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Diddly - Chapter 3

Diddly finally meets the couple, and they try their best to corrupt her in every possible way.
I had lain there for quite some time, though it was hard to say how long it had really been. It was almost impossible to appear asleep while my whole body wanted to tremble in aroused anticipation. My breath hitched when I heard muffled voices through the door, too quiet to make out their words, but they faded away again.

Then it was time. The door clicked open and soft steps approached. A hint of perfume tickled my nose, sweet like honey, with an undertone of cinnamon and clove. The mattress dipped and I had to struggle not to blink. Another scent covered the first, spicy and fresh and intense.

The blanket was slowly pulled down my body and I heard a female voice whisper. “Oh god, she’s so cute. I can’t believe she’s eighteen already. We’ll have to tip Lydia extra for finding her.”

And a male voice, just as quiet, answered. “So sweet. So innocent.”

“Knowing you, she’ll not be innocent for long, dear.”

“As if you’re one to talk. God,” the male, Robert, I recalled, moaned quietly, “I could ravage her right now.”

“Control yourself.” The woman’s voice hissed sharply. The mattress creaked and dipped slightly right next to me.

Something brushed lightly over my cheek, and I pretended to stir in my sleep. Again that soft touch, and now I realized that it was breath, her breath, tickling my skin from close by and smelling of something sweet and lemony.

Then it was the sole of my foot that was tickled, and I pulled it away with a soft groan. The fingers that did it gave my sole a short break, then it was back again, and I moved once more. The hem of the pajama top was pulled away and another hand started to draw small circles on my tummy, just flighty little touches that made my skin tingle and my muscles quiver. I couldn’t resist anymore and let out a quiet giggle.

“Oh, oh,” the female voice breathed onto my cheek, “someone’s awake already. Naughty little girl, pretending to sleep. Wakey, wakey!”

So I faked waking up, stretching and yawning, rubbing my eyes and blinking. Now that I didn’t have to keep my eyes closed, I could finally look at my companions for the evening. The face of the woman, Jane, was only inches from mine, and she was intimidating. Her hair was graying, and the narrow, frameless glasses made her appear like a strict teacher or librarian. She was dressed in a long gray skirt that ended just short of her ankles, which were hidden from my view. Her blouse, a flowing white piece with frills on the front, also fit the image, but what almost made me gasp were her lips, painted in black and looking moist and dangerous. I glanced down at my tummy, where she had pulled up my top, and saw her fingernails shimmer equally black.

Then I spotted him, and a tremor ran through my body. He was her age, also more gray than black in his short-cropped hair, and even though his facial expression was one of kindness and made me feel instantly close, he was incredibly tall and muscular, and probably a lot more than my small body could handle. His chest muscles pushed against the fabric of the blue business shirt, and the black, formal trousers he wore were bulging at the front. I couldn’t look anywhere else. The beast hidden there had to be enormous, and the thought that he would use that to impale me was fearsome and breathtaking.

“Won’t you greet your Master and Mistress?” Clare asked accusatory.

“Uhm, hi Ma’am, hello Sir” I responded nervously, my voice sounding high even to me.

“No, no, that’s now way to greet your owners for the night,” Clare chastised me softly, “now give your Mistress a nice kiss.”

My heart started to beat harder. Up to know it had been innocent, teasing touches. Kissing this stranger was something altogether different. Still, I puckered my lips and leaned towards her, breathless and nervous, until our mouths touched. Letting my lips smack apart, I tried to pull back again, but suddenly there was her hand, holding me in place, and then her lips parted and her tongue licked all over my lips. I gasped, shaken by the bold move and entranced by the hot, moist feeling.

The short parting of my lips and teeth was enough for her, and she jumped at the chance and pushed her tongue into my mouth, sealing it with her lips. My nostrils flared when I let out my breath. This was rough and forceful, she was taking possession of me. And my body loved it, my nipples stiffened and my skin grew hot.

Now that she had conquered my mouth, she gave herself time to explore every inch. I had no idea if this was how a French kiss was supposed to be performed, but this was intimate and powerful. I moaned into her mouth and felt her do the same.

