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Desire, reconnected.

Jez discovers patience pays off sometimes.....
I knew going for a quiet drink with Terry would be anything but ‘quiet’ it just never works out that way. I didn’t really want to go out, I seem to stay in a lot more these days. Terry was not taking no for an answer tonight.

“Come on, Jez, we ain’t met up for ages, we need a good chinwag. You need to get yourself back in the game mate. It’s been nearly a year now since….”

The ‘since’ he is referring to is the break up of my marriage to Denise. We had been together nearly ten years after meeting at college. We did the usual things, engagement, marriage, sadly the kids didn’t come along for us, no matter how hard we tried. The strain put pressure on our relationship and the cracks began to appear. Our split had been painful, moving out of our home was heartbreaking. I felt emotionally crushed, unable to articulate to anybody just how low I felt. I decided to shut myself away from the world and sulk.

“So what you reckon then, you and me out on the pull? Come on Jez mate, you need to get out, live a little. I’ll call round at nine tonight, we’ll try that new bar in town.”

So that was that. Despite his faults, Terry is only thinking of me, he’s been my best mate since school days. He’d never married, preferring the single life. He’s a good looking boy, never short of admiring glances. The trouble is I usually end up talking to the “other” girl, always tricky when you’re married. Guess I won’t have that dilemma anymore.


The new bar “Coda” is absolutely packed out. We struggle to find a space once we’ve been to the bar. It’s a strange mix of people - a few of the beautiful crowd, taking the piss out of everyone else, only interested if you are also beautiful and are wearing the right labels. There are a lot of young guys, outnumbering the young girls by 2 to 1, then you come to our category - over thirties, a little out of shape and the age lines starting to appear. It’s a struggle to talk as the music is ear splitting, or is that just my age?

The night goes on and the bar empties out a little. Terry has left me standing like a right lemon. He’s off talking to two girls in a corner booth. I recognise one, June, who I’m sure he works with. Eventually he walks back over.

“Come on, get your coat - we’ve pulled. June’s boyfriend is away on a stag weekend and she’s invited us back. You know how much work I’ve put in on her, she’s offering herself on a plate tonight, all playful and touch, I’m definitely in. Her mate’s not half bad either.”

I protest, but it’s no good. The four of us are soon in a taxi on our way back to June’s. June is an attractive blonde girl, lively and bubbly, the few times I’ve met her she always seemed to leave with a different man, her boyfriend miraculously had never caught her out. She seems now to be getting on famously with Terry. From my position in the front seat I can see the pair of them in the drivers mirror, his hand had found it’s way up her dress and was massaging her pussy, even in the darkness of the car I could see she wasn’t wearing knickers, her blonde bush clearly visible.The other girl, Toni was in a worse position than me, sat next to them on the back seat.

At least the journey is fairly short. We pay the driver and make out way into June’s tiny first floor apartment. It’s small and cramped, but well maintained. Her hosting skills are not amazing though, she’s obviously desperate to be fucked, dragging Terry to her bedroom. The all too familiar sound of sex soon permeates the paper thin walls.

I look up at Toni, she is a slightly built brunette, looking younger than her thirty years. She looks at me, neither of us great with the chat. Eventually I break the silence.

“Sounds like those two are getting along well.”

She smiles, “Yeah. No need for small talk there, if you can’t beat ‘em?”

She beckons me over to the sofa and we are soon kissing. Her tongue darting into my mouth, whilst her hand is massaging my cock through my jeans. She seems keen, but I am less so. She breaks the kiss.

“Look lets forget the niceties, Jez. Just fuck me.” She pulls her cream dress over her head, quickly followed by her shoes and underwear. Her body is really scrawny, I like a woman to look like a woman, Toni is straight up and down, no curves.

She is soon kissing me again, desperately trying to fish my cock out of my jeans. She succeeds, but I’m still at half mast. Despite the decent oral she gives I am really not getting into this. A monumental effort on her part, she eventually gets me hard, but not fully erect. Toni pushes me down onto the sofa and lowers her bald pussy down onto my tool, thrusting herself up and down. My erection is wilting, I just can’t summon up the passion, and I don’t fancy Toni, the image of my ex wife Denise popping up all the time.

Toni pushes my semi hard dick out of her, a look of disgust on her face.

“Listen, if you don’t want me just say.”

“I’m sorry, Toni, it’s not….”

She interrupts “Not you it’s me…yeah, I’ve heard it before. Just do one, Jez. I’ll get a better fuck from my own fingers.”

I hurriedly dress and leave, the sound of Terry and June fucking the life out of each other does not help me feel any better as I exit the front door.


The next day I feel awful. Poor Toni, she’s had better nights in her life I’m sure. I realise that in my rush to leave, I’ve dropped my mobile at June’s. Shit, I’m going to have to go around. I hope Toni’s gone home by now.

