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Doctor Calling

A house call to a cheeky schoolgirl turns exciting
He had rung the bell twice already. He shifted his bag from one hand to the other. He could hear movement inside, and through the stained glass see silhouettes moving back and forth hurriedly. Finally the door opened and Jenny stood there looking flushed in a shirt and short-skirt business suit combo.

“Hello Mike,” she said, leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. “How are you?”

“Doing well, as always,” he said.

She ushered him into the hallway. “I’m afraid I have to duck out, I have a couple of errands to run,” she said. He noticed then the briefcase she held under one arm.

“She’s upstairs,” Jenny said, glancing up to the ceiling, or maybe rolling her eyes.

“No problem,” Mike said.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Not at all, off you go.”

“Thanks again. Make yourself at home, anything you need. Just shut the door behind you,” she said, then breezed off down the driveway to the waiting SUV. He watched appreciatively the stockinged legs as she climbed into the car, then gave a little wave and closed the door.

He turned about in the hallway. The staircase was halfway down it, either wall lined with family portraits and modern art. Trophies and medals sat atop a small glass cabinet to his right. On the left, the hall opened out to the living area, sunken, and the kitchen beyond it. There was a residual smell of toast and coffee from the morning.

Maybe he would make himself at home when he was done. Relax a bit. Take a load off.

He made for the stairs, whistling an old tune to announce himself as he climbed the carpeted surface. At the top he glanced both ways—at the end to his right one door sat slightly ajar, a shaft of sunlight breaking out to the hall.

Shifting the bag again to his other hand, he made for the door. He knocked lightly and pushed it open. It gave a faint creak.

For a moment he couldn’t see with the light bursting into his eyes, so he said in a sing-song voice, “Hello?”

“Hello, Doctor Johnson.”

He closed the door behind him and moved out of the line of the window. Thin lacy curtains kept it light but took away the glare.

“Ah. Hello, Mandy.”

She was sitting up, propped by maybe half a dozen pillows of different sizes. The thick red blanket was pulled up to her shoulders. To her right were splayed some scrunched up tissues around a pink box, and a thin novel lying face down, open about the halfway point. It all seemed like a well-designed Hollywood set.

Mandy put down her phone next to her, screen down, and its bejewelled white cover sparkled for a moment.

“There’s a chair,” she said. He thought there was a flash of guilt in her eyes, as though he’d caught her in the middle of something. Probably texting her friends at school.

He nodded and turned around, and she gave a faint cough. The room felt sleepy. It had all the trappings he’d expect: a small desk with books and homework scattered about, posters of bands he didn’t know, a chest of drawers with some worn remnants of earlier childhood—toys, decorations, books. There was a sticky sweet floral smell in the room, which was a little too much for him.

He pulled the chair from under the desk, and had to push a hoodie and a torn pair of jeans onto the floor. He brought the chair to the bedside, putting his back to the sun. As he sat, he realised it was actually quite warm on his back.

He put his bag on the floor between his feet and put his hands on his knees.

“Alright, then,” he said, smiling at Mandy. “What’s ailing you?”

She blinked, and her eyes shifted down towards her feet. “I just woke up, kind of not feeling great. Like a cold or something?”

He nodded, and smiled again as she looked up to him. “Well, let’s have a look.”

He bent down to his bag, zipped it open and pried the flaps apart. He pulled out his steth and draped it over a shoulder, and dug about for a thermometer. He peeled the plastic cover from a tongue depressor.

“Tell me what you’re feeling,” he said.

She pulled a thin arm from under the blanket and waved her hand about her face. “It’s just kind of blocked up.”



“Okay,” he said, brandishing the tongue depressor. “You know the drill.”

Her cheeks bunched roundly as she smiled, a perfect line of upper teeth peeking from between her lips. She reached up to pull her pony tail over her shoulder—it fell silken over her singlet top, a chestnut brown stream. The blanket slid a little down her chest. She tried to catch it with her other hand but let it go as he moved towards her.