Then her tongue retreated and my head was turned to the other side, where Robert was already waiting, his eyes twinkling with hunger. He struck in the blink of an eye, pressing his lips hard against mine, and the scent of his aftershave filled my nose. He was more aggressive, and when he captured my lip between his teeth and started to pull, my body melted. I didn’t need prompting to open my mouth for him, and when his tongue slid inside I wrapped my lips around it and welcomed it. It snaked and pushed and stroked in my mouth, hot and without restraint.

“That’s how you greet your superiors,” Clare told me after he had pulled away and left me gasping and trembling. “But tell us a bit about yourself. Is it true that our little Diddly never had a hard cock inside her pussy?”

I nodded, biting my lip.

“Answer me when I ask you a question.”

“Y - yes,” I managed to stammer, “it’s true, Ma’am.”

“And in your dirty little bum?”

“No! I mean no, Ma’am, never.”

“And in your sweet little mouth?” Her breathing was becoming audible.

“No, Ma’am.”

“But surely you have touched one before?”

“No, never, Ma’am.”

She looked deeply into my eyes, searching for a hint of a lie, but only finding the burning blush in my face that answering her intimate questions had painted there.

“But you have made out with boys?”

“No Ma’am, I haven’t.”


“No!” I shook my head quickly. “No, Ma’am. Well, Deborah fingered me. But that was the only time!”

Her eyes widened, then again when she looked at me with a thoughtful expression. “It was your first real kiss too, wasn’t it?”

Lowering my eyes, I nodded. This time I wasn’t chastised.

“Did you hear that, Robert?” She asked, her voice full of astonishment. “She’s almost as virginal as one can get.” And then her voice started to trickle with glee. “Oh, the things we can do with her!”

“Of course I heard,” her husband growled with barely concealed hunger, “the things we will do with her.” His eyes, now smoldering with impatience, turned to my face. “Why don’t you sit up and get out of that pajama top for your Master to let him see your little tits?”

I felt small, even tiny, and it took me seconds to pluck up the courage and do as he had asked me to. Nobody besides my parents and doctors, and Deborah and her friends earlier, had ever seen me naked. My fingers trembled when I crossed my arms in front of me and slowly pulled up the hem of the pajama top, baring first my tummy and then my tiny breasts to their greedy eyes.

The top dropped to the bed behind me, and I fought the urge to cover my front with my arms. “What,” I asked meekly, “are you going to do to me?”

“Very, very wicked things,” Clare replied in a breathless whisper, “we’ll make love to your fragile body in all the ways we can think up, we will kiss you and bite you and take you as we want, until we are both completely spent.”

She shuffled around until she was right behind me. Her arms wrapped around me and she pulled me close to her body, capturing my arms at my sides, until I was sitting in her lap and had to spread my legs to sit comfortably.

“We will,” she continued, her whispers now tickling my ear from behind, “do the most outrageous things with you, and it will be so sweet to know that we have forever spoiled you for normal sex. And if you’re good, my pretty little plaything, we’ll make you cum again and again.”

“Oh my god!” The words flew from my mouth, riding atop a dizzy gasp.

“Let us see how your body responds.”

Robert crouched in front me, put his hands on my sides and slowly trailed upwards. His fingers were thick and the skin rough like old leather, and his extended thumbs left a hot line on my tummy. I forgot to breathe when they reached my tits, and then he was flicking my nipples hard and I moaned.

“Responsive, I like that.” He watched me closely when he repeated the motion and made me gasp and squirm in Clare’s grasp. “Open your little mouth for me,” he whispered, and I complied without thinking.

I almost complained when his hands left my sides, but then two fingers entered my mouth and slid softly over my tongue. The corners of his mouth flickered upwards when he felt my lips wrapped around his digits, and it only took a gesture of his head and soundlessly mouthing the word to make me start to suckle on them.

It was crazy how sexy this felt. It were just fingers, my mind thought, just fingers of a stranger stuck into my mouth and softly wiggling around, but something about this act felt so right and intimate.

“Relax your tongue,” I heard Clare’s whispered instruction and felt her hands roam over my front side, fluttering touches on heated skin, “let him do whatever he does and just experience it. Keep breathing evenly.”

I quickly learned what she meant by it. Robert’s fingers began to move back and forth, at first just a little bit, but every time he pushed in, they went a little deeper. He was fucking my mouth with his fingers! A flurry of tingles raced over my skin.

