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Doing the math

He was her tutor; she was smart and hot...
My eyes flew over the bunch of students – freshmen, all of them. We were in a small room located in the mathematical institution of the University of Basel, Switzerland. My job was to tutor a small group of students, and help them with their math exercises. It was my first time as a tutor. I was one of five, each tutoring a group of a little less than a dozen students. I noticed only one girl sitting among them. My eyes lingered on her for a while. She had this nerdy but hot something.

“Mr. Berger,” a student said, distracting me from the sight of this one and only female individual, “what is meant with use the Euler-Lagrange equation to prove the problem in exercise 2?”

“First, well... Danny, right? (He nodded his head in approval) Please call me Dave. And um.... For the problem...”I turned to the blackboard and wrote a few notes while still talking. “First, you set the boundary conditions for the variables. Then you fill these conditions in the Euler-Lagrange lemma, and finally you just solve the resulting equation. That's it. Pretty easy.”

While saying pretty easy, I remembered my freshman year and the exercises I had to solve. They had been much like the ones I was handing out hints for. It had often taken me far beyond one hour to even solve one single problem tagged as easy. Speaking of four or five problems per assignment, it had usually taken me a good ten to fifteen hours to get through a whole assignment. But in retrospect, these problems were manageable with the right goodwill to do so.

“As for problem number 1, it is pretty similar,” I said turning towards the class again, “As it says in the exercise: you need to prove Euler-Lagrange. It's pretty much done in the script on page 25 already. You only need to finish the last two steps on your own. I can't tell you how because I would finish the job for you. Let me tell you that it can be pretty bitchy. But if you don't prove Euler-Lagrange first, you're not allowed to use it to solve problem 2, and you won't get any points for it. Sorry, but it’s the rules. I’d suggest you check it on the internet, you should probably find some good derivation of Euler Lagrange. Wikipedia or forums like mathboard or mathplanet usually have tons of previously solved problems. Any more questions?”

I had to answer to half a dozen more questions. Every time I looked around for any raised hands, my eyes automatically found the eyes of that girl. For some reason, I couldn't recall her name. She seemed to be a very serious and attentive student. I also noticed her fleshy lips, and caught myself wondering how they would feel on mine various times. These red lips... So eye-catching, so sexy, almost pouty. Too many were the times I seemingly lost myself for hours in their luscious shape. For the first time in my life I had the feeling that I might come into serious struggle not to fall for the charms of a young girl that was not my girlfriend.

After I had answered to all the questions, everyone left the room, save for her. She slowly packed her stuff, and came to me right after.

“Um... Dave?”

I tried my best to recall her name. That was the moment I saw the tattoo on her left forearm saying “Marilyn” in a nicely ornate writing, framed with apparently randomly oriented rose petals. Although the design appeared to be absolutely arbitrary, it was perfect. You couldn't take away the slightest amount of pigment without destroying that piece of art's beauty. And there was no way to add more either.

“Yes, Marilyn,” I replied.

“Please, call me Marry, I rarely use my full name,” she paused, “um... If you allow me to ask you one question... I've got some troubles with that topic. It involves complicated differential equations I'm not really familiar with. I was just wondering if you could stay here for a little while longer – let's say for about an hour – and give me a hand?”

I quickly checked my wristwatch while shuffling through what had remained of my agenda in my mind, and agreed.

“So an hour it shall be,” I said, my eyes still following the second hand of my watch, “so... Why don't you write all you know about differential equations on the blackboard? I suggest this topic isn’t all that new to you, right?”

She self-confidently took the chalk, and started writing line after line of everything she knew about that topic, and commenting on it. She knew very much already. Quite often, she only lacked in the very last step. I helped her finding the missing bits to the solutions, but she basically did everything on her own. She was a very bright and interested student. I could see that. Every time she turned to the blackboard to complete her notes, I couldn't help gluing my eyes to her butt. For some reason, my eyes were examining every inch of these two roundly shaped pieces of flesh covered by a thin layer of fabric. My mind was drooling from the imagination of squeezing these exquisite buns with my fingers.

