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Dentists Have Twilight Drugs, Part 2

This was my second visit, this time I would remember what happened, OMG will I

Well, now it is time to go to the second visit, I’m a bit nervous, but I know that I can opt to take the twilight drug should I need to.   Hopefully this time I will be able to remember what all went on.   I was greeted by the same warm friendly smile as Sharon saw me walk through the door, again the last customer of the day. I walked across to her desk and she started preparing the consent forms and releases necessary by law for insurance purposes, and I remembered that I hadn’t paid for the last visit yet.   I said “I really must have been out of it when I left last week, I don’t remember paying for the visit.”   She smiled and said “you took care of it, no problem, that twilight stuff makes people even forget they’ve been to the dentist” and laughed aloud.   “Have a seat; I’ll bring the forms over when I get them ready.”   I turned and walked back to the same arm chair I had sat in a week earlier, not certain I was ready for this, but at least this time I didn’t have a hard- on, or not yet anyway.


Sharon rose from her chair and walked over to me, she had on the same snuggly fit scrub pants, and a looser fitting top than a week before, her tits were really bouncing to and fro as she walked, I guessed she was braless, and as she leaned over to have me sign the forms I saw that she was.   Her breasts were magnificent; I could even see her pale pink areolas and smallish nipples.   Damn it if it wasn’t starting all over again, my dick started swelling instantly.   I signed the papers and handed her back the clip board as Kelly walked across the room to file some papers.   I got the same show as the week before and watched her fine ass as she leaned over to do so.   From my vantage point I could tell that either she had on a thin fabric thong, or was going commando, every wonderful curve of her pussy was visible, right down to the slit of her petals.   This did nothing to improve my own genital status, my cock swelled up to a massive erection as I watched her.


The patient that had just been finished came into the waiting area and Sharon told him the final instructions in caring for his post operative time, he wrote a check and set up another appointment.   She bid him farewell, and said “see you in two weeks” as he turned and walked past me to leave.


The phone rang and Sharon answered it, very professionally I thought, and replied to some comment she had heard “OK, I’ll see if he’s willing to wait, or wants to reschedule.”   I watched as a tall woman scurried from the doorway to the exam area and rushed out the door.   Sharon got up from her desk and walked over to me, this time she stayed standing as she said “Doctor has had to run out for a bit, an emergency at home, she can come back in about an hour if you’d like to wait, or we can set up another appointment if you’d prefer.”   Though the antibiotics had reduced the pain in my tooth, I really wanted to get this taken care of as soon as possible, so replied “I’ll wait, you can have me numbed by the time she gets back and I’ll be done with this nasty toothache, if that’s OK.”   She smiled and walked back to her desk, picked up the phone and dialed.   “He’ll wait, we will have him ready when you get back” she said into the phone, and hung up.


Sharon got up and gestured for me to follow her to the treatment room.   This room was much the same as the exam room, had the same type of furnishings, but the chair was even more confining as I reclined into its soft vinyl embrace.   She pushed the arm closed and locked it into place and then leaned the chair back for me to rest and wait.   My dick was more cooperative this time; my partial erection was fading fast.   She asked if I would like to have the twilight sleep pill again for the procedure and I said that I thought it would be a good idea, I couldn’t even really remember what had gone on after I took it last time.   She smiled and said “I’ll be right back.”   She returned with the packet and opened it, handing me the small pill from within.   I held it in my fingers and looked inquisitively at her, she said “oops, forgot the water,” and turned to go get a cup for me.   I slipped the pill in my shirt pocket and said “it’s OK, I don’t need one, I took it already.”   She returned and sat on the stool next to the chair, and we began to visit about each of our respective lives, nothing too in depth, just chatting.   I remembered the sensations of the drug taking effect from the week before and tried my best to imitate them, determined to see what really did go on a week ago.


I guess I’m a better actor than I thought, because as I showed myself getting drowsy, she gazed intently at me and then slid her hand onto my thigh, being sure to stroke gently across my partial erection, cooing as she did so.   About then Sharon came into view of my lowered eyelids, looking down at my man tool, now rising to the prodding’s of Kelly's touch as she rubbed harder up and down its length.   I lay quietly acting out the part of a drug induced sleep, though it was tough not to react to her advances more than I should.   I swear that Sharon was drooling as she gently unzipped my pants and opened them, exposing my mound of pubic hair.   She and Kelly lifted my hips up from the chair and slid my pants down to just above the knee, my erection now almost at full force as the blood rushed to engorge it.   I still remained motionless as Kelly wrapped her hand around its girth and began to stroke it in long slow strokes, and then felt it as Sharon put her lips around its bulbous head, wetting it for the thrills they sought.


