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eighteenth birthday surprise

kissing cousins
First encounter

To say that I was excited was an understatement. It was my eighteenth birthday and we were going to visit my uncle and aunt who had recently bought a villa in the south of France. Their son, Mark, my only cousin who is nineteen, had taken time off his work to be our guide. Mark spoke fluent French so that would be a huge asset as mum and dad didn’t speak a word of the language, and I only knew how to say, bonjour and a few other phrases that I had learnt at school.

Mark was at the airport to greet us; I was astounded at his golden tan and his awesome looks. Why did this handsome Adonis of a man have to be my cousin? We all piled into Mark’s car, a nineteen sixties Citroen. It looked very low to the ground, but when Mark started the engine the car rose up into the air. The ride was comfortable despite some rough terrain, and soon we had arrived at the villa.

The villa was a short drive off the main road and was set in its own grounds, surrounded by trees and bushes that were a profusion of colour. My aunt and uncle were waiting at the door to greet us and looked amazing with their bronzed looks. After our hugs and kisses we were ushered into the villa and asked what we would like to drink.

Mark offered to give us a tour of the villa then led us out to the rear of the property. “Gosh,” I exclaimed, as the large outdoor swimming pool came into view. “You can use it anytime you like, said Mark, “It’s completely private and totally secluded.”

Our tour of the villa complete, we were shown our rooms. Mine had its own en suite and a balcony overlooking the swimming pool. Mum and Dad’s room was on the opposite side with a view looking out over the countryside and to the far away mountains.

The en suite had a large wall to wall and floor to ceiling mirror, a shower, bidet, bath, toilet and wash hand basin. I ran the shower and re entered the bedroom. The windows leading out onto the balcony were open. Stepping onto the balcony, I was surprised how quiet it was despite being only a few yards off the main road. It was still warm and after a quick glance around, found myself all alone. I stripped naked and stretched my arms in the air, breathing in the aromatic scents from the trees and shrubs.

Back in the bathroom, I admired my developing body in the full length mirror. My nipples were hard and had taken on a rosy glow; my long legs were topped by a neatly trimmed bush, just hiding my pussy lips. My long blonde hair was resting on my 34” breasts. I turned to admire my tight bum and my slim waist.

The shower was just at a perfect temperature as I stepped under its cascading waters. The jets of water were having an erotic effect on me as they sprayed onto my breasts like thousands of tiny needles. I soaped myself and felt the firmness of my nipples as I ran my hands over my perk breasts. My pussy was pulsating and begging for relief. A loofah with a handle that almost resembled a man’s penis was hanging on the shower rail. Gently at first, I began to rub my pussy with its hardness. An orgasm shuddered through me, taking me completely by surprise. The twitching continued and I began to rub harder with my new toy. I was breathing hard as I pushed the end of the handle against my pussy lips. Squeezing my nipples with one hand I pushed the handle past my pussy lips and into my very wet hole. I was near frantic with desire and began to push the handle up and down until I had its entire length pushed up into my hole.

Another climax shuddered through me as I withdrew the handle. I finished showering and wrapped a large fluffy white bath towel around my naked body. Stepping into the bedroom, I heard the sound of splashing coming from beyond my balcony. Looking out, I saw Mark in the swimming pool. I drew back a little so as not to let him see me and continued watching him swimming up and down the length of the pool.

Mark reached the shallow end, which was facing my balcony. As Mark climbed out of the pool, I was shocked to see that he was naked. I let out a gasp as my eyes fixed onto his enormous cock that was dangling between his legs. Mark must have heard me, as he shouted, “Hello, anyone there?” I peered over the balcony and said “Hi.”

Mark looked up and without any embarrassment, said, “come on down and have a swim.” “I’ve just showered, perhaps tomorrow,” I replied, trying to avert my eyes from his massive tool. “Great,” said Mark, “were having a Barbie at six thirty, down here next to the pool, wear something cool.”

I could see that Marks penis was starting to become erect and that he was staring at my legs. I blushed and looking down at my legs, I was horrified to see that my towel had opened and that my legs and pussy were on show. Mark kept on staring with one of those stupid grins on his face. It was then that I become aware of a new sensation in my lower parts and could feel my erect nipples trying their best to pierce the top half of my towel.

I hurriedly covered myself up and said, “Fine, see you at six thirty.” My pussy was throbbing so much that I could feel my wetness running down my thighs. I removed the bath towel and lay back on the bed. I squeezed my erect nipples and then pushed two fingers into my soaking wet hole. The picture of Mark and his enormous cock kept running through my mind as I frigged myself to an earth shattering orgasm.

I had to shower again to rid myself of my meaty sweat. I then rummaged through my suitcase to find something cool to wear for the Barbie. I chose a scoop necked top which would show off a good deal of cleavage. I decided to go braless and opted for a short micro skirt to show off my long legs. I thought of going without any underwear, but then decided to wear a very brief thong. A pair of open toed sandals with a low heel completed my outfit.