She opened her mouth and he pressed down on her tongue—the sunlight filtering in was bright enough. Mandy’s eyes self-consciously roamed everywhere in the room but his face. He hummed a little to himself before removing it. He put it in a tiny trash bag at his feet, and when he looked up again she was thumbing away at her phone. She was smiling, and he took a moment to admire how similar she looked to her mother—not just the smile, the eyes, too.

She finished what she was doing, put down the phone and turned to him, placing her hands obediently on her lap. She noticed he was holding the thermometer at the ready.

“Sorry,” she said, a residual hint of the conspiratorial smile lingering on her face.

“No problem.”

She adjusted the strap of the blue singlet as he placed it in her mouth. He adjusted it slightly and sat back.

“Just a minute or two,” he said. She nodded, and reached to grab a tissue which she rubbed between her fingers.

As she looked absently off to the corner of the room, he watched her face. Pretty, even now, but he knew she’d grow into herself yet. Her eyes were an even deeper brown than her hair, which gave them an ageless look. Her nose was so slightly upturned. Her lips were full and roseate pink, though she tended to pinch them tight as though to cover her teeth. He glanced at the thermometer with the red mercury pushing up ever so slowly.

She was watching him now, and she smiled around the glass, her face coming to life. He smiled back.

“How old are you now, Mandy? Sixteen?”

“Almost seventeen,” she lisped around the thermometer.

“Lots of homework, I see.” He leaned around to look at the organized mess upon the desk.

“Always,” she said, rolling her eyes. She looked away again, out the window.

Her neck was long, the effect maybe heightened by her top, now fully revealed. Long thin arms and gracefully rounded shoulders. Her breasts were more than budding mounds—small, but fully formed, slightly more than hinted at above the singlet’s line.

He reached for the thermometer, and again found her looking at him. He hesitated, but only briefly—mostly because her depthless gaze seemed to delve into him, seeking but not judging.

He cleared his throat and looked at the device against the light. He hummed and put it back in his bag. Turning to her again, he put his hands on his knees in a pose that mirrored her own.

“Is everything alright at school?” he asked.

She opened her mouth to speak, then rolled her eyes to the side. “Okay, I guess.”

The phone by her pillow vibrated and flashed. Her eyes darted to it, then she looked back to him.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “you don’t have to tell me. But I need to be clear on the story I give your mom.”

She quirked one side of her mouth and breathed a laugh, partly embarrassed at being found out, partly relieved to cast off the pretence.

“Sometimes things just…get on top of you,” she said.

He sat back. “Yes. I know how that can feel.” He looked back at her desk again. “Do you think you’ll need tomorrow off as well?”

She laughed. “You’re the best.”

“Alright,” he said. “Well why don’t you sit yourself up on the edge of the bed.” She arched her eyebrows. “While I’m here I might as well make sure everything’s in working order.”

She shrugged. “Well okay.” She pushed the blanket down to her hips and spun with her legs together, then slid herself to the bed’s edge. She then peeled the blanket from her legs and sat, feet together, with her toes just off the ground.

He noticed she was wearing a pair of pink checked cotton shorts, with a small slit up the side of the leg.

“Perfect,” he said.


He sat up from his bag holding a reflex hammer. “Just where I need you,” he said.

“Really?” she said, smirking.


“That thing is old school.”

He turned it to look at the wooden plexor. Sure, it was a little notched and beaten up, but it still did the trick.

“Not everything old is useless, you know.”

She pressed her lips together and looked out the window. He tested her reflexes, watching all the while the shifting of the muscles in her legs. She was still a keen sportswoman, it seemed.

Beside her on the bedside table, he saw peering from under a paper a box of contraceptive pills.

“Okay,” he said, placing down his hammer. “You can relax. Are you sexually active, Mandy?”

His heart fluttered as he asked, wondering at his motive for the question. Knowing, all the while, that he might in some way be betraying the implicit trust in him as a doctor.

