to like it for she asked me to refill her plate two times and at the end she had eaten a meal for four persons almost by herself. I was flabbergasted about how such a sweet girl could fill so much in her stomach without getting a major indigestion.

After dinner we got back to the living room and had a couple of drinks and a good small talk. The more we chatted the more my heart got heavy for I recognized the same facial expressions I had seen in Karen’s face. Denise suddenly reminded me of my dead wife by the time she’d had her age. It took me more and more to keep calm. The trigger was pulled as Denise smiled at me in exactly the same way as Karen had used to do. A tear left my eye.

Denise’s face changed expression. “Markie? Everything alright?”

I started sobbing.

“What’s wrong, Marc? Have I said something wrong?” She asked almost panicking.

“It’s just… You remind me of Karen… I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad…”

I could tell Denise was hurt and disappointed by what I had just said but she seemed to pity an old crying man like me. She smiled softly and took me in her arms as if she was sheltering me. She kissed me on the forehead and rubbed my back.

“It’s alright Markie. The moment’s passed” she whispered. “Just let go.”

After a few moments I had backed up again. She smiled at me.

“I think I’ll go to bed now” I said giving my best to return her smile.

Denise took me by my hand. “Do you mind if I accompany you?”

I didn’t answer. We headed to my bedroom.

“I’ll quickly change in the bathroom” she said and so she did.

As she stepped out of the room I took off my pants and my t-shirt and I got to bed. I didn’t wait too long for Denise to come in my bedroom. She was wearing a loose black tank top and some simple white panties.

“May I sleep in your bed? So I can comfort you again whenever you’re sad” she asked childishly.

“Ok. If it’s what you’d like” I replied emotionlessly.

I was lying on my back. She laid on her right side just beside me and took my hand again. We both fell asleep in the next instants.

“Oh yes, Marc! Ah! This feels so good!” Karen moaned as I plunged my dick deep inside her moist pussy. She was so tight. The whole room smelled like her pussy juices.

“Oh yes! Fuck me from behind!” She commanded and so I did.

I put one hand in her crotch and rubbed her clit. She was going crazy on this. With my other hand I held her hip in order to get my pulsating cock deeper inside her. After a while I lubed my finger in her juices and stuck in up her tiny asshole.

She opened her eyes and let out a deep guttural moan as she came on my raging hard-on. Her pussy walls contracted and made her moist cave even tighter.
After that I laid on the bed and she guided my dick back into her still lusting pussy. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as she liked. As she lowered her head to kiss me I experienced the greatest shock of my entire life: I wasn’t fucking Karen, I was fucking DENISE!

Suddenly I woke up sweating over my whole body and breathing hard.

Goddamn…” was all I could think in that moment.

Another shock came over me as I looked over to where Denise was lying. She had taken my entire arm and pressed it firmly into her cleavage. I felt something wet on the back of my hand. My hand was in her crotch residing on a damp patch. I swallowed hard.

Denise opened her eyes and smiled softly. “Good morning, Markie.”

She kissed me on the cheek and put her head on my chest.

I sighed. “Let’s go eat something. I’m hungry.”

“Sure” she said happily.

It was a great Saturday morning. We had a good breakfast. Denise helped me with cleaning the kitchen before she got home. Her mother came by a few minutes later asking if her daughter had behaved well and she invited me over for dinner.

It was a normal day without anything remarkable happening. So were the next few weeks. Just the normal routine of living… The days passed by as though they were trying to get shorter and shorter. If no one had given names to those days I would have lost the count on how many days had passed. On each Thursday I took Denise for a ride home after having visited Karen’s grave. No similar ‘accident’ between Denise and me happened but on every ride with Denise she always seemed to come a little closer until one Thursday something that almost burst my heart happened.

As I picked her up she was wearing her usual tiny workout clothes. She stepped into the car and sat beside me. After a couple of minutes she put her left hand on my lap and smiled at me. It didn’t bother me. Only a few moments later I laid my right hand on hers and she slowly glided towards me to lay her head on my shoulder. I started caressing her hand. She parted her fingers so that I could shove mine between and grab her hand gently. I didn’t realize I was doing that. Neither did I notice that Denise slowly came closer to me. Suddenly she softly kissed my neck. I didn’t react for I was concentrated on the road and I started having a bad feeling about all this. She did it again, harder this time. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t stop her kissing me. It somehow made me longing for her. Her kisses got more and more intense and they each one felt better.

