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Earning her tuition

Amy earns her tuition, but she doesn't consider it work.
I was only nineteen and my world was over! One little clerical error and I was no longer eligible for the student loan I needed to get me through my next semester. I didn’t even have family that could help me. My mother was a waitress living paycheck to paycheck, and my father died when I was six.

I had been in a daze of disbelief when I left the college’s office, where Mrs. Banks had broken the bad news. I had known the moment I walked in and saw that she was smiling at me with a look of pity. She said there had been an issue with filing my report. She said she had been trying to correct it, but it appeared that I would not be able to get my loan.

I managed to stumble to the closet bench before I collapsed on it. A moan escaped my lips as I put my face in my hands and cried.

“Miss Lehman, is everything alright?”

My body stiffened, I knew that voice. How could I not know that voice? It had visited me in some of my nastiest sex dreams. I had even used a recording of one of his lectures while I masturbated. That voice belonged to Professor Ian Connors.

I slowly looked up at him; into that unbelievably handsome face, and shook my head no.

“Of course it’s not. Come with me to my office Miss Lehman,” he said, and walked towards his office confident that I would follow. And of course I did just that.

Professor Ian Connors was 6’2, roughly 175 pounds of long, lean, delicious man. He had been a swimmer in high school and college. Now that he was in his mid-forties, he still had an amazing body that all the girls in his class drooled over. He had a head full of wavy black hair that was lightly dusted with gray. He also had bright green eyes, and the most kissable lips I had ever seen. Basically, that man was walking, talking sex.

Inside his office he motioned for me to sit as he took off his suit jacket, and hung it on the hook by the door. I grabbed a tissue off his desk and sat watching him, but tried not to make it obvious. As he walked by me he touched my shoulder, and gave me a reassuring squeeze. My breath caught from the electricity that slightest touch had caused.

I inhaled deeply to catch his scent; it was fresh, and made me think of an ocean breeze. Beneath that was a hint of him, and I was dying to smell more. Professor Conners’ scent made me instantly wet.

The look he gave me as he sat behind his desk, said that he knew the affect he had on me.

Once he was settled he asked, “What seems to be the problem Miss Lehman? I know it can’t be the quiz you had this morning because you aced it like always.”

“No sir, it’s not your quiz.”

“Is it another class? Are you failing something?” he asked.

“No sir, it’s nothing like that.” I took a deep shuddering breath, and told him.

“There was some kind of clerical error with my paperwork for my student loan so they denied it. Without that loan I won’t be able to attend next semester or afford to stay in my apartment. I have to work part time at that crappy little doughnut shop down the road in order to pay the other half of my rent plus utilities. I can barely afford to eat now,” my voice sounded too high, and I cried harder than ever. I put my face back in my hands, and slumped forward to hide my embarrassment. Through my flow of tears I caught a whiff of Professor Connors right before I felt him touch my shoulders.

He was squatting on the floor and pulled me up so we are eye level. “Miss Lehman, stop it. There is always a way out of every dark situation. I have noticed you steadily growing thinner so do not lie to me. When have you eaten last?”

His tone was very firm and I knew I had to answer, “Yesterday.”

“Yesterday, Miss Lehman, what did you eat yesterday?”

“Oodles of Noodles sir.”

I saw him cringe before his face went back to blank. “Is that something you eat frequently?”

“Yes sir. I eat it every night for dinner.”

“And nothing else?” His voice was soft.

“Most days I eat fruit for lunch, but today I had three other tests including yours so I never got around to eating my apple.”

He shocked me when he suddenly stood up and retrieved his jacket off the hook. “Come grab your bag and we will go have dinner and discuss your situation.”

He opened the door and looked expectantly at me. He wore the same expression he did in class when he was dealing a student that was arguing with him. Only I didn’t argue with him. I would never argue with him.

We went to a steak house that he claimed had the best steak in three states. After I had put the first piece in my mouth, I had to agree. I closed my eyes and moaned as the meat melted in my mouth. It was so juicy, some of it dribbled down the corner of my mouth. I ran my tongue along my mouth not wanting to waste a single drop. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see the heat in Professor Connors eyes.