It was getting increasingly difficult to maintain my imposturous imitation of slumber as they brought me to a full erection and sent spasms of pleasure through my loins, but I continued the rouse as best I could.   Sharon cooed as she sucked gently on my hardened rod, apparently really enjoying having her way with a semi conscious man.   Kelly removed her hand from my tool and Sharon eagerly replaced it with her own, stroking it full length, wet with her spittle.   I watched as Kelly leaned into my view through almost closed eyelids, and couldn’t believe what she was doing; she was actually pushing her scrub pants down, actually removing them.   I almost burst out laughing at the humor of these two women taking advantage of me like this, but was enjoying the blow job so much I remained silent.   My balls yearned for release, but I withheld as best I could. I focused instead on Kelly as she moved around the chair, naked from the waist down, busying herself placing something on the floor on each side, which turned out to be small wooden stools.   They were so preoccupied they didn’t even notice that I had my eyes wide open watching them.


I heard a murmured voice come from Kelly and Sharon released my cock from her mouth with a slurping sound, almost a pop as it slapped down onto my abdomen.   I closed me eyes most of the way again and continued my rouse, and watched as each removed one of the arms on the chair, gently laying my arms at my sides. Sharon leaned over and removed her scrub pants as well.   They must have done this before, many times, I thought in silence, and wondered how many unsuspecting guys they had used as a real life blow-up doll.   I f I hadn’t been so damned aroused I would have confronted them right then and there, but really wanted to see   just how far they would take this activity.


Sharon reclined the seat even farther, I was now lying almost flat.   I felt it as one of them pulled the shoes from my feet and then removed my pants, while the other pushed my shirt up to my armpits.   Their inflatable doll was now ready for the completion of the task at hand, which I guessed was to satisfy some warped sexual need, and was right.   Kelly was first as she lifted one foot atop one of the stools she had placed by the chair before throwing her leg across me and standing above my huge play toy.   I felt Sharon take hold of it and hold it straight up as Kelly lowered herself onto it slowly, she started panting right away and took it all into her cunt.   Barely able to maintain the rouse, I watched and felt her pleasuring herself with my cock, rising up to almost remove it just before lowering herself onto its full length over and over.   She moaned loudly and her muscles rippled from the excitement she was taking from me.   It built to a climax quickly and she flooded me with her sweet nectar, her pussy went into involuntary spasms of joy and wildly messaged my cock, I was about to explode my self as she rose and threw her leg back across me, my cock was twitching from the abuse and need to release.


Sharon had not had her fling yet, and quickly repeated Kelly’s actions.   She was totally nude as she came into view; her massive breasts glistened with the look of ecstasy as she impaled herself onto my tool.   Her hot pussy already wet from her masturbation while Kelly had fucked me was tighter than the other, the walls clenched around my thickness hard as she rode up and down the length like a rodeo bronco rider.   Her tits flailed up and down as she fucked me harder and harder, I could no longer resist and reached up taking each in one hand squeezing her nipples tightly in my gripping fingers.   She stopped and gasped for air, they both went into a panic, I was awake, oh My God, and they were caught.


Sharon threw herself off of me, almost falling to the floor.   Kelly stood looking at in terror as the reality of the situation fully took hold of her; Sharon was also in extreme panic as she stood beside the chair.   I gazed at them sternly for a moment first one then the other, before saying “What in the hell are you two doing?   Taking advantage of someone, drugging me, and then using me as a sex toy as I slept is WRONG, morally and professionally, not to mention criminal.”   I paused to let my statement soak in, Sharon burst into tears and forgot about trying to cover her nakedness, Kelly stood dumbfounded by her fears.   I said “You two are going to pay for your actions, I will see to it that you suffer the consequences of your act.”   At that point both sobbed and bent their heads down in shame.  


I turned in the chair and sat up, my dripping wet cock still fully erect and throbbing with a need to be released.   I stood up and walked over between them, turned and asked them “what should I do to punish you?” as I put my arms around each ones waist.   Kelly turned to look at me first, she stammered “What do you think, can I do anything to make it up to you?”   Sharon ’s sobbing turned to a panting sniffle and she too looked at me with a quizzical look.   I looked at each one in turn and said “We need to finish what you have started first, and then I can decide what to do about this.”   They both looked shocked, but relieved at the opportunity to finish what had so indiscreetly begun. I figured that since they had used and played with me, now it was my turn to be in control, so I took the opportunity.