How deep would he go? His hands were large, his fingers long and wide, and I wasn’t sure I could accommodate all of them.

“Hold your breath, relax.” Clare whispered, and at the same moment her hands wrapped around my small boobs and gently started to knead them. Why did that touch feel so glorious? The thought dissipated in the wind of emotions, because Robert pushed his fingers, slippery with my saliva, all the way into my eager mouth. I gagged for a short, panic-filled moment when he touched the back of my mouth, but when he held them still, the urge subsided and a feeling of being totally controlled remained, which filled me from head to toe.

His gaze, dark with unbridled lust, seemed to drill into my eyes. My lungs started to cry out for air. Clare’s fingers skillfully pinched my nipples and made me want to draw in a deep breath and moan my pleasure. But I couldn’t. Robert’s fingers dominated not just my mouth, they controlled my whole body.

“Good girl,” she whispered, “just like this, you’re doing wonderful. A little longer.”

My chest started to burn. My eyes misted up and the beating of my heart grew to an all-consuming loudness.

His fingers withdrew! My mouth opened and I took a wheezing, shuddering breath, feeling like toppling into a river of shame when I watched him examine his digits, dripping with my saliva, in front of my face. Long strings of drool still attached them to my trembling lips. He wiped them on my cheeks, his touch hot and sloppy.

“You’re such a pig,” Clare’s voice chastised him, though he didn’t appear fazed at all.

“You’re one to talk.” His eyes turned to me with a grin. “Don’t believe her for a single moment when she takes the moral high-ground. She the most depraved woman I know.”

He was answered by a girlish sniggering from behind me.

“Now open up again.”


He kept his fingers inside my mouth a little longer this time. The small breaks in between penetrations became shorter each time. Ten or eleven times we played that dirty little game, and the last time he pulled his fingers out of my mouth, small black spots had already started to flutter through my vision. My skin was not just burning, it was tingling and sparkling under its surface. My face was dripping with drool, small rivulets running down my chin and leaving glistening, depraved blotches all over my upper body.

Clare’s breathing had become fast and hard. Gusts of heated wind brushed my neck and ear each time she exhaled. Robert’s eyes resembled pools of blackness.

“Isn’t that wonderfully naughty, little pet?” Clare’s question was punctuated by her tongue in my ear, filling my senses with warm, wet slurps and little moans. I shuddered uncontrollably, earning a delighted giggle from her. “God,” she moaned, “you’re so sweet and pliable. How does it make my plaything feel? Tell me!”

My breath started to fly. Though my lips opened, no word would come out, and I had to clear my throat a few times. “Naughty,” I gasped and shuddered again, her tongue once more sucking and slurping in my ear, the tip of her tongue spreading wetness all over it. “Dirty. Oh god, it’s so incredibly dirty, Ma’am!”

“And do you like it?” She nibbled on my earlobe.

“Yes, god, yes!” It was almost a shout.

“Look at Master Robert,” she whispered and scratched her fingernails lightly over my stomach, making me twitch and tremble, “can you see that hungry look, how aroused our little game has made him?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Such a naughty little girl! But you like being dirty for your Master and Mistress. Will you do something very naughty for him?” She pinched my nipple


“Good. Hold her up, Robert, so I can get out from under her.”

His hands grabbed me under my armpits without hesitation. He lifted me effortlessly into the air. He could have done anything to me at that moment. “Wow, you’re strong, Sir!”

The mattress creaked, fabric rustled, and then the light scratching of plastic could be heard. I tried to look over my shoulder, but Clare’s body was hiding whatever she did from my view.

“There,” she exclaimed, “all set! Put her down, Robert.”

“Of course, love.”

I was slowly lifted over the edge of the bed. My knees were weak when my feet touched the ground. Robert also stood up from the bed and walked into the middle of the room. I followed his movement, then looked over at Clare and gasped at what I saw.

She grinned. “Robert likes to watch girls pee. Now be a good girl and go on the potty while he undresses for you.”

Small beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. My thoughts spun like a carousel.

“Do it!” Gone was the sweetness in Clare’s voice.