I blushed, and looked down at my plate suddenly embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

He cleared his throat, but his voice was husky when he spoke, “No don’t apologize. It’s a pleasure to watch you eat.”

When I looked up he was grinning at me, “Please continue to eat while I talk.”

“So let me get this straight, because of someone else’s error you will have to take a semester off, losing valuable time and resources, on top of losing your only place to live. Which you can barely afford as it is. Does that summarize things up for you?”

I nodded because I had a mouth full of baked potato.

“What about your parents? Could you call them, or do you have a friend that could float you the money for this semester?”

I finished chewing and put my fork down. No matter how many times I’ve had to repeat this throughout my life, it never became easier.

“My mother is a waitress at a mom and pop restaurant and lives 300 miles away from here. My father passed away when I was six and I have no friends here. Between my school and my job I don’t have time to socialize so no, no boyfriend either.”

He put his knife and fork down and appeared to be really considering something. I started to feel self-conscious at his hard stare. Finally, he appeared to have worked out whatever was bothering him. He sat up straighter and leaned across the table closer to me.

“Mrs. Lehman, may I speak freely to you, more on the level of friends instead of student/teacher?”

Now I was very curious, “Um, yes sir.”

He sat back in the chair and asked, “How badly do you want to stay on next semester? What are you willing to do for that opportunity?”

“Oh I would do anything to not have to miss a semester,” I said, excitedly thinking he may have thought of a solution to fix this error.

“Anything Miss Lehman?” His voice was softer and somehow held more meaning.

I was instantly aware of the charge around us. What could he be purposing?

“Um, I think so sir.”

Only now, I was not as confident as I had been twenty seconds ago. Maybe he wanted to make me his love slave I said laughing to myself.

“I have a proposition for you then. How would you like to have sex with me?”

My jaw fell open. Holy shit, I was right!

Before I could respond he continued, “Of course there will be plenty of conditions and rules that would have to be followed and a contract that you will have to sign before we do anything.”

Of course there would be rules, conditions, and contracts, who didn’t have those in their life anymore? I started to roll my eyes at the absurdity of the whole thing, but the look on his face stopped me instantly. Oh my God, he was serious.

“Okay Professor, let’s say that I agree to have sex with you and I agree to your rules and conditions, what do I get out of it?”

He sat forward again leaning on the table, “Well for starters you get me.” He says with a grin and a slight blush. I had to grin back because he knew that all the girls in his class wanted him.

“Secondly, if you follow all the rules and conditions and sign the contract I will agree to pay for your coming up semester of school. I will also provide you with a place to stay rent free and your food and clothing if needed. If things are progressing to both of our mutual agreement then we will discuss doing another semester the same way.”

I took a huge swallow of my drink because my throat had gone dry, “I’m not sure what to say. Um. What are some of the rules and conditions?”

He shook his head, “This is not the place to discuss this further. I will give you a night to think it over. If you are interested, see me tomorrow after class. We will then discuss it further. As I said, I want you to use this time to think about what you really want. On one hand you have me, a place to live, food, and a paid for semester. On the other hand you have a semester off, falling behind your current classmates, a full time job working at that doughnut shop all while struggling to stay in your apartment.”

Well, when you put it that way I thought to myself.

He called the waiter over and had everything packed up into to go containers. He paid and dropped me off at my car.

“Think about it Miss Lehman and I will see you tomorrow.”

I had been in my bed staring at the same spot on the ceiling for three hours. I kept running the pros and cons. Honestly, the pros are winning by a mile.

It felt like the longest day in history, topped off with the longest lecture in the history of lectures. Okay, it wasn’t really, but I was excited and nervous about telling Professor Connors my answer.

Finally the class was over, and of course there were the normal gaggle of girls hanging back to prolong their leaving. They liked to hang back so they could watch Professor Connors as long as possible.

Breaking through the crowd, I made my way to his desk where he always sat after a lecture; keeping his head down thoroughly dismissing the class.

“Excuse me, Professor Connors?” I said.

I faltered in my decision because the look he gave me was not a welcoming look.

“Yes Miss Lehman, can I help you?” he asked impatiently.

“Yes, Professor, yes you can,” I answered. The heat that flashed through his eyes clearly said he was pleased with my answer.