“Stop it tight there, Den!” I said in an authoritative way.

She looked a bit confused.

“Don’t you like it?” She asked with a worried voice.

“I sure do, but I’m not the one you should do this to.”

“But I like doing it to you.”

“Listen, Denise, I’m 46. You should hang around with boys of your age.”

“Have you ever seen any boys around at my house?”

“No, but I’m convinced there’s gotta be some guys you’re hanging out with.”

“No, there aren’t. I only have you!” she shouted with tear filled eyes.

What she had just said made my heart jump. We were arriving in our street.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Den.”

She looked at me almost crying. “Won’t you get it?! I love you Marc!” She yelled and immediately put her hands on her mouth shocked about her own tone.

I stopped the car right in front of her house. My heart was pounding hard. I felt the adrenaline flowing in my veins.

“Listen, Den… I’m asking you to go home now. I don’t think it’s too good for you to stay here with me.”

She got out of the car and ran to her house crying out loud. I parked my car in the garage and got straight to bed. I lay there the whole evening picturing what just had happened.

I was almost asleep as the doorbell rang. I went to open the door and find Rosalyn, Denise’s mother.

She didn’t even leave me the time to greet her. “I know what happened today!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Slow down there…” I said.

She pointed one finger on my chest. “No! You slow down! And listen to me!”

“Alright” I sighed. “Come in and let’s have a talk.”

We went to the living room. I had the worst feelings possible.

“Denise’s told me everything” Rosalyn said. “I know what happened in the car.”

“Listen, Rosalyn. I didn’t do anything, ok?”

“Let me talk, will ya! Denise really IS in love with you, Marc. She truly loves you. You’re her first real love. She is willing to give up anything just to be with you.”

Again those words made me feel really uncomfortable. “I know…” were the only desperate words I could come up with.

“She’s totally into you ever since we arrived here. She pictured you as her daddy first but then she realized she really loves you. I’ve come here to ask you something.”

An awkward silence came upon us.

“…and what exactly did you think of…?” I stammered.

“Please… Give her what she needs. She needs you. I beg you to make my little daughter happy. She’s been kind of depressive ever since her father left us. I’d be glad if you could at least try to comfort her a bit. I know she doesn’t seem sad but she’s learnt how to hide it behind her cute smile through all these years.”

I took a deep breath.

“Alright… How about the two of you coming over tomorrow evening, have dinner at my place and talk this all over?” I asked giving in.

Rosalyn smiled putting her hand on mine. “Thank you, Marc.”

She got up and left me fuddled, sitting in my sofa. I lowered my head into my hands.

And there you go…

I’d had the worst nightmares that night. I’d awaken drenched in sweat several times. The whole day felt like some kind of weighing heavily on my shoulders. I couldn’t think of anything but what was about to come. I was so nervous I could barely move. This day didn’t seem to pass by. I felt like having consumed tons of drugs. The only thing that I hoped could help me live through that day was preparing dinner for my two special guests. But before I even thought of doing anything in the kitchen I had an urge to go to the cemetery. And so I did.

As I got out to get the car in the garage I saw Denise in her front garden. She was lying in an easy chair reading some book. She took note of my presence and got up to greet me.

“Hey Markie!” She called over to me and came to the fence smiling as though nothing had ever happened.

“Hi Den!” I replied doing my best to sound natural.

“Where are you going?” She asked me.

“Something’s somehow telling me I gotta go to the cemetery.” I answered.

“May I come with you?”

“Sure. Do as you like.”

She came over to my place as I drove the car out. She stepped in. For the whole ride we didn’t talk a lot and she wasn’t trying to get near me at all.
Hardly anyone was on the graveyard that day. In fact, we were alone. Heavy feelings were surrounding my heart. I grabbed Denise’s hand and smiled at her. She smiled back. I lead her to Karen’s gravestone. We still weren’t exchanging any words until I stopped in front of my dead wife’s grave.

“So this is where your wife’s lying?” Denise asked quietly.

