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Email to Kay

A girl finds boys inquisitive about her sex, and she learns words from uncle who then makes her cum

This is the second of two emails betyeen girl friends. The first "Email to Val" relates the story of Kay's lesbian introduction to pleasure at the hands of a girl friend in England

Email to Kay (02 )


A reply by email from a young woman in America to her English friend Kay. The second in an exchange of emails between intimate friends.

"Email to Kay" – A reply to "Email to Val"

Hi Kay thanks for your email. Wow... Hey Martine was... well I guess I don't know what she was but I wish she were mine! I bet you wish like hell she kept in touch (touch... touch...? Yeah...? Oh forget it lol )

My cousin and me meet now and again. It's big country round here and a lot of travelling, but when we meet we kinda 'get it together' if you know what I mean. I still like her doing it to me.

You said it was my turn, so here goes. It's ALL about BOYS lol.

I was living in New York City where I went to Junior and Senior high school. It wasn't long after I turned 18 my cousin showed me how to cum, the end of the fall semester and we had a disco at school. Just soft drinks and teachers on the lookout to make sure we behaved! There was me and two boys dancing together and one of them had dated me and was real cute. The boys kept swinging me around from one to the other and my skirt flared up and they couldn't take their eyes off of my legs lol. We went for a coke and one of them said "Come out here it's cooler." So I slipped out and nobody noticed and the other boy came as well. We walked down the passage and one of them opened a classroom door and we went in. There was no light on but there was a security light somewhere and it was gloomy but we could see.

We chatted in whispers and my date was sort of brushing my arm and back and it was nice, then he pulled me to him and kissed me. Well I was high with dancing and I kissed him back, and he was frenching me and holding me tight and I knew his old ding dong was hard and felt it push at me. One of his hands was squeezing my small boobs and that felt good until he started opening the buttons on my blouse. I tried to stop him and tell him "No" but he wouldn't stop. He told the other boy to hold my arms and he opened all my buttons and pushed my bra up. He was feeling my bare tits and I admit that when he brushed on my nipples it was good for me. The other boy was behind me holding my arms and my date reached under my skirt and I felt my tights and panties slide down my legs.

"Get her on a desk." he said.

I was dragged back over a desk and I felt my pumps come off and then my tights and panties. He was pulling my knees apart and I was fighting to keep them closed. Then my legs got tired and he made it, spreading me wide. I could feel my thighs trying to close but his hips stopped me. I lifted my head and saw him pull his cock out. It was hard and he was pulling on it. He rubbed the big fat end up and down my slit and I thought' "Oh god I'm going to be raped." He pulled it away from my slit and I watched, terrified, as it suddenly spurted white stuff all over my hairs and belly.

He was groaning. " Ohhhh GOD. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck I needed that."

The other boy said, "Hold her down. I gotta see it. Let me look. Shit my balls are gonna explode in a minute. Let me see it."

They changed places and the second boy opened me and was feeling me and rubbed his cock up and down my slit. Then he was spurting as well and their stuff was running down my belly and on the desk and I had it on my bra and my hairs were covered in it.

I was crying.

They left me there, practically naked and covered in cum. I used my panties to wipe it off me, and then I couldn't bear the thought of wearing them covered in boys' cum. I put them in my purse and put my tights on. I covered up and looked pretty normal except I was crying and my eyes were swollen. I went to the girls' bathroom. My face was a sight I can tell you. I was splashing cold water over my eyes and face when I heard the door open. It was a teacher.

"Valerie? Are you OKAY honey? Are you crying?"

I was terrified to say what had happened. I felt so ashamed and scared about what might happen next.

"I'm okay Miss Robinson. A boy stamped on my foot and it really hurt me. It was an accident. I'm okay. I'm not hurt much."

She led me to the hall, me limping heavily! "I think I want to go home Miss."

"Yes of course. I'll take you myself. Wait and I'll get my keys."

She saw me to the door of our home. My Mom was frantic when she saw the two of us, but I said I really was OKAY and I'd take a bath to ease my pain!"

My sex hairs were all stuck together with cum and there was some on my skirt too. I washed my panties out in the sink and put them on my radiator to dry overnight. God they were a mess.

The next morning I rummaged in Dad's den and found his Marine combat knife. I hid it in my school bag and went off to school as normal for the last day. At the lunch break I looked for the two boys who'd been avoiding me.