She blinked and flushed slightly. “N-No,” she said. “Well, I mean, I have…but…”

“That’s okay,” he said, making an effort to sound neutral. “I have to ask. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not at the moment, no.” She tilted her head at him, a gesture that virtually brought her mother to life. He felt himself flush now as he nodded. She blinked slowly at him, that gaze turning deep again.

“If you could just stand up for me,” he said hurriedly. He was relieved when she nodded and looked away…even more so when he noticed a tingle of taboo pleasure in his groin.

He shifted slightly as she looked questioningly at him. “Can you touch your toes?” he said. His heart pounded now as he knew he was abusing his position, but the image of this girl in front of him was sending signals that bypassed his brain and shot straight down to his guts, and lower.

“Mmhmm.” She bent straight down from the hips. Her thin torso and tanned arms straightened like an exquisite machine. Her heels remained planted firmly as her legs stretched and straightened. As her fingers brushed her crimson lacquered toenails, her shorts rode up at the back and he glimpsed the subtle curve where her legs joined her butt.

“Fuck…” he breathed.

His eyes stroked up and down the schoolgirl’s fine athletic legs, and up to the glimpse of midriff where her top parted from her pants, then further to where the outline of her breasts hung against the soft singlet. Suddenly he wanted nothing more than to run his hands down the girl’s soft, warm skin, to hold her against him and feel her bones and muscle beneath.

“Did you say something?” she said, sounding a little strained.

“No,” he said.

“Is that all you wanted to see, Doctor?”

“You can stand up now. That’s great.” He squeezed at his brow with thumb and forefinger, hoping she wouldn’t notice the hardness pressing at his trousers.

She turned to face him, her chest pushed out as though she’d just won a race.

“Please, sit down. Are you still doing your running?” he asked.

“Yeah. And I’ve taken up pole vault, too. My coach says I’ve got the build for it.”

Don’t blame him. “Well, let me just write this certificate out for you. Will your mom be home soon?” he asked as he scribbled away—something about a virus, a day or two.

“She won’t be home for hours.”

He looked up at Mandy when he heard the tone of her voice. She was staring at him again, but now instead of that unreadable look, she watched him with an intensity. An open question?

Holy shit, this might be about to turn serious, he thought as he looked at his watch—not even noting the time. Every part of his professionalism was calmly telling him to sign the paper, close his bag, and bid Mandy farewell.

Only there was another part—a large part, at this moment—that was screaming to touch this girl, to press his face against hers, to touch her all over her smooth young flesh, to press his cock into her fresh wetness…

Her phone buzzed again. She glanced to the side but didn’t turn away.

She leaned towards him. “I really do appreciate you helping me out, Doctor Johnson,” she said, gazing up at him with doe eyes as she placed her hand on his thigh.

His limbs stiffened, but he didn’t move her hand. Maybe she should take up acting as well as athletics, he thought.

His cock twitched as he watched her hand shift. It was obvious now—no hiding it. She lowered her eyes to it as she leaned further, and he stole a glance down her singlet where it drooped, her breasts hanging tight and smooth within the shadows.

She hummed a high pitched note and their eyes met once more. As their gazes locked, he felt her hand move again, then off his leg. He breathed deep to sigh, but as his lungs filled he felt pressure fall on his straining cock.

His breath caught, but he couldn’t speak. He looked down to see her small fingers brushing over the protruding trousers.

“Ah-h,” he stammered, then released his breath in a gust. “Mandy—“ he said as she shifted along the bed for better reach. “Do you know what you’re doing?” he asked, thinking to himself, what a stupid thing to say!

“Just seeing if everything is in working order,” she said.

She looked up at him again and smiled, showing him again that fine line of pearly upper teeth.

It was then that he gave in.

He relaxed slightly as she continued to tease at his erection, then shifted his legs for her as her palm descended to stroke his pressing shaft through the material. It was a muted, burning pleasure, and he groaned in response—all notions of responsibility had fled with the blood coursing down his body.