He handed me a post-it note and dismissed me without another glance.

The note he handed me turned out to be his home address, with the time 7pm written on it.

When I pulled up out front of a two story Colonial, I couldn’t believe that it was his home. It made me so nervous. Most single professors couldn’t afford this. Was he married? There had never been any mention of a wife, but that was not so shocking considering he never spoke to anyone of his students.

My palms were sweaty, and I had worked myself into a nervous fit. I started to knock when the door opened to Professor Connors. He was standing there in the light blue button up shirt he had had on today. Only now it wasn't tucked it, and the top three buttons were undone exposing part of his chest. He was in a pair of loose fitting jeans that fit him perfectly, and he was barefooted.

“Please come in and take your shoes off,” he said, and stood back to give me room.

“I don’t do married men,” I blurted out.

“I suppose then it’s lucky I’m not married, please come inside Miss Lehman,” he said, smiling at me.

I relaxed some and I could feel the tension sliding out my shoulders. He led me to a dining room, and we sat down opposite of each other. Then, he picked up some papers and asked if I wanted a drink. I said no, because I was anxious to know what he expected of me.

“First off Miss Lehman, I will lay it all out for you and then you can read the contract. Sign it, or don’t, but first I need you to sign this one. It’s a full nondisclosure stating that you will not discuss this conversion with another living soul.” He slid it and a pen over. After a quick review I signed, because honestly who would I tell?

“Good, now for the fun part. I want you to play a part for me Miss Lehman. Now, in playing this part it will require you live with me until the end of our contract. It will require you to behave a certain way in the house. If we go out in public together you may behave as normally as you would with anyone else. Unless of course I specify otherwise. So far does that sound like something you can do?”

So far it didn’t sound too bad, but he hadn’t told me how I was supposed to act. “And what is this part Professor Connors?”

“You will be my daughter Miss Lehman. But please do not think I want you walking around here in baby doll dresses or a school girl’s outfit. I want you in your normal clothes; I am not into having you play a little girl. I want my daughter fully aware of her body and what it does to men.”

Of all the things that he could have asked me to do, this is one of the things that I liked doing. I have slept with older men before and I enjoyed calling them daddy. Only they had made me wear little girl’s clothing and I had found that a little odd, so his request was something I could most definitely do. I felt myself grow moist thinking about it.

“Have I shocked you Miss Lehman?” He asked as he sat back in his chair.

“No sir, you haven’t shocked me. I was thinking about how much fun it sounds. Do you have a scenario or do you just want to spank me and have me call you daddy?” I blushed at my question, and how breathy my voice sounded even to my own ears. Oh yeah, this was something I could do.

He walked around the table, sat in the chair beside me, and turned it so we were facing each other. Our knees were touching and he took my hands.

“I want you to be my daughter, the temptation that I’m trying to resist. Your mother left us, we are both grieving that loss, we both know it’s wrong, but we can’t help it. I will not touch you inappropriately, until you finally break me. Do you understand Miss Lehman? Your job is to be my destroyer. You will make me want you without being obvious. You will be the destruction of all of my morals. I will need you to be bratty at times, lash out at me so I can yell, and punish you. I in turn will be your daddy in every possible meaning. I will provide for you, feed you, clothe you, listen to your problems with school, and of course comfort you at the loss of your mother.”

He rubbed his hands up and down my thighs. He was so close to my face, a few more inches and I could have kissed him. His hands slid up my hips, and pulled me closer to him. He rubbed his face along the side of my face, and with the slightest brush of his lips he whispered in my ear, “Can you do it, can you make daddy fuck you?”

I moaned and leaned into him. I was so hot and wet for this man, I would have done just about anything to get him in my pants.

“Yes.” I breathed.

With that he pulled back and walked around the table.

“Good. Now I will go make dinner. Read this and sign it if it sounds good to you.” And just like he does in the classroom he dismissed me. I was left crossing my legs and needing to touch myself.

The contract was pretty self-explanatory; he really wasn’t going to touch me until I broke him down. Upon signing this I was required to move all of my stuff into the provided bedroom. What wouldn’t fit he would provide a storage shed for.

