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Diddly - Chapter 5

Diddly's pussy finally gets to know Robert's cock, and with him and Clare, it's a kinky experience.
This time I did fall asleep for a bit. It might have been just minutes or an hour, I couldn’t say. I was awakened by the ethereal voice of Enya and two hands that softly stroked my thighs. It was lovely. It was the perfect way to wake up. I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes, the dimly lit room slowly coming back into focus. I felt hot.

Robert and Clare were still snuggled up to me from both sides, Clare’s big breasts just a few inches from my face, and I didn’t even think before bridging this short distance and latching onto one of her soft nipples. I nibbled on it and felt it harden between my lips.

“Such a fast learner,” she whispered. “Yes, just like this.”

I suckled for a while, listening to the small shifts in her breathing that gave away her enjoyment and feeling quite content with her scent and taste filling my world.

“Don’t stop,” Robert ordered softly, and then there was a pair of lips on my own tit, suckling and licking just like I did, and my breathing sped up.

Their hands never ceased to caress my thighs, rubbing over their lengths, drawing small circles on my soft skin, and they wandered closer and closer to my almost-virgin pussy. A small sigh escaped my throat when Clare’s fingers brushed over my aroused plum, and I suckled harder, drawing a giggle from her.

“What a horny little thing you are,” she moaned, and her fingers parted my slit which had become moist again in the short time.

Her index finger pressed against my entrance and I felt its tip slid inside. A small tremble in my loins gave away the excitement that instantly gripped me. Robert pulled my head away from his wife's breast, and I whimpered at the loss of her yummy teat even while I asked myself where that naughty expression had come from.

He kissed me, hard, passionate, just like he had before, and I yielded instantly. His lips smashed onto mine and his tongue filled up my mouth, greedy and strong. I moaned louder.

I moaned again and bucked in pleasurable shock when Clare’s finger slipped all the way inside in one single thrust.

“She’s soaking wet already,” she commented, making a blush spread on my cheeks.

Robert released my mouth to answer and left me panting. “Do you think she’s ready?”

I felt the finger wiggle inside me, brushing my satiny insides, and moaned.

“She’s wet enough, but, remember, she hasn’t had anything that big inside her before. It would probably hurt a bit until she’s used to it.”

I watched her talk, and I saw a strange gleam in her eyes that was quickly confirmed when she continued.

“But then,” she whispered, “knowing you, a little bit of pain in her pretty eyes would be just the thing to get you off, you pervert.”

Robert chuckled. “You know me too well.”

Her finger began to slide in and out of my pussy, and the heat quickly matched the one I had experienced when Deborah had masturbated me in the changing booth. My breath hitched when I realized that it had only been this morning that my virginity had been taken by her hand. It felt like ages ago, with everything that had happened since then.

“We’ll let her decide. Deirdre - Diddly.” She changed to my new nickname, and I bit my lip. “We could take our time getting your pussy ready for Robert’s cock. Or, you could allow him to fuck you now.”

She moved her finger faster, and it became hard to follow her words. She grinned at me, telling me that she was aware of what her ministrations did to me.

“It would hurt a bit - perhaps quite a bit - in the beginning. But Robert will be careful enough not to harm you.”

Her thumb suddenly danced over my clit and made me whimper.

“You’d give him such a gift if you allowed him to see these moments of pain in your face, knowing that you bear it just for his lust.”

A second finger slipped into my pussy, stretching my folds and making my breath shudder and my hips tremble. I couldn’t even imagine what his huge rod would feel like.

“Will you give him that gift, little slut?”

There was a small moment of panic, a dizzying feeling deep in my stomach, but it was followed by images of his body hovering over me, his long, thick cock pushing against my pussy, sliding inside, spearing me. The wickedness took my breath away, but it quickly came back when Clare wiggled both fingers inside me.

“Yes, Ma’am!” I almost shouted the words. “Please, Sir Robert, fuck me! Take me!”

It happened with lightning speed. He swung his body over me so he was on his knees between my legs, an animalistic growl of desire rolling from his lips and making me tremble and melt. His strong hands pushed my thighs apart and up, parting my dripping flower before his greed-filled eyes, and I felt my bum lifted up and settled on some cushions. The small, red light on Lydia’s camera appeared somewhere in the corner of my vision and Clare moved behind me, pushing my head up and shifting until she knelt with her thighs under my back, my head on her lap.

She caressed my cheeks, and this small touch gave me a safe feeling, even while my eyes locked onto her husband’s swollen, ridged appendage that was about to spear me.

He grinned softly, shifting his weight until its tip was right in front of my waiting, dreading, creaming pussy. He winked, and watched with wide eyes as he ran the almost purple head through my folds and covered it with my moisture.

I couldn’t wait to have him in me. I knew I should be terrified. I had heard my classmates moan and complain about careless lovers and painful penetrations, about rough touches and sore pussies. But there was one difference between them at me, one that became really obvious to me in that moment.

I looked up at Clare’s face, my eyes full of wonder. “I’m such a slut!”

She threw back her head and laughed, a soft, endearing laugh full of tenderness that made my insides warm and fuzzy.

“Oh god, yes, you are. Such a dirty, lovely slut!” Even while she said it, and while I basked in the feeling of closeness that wrapped around me, she nodded at her husband.

Once more the swollen head of his cock slid downwards through my wet lips, and, by god, it felt incredible. He pushed it lightly against my entrance, and my arousal skyrocketed.

“If it really gets too much, darling, just say the word ‘red’, and we will stop.” Clare stroked my cheek, looking intently at me.

“‘kay,” I mumbled, my attention on the slowly increasing, pushing sensation between my legs and the wicked knowledge of what was to come.

“Then tell me. What do you need to do?” Clare pushed my head back so I was looking at her, a warm seriousness in her eyes.