Approaching her door I feel nervous. I ring her doorbell several times, no reply. She’s either out or still fucking Terry. I give up, I’ll have to come back another time. As I go to exit the building I am approached by a girl who lives on the ground floor.

“Are you looking for June? She went out about an hour ago with some bloke.”

“Oh okay, thanks.”

“No problem, I’m Trina by the way.”

I look her up and down, dressed casually in vest top and tracksuit bottoms. Despite the loose clothing I notice the deep curves of her breasts and buttocks, not to mention her chocolate brown skin, she is lovely.

“They call me Jez, but it’s Jeremy. I prefer Jez.”

She giggles, a deeply addictive giggle. “Oh well, if I was called Jeremy, I think I’d prefer Jez too. Shall I tell June you called?”

I tell her not to worry, I’ll come back another time. Her gaze lingers on me a little longer than is comfortable.


A week or so later I am in town, getting the weekly essentials. Since Denise left me I’ve become a proper little housewife. I don’t eat as well as I used to, not bothering to eat at all half the time. The weight is dropping off me, and the trousers I purchased last week are slightly too loose. I took them back to the shop, but they didn’t have the next size down. I could have got a refund, but I loved the cut of these trousers, so I decided to get them altered instead at “Jacobs” the local shop for that type of thing.

Jacob’s is a real step back in time. No fancy neon signs or window displays. An old fashion signwriters logo above the door. They don’t make them like this anymore. I push the heavy door open, amazed that it has one of those old fashioned bell’s ringing to alert the staff that somebody is entering.

I shuffle into the shop, nobody inside, customers or staff. I wait a minute or so, still nothing.

“Anybody there?” I bellow.

I hear footsteps in the back room, and from behind a beaded curtain, a staff member appears.

It’s the girl from the apartment, Trina. She seems to take a moment, but remembers who I am.

“Oh, hi there. It’s Jeremy, sorry JEZ isn’t it? What can I do for you?”

She looks so different in working attire, stiff white blouse, low cut exposing her melon sized breasts and tight grey trousers. Her caramel coloured hair tied up. I can’t help but stare into her huge brown eyes, framed by unusually long lashes.

I explain what needs doing. Before I know it, she has a tape measure around my waist, calculating how far the trousers need to be taken in.

“You’ve lost weight, Jez. Are you on a diet?”

I explain the circumstances, she tells me how sorry she is. She too has recently split from her long term partner.

“Next Wednesday okay for you? I can’t get them done before then, we are so busy here.”

I tell her it’s okay, and pay her in advance. The twenty first century hasn’t found this place, so she has to hand write a receipt. I can’t avert my eyes from her cavernous cleavage at she bends down, writing out my docket. I’m sure she knows I’m staring at her ample breasts. She straightens up, catching me unawares, my eyes still admiring her curves. She doesn’t seem to mind, staring me straight in the eyes.

“See you next week then, Jeremy.”

I insist she calls me Jez.


A fine sunny day in July. Somehow everything feels better when the weather is hot. Everyone seems happier, and the ladies seem to wear less and less. The town is a non stop procession of bared arms, legs and waists. I feel good for once as I enter Jacob’s, the bell tolling loudly as I enter. This time Trina is waiting for me.

“Hello Jez. I’ll be with you in two seconds.”

She goes to the back room, returning with my trousers.

“Do you want to try them on?”

I tell her no, sure she has got them right.

“That will be ten quid then, cash only here I’m afraid. We don’t accept cards.”

I scrabble around in my pockets, I don’t have enough, expecting to pay by card.

“I’ve only got eight quid on me, I’ll need to go to a cash machine.”

She looks up to me, tutting, her eyes looking skywards.

“Just give me what you’ve got. You can buy me a drink when we go out.”

“Go out?”

“Yeah I figure you owe me a drink, the work I’ve put into your trousers, and you don’t even have enough to pay me.”

She gives me a frosty stare, but thankfully breaks into that lovely giggle. She jots down a number on a card and passes it to me.

“Next Monday at seven. Do not be late.”


Fate is a fickle beast, sometimes it bites you on the bum, other times it turns out to be your saving grace. I’m so glad it took me into Jacob’s that day, otherwise I would not have met the gorgeous Trina. We met up for that drink, intending just to go out for an hour or so, but ended up leaving with the bar staff at 1am. We had so much in common. We loved the same music, same films, even supported the same football team. Both of us had been through the emotional wringer in terms of relationships. We parted that night with a polite peck on her cheek.

I’m glad to say our relationship blossomed from there, we went on four more dates, getting to know each other better. We never progressed from more than kissing and holding hands. On our fifth date I decide to open up a little, confiding in Trina, recounting the story of my disastrous encounter with Toni, explaining how I had no drive, no desire to fuck her, even though she was there for the taking.

Trina choked on her drink, laughing out loud.

“Fuck me, Jezza, you picked the wrong girl, June would have been the one, she’s always bringing different men back. I bet she would have got you going, she fucks anything with a pulse.”