Once we left the house he was Professor Ian Connor again, and I was the student lusting after her teacher. I was to go about my day as I normally would, unless he needed me to do something else. I had a curfew, and if for any reason I was going to be late, I had to call and explain. On the days I was home, I was to either fix dinner or help fix dinner and clean up afterwards. It was the same normal stuff in any family.

If or when the arrangement ended, he would help get me a new place to live. He would also make sure I was settled before completely ending our relationship. The only way that this would not happen was if I stepped out with someone else. Whether it was sex, or just a date, the contract would be null and void, and I would need to leave immediately, with no further assistance.

If I wasn’t on birth control I needed to get on it and have a full medical exam. Of course he would cover the costs and also supply me with his own.

Everything sounded pretty straightforward so I signed the contract and went into the kitchen to find him.

“Professor Connors, here I signed it.”

“Excellent. Now from here on out when you are in this house, or when I request it, you will call me daddy. Is that clear Miss Lehman?” He asked, taking the contract from me.

“Yes Professor…” I started, but corrected myself. “Yes, daddy.”

He gave me a smile that melted me on the spot. “Alright Amy, plates are in that cabinet please set the table. We will eat dinner together every night unless we have discussed it, understand?”

I was still reeling over hearing him use my name. He had never called me anything except Miss Lehman.

“Yes daddy,” I said, moving to get the plates. I didn’t want to start out poorly behaved. I will save that as a last resort. You get more flies with honey than vinegar my mother always said.

Dinner was nice. We discussed my course schedule and what I needed to take next semester in order to stay on task. After we cleaned up the dishes he sent me back to my apartment for the night. He told me to pack because the movers would be there early.

By noon Saturday I was completely settled into my new room. Professor Connors, oops daddy, told me to shower, and meet him downstairs for lunch.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I wanted to make sure that I was presentable, with just a touch of inappropriate. This was a game and I had to learn how to balance the two.

I pulled my long brown hair into a high ponytail. I had left off all make up, but to be honest I don’t normally wear any. It was just enough to make my hazel eyes pop. From being in the sun all morning, my freckles were prominent across my nose and cheeks.

I’m 5’5, and thanks to cheering since I was in Kindergarten I had a nice athletic frame with just the right amount of soft delicate curves. My breasts are a B cup, and I used to worry about them not being any bigger, but now I love how pert they are. I decided on a pair of Capri yoga pants and a tank top. The yoga pants showed off my amazing ass.

I walked in the kitchen just as Professor Connors was putting a grilled cheese on my spot at the breakfast bar. I stood on tip toes; leaned into him, and made sure my breast rubbed against his arm while I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks daddy. Would you like me to get you a drink?”

He grinned, “Your welcome Amy, and yes I would like a soda please.”

I saw him checking out my ass so I bent over a little further to get the sodas out the ‘fridge.

After lunch he went into his office to grade papers and I went for a jog. When I came back Professor Connors was still in his office and when he saw me he called me in there.

“What’s up daddy?” I asked, doing my warm-down exercises. I made sure to bend low enough to give him a shot of my boobs down my low cut tank top.

He cleared his throat, and slightly adjusted his position. “Well darling, I was going through your clothing, and I think that we should go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Your mother running out on us is hard to deal with and maybe getting you nice new things will help ease the pain.”

“It has been hard daddy,” I pouted, and walked closer towards him.

“It’s been hard on you too hasn’t it daddy?” I asked, hanging my head down and sitting sideways on his lap.

“Yes dear it has been hard on daddy, but seeing your smiling face makes it all better.” He wrapped his arms around me and I felt his dick growing into a nice sized semi against my thigh.

I wiggled my ass trying to get comfortable, but stopped when I heard his sharp intake of breath. I looked innocently up into his face and placed my arms around his neck.

“Daddy, you make me happy, but who makes you happy? Can I make you happy daddy?” I asked slowly licking my lips.

The heat in his eyes and the tightened grip on my waist let me know that he was turned on.

“Darling you already do make daddy happy. Now, no more sad face; let’s go shopping,” he said, releasing me.

“Yay!” I squealed, and kissed him hard on the cheek before I ran out of his office and into my shower.