I took the few shaky steps needed until I was in front of the orange potty she had set up for me on the floor. Standing in front of it, I couldn’t bring myself to drop my pajama pants. Robert had already slipped out of the shirt and exposed a toned chest that was thickly covered with soft curls of gray hair.

“Let me help you,” Clare whispered while he undid his belt, and the rest of my modesty slid slowly to the floor under the guidance of her fingers. Cool air brushed over my excited, clean-shaven pubes, and my knees tried to give way.

Robert looked me up and down, but his gaze became locked to the spot of heat between my legs. His own pants dropped and pooled around his ankles.

I sat down on the potty, and the hard plastic of the smallish object bit into my buttocks. I watched Robert step out of the pants and hang them over the back of a chair. My Master’s legs were incredibly muscular. He had to be doing a lot of sports, probably biking or running. He removed his black socks. My eyes travelled up his thighs and my breath got stuck in my throat. A huge bulge extended at the front of his underpants and reached up all the way to the broad rubber waistband, even pushing it away from his body. He was enormous.

“Pee!” Clare’s voice instructed.

It hadn’t been that long that I had done exactly that in front of Deborah, and doing it in front of Robert felt doubly dirty and shameful. But I forced to relax my bladder, intent to follow along with every little depravity the two of them could come up with, horny and hot as I was and spurred on by the knowledge that my body could excite him so much.

At first it were only a few drops that made small, pattering sounds, but then he pushed down his briefs and exposed the steely hardness of his cock, and I didn’t care about making a spectacle anymore. It was frightening to watch that giant rod and think about where it was supposed to go. It looked like it would be able to tear me apart. I moaned, and spurts of my pee splashed noisily into the plastic bowl.

“Isn’t he magnificent?” Clare’s hands came to rest on my shoulders and she started to softly stroke the nape of my neck with her thumbs.

“Yes, Ma’am. But - but he won’t fit. He’s too big!” A slight panic was evident in my hasty whisper.

“Don’t worry, he will fit. But I thought the same when I saw him for the first time.”

Robert, now completely nude, stepped closer, and my eyes were locked onto his imposing manhood, which stood away from his body like a lance threatening to impale me.

“Let me just wipe you clean, my little pet,” Clare whispered.

Instead of the contact of tissue I expected, her bare fingers touched me down there, trailed through my folds and made me gasp and blush.

“What,” I started to say.

“Shush. Mistress knows what she’s doing. Master Robert loves it like this. You want to please your Master, don’t you? Now open wide.”

She didn’t really expect me to do that, to lick my own pee off her hand? But her fingers were already poised in front of my mouth, waiting for me to allow them entry. Only a few drops, I told myself, there were only a few drops; it couldn’t be all that bad. My lips parted and wrapped around her fingers, and my heart did somersaults of embarrassment. She wiggled them in encouragement, and I started to lick them all over in an act of submission that made my heart flutter. I tasted rose soap and chamomile balm and perhaps something slightly bitter, but I wasn’t even sure.

“Good girl,” she whispered, and the two words were like an intimate caress that spread a pleasurable heat between my thighs.

Something moved in the shadow at the edge my vision. I froze. Someone else was in the room with us! My heart started hammering like mad. The figure stepped into the reach of the bedside lamp’s glow, and for a short moment I felt relief when I recognized her. But then I noticed the camera in Lydia’s hand that was pointing straight at my face and capturing every second of my depraved behavior.

I tried to protest, but only unintelligible mumblings left my filled mouth, and a string of drool dripped down my chin.

“Oh god, you’re going to love this!” Lydia whispered. “That look of desperation and shame on her face, it’s incredibly cute.”

I wanted to dislodge Clare’s fingers and protest, but she held me in a firm grip. “Stay calm,” she admonished, “this is only for Robert and me, a memento to remind us of the fun we have here. There’s no reason for you to panic.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in, but then I did calm down. She was right, why should I care about a tape of us three as long as it stayed private. I relaxed back into her embrace.

Robert had meanwhile laid himself down on the bed, his erection pointing almost straight to the ceiling. I had read that older man had troubles getting their willies truly hard. He apparently didn’t have that problem.