I’m beginning to really fall for Trina, her sharp sense of humour and kind nature are making me feel human again. She has faults, but doesn’t give a damn, she is a little on the large size but doesn’t care a jot. What you see is what you get, and if you don’t like it well, tough shit.

We continue to see each other regularly, enjoying each others company immensely. Nothing over physical happens, neither of us wanting to push the other too far.

One humid day in August however, things did change. We went out for a lunch in a local pub. We ate heartily and both felt suitably bloated as we left, deciding to take a walk in the nearby wood to try and work off our excess. We progressed deep into the woodland, losing ourselves in time, our conversation easily flowing. Eventually we came to a picnic area, sitting ourselves down and continuing our chat.

It’s a truly wonderful thing to find someone who is on your wavelength. A person who really listens to what you are saying, but has an opinion, a theory of their own. Trina has a way of making her point, but not hammering it home, expecting you to agree with her. She readily listens, but doesn’t always agree. She is truly engaging company.

We decide to make our way back slowly, admiring the scenery, however our journey is rudely interrupted as the heavens open, torrential rain pouring down on us. Unfortunately we are by now out in the open, brutally exposed to the elements. We sprint hard, finally making it to cover, finding ourselves in a sheltered copse.

“Fucking soaking, I am. Typical English summertime.” Trina wipes the rain from her hair, now plastered over her forehead. I marvel at her soaking body, her white vest top now virtually transparent, heavy breasts clearly visible, topped by enormous hard nipples, fuck, they must be nearly and inch long, and half an inch thick. They are pointing angrily against her vest. I cast my eyes lower and take in the most wonderful sight, the downpour has plastered Trina’s white three quarter length shorts tight against her crotch. She patently isn’t wearing panties as I can see the outline of her plump mound contoured against the material. For the first time in ages my cock begins to twitch. I’m so turned on by what I can see.

Trina looks down, admiring her own body, those breasts are amazing. Her eyes move down between her legs, the groove of her mound showing against her now see through shorts.

“Oh my god, you can see my pussy. I didn’t realise, oh how embarrassing.” Her right hand immediately moves across her crotch, covering her modesty.

“No need to bother on my account, I’ve seen a vagina before you know.”

“But not my vagina, Jez. Mine is very special, as you may well find out one day.” she shoots me a sexy smile, pearly white teeth dazzling me.

I tell her I hope it’s one day soon and pull her in close, kissing her greedily, she responds with equal passion, pushing her hot mouth onto mine. I bring my hand up and caress a rock hard nipple, pinching it between my thumb and index finger. This action causes out kiss to stop and a low moan leaves Trina’s mouth.

“Oh yeah, that’s nice. I love having my nipples touched. Why don’t you lick them? I’d love you to lick my tits. Do it Jez, do it for me.”

I kiss my way slowly down her neck, savouring the rain soaked skin, the smell is amazing. I use my hand to lift one of her massive breasts slightly and nibble gently at the nipple, through the cotton of her vest, her hands now cradle my head, this pleases me as her pussy is now back on show. I suck her pert nipple into my mouth and gently flick my tongue against it, her gasps of pleasure spur me on, I gently bite the nipple now and after a few seconds, I move to her other breast, repeating my actions. Trina by now is gasping deeper, clamping her arms around the back of my head, she isn’t going to let me go.

“Oh baby, that feels so nice, but why don’t you do it properly, let me take this vest off. I want your tongue on my flesh.”

She pulls the skin tight vest up and over her head. Her full breasts now exposed to my eyes for the first time. Her nipples are enormous, bigger than any I’ve ever seen before in real life, they are a deep black colour, as are the large circles of her areola.

“What do you think of my babies, Jez? Nice aren’t they? I caught you looking at them the first time you came to the shop, Bet you never thought you’d get to see them in the flesh?”

I tell her they are fabulous, absolutely wonderful breasts, and no I never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be happening.

“This feels so dirty, knowing we could be caught any second, it’s really turning me on, Jez, come on, what are you waiting for? Get your tongue on my nipples, right now.”

I do as the lady asks, clamping my lips around a sweet nipple deep into my mouth, sucking loudly on it and releasing it quickly, then taking it in again, raking my teeth against her hard nub. She is really moaning now, so I move to the other nipple and give that some love and attention. I decide to be bold and snake my hand down between her legs, gently rubbing her lips through the shorts.

“Mmmmm, nice, Jez, but stop touching my pussy. I’m not ready yet.”

I dejectedly remove my fingers and release her nipple.

“Sorry baby, but one step at a time. I just don’t want to rush in. But when we do, I hope your tongue is as good in my cunt as it was on my tits.”

We kiss wildly, teeth clashing with the force. My cock is on fire, standing fully erect for the first time in months, the sensation of desire pumping through my veins. Her hand is stroking the front of my jeans as it trying to gauge how big my dick is. She is unbuckling my belt with the other hand - not an easy task with one hand. Eventually she wins the battle.

