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Dr. Riley

Lorelai has a problem and goes to the doctor...
He had fantasized about his patients before. Being a good looking doctor in a small town had its privileges, after all. His favorites were the innocent ones—sweet, firm, with untouched bodies that would be oh so responsive. But his prize was Lorelai. He had been her family doctor for years. Lorelai had a shy disposition, but her face always held a sweet smile for him. She’d come to him for regular check-ups over the years, as well as the occasional injury from her various extracurriculars—tennis, gymnastics, ballet. He had seen her grow up to be a beautiful young woman. Her lips maintained their plump cupid bow shape. Her doe eyes that used to seem too large for her head retained their youthful sweetness. At just 17 now, she was petite, but beautifully toned and curvy. His various observations and glimpses of her from her visits have told him that her body was perfectly proportionate, with one blessed exception—her full, round C cup breasts, two ripe mounds jutting out enticingly, just a little too large for her slender frame. He thought her to be the ultimate holy specimen of ripe young womanhood.

He often found himself dreaming of her when he fucked his wife, imagining Lorelai’s succulent tits bouncing in his face, her tight wet pussy sliding up and down his hard cock, her little gasps of pleasure, and dribbles of slick juice down his thighs as she rode him. He would grab her waist and hold her down onto his fullness, grind her and take a nipple into his mouth and flick his tongue furiously until it was erect. He imagined her moans as she would throw her head back, arching, thrusting her chest to his attention, her body craving more.

Then there were times when he imagined things a little differently. He’d picture them in his examination room. He would rip her flimsy gown off, pushing her down on the table, locking her small body beneath him with his weight. The initial shock and then her resistance would excite him. He’d capture both hands and hold them above her head with one of his own, forcing her big young tits to stand at taut attention. Her squirming, shaking body rubbing against his; her trembling and continued struggling would set her tit flesh swaying and bouncing against him. Dr. Riley, what are you doing? she’d say, voice shaking. He’d answer by burying his face in her inviting chest, and her teenaged breasts would be so soft, so smooth, so supple as she trembled. His mouth would ravish her titties, punishing them for constantly teasing him, and he’d moan his pleasure while she whimpered in captivity. He would start to feel a warm dampness near his stomach, where her thighs met and were trapped beneath him.. she'd enjoy his actions despite her initial shock and struggle.


His head popped up, his receptionist’s voice calling him out of his fantasy. “Yes?”

“You have one more patient today. Lorelai is in room 2,” she said, handing him a file. He thanked her and started to turn away.

“Doctor?” the receptionist called out again. He turned his head back towards her, “yes?”

“I just got a call from my son’s school, and I have to go pick him up. Is it ok if I left early today?” He chuckled. Dr. Riley was used to this. His receptionist’s son was a terror and his mother struggled to keep him in line.

“No problem,” he responded. “I’ll close up.” And with that, he turned to room 2, to face his favorite patient.

Pulling up his leather stool, he’d sat down and flipped through her paperwork. Lorelai sat, patiently, already in her paper gown.

“So what seems to be the problem today? I wasn’t expecting to see you until tennis season again,” he joked lightly. Lorelai chuckled.

“I had some questions,” she started. And then took a breath. She could do this. He was her doctor, a professional, and she had no one else to go to. “I…” she began. She felt a flush coming up her chest and face, embarrassment flooding her features. “I’ve been… having some episodes.” She saw him look up at her.

“Episodes?” he echoed, curious.

“My privates… have been wet…“

He strained to maintain no specific facial expression, his mind rushing to dirty places.

“It happens a lot,” she continued, “I think there might be something wrong…” Lorelai was innocent in her questions. Her parents, despite their over-protectiveness, were distant and unavailable. She was classically sheltered.

He was puzzled. Was she saying she was frequently horny? Could he get her to give him details? “Can you be more specific? Have you been experiencing a lot of discharge?”

“Um… yes,” she responded, hands clasped, head down. She was embarrassed.

Dr. Riley was a general practitioner and had not practiced any gynecology beyond his medical schooling. He contemplated how to handle this. He’d never touched a patient inappropriately before, and he’d never cheated on his wife. Alone in his office now, with a barely-dressed 17 year old girl, he absently wondered why Lorelai had taken the liberty of changing into a paper gown.

“May I examine the area that’s bothering you?” he heard himself say.