My eyes were riveted to his manhood, thick and hard and imposing. I didn’t really notice when Clare helped me up from the potty and brushed the pajama bottoms off my feet. Then I was kneeling on the bed, right next to Robert.

His eyes seemed to glow when he looked at me, and I could feel the veins in my neck pulsate when his gaze roamed all over my body. He had wrapped one hand around his cock and was slowly rubbing it up and down, the tip, almost purple with arousal, vanishing in his fist and reappearing again.

“Kneel over his chest facing his feet,” Clare instructed like a choreographer, and in a way she appeared to be just that, “and get on all fours so you can take his beast into your sweet little mouth.”

I started to tremble. My first time to taste cock, and this one was from all I knew much larger than the average. “Ma’am,” I pleaded even while I lowered the weight of my upper body onto my arms and watched the stiff mast come closer and closer, “I’m afraid!”

“That’s not a bad thing,” she replied sweetly and stroked my bum, “but you don’t need to fear him. Your Master and Mistress know what they are doing. Imagine you’re a kitten, and his wonderful cock is a finger coated with sweet cream.”

In a way, that was how I felt anyway. A kitten discovering a world of colored yarn balls and rolling wine corks for the very first time. My tongue sneaked out and trailed over the hot softness over his cock’s head. It was like satin gliding over my tongue.

“Good girl.”

Why did those two words suffice to make me shudder in pleasure? Was I really such a sucker for compliments?

A shine pearl of pre-cum leaked from his pee-hole and glistened invitingly, and my tongue got its own mind while my brain still contemplated if I could dare to taste it. Salty wetness covered its tip and I licked my lips, spreading it all over them.

“Open your mouth. Wrap your lips around your Master’s big, hard cock. There, just like that, such a good girl!” She never stopped stroking my bum, and I wiggled it, pushed myself against her hand while I followed her orders.

“Can you feel the ridge under the head? Run the tip of your tongue along it. Can you feel him shudder? It’s the most sensitive spot on Master Robert’s cock.”

I could hear him gasp every time I did that, in time with the throbbing of his cock. It was powerful, exhilarating.

Clare moved so she was sitting in front of me, her legs crossing one of her husband’s and her feet dangling leisurely over the side of the bed. Her fingers softly brushed my cheek and made it tingle. “Now I want you to show your Master what a great little cock-sucker you can be for him. Take him in your sweet mouth as far as you can, and make sure he is coated well with your drool.”

She softly pushed on the back of my head. My heartbeat thundered through my chest. I let myself be guided downward, slid my lips along his shaft. She eased up, and I bobbed back up.

“Just like that,” she whispered and pushed again, “good girl.”

Every time she pushed, he went a little bit deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t decide if I was more aroused from the responses his body gave me at every touch, or more frightened by the knowledge that, all too soon, my mouth would be completely filled by him.

Four inches, I guessed, that was as a far as I got until a touch at the back of my throat almost made me retch. Tears shot into my eyes, but Clare thankfully let me lift my head and take some deep breaths.

“You know what’s going to happen now,” she said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. “Relax your tongue, like you did with the fingers earlier, then swallow. Take your Master’s cock all the way inside your throat. You’ll make him so happy!”

Strange feelings bubbled up my body, thrilling, crystal-like pearls of excitement, in a coating of stunned disbelief that burst in my chest and made me light-headed.


No, not at all. But as ready as I would ever be. I nodded slightly and opened my mouth again, my eyes never straying from the giddy anticipation on Clare’s face. Her hand pushed down again, and the ridges and veins of his cock slid over my lips.

I did as she had instructed, swallow through that tear-inducing, panic-filled moment when my throat was blocked and my breathing with it. She understood my silent plea for help and pushed down on my head, forcing me to give myself to the inevitable.

My whole body trembled, but the feeling when he slid down my throat, stretching it fully, was incredible. Though it hurt a little, that was nothing compared to the throbbing, hot mix of power and submission that coursed through my body. My nose hit his sack, smelled his masculine scent, was tickled by gray hairs, and I realized that I had done it.

My head was tilted forward too much to see Clare’s face anymore, but her hand still held me in position. My lungs wanted to draw a breath, but my windpipes were blocked. I gave myself over to the moment, felt Robert’s pelvis tremble under me and listened to his soft, throaty moans.