She interrupts out kiss, her brown eyes staring at me deep.

“Would you like me to do something about that huge lump in your jeans? It seems like you have a large swelling down there. Perhaps I’ve got something to make it go down.”

So I can’t touch her pussy, but my dick is fair game? Oh well, no arguments from me.

See what you can do for me, Trina. I hope I’m in safe hands. She unbuttons my jeans and pulls them down to my feet. I’m stood there now in just my boxers, a large pronounced ridge pushing against the material. I admire her cherry couloured nail polish as her hand massages me.

“What have we got here then? Can I touch it, Jez? Can I pull these boxer’s down and see your cock?”

I tell her to get on with it, anybody could come along.

“Don’t rush me, Jez, this is a special moment. I’ve never seen a white cock in the flesh before, yours is the first.”

She slowly lowers my shorts, my hard cock slaps against my belly as it’s released. Her eyes are all over it, inspecting the ridges and veins, she softly rakes her nails up and down my length, and then pulls back my foreskin, my bulbous purple helmet looms into view. A large drop of pre cum appears as she gently rubs my dick.

“Jez, your cock is so nice, I love how thick and hard it is, and that helmet looks amazing. I think you got your mojo back, honey.

She drops to knees. I’m hoping she’s going to suck me off, I really want to come in her mouth. Trina has other ideas, lubricating my tool with her spit and wrapping her fingers tight around it, jerking my cock really hard., her volumous breasts shaking wildly as she increases the tempo. I’m overjoyed that she’s a ‘talker’ I hate it when a girl is silent.

“Is that good, Jez? Does your cock feel good in my hand? I bet you’re imagining fucking my little gash eh? One day, Jez, one day soon I’ll let you. I’ll let you have me, give me a real good seeing to. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Trina is jerking me at a frantic pace know, I can feel the unfamiliar sensation of real pleasure, my balls tingling heavy with come, the wave of ecstasy as her thumb rubs my glans. My breathing becomes shallow and my eyes close, fucking hell I’m near.

“Would you like to come all over my tits, Jez? I want you to jizz your load all over them, are you near baby?

I nod, eyes reopened now. I want to see this. I tell Trina I’m real close now. She alters the angle of her wrist action now, pushing my length downwards towards her cleavage, changing from jerking my cock hard towards my body, instead going in the opposite direction.

“Don’t stop, Trina, don’t stop. I’m coming, fucking hell, oh fuck….yesssss!!”

A huge arc of my come covers her pendulous breasts, jet after jet of my liquid. It just doesn’t stop.

“Ohh yeah baby, so much come,”

I tell her to keep going, the spurts keep coming thick, months of pent up frustration being released. It feels so damn good, my sac feels a few ounces lighter now. Finally my load is complete. Trina’s chest is covered, absolutely covered in my goo. She scoops large blobs from her breasts and sucks them into her mouth seductively.

“Lovely come. I can’t get enough of your juice, Jez.” There is so much that she can’t manage it all, her body still has trails of semen traced over it. Trina has an idea, walking our of our shelter and into open space. The rain is still lashing down hard and it washes my deposit off her in seconds. She returns to the copse, raindrops replacing semen on her breasts. I’ve never seen anyone sexier in my life.

“Come on let’s go, Jez, before anyone catches us, I just hope we don’t pass anyone on the way back.” I can see what she means, her white shorts are splattered in mud. As we walk back I enquire if she enjoyed her first experience with a white cock.

“Your dick is lovely, but a quick tip. I like my men shaven, I can’t stand hairy pubes and even worse, hairy balls.”

That’s me told then.


We continue to see each other casually over the next couple of weeks, sadly I get no closer to having sex with her, Trina says she’ll let me know when she’s ready. She happily still wanks me off and lets me touch her breasts, but nothing more. She constantly berates me for not shaving off my bodily hair, but I tell her I like it, and I’m not getting rid of it.

One day I am sitting in the pub, killing an hour or so, having a quiet pint when my mobile phone sprang into life, alerting me to a text message received. It was from Trina.




Seconds later another text.




Two minutes later, you guessed it…another one.


Jesus, she’s horny today. I can just imagine her playing with herself, watching through one of the large mirrors as she orgasms. I can feel my cock stiffening rapidly at the thought of it. My phone bleeps again.

I open the message, it takes a while to process, but it’s worth the wait. It’s a picture of Trina, taken through the very mirror I was talking about, she is wearing only her knickers. Which have a large wet circle across the gusset. I take in her body, the breasts I know all about. It’s her legs that are taking me now, long and muscular with just the right amount of meat on them. Her thighs look taught and strong. I reckon to myself she is going to be an awesome fuck, If we ever get that far.

There is a text accompanying her photo.