“I - I need to say ‘red’ if it gets too much.”

“Good.” She patted my cheek.

My eyes flew back to that spot between my legs at once, because Robert’s cock suddenly pushed harder. I couldn’t believe that it was really happening, but my pussy was stretched ever so slowly by his manhood, my soft skin struggling to distend around the invader. There were twinges of pain, yes, and if I hadn’t been so aroused, I’d have probably begged him to stop.

“Shit, yes!” I moaned instead while I watched the dark red cockhead push deeper into my sex.

“Look me in the eyes,” he growled, and his dark, needy voice alone made me shudder in delight.

His hips jerked forward, just an inch, and I yelped breathlessly at the short, pulling pain that made my eyes water and my pussy feel like it was pulled into all directions.

Robert’s eyes gleamed with lustful power, and I swallowed the word that had been lying on my tongue. The pain faded quickly, but the feeling of being filled so incredibly tight remained.

I moaned. No, I growled. I wanted him all the way, wanted that feeling to fill all of my pussy - all of me! It was that same intensity I’d encountered when I had jumped from a small cliff into the sea for the first time; trepidation; elation; every fiber in my body vibrating with life.

“Fuck me!” I urged him on. “Don’t stop! Stick your monster all the way inside me!”

He froze for a moment, his eyes searching mine for confirmation, and I recognized the moment when he found it, his nostrils flaring and an almost painful expression of need flickering over his face.

There was no necessity for words. He shifted forward, slowly, steadily, and I felt his cock enter me and push my sensitive tissue aside with unrelenting force.

“Ow!” I whimpered, but it was a good pain. “Yes, fuck!”

I thought it would never stop, and I wished he could just keep shoving his huge rod deeper and deeper inside me. My pussy clenched painfully hard around it, and my lower body rippled and boiled with lust. My eyes stung and my whimpering breath flew. My nipples tried to tighten into nothingness.

I pulled up my legs as far as I could, and he slid in the last two breathless inches until his pelvis touched mine, his cock touching every little part inside me.

“Yes!” I shouted. “Fuck yes!”

My pussy accommodated to the intruder far quicker than I had thought possible. My body turned into a boneless heap around that hot, pulsing sensation between my legs.

Until he began to move again, that is. He slowly pulled back, an inch perhaps or two, and then pushed inside again, making my body shake and fresh heat burst free inside my pussy.

“You’re so tight,” he growled from between clenched teeth, and I could see how hard it was to control himself.

Once more he back out a bit, then moved in, and his cockhead brushed along my pussy walls, giving me the most wonderful sensations.

“Fuck the little slut,” his wife urged him on. Her hands started to massage my tits and distracted me most pleasurably.

The empty feeling in my pussy alerted me that he had pulled almost all the way out, but then he was already pushing back inside, far faster than he had before, and my breath hitched and shook, turning into another whimpered moan when it pushed my walls aside until his balls slapped onto my skin.

One, two, three times, I quickly lost count, engulfed in a delirious pleasure each time his manhood pistoned into me, and my moans grew louder and higher each time he speared me. Clare’s fingers kneaded and pinched my breasts and nipples, pulled and twisted until they were the same hot mess of arousal as my pussy and pulsed heatedly in time with it.

Robert’s hip movements became almost frantic, and my body lifted slightly off the bed with each thrust. It was glorious, breathtaking, the most intense thing imaginable.

Clare pinched my nipples hard, and it was like a trigger. My body stiffened on its own accord, and then wave after wave of pleasure raced through me. I whimpered and wailed with joy. My pussy tried to capture his cock, clenching almost painfully hard, but in vain.

He kept fucking, fast and hard, and my whole being seemed to spiral up and up, twisting and turning in the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I couldn’t say if it was one single, long, incredible orgasm, or if it was just one coming in after the other without pause.

Then Robert, Clare, the room, everything faded from my view in an explosion of color.


His cock had never left my pussy, even though he had stopped at some point and given me the time to get back my breathing. Clare was softly caressing my breasts and smiling down on me.

“Hey, little slut,” she greeted me with a satisfied smirk. “Back among the living?”

My first reply was a groan. My throat was hoarse. “Yeah,” I croaked. “God. Wow.”

“I take it you enjoyed it?”

She knew the answer already. I grinned sheepishly up at her, though. “Enjoyed is an understatement. We need to do that again sometime.”

Now she laughed. “Again, sometime? Girl, we’re only halfway done here. And we’ll keep going until Robert has had his own release too.”

I swallowed hard, suddenly all too aware how swollen my pussy felt.

“Ugh, I’m not sure I can…”

“Oh, but you can. But you remember the word, don’t you?”

I nodded, my pulse already picking up speed again. “Yeah. Red.”

“Good.” She lifted my head and slid her legs out from under me, settling it back down on the bed.

“It’s been ages since I had such a delightful pussy as yours wrapped around my cock,” Robert told me.

“Thank you, Sir,” I responded with a blush.

“Let’s change our position slightly,” he suggested, but before I could do anything, he had my upper body lifted wiggled forward, lying down on his back

“You work out a lot, don’t you?” The ease with which he had lifted my body around was impressive.

“I’ve got lots of time to do so, ever since I retired.”

My body sank forward, my breasts coming to rest on his chest. It felt lovely. His cock was still buried all the way inside me.

“Lots of free time each day. Just imagine,” he whispered huskily, “if we had you around at home, we could play games like tonight’s every day.”

Goosebumps raced up and down over my spine. “I think I’d like that.”

The bed behind me creaked and dipped, and I looked back over my shoulder. My breath caught. “Oh god. Is that…”

Clare grinned like the cat who ate the canary. “Oh yes, it is. I told you that I brought a surprise.”

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