Dr. Riley watched as the girl lay back and bent her knees, bringing her feet up to the table. As he pulled his stool closer, Lorelai tentatively spread her knees, lifted the edge of her crinkled paper gown, and her sweet pussy was revealed to him. She was smooth like a peach, surprisingly waxed bare. His gaze glanced up at her face, unable to hide the flicker of surprise. She wore a somewhat embarrassed expression. “For swimming,” she said. “It’s easier to wax.”

“Of course,” he responded, and pretended this was a routine way for him to examine his teenage patients.

Lorelai knew very little about sex, but it made her feel somewhat dirty for this older man to know she waxed her pubic area. She felt his warm gentle hands on the edge of her inner thigh, and she clenched reflexively. “Relax,” he said. “Everything looks fine. You’re probably just more sensitive here without the hair.” She thought she felt him stroke her bare skin just slightly and asked herself if his last comment seemed a bit inappropriate.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Touching her like this. He realized that in his daze, he never bothered to put on gloves, and was now feeling her smooth skin directly. He was glad that she didn’t comment on it. He contemplated the pink lips of her inner labia and had wicked thoughts of sucking on them.

He swallowed, and said in a somewhat strained voice, “I’m going to use my fingers to examine your labia now.”

Oh god, she thought. And felt a sudden warm rush from inside. God no, not now.

He gently opened her lips with fingers on either side, and then saw her sudden slickness coming out. She’s wet. Is this turning her on? Maybe she likes me touching her. Maybe she likes me watching her. Either would be too good to be true.

“Um... “ she hesitated, lifting her head up a bit to peer at him.

He decided to err on the side of safety and reassure her in a gentle professional manner. “It’s ok, Lorelai. Your body is just having a perfectly healthy response to stimulation. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

Her cheeks flushed a bit more, and her determination faltered a bit, her eyes sliding a bit to his left, to the wall behind him. ”This happens all the time.”

“Can you tell me when it happens?” His eyes were still on her, but his fingers have moved a bit. Was he stroking her, she thought? No, your crazy brain is just playing with you. He’s a professional.

The doctor trained his gaze at the young woman. His fore finger was stroking her. Slightly. His hands were impatient to touch her increasingly wet pussy, his pants felt tighter, and he wanted to hear this girl tell him about being aroused. Her discharge was unlikely to be illness related—the fluid coming forth looked and smelled perfectly normal to him, and she had not mentioned, nor had he seen, any other symptoms. Her slickness was from natural, normal, horny, teenage arousal, and he wanted to lap up all the details he could get. His mind raced. Did she lust after anyone in particular? Perhaps a friend? A teacher? Has she experimented? Did she touch herself? Has she gotten herself off? What did she look like when she came? What did she taste like? He struggled to maintain a professional mask of calm openness.

She looked at him and took a breath. She would tell him. She had too. Just to make sure nothing was wrong. He was a doctor and would be honest with her and take care of her.

“It comes on suddenly, and happens all the time. Several times a day. I feel… wetness between my legs, sometimes there’s so much it goes through my underwear.” She bit her lip.

The doctor looked back down, and gently took a swipe of her slick fluid. “Several times a day?” he asked. He held off on telling her that her body was normal—extraordinarily hot, really. He wanted more details. He just wanted to hear. He wouldn’t do anything more.

“Yes. Sometimes, I wake up and it’s like that. I have to change my clothes. And it’ll happen throughout the day, at school, at practice, at night… I’m just not sure it’s normal.”

“Is there anything in particular that you can think of that might precipitate these episodes?” He congratulated himself inwardly at his pun, and thought fleetingly if he could slip in any other innuendos.

She hesitated. “I’m not sure.”

So perhaps he wouldn’t be getting any details about what turned the buxom girl on. He tried another route. “Can you tell me if you feel any other symptoms, with the wetness?”

She thought for a bit. “I feel hot. My heart… beats faster. I feel…” and she bit her lip again, her gaze broke from his.

“How do you feel?” he prompted. When a beat of silence passed, his eyes drifted back down. He was going to hell. He was beyond crossing a line. But she was so soft and open for him, tight and wet. He continued his ministrations, parting her again and slowly started to slide a finger inside her slick tunnel. The girl gasped.

“How does this feel?” he asked softly. His fore finger was inside her pussy barely up to his second knuckle. She was so wet.