I get myself home and spruce myself up, I think tonight could be the night. On route to Trina’s I stop off at the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine, a fruity Chilean red should do the trick. As I wait to pay for the wine I see the skinny figure of Toni, the girl from a while back. She is waiting at the next checkout to mine. As I come into her line of vision she doesn’t smile, just nods in acknowledgement. We get served simultaneously and head for the exit, this is awkward.

“Hi Toni, look I just wanted to apologise for, well you know what for.”

“Don’t sweat it, Jez. I got fucked in the end anyway.”

I raise my eyebrows, and tilt my head in question.

“Your mate, Terry. After he’d finished with June he came through and gave me one, good he was too. At least some men are still real men.”

I make my excuses and get out of there, hoping not to bump in Toni anytime soon. Pitching up at Trina’s I push the bell and await her answer. It takes her ages to let me in and I’m a little under whelmed when she does. Usually she dresses really sexily, but tonight she is just in a plain looking blouse and jeans.

“Hi honey, come in.”

We go through to her lounge and I open the wine, we talk about our respective days, eventually coming around to the texts and photo.

“Did you like the photo, Jez? I don’t know what came over me. One minute I was okay, then the next I was horny as hell and my pussy was on fire. I’ve never masturbated at work before, but it felt so dirty. I think I’ll be doing it more often from now on.”

She sips her wine appreciatively, a mischievous look in her eyes,

“I’ve got you a present, Jez. Would you like to see what it is?”

I tell her I love presents. She heads for the bedroom and quickly return with a wrapped box, handing it over to me.

“Open it, open it now, Jez.”

I tear off the wrapping - it’s a nondescript black box with a lid.

“Open that now.”

I pull the lid off the box. Inside is a quality razor, a tube of shaving cream and a bottle of soothing balm.

“You just weren't getting my subtle hints, so I decided to spell it out. Shave your body, or let me if you want to and well, we might see about you and I getting a bit of action. Get those clothes off and let’s get busy.”

I lose the clothes, standing naked in front of her, she takes in my body, looking like she approves of what she sees, always a good sign. Trina takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. She fills the basin with hot water and swills the razor.

“Now, where shall I start? It’s all coming off so it doesn’t matter really.”

She decides on my chest and underarms, gladly I’m not too hairy up top, just down below. This part is relatively easy, she soon had my upper body shaved bare. It feels strange.

“Now for the tricky bit, it’s like a bloody forest down there.”

She lathers my pubes liberally before slapping more of the cream into my sac, making my cock twitch into life. She tells me not to get a hard on now as she doesn’t want to be distracted. Her hand is mercifully steady as she shaves huge mounds of my brown pubic hair off. No matter how hard I try there is no way I can supress my hard on any more and little by little my penis jolts hard. Trina hold my erection and shaved the remaining hairs around the base of my penis, before finishing with the tricky bits around my anus and ball sac.

“All done, you are now officially hairless.” She wets a flannel and wipes my pubic area, taking off the cream and hair ends. I don’t believe how much bigger my dick looks without the hair, seeming about an inch longer. Trina isn’t slow to notice.

“Wow, look at that cock, it’s fucking huge. You’re gonna make me all wet again. I don’t know. What am I going to do with you?” I think I’ve got a good idea.

She unscrews the bottle of balm and slaps a large dollop into her hands, working it into my cock and over my sac. Trina soon has my penis slick with the balm, now moisturised it looks bigger still, my purple head gleaming luridly. Her expert fingers draw my climax quickly, shooting my load all over her hand and wrist.

“Get yourself showered off Jez, there are towels hanging up on the door, let me know when you’re done. I’ve got another little present waiting for you, oh and don’t forget to use the balm, your skin is going to itch like crazy tomorrow, bring it with you when you come through.”

She sashays off, leaving me to shower. It’s weird seeing my body completely devoid of hair. I feel like an eleven year old boy, but I must admit I like the look of my cock without the hair, it looks huge, even if I say so myself.

Once I’m done I drape myself in a towel and make my way into the lounge, Trina isn’t there. I wait for a moment, pouring myself a large glass of wine, wondering what the next present is going to be. After a few minutes there is still nothing. I remember now she said to let her know when I’m done, she also said to bring the balm, fuck I’ve forgotten that too. I quickly run back and get it, before yelling towards her bedroom that I’m ready.

“Be with you in a minute honey, make yourself comfortable.” I make myself at home on her huge three seater sofa.

The bedroom door opens, I’m rarely surprised, but the image that fills my eyes makes my jaw drop. Trina is wearing an impossibly tight black silk camisole, her breasts bulging out, the material struggling to keep her body in. She is also wearing lacy French knickers, the bulge of her shaven mound clearly visible, she looks stunning, her long brown hair has a glossy sheen as it drapes down her back, almost at shoulder blade length. To top it all off, she is wearing a pair of killer black heels.

“See anything you like, Jez? Would you like me to dance for you?”