“Good girl, such a good little pet.”

She held me a little more, and not being able to breathe slowly became an issue. I could have pushed myself off, but there was something so compelling about them, so I stayed like I was, my body trembling like mad.

Finally, she let go, my head shot up and I gasped for air. Drool dripped down my chin, long strings still connecting my lips with his cock.

“Again.” The gentle pressure guided me down once more and helped me through the moment of hesitation. A tear trickled down my cheek, but I didn’t care. God, this was so perverted!

“You’re doing great. What do you think, Robert?”

“Fuck yes,” he grunted, and his hips tried in vain to push deeper, “our pet has got a throat of gold. I’m not going to last long.”

She released me again, and a fresh load of drool covered my chin and his mast.

“Now you need to trust me again.” Clare told me. “You do trust me, my plaything, don’t you?”

I took another deep breath. “Yes, Ma’am!” My voice was raw and shaking.

“Good. Master Robert is going to fuck your throat now. Breathe through your nose whenever he pulls back.”

Wasn’t he already doing that? I was puzzled for a moment, but then her hands covered my cheeks and guided my mouth down so only the tip of his cock was inside my mouth.

“You have to be quick with the swallowing, but you’re a natural. If you manage it, you’ll get a gift.”

His hips lifted off the bed and his cock slid deeper. It was more difficult to relax my throat this way, not being in control of the timing. Somehow, I managed it, despite a long, tear-filled moment that had me dig my fingers into the bed sheet, and soon felt my throat stretch around his bulbous head, felt him fill me up completely.

He pulled back all the way and I remembered to take a short breath. Then he slid in again.

In, and out. At first slowly, but his pace increased with the intensity of the moans and grunts that filled the air. Hot, slick flesh slid over my lips and buried itself in my throat to the hilt, each thrust crossing that spot that drove wetness into my eyes. Tears started to trickle down my cheeks, my throat became raw and burned from the forceful intrusions, but my pussy throbbed with every penetration. I felt - owned. A feeling like soaring through the open sky with the ease of a bird built itself up in my tummy and washed through my chest.

His thrusts became frantic, his moans loud and shaky and accompanied by the rhythmic creaking of the bed frame. He was going to shoot his sperm down my throat any minute now, and the thought made shudder in pleasure.

“Now!” He suddenly shouted.

It happened too fast. I was pushed backwards and watched with envious fascination as Clare’s own mouth wrapped over Robert’s cock, watched the small jerks of his hips that followed almost painful sounding grunts and could mean only one thing. He was cumming, but in his wife’s mouth. I was denied my reward!

I was frozen. Robert’s body relaxed under me and Clare’s lips slid off his cock, which still twitched. She grinned at me, her lips tightly pressed together.

“Open your mouth, little pet; let your Mistress give you the gift she promised.” Robert’s voice was still shaky and breathless.

Clare bent close to me, her eyes dancing with expectation. I opened my mouth, and then she was kissing me already, pushing the salty, clingy reward into my mouth, her tongue touching every spot in my mouth and coating it with his musky cum.

I moaned, and I swallowed, feeling naughtier than ever before in my life, and incredibly sexual.

“Oh god,” I murmured, “oh my fucking god.”

Clare giggled. “That was brilliant. Did you get it all, Lydia?”

“Every single second. You’ll love the close-up of her face.”

“You’re an angel!”

“Why don’t you all rest for a bit while I fetch you some water?”

“That’s a good idea.” She stretched out next to her naked husband and pulled me over so I was lying between the two of them.

The door closed behind Lydia. “What’s going to happen next?” I asked a little timidly. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, but I was horny as hell, my pussy yearned for an orgasm.

She threw back her head and gave a throaty, delighted chuckle. “Oh, there are still two more holes in your body waiting to be filled. We’ll take good care of every one of them. And then we’ll see if we can find some more debauched things to do with you. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?”

I bit my lip. Hell, yes, it did. I felt like the biggest whore on the planet. My throat was a bit sore and my lips felt like they had been inflated. My chin and upper body were coated with drying spittle. I was dirty and sweaty. I had tear tracks on my cheeks and sticky juices covering my thighs. My pussy gushed. I loved it!

“Oh god, yes, Ma’am!”
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