I saw them and said, "You two come with me please," all very nice and calm and extra polite.

I got them away from the rest of the kids then I opened my bag and pulled out my Dad's killing knife. They jumped back.

"Listen to me you motherfuckers . If either of you so much as tries to hold my fucking hand in the future, I swear I'll cut your fucking balls off and stuff them down your fucking throats. GET IT?" and I waved the knife at them, like Daddy had shown me how to do.

Honestly, Kay, they went whiter than white. They mumbled "Sorry," and was I okay. I just said "Fuck off and NEVER come anywhere near me in future."

So that was my intro to boys. But things did improve in the future lol.

At that time I lived in NY City like I said, and I had an Uncle Ted who lived in Chicago . You probably know Chicago is on Lake Michigan ? Like a sea that is.

That year, the summer after my horrible experience with those boys, I was on vacation with Uncle Ted and he had this sailboat on the Lake . There aren't too many sailboats up and down 5th Avenue NYC despite what you see in "Pretty Woman" and girl was I thrilled to have him tell me he would teach me sailing. So there I was, all dolled up in shorts and rope shoes; he'd got me a life jacket and he took a LOT of care getting that fitted right for me. I didn't have a lot up front then you know. Oh I had the swells okay lol...but only a little handful and not the great floppy things I've got now. Just itty bitty ones. So he fitted the jacket to me to be comfortable and not float off over my head if I fell in!

My Aunt was away (I knew later they were having probs ) and so off we went on his sailboat. It was like huge for me, 28 feet long and had this galley and saloon and bunks and it was real cozy . A real home on the water. The morning he spent showing me the ropes and how to winch the sails up and things like that, and how to get out of the way when the sail swept across from one side to the other. One important thing to learn was when he 'tacked' the boat so it sailed different to the wind, the sail on its big boom would whip across and take your head off if you weren't careful. When he changed that way he would roar "Ready about," then as he put the helm over he'd yell "Lee Oh" and I had to be damn sure to keep out of the way of that boom.

I was a real house lady and made us a little snack in the galley. I felt so grown up. My own little kitchen and stove. Then we set off. The sailboat didn't seem that fast but suddenly we were alone in the waters. After hours on the lake he headed to the shore and there was a little cove. Very pretty. He said we would stay the night there and have supper and we anchored and I made us a simple supper.

Later as we sat opposite each other on our bunks, just soft lights making a nice cozy glow in the saloon, I said "Teddy."

" Mmmmmm ?"

"Teddy can I ask you things, about sex and stuff?"

"Sure honey of course you can. What do you want to know?"

"Do all boys want to... why is it important to them... I mean...?"

"Spit it out Val. Look, have you got a boyfriend back in New York ?"

"No, oh no Teddy... I hate boys."

"Hell girl you're no age to be hating boys. Now's the time to be dating and finding out about them. Anyway why do you hate them?"

"Never mind. It's nothing."

He came and sat beside me, put his arm round my shoulders. "Come on now, what's bothering my girl? Tell your Uncle Teddy all about it."

"It's just I don't understand boys, is all. I mean, when a boy likes a girl and she likes him, why do boys want to spoil it and grab her and hurt her and do nasty things to her?"

"Why not just tell me instead of talking in riddles. Has some boy done nasty things? Tell me, Val."

"They don't just want to kiss... its all the other stuff."

"Val will you TELL me... I just don't understand what in hell you are talking about here."

"I want to but... I feel shy... I feel embarrassed."

"Has a boy raped you?"

" Oh nooooooo ... well... not exactly."

" Well what then."

" At a school disco. Two boys got me. And they got my panties down and... and ... they kept saying they had to see it and they felt it and rubbed themselves and it all came out on me and..."

" Whoaaa there. If I'm gonna know what happened you've gotta tell me the words so I'm not guessing what happened. None of this ' see it' and 'felt it' and 'rubbed themselves.' Now tell me clear don't make me guess."

"One boy held me down on my back on a desk and the other took them down and..."

" Took what down"

"My panties. And he rubbed it on me and... "

"Val will you TELL me straight. What did he rub and where?"

"His penis on..."

"Wait now. Only the doc calls it a penis. It's a cock, or a prick or a dick. See? Now say it."

"His... his... what you said."