She ignores me, heading to the stereo and pressing play, kicking those heels off on the way. I can’t help but admire her ass through the lacy knickers. It is full and fleshy, just the way I like it. I noticed how much it wobbled as she walked towards the hi-fi. Trina has a fully fledged bubble butt which I have the urge to slap hard.

The music starts to play, some r & b slow jam. In time with the music, Trina grinds her body. As the pace of the rhythm picks us, she shakes her booty hard, a-la Beyonce. My cock begins to stir again, transfixed by the sight of her amazing body.

“Take the towel off, honey. I want to see that beautiful shaven cock.”

I whip my towel off, hard cock jutting straight into the air. I still can’t get used to my bare body, but I think I like it.

The track changes, this time a slower reggae instrumental, allowing Trina to really wind, she comes close to me, her peachy arse grinding just inches from my face, as the music slows gyrates her body provocatively. I can’t take any more, roughly grappling her fleshy bum. She quickly pushes my hands away.

“No touching, not until I say you can.”

She turns around, gyrating her arse cheeks, roughly three inches from my throbbing cock, what a prick tease Trina really is. She knows how much I want to touch her. My cock is rock hard now. Turning back again, she straddles me on the sofa, pushing her tits into my face, the flesh of her breasts touching my cheeks. It gets even more difficult when she stands up, clasping my head and pushing her cunt into my face. I can feel her wetness and smell her tangy juices, the girl is aroused for sure. It takes a hell of a lot of discipline not to touch her.

Trina jumps back off the sofa and skips the cd to the next track, another even slower jam. As she turns back she pulls of the camisole, her impressive breasts swaying as she dances.

“You can touch me now, Jez. I’ve teased you for long enough.” Well two can play at this game. I’m not going to give in to her so easily. She is going to have to work harder.

Trina dances in front of me, her mighty breasts swinging in front of my face, huge nipples just an outstretched tongue away, but I’m not playing ball. She begs me to suck her nipples, but I don’t. She has kept me waiting for weeks, time for a little payback.

She remounts the sofa, her rounded ass in my face, supporting herself by gripping my knees, stopping herself toppling. She eases her cunt back onto my mouth, but I still don’t take the bait. She is getting desperate now, pushing her groove onto my mouth, expecting me to grab her legs and push her onto my tongue. She pushes her ass deeper onto me, desperate for my touch, she is groaning loudly as my nose pushes into her clit. The scent of her pussy is overpowering.

“For fuck’s sake, Jez, I can’t take anymore, get your face in my pussy and lick me out.”

I tell her not yet. I’m not ready. I push her off me.

“Get yourself in the armchair and take those knickers off, now.”

She looks at me strangely. I’ve never been stern with her before, but she does as I tell her, sitting down and slipping the knickers down and off. She now sits naked across the room from me. I try to disguise how desperate I am to finally see her pussy, trying to look nonchalant.

“Now, throw those knickers over here, let me smell you, Trina, you dirty bitch.”

She gives me a dirty look, and then it registers that I’m playing a game, tossing them over to me, they land in my lap. I hold the gusset up to my nose, her juices soak the silk, the aroma is musky and sweet. I can’t resist covering my mouth with her panties, lapping up her scent.

“Does my pussy taste nice, Jez? You could come over here and get some more, I’m really, really wet.”

I ignore her, slipping her saturated up my legs and onto my cock, they just about stretch far enough around my waist, my hard on feels so good against the silky material. I grasp my cock through the material, savouring the friction of her panties against my sensitive glans.

“Get your legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. Let me see your pussy spread wide.”

She looks me in the eye, for a moment I think she is going to refuse. But slowly she drapes her legs wide over the chair. Her stubbly pussy and tight puckered asshole come into focus.

“Thanks for waiting, Jez, most guys wouldn’t have held out for so long, but I was testing you. I know I am worth the wait, especially when you see this.”

Her left hand snakes down between her legs and gently spreads her petals. Fuck! It was worth the wait. Her pussy lips are really puffy and thick, her hole looks taught and exquisitely wet, the vibrant pinkness contrasting against her chocolate skin. Her clit is sticking out of her little hood, it’s the longest one I’ve ever seen, begging to be played with.

“How about that then, Jez. I told you I was worth waiting for, isn’t my clit amazing?”

I can’t argue with that, but she leaves me in no doubt, spreading her sex obscenely wide, her clit now prominent. She seems to be a little full of herself now.

“Have you ever seem a prettier pussy than mine, Jez? Don’t tell me you have, because I know nobody has a nicer cunt than mine, every man who has ever fucked me tells me that it’s the best they’ve ever seen.”

I tell her she has a very high opinion of herself. She agrees. I love a confident girl.

“Looking good is one thing, Trina but do you know what to do with it?”

“Of course I do you dick, I’ve spent a lifetime working out how to please myself. I started playing with myself from a very young age.”

“Show me then, show me you can’t just talk the talk.”

My goading seems to have worked. Three fingers of her left hand slowly rotate against her pulsing clitoris, slowly at first, but gently the pace quickens.