After about fifty minutes of me mentally cursing myself for my uncontrolled post-juvenile avalanche of hormones, we had pretty much elaborated all the answers to her open questions.

She turned to me, and said smiling: “Wow, thank you, Dave! Thank you for taking your time for me!”

“ Well, that's my job, you know,” I shot back, “hey... um... Would you like to have my phone number if at any time you need some more help?”

“ That would be great!”

As she had left the room, I took a quick glance around. No one there. My feet led me to the sink where I splashed my face with water. I felt the need to wake up from a dream. My face was dripping with water as I looked at myself in the mirror, my thoughts circling around the last hour. What was it that made me so uncomfortable around that student – Marilyn?

That evening, my girlfriend Karen noticed a certain change in my behavior too: We had the most intense and passionate sex since quite some time that night. And also did I last much longer than usual. After her fourth orgasm, she had to admit that she was too exhausted to continue, so she finished the job by using her hands. She was truly amazed by the sex we'd just had, and so was I. Of course she asked me what had occurred to me that had turned me into the sexual beast I had just been for the past two hours. Of course I only came up with some lame excuse. Luckily I got away without having to elaborate a whole building of invented alibis.

While lying in bed, questions flashed through my head, keeping me from falling asleep. What was it that made Marilyn so attractive for me? What was it that seriously made me think of cheating on my girlfriend? She was perfect for me, and gave me all I had ever dreamed of. She made me feel loved and needed. Who was I to think about jeopardizing our relationship? Yes, it is true that I had never thought of cheating on her ever since we started dating three years earlier, and that it would have been perfectly normal to actually do so. But in this case... My desire to ravage Marilyn was growing so intense that it was frightening me. How would this be possible after seeing that girl one single time only?

For the rest of the week, I tried my best to get distracted from any thoughts about Marilyn. Considering my very dense schedule, it wasn't very hard. The next time I gave my tutoring class, I was prepared to face my sexual instabilities. I had mentally processes every possible scenario whatsoever.

It appears that the events of the week before reoccurred: Again she stayed on the room after class was over for another intensive Q & A session. Just like last time, she would write all she knew on the blackboard, and I’d help her complete the rest. This time as well, she was so close to the answer so many times that I was almost ashamed of myself not just telling her. The only difference to a week before was that I wouldn’t let any of her charms influence my perception of this very hard-working student. But still I recognized her talent for logic. She was like a raw diamond waiting to be polished and brought into gleaming shape.

Even though I made my best efforts not to get distracted by the steadily growing stimulus that she was giving me – obviously not on purpose – my concentration subsided towards the end of her extra lesson. The more time passed, the more I caught myself tracing the curves her body offered to my sight instead of following her scribbling on the blackboard.

After we had finished our private session, I asked her if she hadn’t told any of her fellow students about this extra lesson. In fact I was seriously starting to think about offering this lesson to anyone interested. She replied that some of her colleagues sure would drop by some time if ever they had any troubles. But from what she told me, I understood that most of her fellow students were victims of the renown mañana-phenomenon. The phenomenon that makes people always postpone their job to mañana, and finally accomplish it on the last possible occasion only. Of course the devil on my shoulder fully enjoyed having private classes with that one particular girl. But the other part of me was trying its best not to fall for her. Besides, my conscience just didn’t allow me to refuse this service to a dedicated student. My situation was becoming precarious.

Our private lessons went on for a while. Occasionally, someone else showed up to participate, but usually it was just the both of us. One hour was just enough to get over the major problems of basic understanding. Whenever I wanted to go any further than the basics, Marilyn would stop me, for she wanted to understand it all on her own. Every time she kept me from telling too much, I got even more amazed about how ambitious she was. She made proof on an iron will – an indispensable skill in the world of natural sciences. And hers was particularly strong. It almost reached stubbornness, but it wasn’t as displeasing.