Three hours later we at our last stop of my shopping trip. Professor Connors sat in a chair by the dressing room while I was measured by an attendant. It turns out I was wearing the wrong size bra. I was still a B; it’s just closer to the A end of B than I would like. The lady picked out a bunch of different styles, and left me to try them on.

My favorite was a red lace bra with a matching red lace thong. I looked sexy, and you could see my nipples through the bra and my landing strip through my panties. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to be naughty on this trip so I thought it was time.

I stuck my head out of the dressing room door and whispered, “Daddy?”

He stepped into view, but kept his distance. “Yes Amy?”

“Daddy could you come here for a minute I have a question?”

He looked around and the stepped closer to me. “What’s the matter Amy?”

“Daddy it’s awful,” I whined softly, “she told me that my boobs were even smaller than I always thought. Now I feel like everything looks bad on me. Does this look bad on me daddy?”

I opened the door and showed him my underwear. I ran my hands over my boobs, and down the front of my underwear.

Professor Connors’s mouth popped open and his eyes started to smolder. I ran my hands across my breasts again; only slowly this time.

“Well daddy, are they too small, do I look bad?” I pouted out the word bad. He reached for me and I thought he was going to touch my breast, but instead he grabbed the door handle.

“Amy that is not an appropriate question to ask your father, now pick out your underwear and night clothes so we can go home,” he snapped and closed the door in my face.

I didn’t mind that he snapped, because I saw the lust in his eyes, and the huge bulge in his pants.

That night I was tired from a long day and the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Professor Connors was sitting at his desk when I walked in. “Knock, knock.”

“Hello angel. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. Have you decided on dinner?”

I walked up behind him, and hugged him around the shoulders. “Well I was wondering if we could get pizza and watch a movie tonight. You know try to get to know each other. I know we weren’t close before mom left, but I want to get close to you daddy. Can we get a pizza, watch a movie and get close daddy?”

He inhaled deeply and rubbed up and down my arm. “Oh baby I would love for us to spend time together. I didn’t want to push myself on you so I’ve waited for you to come to me. I think pizza and a movie sounds wonderful.”

“You order the pizza while I get comfy clothes on and pick out a movie.” I kissed him on the cheek; hugged him tightly and ran to go get comfortable.

For tonight’s torture I chose a pale yellow cotton camisole with lace trim at the top and a pair of green men’s boxer shorts. I chose a movie that I knew he couldn’t grumble over, Skyfall.

After stuffing my face full of pizza I needed to lie down. I settled on the couch with my head on a pillow, and feet resting in his lap. He stiffened at first, but I didn’t make any sudden movements and eventually he relaxed. Halfway through the movie he started rubbing my foot. I slid the other one back far enough to have my toes resting on his cock.

He glanced towards me, but I continued to watch the movie. He relaxed again, and resumed my foot rub. He took his time and it felt amazing. I wasn’t sure he was aware of what he was doing as he slowly started massaging a little higher on my leg. By the time he was on my calf I was wound tight and it took everything in me not moan.

He laid that leg down and started massaging my other foot. I moved my free foot back to his crotch and lightly rubbed it back and forth with my toes. I felt his dick get hard under my toes and the pressure on my leg increased.

By the time he reached my thigh I was so wet I couldn’t contain the moan that escaped my lips.

“Amy,” was all he said. There was tension in his voice.

I turned fully on my back and allowed my knee to fall to the back of the couch to show him my little surprise. I wasn’t wearing any panties under my shorts, and he had a straight shot view to my cunny.

In my most innocent voice I said, “Yes daddy?”

I rubbed my foot up his length while he was focused on my now glistening pussy lips.

The hand on my thigh was slowly moving up, so I lifted my hips to give him easier access. He didn’t speak and his breathing was heavier. I added more pressure to his cock, and he bucked his hips into my foot.

“Amy,” I heard him whisper.

I raised my hips a little higher, and his hand was at the bottom of my shorts.

“Yes daddy?” I groaned, almost begging him to touch me.

Something in him snapped because he knocked my legs off his lap in his haste to get away from me.

“Damn it Amy, what the hell do you think you’re doing? That was so inappropriate and, it will never happen again,” he yelled. “Get your ass upstairs and for God sake put some underwear on.”