"Say it Val. Say he rubbed his cock on... then tell me what he rubbed it on."

"It was on my vagina..."

" Goddamit Val... vagina ? Nobody says vagina either for chrissakes . Now listen. The way I see it is that all your area between your legs, from your hairs right down to your asshole, that's what I call pussy. Then there are the lips covering your hole, the hole that's made for a man to get into, that's what it's there for and no other reason. It's made for a man to get his cock inside you. And that hole is either your pussy hole, or the word I use is to say it's your cunt hole. Or just it's your cunt. Waiting there for a man to get into. Have you had any boys in there yet Val?"

My whole body felt hot. The talk of my pussy and hole was making me get the wets down there. I could feel it starting to tingle and my small boobs were getting tight in my bra.

"So tell me now... proper words... what the boy did."

"He took his out..."


"He... he took his... took his cock out and rubbed it and it spurted his stuff on me."

"Now say it properly. He took his cock out and jerked off over my belly and pussy. And his spunk went all over my tits. But they didn't cum in my cunt. Say exactly what I just said."

When he said that he put his hand over the front of his pants and I saw him sort of squeeze himself there. His breath was coming harder, and so was mine!

I repeated what he'd told me to say and my face felt scarlet. I could feel the blush right down to my breasts. They felt real tight inside my bra. I was leaking right there next to my Uncle saying cock and spunk and tits and pussy and cunt.

"Did you like it when he rubbed his cock on your slit.? "

"I was scared they'd hurt me or make me pregnant or something."

"Yeah that's right and you gotta make sure no spunk gets in you when you are fertile. Did he fuck you?"

I gasped... shivered at the thought.

"No. He didn't put it in just rubbed it up and down me."

"Now tell me properly."

"No Teddy. He didn't put his cock in... in ... in my cunt and he didn't fuck me. They just kept saying "I wanna see it. I gotta see it Let me look. Why, why do they say that. "

"Well they are boys. And boys are real curious about what a girl hides between her legs. They KNOW they gotta get inside her panties and she might fight them off. But they just gotta see one and see what it looks like with hair round it. And that pussy hole well, girl, men are just plain desperate to finger fuck it and fill it with cock and shoot their spunk in there. It's just because they're men you see. It's what men have to do to a woman."

Teddy was gently rubbing my arm and his head was close to mine and he was talking real soft. I could feel his breath on my neck and I kept shivering.

"One day, Val, you are gonna want a man to take your panties down and you will be desperate to get cock inside you. You will be begging that man to fuck you and fill you with his spunk if you really really like him a lot."

I gulped. "Men only want to put... their...their cock up me and do it to me you mean?"

"Well one day if things turn good, you will meet a boy who really loves you for yourself and for everything you are. BUT he will still want to FUCK you. Now repeat this, boys want to put their cocks in my cunt and fuck me."

Haltingly, with my heart banging like a drum in my ears, I gasped out what he told me,

"Good girl it ain't so hard is it. And when they fuck you they want to fill your cunt with spunk. Gottit ?"

" Yes Teddy."

Soon after we went to our bunks. I kept hearing his words in my head. Cock. Cunt. Spunk. Fuck my cunt, and all I could see in my mind was Teddy, mixed up with those two cocks I'd seen. But I couldn't imagine it happening to me. Not IN me like he'd said. I didn't know what it was like right then. As I put my hand between my legs I heard a rustling of bedclothes across in his bunk, only three feet away. The noise was sort of rhythmical and I wondered if he was doing what the boys at school had done and making himself cum. I pictured it hard, just as I'd seen before and I twiddled with my finger on my clit. The noise got quicker and I heard his breath, all heavy, and then there was a low groan.

I had to put my hand over my mouth as I came too.

The next day we sailed further up the lake.

After hours on the lake he headed to the shore and there was another little bay. Very pretty. He said we would anchor and have supper there. He shouted out the warnings, then "Lee Oh" and made the boat turn round into the wind. The boom came across, I jumped out of the way and fell over the side! There I was held up by my life jacket and the boat seemed like miles away but it wasn't really far. Uncle Ted dropped the anchor and I swam to him. The back of the boat had a little ladder thing called a pushpit and I climbed on deck. The water was really cold and I was shivering and shaking. He said to go below and get my wet things off while he made the boat secure.