I instructed Sharon to lie on the chair near the foot and put her feet on the floor beside it.   I walked to the side of it and raised it to put her wet dripping pussy at hip level to me.   I instructed Kelly to stand on the chair straddled to her waist; she sheepishly nodded and came over to the chair.   I helped her to climb up and she stood facing me, her own wet pussy at face level to me.   I walked to the foot of the chair and straddled it using my hand to guide my cock between the now eagerly waiting petals of Sharon ’s sopping hole and pushed the head in easily.   Her groan of pleasure echoed through the room as she lunged her hips upward to get more.   I told her to rub her clit until I said it was time to quit, no matter what, and turned my attention to Kelly.   Her nakedness was wonderful, her body trembling both from excitement and fear, her pussy reeked of her pent up juices as I leaned to her.   I took her hips in my hands and told her to hold onto my shoulders until I was done with her.   I took a small step forward and shoved my cock into Sharon to the hilt and pulled Kelly to my face, lips and tongue at the same moment.   Our pleasures were sung out loudly as the sounds of good sex filled the air, the gushing sound of my swollen member sliding in and out of one, the slurping of the other’s wet genitals, and the moans and groans of pure lust were deafening.   So much so that none of us heard the outer door open and close, so much so that we didn’t know someone had walked in on our juncture until…


“Holy Crap!” Dr. Ruth exclaimed loudly, “What in the hell is going on here?”   We all froze, Sharon lay bared to the world from the waist down with my dick deep in her pussy, my body naked from the waist down and my face buried in Kelly’s hot sex, Kelly totally naked with her hands pulling at my shoulders only to be discovered by their employer.   I turned my head only to see her angered expression as I stepped back and withdrew my dick from its glorious hole.   As I turned Dr. Ruth looked down and giggled lightly before saying “And just why didn’t you girls invite me to the party?   I’d want some of that monster too, ya know.” I could have fallen on the floor with the blow that had just been dealt, the tide of power had just changed again, and this time not in my favor.


Dr. Ruth started removing her clothes revealing a woman about my age, slightly sagging breasts with huge areolas and long projecting nipples.   As she pushed the pants from herself I noted that she was clean shaven, revealing her ample labia and huge clitoris.   As she stood up after removing each article from head to toe, she said “before you do any more fucking, I’m next, but eat me first so I’ll be ready.”   The girls moved to the side of the room as she instructed them to "stand and watch", she’d show them how a real woman took a man.   She told me to lie on my back on the floor; I complied willingly to her demand as she straddled me and lowered her smooth mound to my face.   I began licking at her snatch, her sounds of pleasure and heated breathing soon became my whole life, this woman had the sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted, and she was giving forth a LOT of it, coating my face and beard, even running into my hair around my ears.   When she was fully aroused she stood up and moved down my body, reached between her legs and grabbed my rock hard penis with one hand aligning it with her gaping canal.   She quickly impaled herself on my shaft, screaming with the feelings given by its length and girth, and proceeded to pound up and down it for about 5 minutes before again flooding her fluids from the depths of her womb.   She stopped, my sagging penis having been drained of its load of semen.


She turned and looked at the girls, standing in awe of the sight of two middle aged people getting their rocks off that way.   She gestured for them to come nearer, and as each one got close enough had Sharon kneel over my face and Kelly stand between them facing her partner in crime.   She loudly proclaimed “Now, everybody eat something in front of you till I tell you to quit.”   The group pussy eating continued for about 20 minutes, long enough for my erection to return while still inside Dr. Ruth, which she again rode until she gave forth another orgasm of cataclysmic proportion.   Sharon must have really enjoyed my tongue, she came hard at least twice, and Kelly really seemed to like what Sharon was doing while Dr. Ruth rammed her finger in and out of her virginal ass, she came several times.   All this left me at the lower end of the floods; I was covered with pussy juice from the top of my head to about mid thigh by the time they all moved away from my quivering satisfied body.


I didn’t get my tooth pulled that day, but I couldn’t feel the pain any more.   After dressing we all went to the reception area, scheduled another appointment for my tooth problem, and Dr. Ruth told me that it would be “on the house” with a chuckle, “if I could keep our little secret” and winked.   I smiled and said I would take it to the grave, which of course was a lie.   That was only yesterday, and here I am about finished with the recounting of this tale, about to log on and post it on the internet.


  I will let you all know if I actually go for another visit, or change dentists. My wife asked me how I liked the new dentist, said if  Dr. Ruth was any good she would book an appointment for hers to be worked on there too.   OMG, what do I say to that?


To be Continued? can only wait and see.


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