I looked at him, and allowed tears to invade my eyes. “But, daddy.” I started, but he point up the stairs and yelled again.

“Now, God damn it Amy don’t push me. Get up those stairs young lady and go to your room!”

I cried as I ran up the stairs to my room. I even slammed my door. I couldn’t quite explain it, but my tears were real. He had hurt my feelings. I know we are role playing, but I’ve never had a man yell at me before and it didn’t feel very good.

I must have cried myself to sleep, because I was startled awake by a noise. Someone was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Professor Connors?” I mumbled, disoriented.

“Amy.” His tone was a warning.

“Sorry daddy.”

“Amy sit up I want to apologize.”

I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest afraid to touch him.

“Aw Amy don’t pull away from me. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I panicked. It’s been so long since your mother and I have, well you know, it was months even before she left. I shouldn’t have let it get that far and I’m sorry.”

He held his arms out for a hug and of course I dove into them.

“I’m sorry too daddy.”

He held me for a few more minutes than tucked me into bed. Time to regroup my efforts.

Two weeks had gone by since the great couch incident as I like to call it. Two whole weeks of me stretching in front of him, hugging him, and rubbing up against him. I had even accidentally flashed him a time or two.

Professor Connors was a stubborn man with what appeared to be an iron will. I was starting to feel like I was not the woman for this job. I had decided that if I didn’t make any more progress by Friday I was going to sit him down at dinner, and tell him I was leaving. Because obviously I was not what he wanted.

Then on Tuesday while I was in the shower I caught him spying on me. That was just what I needed to re-energize my efforts.

I lathered my hands and rubbed them gently over my breasts, squeezing them, and then pinching my nipples. I pinched them again, and it made me gasp as it sent a rush of moisture to my pussy. I leaned my back onto the wall so I was facing the door and propped one leg on the side of the tub. I made sure he had a clear view of my cunny, and my fingers that were now rubbing it.

I separated my lips, fully exposed myself and rubbed my clit faster and harder. I was moaned loudly and humped my hips onto my own hand. I couldn’t take it anymore. I slid two fingers into my now dripping pussy and started franticly pumping them in and out. All my muscles started tightening and I was ready to come. Harder, a little harder is what I needed.

Suddenly, it overwhelmed me and I screamed, “Oh God daddy yes!” As I collapsed onto myself I saw him leave, and I was pretty sure his cock was out.

It became a regular occurrence for me to masturbate in the shower while he watched, and masturbated himself. We watched movies together, and I would always pick a horror movie so I could snuggle close. We would exchange accidental touches here or there, but he didn’t break.

Things carried on like that for almost a month. I couldn’t believe his resolve. I on the other hand, was definitely on the verge of attacking him in his sleep.

I was finishing the dinner dishes thinking of the jealous argument I saw between two kids in one of my classes. Then it hit me and I smiled, because I had an idea.

“Daddy, is there anymore chores I have to do? One of my meanie teachers gave us a paper due tomorrow. Papers due 3 days before final exams can you believe that?” I pouted.

Of course he was the meanie teacher so he grinned, “Did he now? Is it a long paper and exactly how mean is he? He’s never yelled at you in class has he?”

I laid my head on his shoulder. “Oh no daddy he doesn’t yell. Actually, he ignores the students, especially the girls. It’s probably safer for him that he ignores the girls.”

He chuckled softly, “It is? Why would it be safer? Do they want to hurt him?”

“Oh no daddy just the opposite, Professor Connors is very handsome, and all the girls want to jump his bones.”

“Amy, that’s not a polite thing to say in front of your father.”

But I noticed he was still grinning.

I hugged him around the waist so my breasts were pressing into his side. “Sorry daddy, but I never said I wanted to jump the professors bones, I just said he was handsome.”

He turned his head to look at me. “You don’t want to jump the professors bones, angel? Why is it because he’s too old for you?”

I looked up, shook my head and gave him innocent eyes. “No daddy. It’s because I have a crush on someone else, and I can’t like the professor if I like someone else. Right daddy?”

His smile finally faltered and he turned his body to fully look at me. I knew what he was thinking and I was hoping I was doing the right thing by letting his jealousy rule him.