Mark let out a low whistle when he saw me. Very nice and sexy he whispered in my ear. Mark was wearing skin tight shorts and a baggy t shirt. Mum and Dad looked a bit out of place in their traditional choice of clothes as Uncle Andy was in shorts and Aunt Ella was wearing a bikini underneath a see through sarong.

Mark opened a bottle of Beaujolais and a bottle of Chablis and poured everyone their choice of wine. Uncle Andy was busy at the Barbie, cooking chicken legs and extremely large steaks. The aroma was making my mouth water and the wine was giving me a woozy feeling. Mark filled everyone’s glasses while Uncle Andy shouted “come and get it.”

After we had eaten, mum and dad and Andy and Ella decided to go back into the villa to catch up with the news and gossip from home. Mark took my hand and said, “Come on and I’ll show you around the gardens.” Mark was well versed in the name of the numerous plants and shrubs, but none of it was sinking in as my head was still fuzzy from the wine.

“I need to go and pee,” I said to Mark. Mark pointed out a small building adjacent to the pool and said, “Toilets and changing rooms inside.” I was caught short and peed my thong before I could get it out of the way. There were cloths and towels in the toilet which I used to clean myself. I had to discard the thong and felt strange having to go back and meet Mark, knowing that I was now totally naked under my skirt and top.

“Ok? Said Mark. “Yes,” I replied, blushing ever so slightly. Mark looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes “Fancy a midnight dip?” “Are you sure it will be okay?” “Of course,” said Mark, turning and giving me a big hug. I could feel the bulge in his shorts pressing into my groin and my own juices started to flow.

Mark brought his face close to mine and before I could object, was kissing my lips with a deep urgency. “Mark, this isn’t right,” I protested, “We are cousins.” Mark just laughed and said, “Kissing cousins,” and proceeded to kiss me again. This time I responded to his kisses and soon we were rolling our tongues around each other’s lips and exploring each other’s mouths.

Marks bulge had grown even bigger and was pressing into me making my pussy to throb. Mark began to explore my body with his hands. First he slid his hand under my top and caressed my back. It was obvious to him that I wasn’t wearing a bra so he was soon squeezing and cupping my naked breasts. He rubbed my nipples between his fingers which soon became erect.

I was moaning with ecstasy as he massaged my breasts and French kissed me. Marks other hand began to squeeze my bottom and then he slid his hand under my skirt, Mark let out a gasp as he realised that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His hand moved to my front and began to stroke my pussy lips with his fingers. I was soaking and moaning, “Oh yes, put your fingers in my pussy,”

Mark pushed one, then two, then three fingers into my very wet hole and began to finger fuck me. I orgasmed over his fingers but wanted more. I reached down and slid my hand into his shorts and grabbed hold of his swollen cock. I began to stroke his bulge. Suddenly my hand was being covered in a hot sticky fluid as mark shot his load of cum.

“Oh, sorry,” said Mark, you are the first girl I’ve touched and had touch me. “It’s ok,”I said, “Can I taste your cum?” Mark flushed and kind of stuttered, “Are you sure?” I didn’t reply, I wasn’t going to let him know that it was my first time with a man, I just got down on my knees in front of him and pulled down his shorts. His swollen member sprang into view with his cum dribbling out of the end of it. I ran my tongue over his bell end, tasting his salty cum then opening my mouth, took his cock deep into my throat. Mark moaned as I sucked him, swallowing his seed. Mark became hard again and asked me to lie down. We got into the sixty nine position. Mark began to explore my pussy while I sucked and stroked his erect cock. I could feel Marks cock beginning to throb and removing my mouth said to him that I wanted him to fuck me.

Mark drove his tongue hard into my pussy and I orgasmed over his face. Mark moved himself up to lie along side of me. He kissed me and I could taste my own cum from his lips. Mark caressed my breasts then moved his body on top of mine. I opened my legs wide and felt Marks bell end pressing against my pussy lips. I reached down and guided his bell end into my soaking pussy. Mark teased me by just entering me then pulling out again. “Oh Mark, shag me please, I want your beautiful cock inside of me.”

Mark slowly pushed his cock into my opening and I responded by pushing into him. Slowly his cock inched its way into me until his full length was filling my hole. Mark began to shag me with a slow rhythm while I clawed at his back and almost screamed with the delights that were pulsating through my body. Mark began to speed up and then I felt him tense. I pulled his bum hard into me just as his jets of hot cum began to splash up and into my virgin pussy.

We lay exhausted for a few minutes, before getting dressed and returning to the villa. “Midnight Dip?” said Mark, “You bet,” I whispered to him.
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