“Uhhm, my clit is so sensitive, mmmmmmm”

Her tempo increases until Trina’s fingers are a blur. The juice is seeping out of her and trickling down towards her anus, then dribbling onto the leather seat. After a minute or so she pushes two fingers of her right hand deep into her velvet folds. The look on her face makes my cock push even harder into her French knickers, her eyes now closed, concentrating on the sensation of self love.

“Ohhh fuck, it feels so good, I hope you like watching me fuck myself, Jez. Wank yourself off too, I’m not far away….”

I take myself in hand and push my foreskin back and forth roughly over my glans, the smoothness of Trina’s silk undies feels sublime.

Trina’s gasps and sighs become louder, and her clitty rubbing becomes frenzied. Her mouth falls open and a look of unbridled ecstasy etches over her pretty face, sweat beaded over her forehead. Three fingers now deep inside her hole, she is lost in abandon, probably unaware of my presence.

“Ohhh shit, ohm shit, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes…………..uhhhhhhhhhhhhh….uhhhhhrmm.”

Her body is gripped hard by her climax, chest rising and falling deeply, her features contorted in deep, deep enjoyment. I think this is going to be the end, but Trina carries on thrashing at her clit, impossibly harder than before, within two minutes a second, more intense orgasm seems to be imminent, causing her whole body to shake violently.

“Fucking hell, I’m gonna come again, I’ve never……”

Her words are curtailed by a second, tremulous orgasm, her cries of pleasure almost vibrating against the walls, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better climax in my life. As she recovers I pleasure myself, quickly shooting a large creamy load inside her knickers, fuck it feels so good to come again, my semen oozing through the silk.

“Oh shit, that looks so good, Jez. Take them off and let me lick your cum out of them.

I slip the pants off and hold them arms length over Trina’s waiting mouth, my juice is so thick it takes a while to dribble off, eventually gaining momentum and speeding down her grateful throat, she swallows it all down, grabbing her panties and licking off the residue.

“I just love your thick come, it’s been so long since the last time when you shot all over my breasts, I’ve been playing with myself every night, replaying it in my mind, and imagining what it would be like with your length inside me. It’s time now, time for you to give it to me, Jez.”

Trina stands up , pushing herself right up against me, kissing me with frightening intensity, tongue buried deep, clashing with mine. Her hand loops out, urgently working me back to hardness.

“I can’t wait Jez, I need you inside me right this minute.”

Directing her onto the floor, on all fours with her head resting on the sofa, I push her legs apart roughly, her delicious holes now completely exposed. I tell her she looks absolutely beautiful.

“Less talk, more action. I’m desperate for you to give me what I deserve.”

Suits me. I kneel behind her, feeding my eight inches inside her slowly. Her pussy is exquisite, tight, but yielding to me little by little,. I grind my hips, working myself deep inside her. I need to get more leverage her, so I keep one my left knee on the ground, but raise my right leg and bent the knee, enabling me to thrust with more force. She gasps and whimper as I penetrate her deeply.

“That’s it, oh shit, that feels so good, Your dick feels so big in my little pussy.”

My fingers grab her waist and I use a bit of force, pushing her hard against me, she bucks her hips and I’m completely inside her now, giving her what she wants. This is well worth the time she’s kept me waiting. My first time with a black girl is turning out to be something special.

“Harder, Jez, harder and faster, it feels so fucking nice.”

I pump her relentlessly now, finding extra energy from somewhere. I pull my length deep out of her, almost all the way and stab my whole length right up inside her walls, then out again before ramming her deep again. I build up a rhythm now, giving her the frenetic fucking she craves.

“Wonderful, just fucking wonderful, just don’t come inside me, pull out and cover my bum.”

I can last no longer, I feel my seed rising fast now, the feeling is so sweet that I don’t want to pull out.

“Let me come inside you.”

“No, no, you can’t. I’m not on the pill.”

Too late, my balls twitch and I can feel my come filling her hole, coming to my senses I panic and pull out, shooting the remainder of my come over her fleshy arse., admiring my white cream against the darkness of her skin.

“I told you to pull out, Jez. What do you not understand in that sentence?”

I apologize, explaining she felt so good that I couldn’t help myself.

“Looks like a trip to the clinic tomorrow then.” she shoots me an angry look, but it quickly softens, drawing herself up to face me, grasping my manhood and leads me towards her bedroom.

“Better make the trip worthwhile, let’s go to bed.”


Half an hour later I am in her sumptuous king sized bed, wine in hand, waiting for her return, she went off to the bathroom to clean herself up, but she’s been ages. I hope she’s not too angry with me. I hear her footsteps on the hallway and the bedroom door opens ever so slightly and she turns off the main light.

“Close your eyes, Jez, honey.”

“Why? You’ve turned the light off.”

I can see the silhouette of her curvy body swaying towards me.

“Just close them.”

I indulge her, eyes now shut tight.