“It… it feels fine,” she gasped. Her face was hot, her hands clenched at the padded table. Then he started to slide in further, before sliding out and then back again. Was he examining her insides now? It felt good when he touched her.

“Lay your head down,” he said. She noticed that something in his tone had changed. His voice was hard, his eyes focused on her down there, while his finger continued to move, faster. And then she felt him add another finger. She felt herself stretch to accommodate him.

“I… I… wha-?” she sputtered. “Dr. Riley?” she questioned, confused.

“I’m going to help you Lorelai,” he said, calmly. He slid his two fingers out and then back in, and god, it was making her more wet. “Tell me again. How does this feel?”

She lay back and took a deep breath, feeling the sensation of his hand’s intrusion in her body, in her wet insides, and suddenly her nipples tightened. She heard herself respond, barely recognizing her voice, like it was faraway. “It feels good.”

Dr. Riley was fingering Lorelai’s young tight virgin cunt. Fuck. He curled his fingers slightly, and heard her quick intake of breath. He looked up at her face, his eyes hooded. He was going to go further. He had to.

“Do you do this, Lorelai? Do you put your fingers here?” he asked softly.

She continued to stare straight up, breathing heavily, her body tense. “No…”

“What do you do, Lorelai?” He loved saying her name. “Tell me what you do when you feel the wetness.”

“I do something else,” she responded quietly.

“What do you do?” he pushed, breathless. When no answer came, he pushed his fingers a little harder, faster. “Tell me,” he demanded. And then he watched, in a haze, as her right hand tentatively came down between her legs, not reaching for his hand, but came to rest on her clit. He groaned with satisfaction. Then growled, “show me,” as he continued pumping.

The sensations she felt from his fingers were familiar but new, and she was confused by them as well as the change in Dr. Riley’s tone. But her mind was too clouded now and only wanted release. She traced circles around her clit, feeling the wetness there, realizing her bud was more swollen that ever before. She rubbed herself in circles slowly, then faster and faster.

Dr. Riley stared, astounded, as the young girl beneath him showed him how she masturbated, while his own fingers disappeared again and again into her slick velvet pussy. Suddenly, he withdrew, pushed her hand away from her soft core, and dove face first into her wet folds, like a man starved. Gripping her hips, she cried out. He clawed at her soft behind, his tongue probed her flowing wetness where his fingers had been, and licked up and down her slit to tongue her clit. Her pussy was water at the end of a long desert drought and he needed her desperately.

The sudden assault sent sharp sensations all through her body, and she reacted by pure instinct. Her body shivered, her muscles tightening, her thighs clenching the handsome doctor’s face, her hands gripping his hair. She realized her mouth was open, and that the cries she heard were her own. This can’t be right, she thought. But felt the man between her legs and didn’t want it to stop.

The doctor was furiously dipping his tongue into her hot cunt, swirling, probing, tongue-fucking, then moving to trace and tease her clit, and back again. Oh, Lorelai, sweet heaven, you little slut. His fingers kneaded her cheeks as he continued his crazed assault, smug at the stream of wetness he could feel coming from her and at the soft bucking of her hips. She was dripping down his chin; she would be all over his table and floor. He felt her grip in his hair and felt encouraged. When her pussy started to contract, he moved up to her clit and suckled earnestly, finally looking up her body to see hooded eyes burning down at him, mouth open, face aflame. He watched as her body stiffened and her beautiful young body exploded.

Lorelai’s back arched and her whole body convulsed deliciously in the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. After several minutes, she was breathless, limbs like jello, a lake of wetness between her legs. She felt the gentle lapping of the doctor’s tongue on her tender pussy as he licked her sweetly. She shivered, dazed and slightly embarrassed.

Dr. Riley’s face and shirt were covered when she came, and he felt himself shoot into his own pants. He might’ve been embarrassed, but he reasoned that the tight wet pulsating pussy on this horny seventeen year old was just too hot for him to hold it in any longer. He continued to lick her gently, savoring her hot juices, as he pulled himself together. Ending with a chaste kiss on her swollen pussy, he slowly stood up and put his white coat on over his messed clothes. Looking over at his patient lying on the examination table, he thought satisfactorily to himself that she looked like a woman who had been wantonly tongue-fucked.

“You look like you’re in very good health,” he said. “But you should call my receptionist tomorrow to make a follow up appointment; I’d like to see you again in two weeks.” And with that, he turned around and left.

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