“Yeah!” I took a deep breath. “This is Karen’s place now. I was witness of the involuntary abortion that cost her life. I couldn’t do anything but see her die in my arms. That’s why sometimes I’m still not over it.”

Denise pressed my arm against her side and lay her head on my shoulder.
The dark feelings in my heart eventually subsided to a feeling of security and proximity. I took Denise in my arms and held her as if I she tried to run away. She closed her eyes and put her arms around me. My heart got lighter and lighter. It was about to be released of a tiny cage.

On our way back home I felt eased. I was holding Denise’s hand. She sat close to me. As we had arrived she came to my place directly. It was already 4.30 p.m. and I still hadn’t done anything to greet my guests so I asked Denise to set the table as I was getting busy in the kitchen. She didn’t take a long time. I hadn’t taken a note of her being back in the kitchen as she put her arms around me from behind grabbing me closely. I stopped what I was doing and grabbed her hand. I could feel her heart beat. I wasn’t worried about anything anymore. Suddenly I didn’t care if Denise was a child after all or not. She was more like the missing part to fill the long-lasting vacancy in my heart.
If the doorbell hadn’t rung right in that instant, I would have lost myself completely in my feelings of comfort and intimacy. It was Rosalyn wondering if her daughter had shown up already. The question was answered by Denise herself. I let Rosalyn in.
The three of us took a seat in the living room and had a couple of drinks and a nice chat before sitting on the table. Denise was on my left while her mother sat down in front of me.

I awaited the principal meal before I decided to bite the bullet. To my own astonishment it didn’t take me too much to bring it up: “I think it’s about time to talk about what you two have come here for.”

Rosalyn appeared to have noticed my ease to handle with this delicate situation for she was smiling.
I gently took Denise’s hand.

“It’s alright, Marc. You don’t have to tell me anything.” Rosalyn said. “But there is something you should know…” Her facial features got a bid tensed. “We’re moving out tomorrow. We’ve been here for about two months now. Today’s our last day here. We’re gonna live in another place.”

A feeling of great disappointment took over my heart.

Rosalyn sighed. “Yes, this will be the last time we’re here.”

The following minute was filled by an oppressive silence. It took us all a moment to recover from the heavy words. During the rest of the evening the bad news were drowned by a good small talk though.

After dinner Rosalyn left Denise and me alone.

“Thanks for all, Marc” she said before closing the door and going to her house next door.

As soon as the door was shut Denise hugged me closely resting her head on my chest. She pushed her body hard against mine. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing against me. I could tell she was eagerly awaiting the coming night. I returned the hug rubbing her back smoothly. She started breathing deep. She was enjoying the fondling.

She lifted her head from my chest and looked into my eyes. “Let’s tidy the dining room quickly.”

The anticipation of the coming night made us clear up everything at a good pace unconsciously. Both of us were experiencing some kind of trance. It felt like flying through the rooms of my house.

As we had done the cleaning work Denise took me by my hand and led me to my bedroom. She lay down on the bed on her back motioning to me to join her. I lowered myself upon her. I lay on her soft body and could feel her heart pounding in expectance. I gently stroked her cheek with my hand and looked at her happily smiling face. I smiled back and slowly lowered my head towards hers. As our lips met we started kissing in a slow passionate pace. Her lips were sweet yet smooth. We quickened the pace as our tongues began to dance. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands under it on my back. She pushed me hard against her chest. Her breasts felt soft through the sheer fabric of her clothes.

I quit kissing her to take off her top and was surprise to find her wearing no bra underneath. I took a deep glance of the most beautiful tits I’d ever seen and of a flat belly with a small belly ring. She smiled by seeing that I liked her body. I kissed my way up from her stomach over her breasts up to her neck were I teased her kissing and softly biting her while my right hand stroked her left tit. Her breath got heavier and heavier on that. She took me by the back of my head and pulled it in her neck. It didn’t take her long to start moaning softly into my ear.

“Please don’t stop, Markie. Give me more pleasure…” She pleaded.