“Open up now.”

She has turned on the bedside lamp, it doesn’t throw out a great deal of light, but I can see her body clearly. She is standing at the bedside, still naked, but to my delight I can she has razored her stubbly pubic area.

“It seemed rude to ask you to shave without doing it myself. Does my pussy look good bare?”

I tell her it looks pretty.

“It tastes better than it looks, even if I do say so myself. You are a lucky boy, Jez, I’m going to let you eat my pussy.”

She whips back the duvet and climbs into position above me, her sex making contact with my mouth.

Trina gyrates her mound over my face, holding onto the headboard and grinding hard. I manage to locate her clit and stab it wildly with my tongue, she seems to like it, forcing her pussy back and forth, fucking my tongue. Without warning she raises herself off my face, her crotch six inches from my face.

“Open your mouth, Jez, do it now.”


“You’ll find out why. I need you to know Jez. I’m a real dark horse, still waters and all that. I hope you’re man enough to cope with me. Now open your fucking mouth.”

I open my mouth wide, a huge shaft of urine fills my cavity, I try to swallow it down, but she is peeing hard, as soon as I gulp down my mouth is full again.

“Don’t spill a drop you fucker, this is bed linen is designer.”

I manage to contain the volume, swallowing down hard, the last dribbles finally down my throat. I thought she was such a reserved girl.

“Erm, that’s my thing, Jez…not sure if it’s yours?”

I tell her it’s not, and she is going to pay for what she has done to me.

“Mmmm, yes please, what are you going to do? Please be rude with me, I can take it. I’m a very, very dirty girl.”

I tell her to get on all fours, and spread her legs wide. She does as I ask and I tell her not to move. I go back to the lounge, retrieving my belt.

“Close your eyes, Trina. This is my thing.”

“Oh no, no…argghhh, fucking hell.”

Before Trina has had chance to close her eyes I have whipped her arse hard with the belt. The slapping sound resonates through the room.

“That really fucking hurt……..owwwww.”

I slap her again harder, and then once again. I figure that’s enough. I’m wrong.

“Harder you cunt, I want you to do it harder, then fuck me, fuck me really, really hard up the ass.”

The belt smacks against her skin, and then once more. She won’t be sitting easily tomorrow.

I plough my dick into her hard, full length, no messing, pulling out and filling her hard again, her wet pussy lubricating my cock. Her fingers are slapping her clit roughly, the sound of our fucking resonates around the room, the bed sounds as if it’s about to break.

“Fuck me hard, prove that you’re enough for me.”

I pull her hair hard, jerking her head back hard.

“Tell me how much you want me.”


I thrust harder, my cock ridiculously deep inside her, letting go of her hair and cupping those gigantic tits, pinching her nipples really hard.

“Oww, that fucking hurts, get your hands off.”

I take no notice, tweaking them harder, her pain now audible. I decide to release her.

“What are you doing? Did I tell you to stop?”

“Well, yes.”

Don’t listen to me, just do it, pinch my nipples, NOW”

I return my hands, whilst pounding her ever wetter pussy harder and harder, my length now sliding in effortlessly. Her fingers are now pressing her clit hard, an orgasm now overdue.

She comes hard against my cock, forcing my own orgasm, pumping her full with another huge ejaculation. I don’t bother pulling out this time until I’ve released my full load. Once I’m satisfied I withdraw sharply, my semen oozes out of her and down onto the linen.

“Oh look, your pretty designer linen will need washing.”

She looks into my eyes and tells me I’m going to pay for that.

We drift off to sleep in each others arms, content after our lovemaking. I never would have had Trina down as a girl who liked rough sex, or one who was into watersports for that matter. You should never judge people too quickly I suppose.

I’m awoken at around 4am. Trina is sucking my cock deep into her mouth, getting me hard again double quick. Her tongue runs up the base of my penis from root to tip, as if she were licking a lollipop.

“Mmm, feels fucking good, Trina.”

The feeling is immense, but it doesn’t last, once I’m erect, Trina spits me out.

“Morning sleepyhead, I think you’ve forgotten about something? My ass, remember?”

I tell her not now, I’m tired. Leave it until tomorrow. I turn my back to her and slip back into sleep.

About an hour later I am half awake, one of those moments when you can’t differentiate between reality and dream. I can feel a cold sharp sensation around my anus, it begins to feel kind of nice as I get used to my hole being manipulated, ever deeper. I start to really enjoy this dream as my ass gets massaged. A voice shatters the dream.

“Grit your teeth, Jez, this is going to really hurt, but you’ll get into it.”

Some dream - I look over my shoulder, Trina is behind me, replete with huge strap-on, which she is lubricating liberally.

“What the fuck are you doing, Trina.”

She looks at me, fire in the eyes.

“Never, ever say no to me. Like I told you earlier Jez, you don’t know what you’re dealing with here. Now get on all fours and take this like a man.”

I grit my teeth and hope for the best.

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