Then one day, the inevitable little twist occurred: We couldn’t finish our session in a single hour, so she asked me for another. Since my schedule was very tight during that time, I told her that it was only possible if she came over to my place after class some day. We spent another five minutes to agree on the coming Thursday evening. I was to be alone at home until 10 pm, for my girlfriend would have dinner at her parent's that night. Don't ask me why, because I can't even recall why I came up with the stupid idea to invite Marilyn over for dinner that night. To my resentment, she responded to my offer.

So there I was, facing the probably hardest challenge for my honesty in my entire life. Cheating on my girlfriend was out of the question. However, my mind was already picturing all kinds of possible scenarios.

Suddenly I felt like coming to senses. Who was telling me that she was attracted to me at all? She didn't send any signs of sexuality. At least not that I was aware of. Anyway, what were the odds of such a hot chick lusting after me? Mathematically spoken: They converged to zero. The chances that she might find me as appealing as I found her were evanescent; I would have even said infinitesimally small! So who was I to worry about some unrealistic scenarios surging from the fantasies of a young man gone wild and loaded with hormones? This point of view seemed to offer the solution to all I was afraid of. Or was I just being blind?

Time passed by very quickly. I was busy as hell, evaluating the results of my experiment series for my doctoral thesis. I didn't really find a moment to think about what to prepare for my special guest for Thursday night. The moment I realized that I hadn't really thought about it, was half an hour before Marilyn would knock on my door. So I decided to prepare pancakes. What other alternatives did I have, considering the lack of any suitable ingredients for any other dish apart from blank noodles? So pancakes it was.

Apologizing for not having prepared a real dinner was the first thing I did right after welcoming Marilyn to my apartment.

"Are you kidding me? I love pancakes, and haven't had any in ages! What do you have to smear on them?” was her reply.

I found some leftover bacon and some cheese in the fridge just enough for tonight, as well as a glass of jelly and chocolate powder. So this made a few salty pancakes for the main dish, and some sweet pancakes for dessert. Not exactly an adequate meal to welcome a young lady, but she seemed to love it – good for me.

We had a nice chat about this 'n' that while eating. She asked me everything about my doctorate without hesitating. She understood about everything I told her. From her questions I also deduced that she was genuinely interested in my research, and not only asking these questions for reasons of formality or to satisfy my need to chat. She was very excited to hear about everything I did in the lab, and also asked for tons of stuff I didn't expect her to be interested in. With each word we exchanged the line between tutor and student slowly faded away.

Before we moved on to the brainy part, Marilyn gave me a little present: a flower-shaped origami.

“ I just wanted to thank you for your effort, and for welcoming me at your place,” she commented on it, “it's made of just one piece of plain paper. The geometry course inspired me to do it.”

I was dumbstruck. Such a beautiful little piece of art. I didn't know how to react, for I was astonished yet marveled.

“ So... Do you like it?” She asked.

I tried to form a cheesy smile. “Yes... I mean... Yes! It's amazing! Who taught you how to do this?”

“ I designed it by myself. It's pretty easy, once you've understood the basics of spatial geometry, you know?”

She had to be kidding me! I've had math and physics professors with not even half as much ability to think in three dimensions. Who was this girl? In that very moment, I realized that tonight’s session would probably be the toughest I'd ever have in my entire life. Being around such a talented, interested and curious girl was a tough nut to crack. And to top it off, she was one hell of a bombshell. I was wondering if she had any clue of what she was doing to me in that very moment.

I looked into her hungry eyes, so full of expectation. Eyes like hers don't lie, I could say that. I took her wrist with my hand, and pulled her to me into a warm embrace. A deep passionate kiss. Hands running over both our backs, looking for a way to feel each other's skin.

I woke up from my little dream, and looked at the little flower that was still between my fingers. I had gotten carried away by a short daydream. Marilyn still smiled at me, expecting my reaction to her comment on the level of difficulty.