“Well, I’ll be in my room writing that meanie’s paper if you need me.” I let him go and went to my room leaving him in the kitchen to stew on that.

I finished the paper, and the rest of my homework. I kept waiting for Professor Connors to come in my room, but he didn’t. So I changed into one of my spaghetti strap nightgowns and lay on the bed deciding my next move.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night to the feel of someone lightly touching my stomach. I tried to keep my breathing steady so he wouldn’t know I was awake. He trailed his fingers lightly over my bellybutton, down to the band of my panties, to my hip, and down my thigh. My breathing started getting heavier, and when he slid his finger up my thigh a slight groan escaped my lips.

He quickly moved hand. I opened my eyes to look at him, and sat up. He smelled a bit like whiskey. If he was drinking then that meant my comment had affected him.

“Hi daddy is everything okay?” I asked groggily, and rubbed my eyes.

“Who is he? Is it that boy that sits beside you in class?” His voice was low and dangerous sounding. I was instantly more alert. Perhaps a jealous daddy was not the smartest move to make.

“Who is who daddy? What boy?”

“The blonde one that keeps borrowing a pencil from you,” he snapped.

“Eric? What about Eric daddy?”

“Is Eric the one you have a crush on?” He was leaning towards me.

“Oh that. No daddy, it’s not Eric. I like someone a lot older than Eric.”

He grabbed me tightly by the shoulders. “Have you been out with him? Have you fucked him? Who is it?”

I was getting a little frightened, but this might be my one big shot at making him break. I was not breaking character now. “No daddy we’ve never been on a date and I have never fucked him. I haven’t even kissed him yet.”

“Yet!” He spat out before he shook me and yelled, “Who is he Amy?”

I let a few tears slide down my cheeks and yelled back, “You don’t want to know who it is!”

He shook me and yelled, “God damn it Amy, you tell me who he is now or so help me God….”

“It’s you daddy!” I yelled, and knocked his hands off me. He sat there stunned giving me a chance to get on my knees and hug him.

I whispered in his ear, “It’s you daddy, only you.”

I lightly kissed his neck as I squeezed him tightly to me. “You daddy,” I whispered again and kissed his cheek.

“I want you daddy,” I whisper against his lips before I kissed him.

He arms were like a steel vice around me, squeezing me to him tighter, almost too tight. The warm feel of his mouth on mine, and the sweetness of the Brandy on his tongue, made me wet and ready for him. He kissed me like my mouth was the only thing keeping him alive.

I moved enough to straddle him and rub myself up and down his now hard length. The zipper on his jeans, and the thickness of his cock, was almost my undoing. I cried out from the pleasure of it.

His hands were on my ass gripping it so tight I was going to be bruised, but I wanted it. I’ve wanted this man since the first day of class. Then living with him for over a month, and not touching him has been hell.

He was kissing and biting my neck making me grind harder. Almost there, I was going to come.

“Oh God daddy, yes, yes, I’m going to cum.” I was almost there when he gripped my shoulders, and pushed me off him.

“Amy, this is wrong. We shouldn’t do this.”

His voice didn’t have the normal confidence or strength to it that I have grown so fond of. I knew he was close to breaking. I decided to go for the one thing I’ve heard countless number of girls use on their dads to get their way. I started to cry.

I threw my face into my pillow and cried, “Oh no, I’m so embarrassed. It’s because I’m ugly isn’t it daddy? My body is not as good as mommy’s was.”

He gently rubbed my back comforting me. “No baby you’re not ugly. You’re beautiful, more beautiful than your mother ever was.”

I rolled over on my back and pulled my nightgown off at the same time. I was on my back in nothing but my soaking wet thong. My knees were bent, and his hand was now on my stomach. I started rubbing my tits and spread my legs further, giving him a full view.

“If I’m not ugly then why don’t you want me daddy?” I moaned, pinching my nipples.

I placed one of my hands down my thong and started rubbing my already swollen clit. “Daddy, I want you so bad. Please, daddy, don’t you want to taste your angel?”

His eyes were large and I saw the conflict in them. He was struggling to make this last, but I wanted to fuck this man. Using my other hand I pulled my thong to the side exposing my dripping wet pussy. He groaned as I inserted first one finger, then two.