He looked over her face and down her body, no longer hiding his lecherous stares. The beauty of her astounded him. He felt a pang for all his youth now lost, all the girls he’d loved from afar at that age, all that could have been. Then he mentally slapped himself to the present as he realised that before him this spring flower was opening herself to him, inviting all his passion unto her.

He ran a hand up her arm and to her shoulder. Warm, velvet skin beneath his toughened hands. And oh, how good it felt. He stroked her neck and she purred at his touch, closing her eyes.

Her hand left his erection and he sighed at the loss. Then he heard more than felt his belt buckle being released.

He pulled his shirt out to help her, then stood as she fiddled open the button and flies. He stood, and his trousers dropped to the floor with a thunk. She looked up into his eyes, and he smiled for her and reached to stroke her hair—which she then pulled loose and shook free before turning her attention to the bulge in his shorts.

She shifted herself across the bed to sit in front of him. He bit his lip as he watched her tongue dart out to moisten her own. Two hands now to tease his almost free cock and reach over the elastic to begin drawing them down. Again he helped her, keen to free himself.

Keen, as well, to trap it once more—now in the warm haven of this girl. Mandy.

His penis sprung free and proudly rested, attentively reaching as though to taste of this sweet flesh. He shuddered as she tentatively stroked the vein-laced shaft, then shifted forward, mouth slowly opening.

He watched, pained, as those pouting pink lips and red, flashing tongue closed on him. She pressed her mouth on his glans, rubbing this way and that to moisten it. Her heat matched his own, and he sighed with pleasure. Her mouth opened just slightly and, ever helpful, he pushed his hips forward to ease the head inside her mouth.

Molten pleasure engulfed him. Her tongue slid between her lower lip and his cock, teasing and tightening on the sensitive skin of his shaft. She nibbled softly, all the while wetting him more, and then began gently stroking with one hand.

He stroked her arms and shoulders, ran his fingers through her soft hair. From above her the pale flesh of her breasts teased, waiting to be touched. Her nipples had firmed to press against the blue material. His hands gripped her head, and he wanted nothing more than to force her onto him, to thrust deep in the girl’s throat—but he allowed her exploration, patient and inquisitive, tongue and lips and hand in divine concert.

He glanced down at his cock slowly inching in, out of her mouth—and he nearly came torrents. He pulled free of her lips with a wet sucking noise.

He reached down under her arms to bring her to her feet. She stood and pressed against him, and he warmly held her, stroking her back before lifting her singlet from the back, and over her head.

She stood back and let it fall down one arm, then stood before him, tight young flesh of her chest and stomach yearning for his touch. Her breasts were firmly outlined beneath her bra, tight pink nipples silhouetted there.

“Oh god, I want you, Mandy.”

“I know,” she whispered, and began unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom up, her wrist brushing against his moist glans.

He pulled her closer as she opened his shirt, stroked the naked skin of her back then unclasped her bra. She was a delight to behold, and his hands couldn’t keep up with his eyes as they dusted her skin, pressing and teasing the firm flesh of her breasts and flicking once, twice, the pouting tips of her small proud nipples.

He stood naked before her, and he drew her to him. His cock pushed into her belly then slid up to stroke between her soft mounds. Her hand found him and stroked him like a pet as he drew aside her hair and bent down to kiss and suck at her neck and ears and jawline.

He was ready to devour her but she stood back and began to shimmy out of her shorts. He could only watch breathless as her pubis was revealed, a soft dark veil atop puffy, inviting lips. She stepped from the pool of her shorts and straightened, presenting her fine figure for him—lithe legs, all flesh supremely deployed atop a fine frame.

Then she turned, flashing her bubble butt before sitting on the bed and turning to face him. To await him.

He wasted no time, climbing on the bed and kneeling before her. He stroked her legs, trying to coax them apart. He wanted more than a glimpse—he wanted a taste.

Her phone buzzed excitedly, and she pulled a pillow over it to muffle the sound. As she did, one leg straightened, opening her to his prying hands.

