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Do You Trust Me?

He knew that she was his responsibility. Luckily all those around him trusted him, and he knew that one day so would she.

Victoria had lived in the same house, on the same ten-acre property, with the same friends and family around her from the moment she was born. Her life just got a little more dramatic as time passed on. It all began when her parents revealed that her mum would be moving out and she would be, from that point onwards, splitting her time between houses. Due to this escalation of excitement in an otherwise quiet town, the wonderful couple from next door offered to help look after her when she finished school for the day. Even though she was 16, Victoria ’s parents accepted immediately.

The neighbours, Jack and Samantha had already raised 4 kids of their own and were more than capable of helping out Victoria ’s parents. Victoria was, to be honest, thrilled about the prospect of spending time at Jack and Sam’s house. They had a massive heated pool and a huge flat screen TV, cupboards full of food that her parents would never allow her to have, but mostly, Jack was fun to be around. He always seemed like a teenager stuck in a mans body.

Victoria started going to their place 3-4 times a week and Jack would be there, on time to pick her up from school. When ever they arrived back at Jack and Samantha’s, Samantha would rarely come down to say hello. She was a successful wildlife artist and spent most of her time in her art studio. Although she liked children, having Jack around meant she could continue her work, she trusted him with Victoria .  

  The first number of weeks she visited were fun, full of laughs, swimming and surprisingly, he also helped her with her homework. He managed to create the perfect balance between work and fun. He would chase her round the pool-table, race her in laps to the end of the pool and treat her like an adult at the same time. Vic realised that Jack was her friend, one of the only people in her life she could talk to about anything.

Over time, Jack felt began to feel a shift in the relationship. He knew that she was comfortable around him. But was she comfortable enough.

It was the middle of summer: Victoria couldn’t stand it. Hot legs sticking to school chairs, Phys Ed classes made even worse than usual and long sleepless nights. The only reprieve was seeing Jack at the school gate, knowing that she would be in the cool water of his pool in no time. As soon as they got home, she dropped her bag, rushed to the fridge and shouted

“Jack! What do you want to drink?? We MUST get in that pool ASAP! It’s far too humid to sit and do homework!!!”

“I’ll grab a Coke, meet you by the pool… I’ll just throw on my swimming shorts”


Jack’s wife Sam was upstairs in her air-conditioned studio, painting away like she always did. It was like she was never there. Victoria could hear them talking from the bathroom downstairs. It was like heaven to take her school uniform off, being confined in that white shirt. As she stood there in the bathroom, she looked down at herself. Her body was firm and tanned from all those afternoons lying in the sun and she ran her hands over her breasts, each thumb teasing her beautiful pink nipples. She loved the way that those two little parts of her would get her lips all wet, particularly when she watched herself in Jacks bathroom mirror. She wondered if other girls her age felt this way. Her left hand rubbed her neck and she could feel the sweat, the other hand ran over her stomach and down towards her wet lips, untouched by anyone but herself. As she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like for a man to touch her, Jack called out

“You changed yet Vic?”

She flew back into reality.

“Ummm… almost! Be two seconds! I’ll meet you out by the pool!”

  After quickly throwing on her bikini, she went to join Jack with the cans of Coke. She dropped the cans onto his stomach, startling him; then laughed and dived into the pool.

He watched her swim underwater, her bikini just covering all the things a man loved about a woman. He felt his pants get a little more crowded, but it was a feeling he was getting used to it when he saw Vic with that amount of clothes on.

She came up to the end of the pool where he was lying and leapt out with such ease, threw herself down on the banana lounge next to him and cracked open her drink. He watched her as she took a mouthful, entranced by the water beading on her young body.

“Are you alright Jack? Staring much?” She laughed.

Jack thought that he would be embarrassed, but he was shocked by the way she unconsciously turned her leg out ever so slightly, giving him a better view of what was hidden underneath her bikini. He figured it was now or never as he saw he eyes briefly flick down to his now tight board shorts.

“You know your body is like nothing I’ve ever seen… do you have any idea how stunning you are?”

Vic was surprised that he said anything, and then became embarrassed that he might think she was more experienced than she really was.

“To be honest Jack, no one has ever really seen me in a bikini but you, and no one has ever said that I’m stunning.”

“Are you blushing? The last thing I want to do is make you feel nervous. Do you trust me?”

“I’m not nervous Jack, maybe just embarrassed. We can speak about anything, but we have never spoken about anything remotely sexual. You might think I’m stunning, but no boy, let alone man has ever explored me heart, mind or body.”

“Do you trust me enough to let me explore you? Do you trust me enough to know that I won’t hurt you or do anything you don’t want to do?”


Her heart was leaping out of her chest, beating faster that she even knew it was capable of. She had a decision to make: did she tell him no or did she let Jack advance their friendship and follow the animal desire that seemed to be roaring inside her.