“ I have to admit that I'm deeply impressed by your skills of imagination,” I said, “thank you.”

“ Aw, c'mon. You're just saying that.”

“ No, I'm not. I mean it, I really do. You are a very talented girl, you know? And I consider myself to be a very lucky man being your private tutor. Not many people benefit from skills like you do, and not many people have the occasion to train the gifted either.”

“ Thank you, Dave. That was very beautiful. Thank you.”

Her smile was so bright that the sun looked like a single burning match beside it. My heart almost skipped a beat at this sight. A short instant of awkward silence made a thrilling tension arise.

I tried to break this uncomfortable feeling: “So let's get to work, shall we?”

My finger pointed to the kitchen table. I quickly got two glasses and a pitcher of tap water while she spread out her notes for me to see.

As always, she had already gotten pretty much about everything, but the little tricks to solve the problems. We worked through one problem after another, as we usually did. Only this time, we were encountering various difficulties to concentrate on the topic. Being alone with her at my place made it really hard for me to focus on anything but her curves – not the right curves though. But I wasn't the only one having trouble with being attentive: Whenever I had pulled myself together, I noticed her being caught in her own world as well. It took us twice as long as usual to work through the first and second problem.

Between two operations, she suddenly put her pen down, and looked at me.

“It appears to me that you're not really concentrated on our tutoring lesson, are you?” she cheekily asked.

I felt like a child caught stealing cookies from the jar. What had she just said?

“I think you need some distraction, I guess,” she said, letting no doubt in what she wanted.

Once again, I woke up from my dream. Marilyn was still scribbling down some additional notes. I really needed to get it together! The ambiance was charged and thick. She had to be aware of the situation just like me. But none of us dared to mention it; not yet.

For the third problem, I took the liberty of taking a pencil, and help her a little, for this one was almost impossible to solve without certain advanced skills. I only needed to write down two lines for her to understand. As soon as I was done writing, she leaned forward to take a closer look at the results. Doing so, her breasts squeezed my pencil hand. This only catalyzed the impending chain reaction.

She pressed the soft flesh of her breasts onto my hand. It felt like a warm pillow being laid on it, and caused my mind to drool in expectation. I was already anticipating her hand to land a spirited slap on my cheek. But nothing. There was no way this was an accident. I tried to move my hand away from there. There still was an evanescent chance that she wasn't aware of what she was doing. But nothing happened. Although I clearly moved my hand under her breasts, she still acted like there wasn't anything. After a while, I felt her pressing her chest into my hand even harder. She also started slowly moving them on it. I response, I turned my hand to cup one of her breasts. They felt heavy yet mellow. She didn't seem to notice, so I went for her cleavage. The first two buttons of her blouse were quickly undone.

As my eyes found hers, I recognized the sweet agony of wild lust inside her eyes. Her mouth was slightly opened to let out first silent moans. This time it was real; this time I wouldn't wake up from a dream. It took me all my strength to fight back the urge of just ripping off her clothes, and giving in to the animalistic need burning deep inside of me.

She turned her head to meet my eyes. Her sweet lips softly landed on mine. I waited for my mind to protest. I waited for it to interfere in this process... In vain. My mind had blacked out.

Her lips didn’t linger on mine. Her eyes fixed to mine did. Not a single movement was made for the next minute. Just eyes devouring the body of the counterpart. Our hands found their own way to be entwined. I could feel her heart racing through the palm of my our hands touching each other. The grip was gentle, soft. I didn’t perceive any noise. Just the rush of my blood running through my ears. Heartbeat by heartbeat. The moment seemingly lasted forever.

I planted a soft kiss on her neck. I gently sucked on her skin. Moans kept me from stopping. I felt her hands sliding underneath my shirt. Mine undid the remaining buttons of her blouse. Her heavy breasts were now only covered by a black bra laced with ornaments. She wore it to please me; that was certain. My shirt came off as well. Her hands clung to my chest. She felt my pectorals.