The other soon followed, the space between her thighs widening as his thick fingers worked their way up the velvety skin of her inner thighs, and over the softness of her outer lips.

Her stomach trembled at the touch. He looked into her eyes to ask if she was okay. Her bitten lip spoke only of tense excitement.

He allowed his fingers to delve further, and immediately they slid across dripping wet inner lips. Oh, he wanted to push, press deep, but he extended her pleasure, stroking softly round and over her pussy. She lay back, her hands rising over her head to stroke her own hair. Her motion revealed the glory of her fresh tits lying flat against her ribcage.

As he sucked a sharp breath his finger found her clit, and she squealed in delicious pleasure. He kept stroking, making circles about her rosebud, and her breathing quickened. He knelt there mesmerized by the motion of her well-toned abs above bony hips. Her breasts jiggled faintly as pulses of pleasure bolted through her. He pushed a finger at the entrance to her pussy—tight resistance, but inviting warmth. He longed to dive in there.

His hand remained pressed into her pussy as he crawled forward and lowered his mouth to her navel. He kissed her there, and his tongue trailed brushstrokes up her ribcage, before he dined out on her breast. The flesh tasted faintly of sweat and perfume, and the texture was exquisite—his free hand moved to the other small globe, kneading and pinching as she breathed needy affirmations.

Mandy’s hands went to his shoulders with a small push, and he reared up to kneel in front of her. The stickiness on his fingers was too much to resist, and he sniffed and tasted the girl’s creamy dew.

Her thighs parted, and he looked down upon that opening flower. His cock trembled and burned red, weeping his own juice in preparation for the feast to come.

He lowered himself between her legs and she shifted to allow him in—her hands fell to his hips to steady them both. He grabbed first her smooth shoulders, then stroked down to her breasts once more.

As he massaged her tight skin, his searching cock found wetness beneath. She groaned at the sliding touch, raised her hips for him to nestle at her entrance. His swollen glans pulsed and pushed at the warm cavern entrance. She bit her lip as he squeezed her breasts, then he pushed his hips forward, just so the head of his cock was within her juicy lips.

He slowly began to rock back and forward, drowning his cock in her streaming juices. As they found a rhythm together he began to push deeper with each stroke. Her tight little cunt hugged tight around the shaft of his cock, barring him, but at the same time it felt as though she sucked at him to draw him deep within.

Her breathing was ragged as he entered her again—his cock dipped almost half way inside her now. He was ready to release his seed in a gush, but he remained still a moment as the tightness of her young pussy relaxed.

He stroked her legs and then pushed at her knees, raising her gorgeous limbs so they bent above her abdomen. He felt the walls of her pussy ease, and then with one great long thrust, he pushed his cock all the way in.

She gasped, and released her breath in a groan. There was resistance, but so moist was her pussy he could not be stopped. He lay there a moment to feel the hug of her cunt around him.

Slowly she began to rock her hips so his cock moved slowly within her. She was all heat and slickness. Each movement was slow and small but filled him with such glorious pleasure.

The pillow beside them vibrated as Mandy’s phone buzzed insistently, but she didn’t seem to notice. And he didn’t care.

He felt her hot juices leaking down onto his balls where they rubbed on her perineum—and then they tightened in response.

He had no resistance left. As his cock swelled and hardened more in readiness to release, Mandy’s smooth face turned to a grimace...and then her mouth rounded in surprise—those sweet lips parting moist and fresh—as spasms shook the girl’s lower half. He felt the undulation of her pussy walls, beckoning him, and he sagged as his orgasm ripped through him. Hot ropes of cum shot from him into the still shuddering young pussy.

Mike came and came, and he felt it would never end as he watched the girl beneath him helpless to the responses of her body. He pressed his face on hers, kissed and licked at her beautiful lips.

After a while they parted, and he peeled his sweaty body from hers. He withdrew his cock and a flood of cum followed, her tight cavern unable to hold his volume.