“Take it slow Jack; I don’t know how far I want to go, so please take it slow.”

He could not believe what she just said, was he going to do this? Cheat on his wife with a friends daughter. Even though he knew it was wrong, Jack had never wanted anything so much in his life.

He knew his wife was upstairs painting, and although she would be there for hours, he would have to make this as discreet as possible.


“You have no idea how much I want to taste you.”

Vic could feel her wetness starting to show through her bikini, and she knew that Jack could see it too. He leant forward to pull her bikini down, but then he simply pulled it aside. In clear view, he could see her perfectly light pink, delicate and moist lips. As he leant in closer, she could feel his breath on her, felt him kiss her soft thigh. Although he had wanted to do this for months now, he discovered he did not want to rush it He wanted to take his time with her, savouring every moment.

The delicate amount of hair above her beautiful womanhood was too exquisite to imagine: he had never seen anything so innocent and untouched. Jack put his hands underneath her and slid her to the edge of the banana lounge, lifted her legs up onto his shoulder and licked his lips in preparation for her sweet taste. Taking two fingers, he gently separated her lips and found she was moist indeed.

"You are so beautiful.”

Victoria could not say a word; she was paralysed by the idea of a man looking at her so intensely. She had explored herself before, but that was different, the arousal did not compare to the idea of an older man telling her that she was so beautiful. She closed her eyes and tried to relax.

He continued to kiss around her smooth, soft inner thighs while starting to delicately caress her clit, getting closer and closer to putting his moist lips on hers. Even with the light touch on her clit, she was starting to move her hips in time with his circular motions. He knew he was doing something right; she was starting to relax.

Before he tasted her, he lifted her hips up and pulled her bikini down, leaving them hanging around one ankle. The anticipation began to kill them both. Jack licked his lips and as he pressed them on to her already swollen clit, her almost silent moan told him to run his tongue down her lips. The taste was heaven, so alluring; it made him want to stay between her legs for an eternity.

She managed to stammer a sentence

“Don’t… stop… Jack…”

This was unlike anything she had ever felt before. The sensations running through every inch of her body were like electricity, as if she was alive for the first time. His warm tongue focused on her clit, although he kept his mouth in contact with her lips the whole time, not breaking away for a second. He loved this: he was breathing her in, feeling her lips swell in his mouth. Her moans became ever so slightly louder and more frequent. Victoria ran her soft fingers through his thick hair, pulling him closer in to her.

His mind was running at a million miles an hour, should he take her to the next level? Jack could feel her juices running down her young, youthful thighs onto her bottom and knew she was ready. He took two fingers and played with the entrance to her wet pussy, heard her gasp, but her hips continued to move. While still licking her lips, he slowly, very slowly slid his fingers inside of her. She became ever so slightly tenser than she was before, and he could understand why. She was incredibly tight, and he had forgotten that his strong hands might hurt her.

“Don’t stop.” she moaned.

“Vic, you know I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Please… please… Jack, don’t stop.”

Jack pushed his fingers in a little deeper, until he found that sweet inner spot. He moved his fingertips up and down inside of her, and he could feel the walls of her pussy start to tighten. He stopped licking her and looked at her face and moved his thumb onto her clit. When she came he wanted to watch her face. He continued to work his fingers inside of her, her juices running down his hand.

Her eyes were closed, her face already flushed and she began to arch her back. She unconsciously spread her legs wider, giving him full view of his fingers sliding in and out. Her lips were made for this; her whole body was embracing every new feeling. Jack knew that she would not last much longer.     

Victoria found herself running her hands over her skin, she was getting closer to whatever it was that followed the ecstasy that she felt right now. She opened her eyes to find him watching her, her eyes began to widen as she felt numbness rising in her body. The numbness began to explode into exquisite white light, every cell in her body began to release. He could feel her pussy tighten and relax as she came. Oh to watch this beautiful young girl succumb to the primitive pleasures was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her body collapsed onto the banana lounge, the coating of water on her skin was now beaded sweat. He kept his fingers inside her, smiling at the fact her pussy continued to contract.

He took the bikini from around her ankle and slid them up. He squatted down beside her, her young skin glowing, her eyes glazed. Today was about all about her. That was an important part of the plan. Suddenly, a hint of guilt washed over him. Had he just given Victoria her first orgasm, had he truly gone down on a woman who was not his wife and had he betrayed his friends trust? The answer was yes. But something inside him had not stopped him.


“You are so beautiful.”   

She gave a delicate smile.

“Your dad will be home soon Vic, and it is vital that I, and you for that matter, cool off before he sees me in this state!”

And just before he dove into the pool, he said

“I can’t wait to pick you up again from school on Monday. Do you trust me enough to take you to the next level?”



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