One slick movement with my fingers opened the button of her skin-tight jeans. I found a pair of panties matching her bra. A few curls of trimmed hair pressed through the thin fabric. Her hands came off my chest to guide mine under her panties. My fingers immediately felt a drenched soft crevice. Her clit was standing at full attention between the folds of her inner labia. I flicked it once, twice. Her moans encouraged me.

With my free hand, I freed my blood-filled cock. She was the one to take it, and guide it towards her crotch. One smooth motion of her hand placed the bottom of her panties aside. She wrapped her legs around my waist, so that I had to hold her in my arms. My cock found its way to her dripping wet entrance all alone. I pushed it inside her with one single motion. My gesture was rewarded by a delighted moan of relief coming from the depths of her throat. I knew from her passionate grunt that she had been craving for this for a long time. And so had I.

Before my arms ceded from her weight, I lifted her up to sit on the table. I drank in the sight of this young minx sitting before me, legs spread. Her face once innocent had turned to a steaming hot fuck me looking grin. I took a deep breath. Her panties pulled aside and her dripping wet cunt at my full sight made my mind drool. I really had to pull myself together not to let myself go too wild with her.

Her fiery gaze urged me to fuck her brains out. Despite all the voices now saying no in my head, I didn’t hesitate one second to point my cock to her entrance again. She bit her lower lip as the tip slid in. She wrapped her arms and legs around me to push me further into her drenched tunnel. Once I was buried balls deep inside her she closed her eyes, and pulled my head to hers with both hands. A long, approving moan surged from the depths of her throat. I silenced her with a passionate kiss. I could feel her walls pulsating, and gripping my full girth.

I pulled out of her. I got rewarded by a disappointed glance. I lifted her off the table, and turned her around. I positioned a chair to her right side. She put her right foot on it, creating a perfect access to her pussy. Before I slid inside her, I traced all the way from her anus to her clit with my tongue. I did this over and over. Her delighted moans encouraged me to keep on doing so. She soon had to support her body with her hands not to fall over. I felt her legs shaking from the pleasures she was given.

Just before she was giving in to the first waves of her climax, I stopped licking her. But she didn’t have to wait too long for the pleasures she was craving for. I rammed my steel all the way inside her mercilessly. My hands held her hips to support her movements. I slid out slowly until just the tip remained inside her, and pushed my cock back in one relentless move. One more time. Two more times. Three more times. She loved it! Even more as she felt my finger circling around her erect clit in addition to the pitiless teasing from my cock.

Before long her climax kicked in. Her body had a will on its own from the intense feelings. Her orgasm was accompanied by a guttural moan of satisfaction.

I pulled out of her, leaving her to catch her breath. She knew I still hadn’t had my full pleasure, so she started sucking me as soon as she had recovered. She wanted me to cum. I knew it from the way she sucked me. She practically sucked it out of me. Her skilled way of pleasing me orally had me cumming in no time. Her mouth got flooded with my thick semen. She swallowed it without hesitating.

While grabbing her purse to find a handkerchief, I could say something had changed. We got dressed speechlessly. None of us knew what to talk about. It was a very awkward silence. Now it all came clear to me: I just had literally screwed things up. With her. With my girlfriend, if ever she was to find out. We had crossed the line between tutor and student. We had already crossed it as I had agreed on welcoming her to my place.

As soon as she was dressed, she said: “I have to go.”

Her voice, once so full of lust and sexual craving, had turned ice cold. She too had realized the meaning of the sex we’d just had. She left my apartment, leaving me with my conscience. I had to deal with the fact that I had just cheated on my girlfriend – with a student of mine.

Lucky me, my girlfriend never found out about me cheating on her this one and only time. As for Marilyn; she never came to the tutoring lessons ever again. I only saw her one last time at the exam – never again. That day, she acted as if I was just one of the tutors nothing more. This was probably the best thing to do.

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