I unbuttoned her pants and let them glide off her long firm legs. I caught a glimpse of her sexy wine red thong. It had a small dark patch on the inside of her crotch. She sat up and took off my unbuttoned shirt releasing my stomach. She kissed it lowering her head towards my jeans. She opened my belt and pulled it out letting my pants drop two inches, just enough to reveal my black shorts. She pulled a bit on them causing them to fall on the ground dragging my boxers along and revealing my now full erect hard cock. She looked at it a long moment before slowly peeling the foreskin off the head. She sniffed at it with closed eyes and softly put her lips on the head.
Her gentle touch got me aroused in no time. I felt my balls clench. My prick was pulsating. She put one hand around grabbing it firmly and stroking it in an almost torturous slow pace. I was about to cum as she looked up to me. She smiled at my facial expression letting my cock free of her hands exactly knowing what she was doing. I was breathing in release.

I wrapped her body in my arms and kissed her. I let one hand glide down her back towards her tight butt. She seemed to love getting her ass cheeks grabbed firmly. I seized her thong and let go of her body to get it off her. The damp spot had grown and become a moist patch. Her thong was the only thing holding back the sweet scent of her pussy juices.

As I had taken off her thong I kissed her right thigh stroking the other with my hand. I was slowly getting closer to her neatly trimmed pubic area. Her pussy hair was as blonde as the hair of her head.
I started running my index finger over her clit which instantly caused her to moan.

“Oh Yes, Markie! Give me that finger of yours!” she moaned.

As I started licking her slick pussy entrance she could hardly breath.

“Oh my god, Markie! This feels so gooooooooood!”

I slid one finger in her moist hole and let her clit roll under my tongue. She arched her back to grant me better access. It didn’t take much time before her pussy squeezed my finger and she was coming wildly. She let out a lusty cry.
She lay still breathing hard as her orgasm subsided.

She smiled softly as she stretched her arms to hug me. “I want you, Markie. I wanna make love with you.”

“I’m gonna give you everything, just to make you happy tonight” I replied.

I lay on her making sure my erection was between her labia. I felt her hot juices lube my prick. It felt so good I could have blown my load right then and there. I really had to buck up.
I started sliding over her clit with my cock. Her pussy was so slippery.
After a few minutes I guided my cock to her pussy entrance. It was very tight. I had to be very careful if I didn’t want to hurt her but I also had to push quite hard. It seemed to hurt her a bit at the beginning. But she got used to my full girth quickly and the pain subsided to the most intense pleasures she’d ever experienced. I too had to get used to her tight fit first before being able to enjoy the slick wetness of her pussy.

“Oh Den… You’re so tight!” I moaned.

“Oh yes, Markie! Gimme your cock!” she groaned back. “Push it deeper in me!”

I pushed my cock as deep as I could get causing her to scream. The deeper I got, the tighter her cunt walls got.

“Tell me you love my pussy! Tell me you love to fuck me!” she shouted.

“Oh yes! I wanna fuck you! I wanna make you cry! I wanna pound my prick deep in your cunt! I love your pussy!” I answered her plea.

After a few instants I got out of her and turned her onto her stomach. She lifted her sweet tush towards me and parted her ass cheeks for me. Then she grabbed my dick with one hand and guided it to her dripping wet pussy entrance.

“I wanna get fucked from behind” she whispered.

I slammed my cock hard into her. She screamed on that. Her pussy was responding with the tightest contractions I could endure.

“Oh fuck, Marc! It’s so good! Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!” She shouted.

That was all I could bear. I exploded inside her releasing my cum in large spurts inside her lusting cunt.

“I’m cumming Den! I’m cummmingggg!”

“Oh yes! Cum inside me! Fill me with your cum!”

She had her second orgasm on my pulsating prick.

I let me fall next to her. She rolled onto her side and put her head on my chest.

“I love you, Markie” she whispered softly.

“I love you too, Den” I replied pulling the sheets back on the bed, covering us.

As I woke up the next morning Denise was not lying by my side anymore. In fact, I couldn’t find her anywhere. All I could find was an envelope with my name written on it on the dining table. I opened it. There was a piece of paper inside with one single sentence in the middle. It had been written with meticulous care.

“…some goodbyes are farewells…” it said.

I looked out of the window. The house next door was already empty again.

Since that day I’ve never heard anything of Denise or Rosalyn anymore. They left without a single note. I returned to me usual life. The years passed by without any change. I would have probably forgotten about my taboo love to Denise if I hadn’t hung her last words above my bed…
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