He rolled over beside her and watched her face for a moment. She met his eyes and giggled, ecstatic from her own orgasm. She lifted herself away from the pooling of their fluids on the sheet and turned over to face him.

“That was fun,” she said. He could say nothing but he grinned wolfishly.

After a moment she began to stroke her pussy, eager to feel the sensitive flesh. He watched her, stupefied, then found his hand bridging the small space between them to stroke at her firm tits. Slightly swollen, nipples firm, they were glorious to hold.

She groaned. “That’s so nice.”

His cock hadn’t fully softened, but when her hand—now damp with their juice—slid over his sensitive glans, all was forgotten as it sprung to full glory once more. She wetly massaged his shaft and fingered about the head, exploring what had pleased her so easily.

He squeezed and pressed at her firm ass, slid a finger into her damp mound and fingered her vulva. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily, then fell atop him, her tongue seeking his. He could taste the sweet sweat about her mouth.

She pulled away. “Fuck me again, Doctor Johnson.”

With her hand still gripping the base of his cock there was no way he could refuse. He grabbed her waist and shifted her into position above his hips. She slid her wetness against his cock, smiling happily, then he lifted her butt and placed his cock at her entrance.

Slowly she lowered herself onto him, taking him deeply into her first time. It felt like coming home.

The second time he relaxed more, allowing himself to enjoy the sweet sensation of her as his cock stroked in and out. For a while he guided her movement, lifting and lowering her ass so she could feel the movement. When he took away his hands she kept it up like an expert—his heart tore as he watched this divine young thing pleasuring herself so eagerly on his hard cock.

He rubbed her legs, seeking out the contours of her muscles. Her ass took on a new shape as she rose and fell, and he familiarized himself with the flesh. Her tits jiggled just so—his hands couldn’t keep still upon her.

Mandy’s pace quickened as she became more comfortable with the motion—gradually she took more of him inside her. Every few strokes, Mike raised his hips to meet her, allowing his cock all the way in, his head pressing against her cervix. Her mouth made an O of surprise each time, then smiled again.

He wanted to roll her over, to thrust inside her harder and harder until he came. But even more he wanted to lay here and watch this beautiful girl find her orgasm again.

He reached behind her and stroked a finger over her tight anus. It was wet, and he pressed just slightly within her, enjoying the tightening of her hole in response. With his other hand he squeezed her thigh and thumbed her clitoris.

Her downward strokes now brought animal grunts of pleasure from both of them as the friction of his thumb on her clit and the deep warmth of her pussy all the way down his cock joined them in a cycle of pleasure. Sweat beaded on her forehead and upper lip. She leaned forward, hands on his chest, and thrust herself up and down.

“Oh god,” she moaned.


“Come for me, Doctor—“

“Oh shit!”

Mandy began to grind back and forth. Mike could feel his balls winding up to spurt once more. Mandy’s back arched and she suddenly slowed, then she came. It ripped through her abdomen and hips, shaking her whole body. Watching her intense face and shaking tits was enough but feeling the squirming of her pussy, Mike let go, wave after wave crashing through his body as cum spurted out of him, mingling with the pussy juice running out of her and down his thighs.

She kept grinding and lifting herself up and down his cock as though she hoped it would never end. He hoped so too, but after a couple of minutes they were both exhausted and she fell on top of him.

His cock slowly relaxing within her, he held her tight to him. She was slippery with sweat, and seemed so fragile in that moment.

After a while, when her breathing had slowed, Mandy’s head lifted. They kissed long and slow, then she raised up with a smile.

“You’re the best, Doctor Johnson.”

“And you are beautiful.”

She rewarded him with another smile and a kiss. “But I think I might need a few more days off school.”

He grinned at the mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “How about the rest of the week?” He rolled on top of her and she squealed in delight. His palms moved over her breasts—he didn’t want this to end. “On one condition,” he said.

She lifted her eyes from his hands and her tits. “Anything,” she said.

“I’ll have to come and check up on you in a few days’ time.”

She grinned.

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