Pulling them out, I started to bring them to my mouth, but I stopped and brought them to his lips instead. I rubbed my fingers across his lips. “Taste your angel daddy. I’m very sweet.”

He opened his lips and I slid them in. His tongue moved across them licking my juices off my fingers.

Removing my fingers, I brought my mouth to his. “Come taste me daddy. Fuck your angel.”

Daddy shoved me back on to the bed and pulled his shirt off. He had a wild look in his eyes, and it made me want him even harder. He gripped the inside of my thighs and roughly spread them. “You want daddy to taste you? You want daddy to lick you and fuck you with his tongue.”

“Yes!” I moaned, before his head dipped between my legs.

He laid on his stomach and lifted my ass, bringing my pussy to his face, nibbling my lips down to my ass.

He nipped my ass cheek making me squeal. “Spread your lips for daddy.”

I did and felt his tongue lay flat on my star as it moved slowly to my clit. Over and over again he did this going excruciatingly slow. I thought I was going to die. He went back down to take another swipe only this time, I felt his tongue push its way into my star.

“Oh yes daddy, lick my ass.”

“You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?”

“Yes daddy.”

His tongue was moving faster and faster in and out of my ass. Laying me back on the bed he started pushing a finger inside, and then two. His mouth went over my clit sucking it, and flicking his tongue across it. His fingers were in my ass up to his knuckles and he started fucking me hard.

He bit my clit, and I started screaming, “Oh God dadddddy, yesssss!”

His face was wet with my juices when he stood up to take his pants off. His dick was big, bigger than any other dick I’ve ever had.

“I want my cock in your pussy. I’ve wanted this for so long angel you have no idea.”

He must have seen the worry in my eyes, because he kissed me, “I’ll go slow.”

“Please put it in my tight, little pussy daddy.”

He positioned the head at my opening, and I held my breath as he inched it in. It burned and stretched, but it felt so fucking amazing. He slowly pulled back and pushed in further making me moan loudly. He slowly pulled back again and again.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally pleaded, “Please.”

Professor Connors growled, and with a thrust of his slim hips he slammed into me making me cry out. He continued to pull out slowly and slam into me with such force that I thought he might break me. But it felt amazing and I was on the verge of having another orgasm.

“Faster daddy, please I’m going to cum. Make your little girl cum.”

“God you feel better than I imagined. You like daddy’s big dick in your tight little pussy?”

“Yes daddy, please fuck me faster, fuck me harder.”

He hooked my legs around his arms and leaned into me lifting my ass higher in the air. It made his cock go deeper into me, and it was just this side of being too much for me to handle. He was pumping faster and harder. Our grunts and moans became mingled with the sounds of our bodies slapping.

My orgasm was building faster, and faster. “Oh God daddy, yes just like that, don’t stop, I’m going cum daddy.”

“Me too baby,” he managed to grunt.

Harder and faster he pumped until my body coiled tightly in on itself. It was too tight I couldn’t take it anymore; it was starting to hurt, but then it exploded.

“Aaaah!” I screamed, clawing at him, pulling him tighter to me.

He wrapped me tightly in his arms. “Oh dear God Amy,” he cried out before he bit me at the base of my neck.

I felt his warm cum fill me as he slowly pumped it into me.

We lay wrapped in each other’s embrace while our sweat and cum blended together. Neither one of us were ready to let go. We stayed that way until my legs, and back started to ache.

Professor Connors let go of my legs, letting them flop onto the bed, but didn’t pull completely out of me. He held my face and kissed me deeply.

“Thank you Amy for doing this for me. I have wanted you from the first day you walked into class, and I knew we would be compatible in bed.”

I smiled at him, “No, thank you Professor Connors. Believe me I have wanted you just as long.”

He kissed me again and I felt him growing hard inside me. He moved his hips pushing deeper into me.

“Aah,” I moaned, “um, Professor?”

He smacked my thigh.

“Who?” He asked, in a disapproving tone.

I grinned up at him, “Um, daddy?”

“Yes angel?” He asked, thrusting again.

“Daddy can I get on top and ride you?”

“Of course you can angel. Daddy will give you whatever you want.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I knew I was going to love having a daddy.

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