When he came down to the saloon I was still standing, dripping, shivering, feeling totally numb and dumb and miserable.

"Val" he said, " get those wet things off of you." He threw me a towel and rummaged in a locker. I knew he was making me a hot drink. He turned to me and I was still just standing there... totally stupid.

"Val come on. Get these wet things off before you catch your death." He was unfastening my life jacket, lifting up my sodden sweatshirt, pulling at my soaking shorts.

He thrust a warm drink in my hands and said, "Drink this." I gulped and spluttered as it hit the back of my throat. I felt it burning its way into my tummy. "It's a toddy , it'll warm you," he said. "Drink it all down."

Kay let me tell you honey that a 'toddy' is a sailor's drink made with rum and hot water and sugar. WOW it warms ALL the way through, great for those cold winds and for those cold bodies lol.

"Must get you dry and the blood circulating. Get those things off," he said.

I was suddenly aware I was in only my little bra and panties. I pulled the towel around me, shy in my innocence.

"Val don't be stupid. You MUST get dry. Drink that toddy down. Now let's get those things off."

I was too shocked from the cold to refuse. I felt him unclip my bra. He pulled at my panties until at last I stood naked before him. I was trembling; I was conscious of my nipples being hard. I felt vulnerable in front of a man who could see every part of my body. I put a hand over my mound and my arm across my small swollen breasts. He turned me around and took the towel and rubbed my shoulders, my back, and the back of my legs. I felt him scrubbing at my head to dry my hair as much as possible.

"Turn around," he whispered. Dazed, I turned toward him and he dabbed gently at the front of my body, sweeping my nipples with delicate strokes of the rough towel.

"Open" he said, and I felt my legs spread without conscious effort. He patted me in my special place with the towel.

"Get in the bunk." I climbed onto the bunk and he covered me with a thick, fluffy blanket.

The toddy was warm in my tummy. My shivering calmed. I was enveloped in warmth. I fell asleep.

I woke and knew he was lying behind me, his tummy to my back. His left arm was over me cuddling my naked tummy to give me his warmth. His right arm was under my neck, wrapped around me and holding my upper shoulder. I lay awake in his arms, unsure of what to do.

His hand drifted upwards over my tummy and I held my breath as my breast was cupped for the first time. His hand moved again and I felt his palm rasp over my nipple. I gasped as I felt the jolt down between my legs. I tried to pretend sleep, afraid that I would disturb him in his own sleep but his hand again brushed against me.

Now there was no pretending. His fingertips were scratching gently at my nipples, over my aching breasts. My blood pounded, I knew I was suddenly breathing more heavily. I knew he was awake and touching me in a way I'd never known. I was scared, really scared, but I didn't want him to stop.

His hand drifted lower and found my maiden's hair. The arm on my shoulder dropped to my breast and gentled me. His other hand slipped to my knee and tugged me open. I couldn't resist; my leg relaxed and he pulled my upper leg up and back so it rested on top of his. I was wide open and his thigh supported mine as his fingers dipped in between. He moved partly onto his back taking me with him so that I was half lying on him. I felt him hard against my ass.

The tips of his fingers touched my upper thigh, on my smooth skin there, just below my slit. My mind screamed for him to touch it. But no, his hand went down to my knee and back up again, just short of my desperate place. Again he left me frantic for his touch and I whimpered with my longing for him to continue.

I swear I screamed out as he finally did what I wanted and slipped his fingers along my exposed slit. He felt inside for where I leaked and circled the place that only I had touched. He pressed at me and I yielded, giving up my innocence to my Uncle's knowing finger. It was hard as it entered me. I was so tight. Then as he pleased me, as I surrendered myself to him, as his hand took possession of me, I at first relaxed then grew taut with building excitement. His finger was in me, his thumb found my clit and Kay, it was totally indescribable as I bucked and jerked and my own special place wept with pleasure into his hand. Oh Kay it was so good.

After my shattering explosion I calmed and felt myself relax, then I fell asleep again.

I woke and he was still holding me, cuddling me. I was naked. When he knew I was awake he turned me on my back and knelt over me. My skin was all goose bumps as he took my knees and made me lie with legs spread wide. My eyes were closed and I felt him move until he knelt between my knees. One hand was stroking my lower lips, finding my tight hole. He was rimming it with his finger, using my own wetness to ease his entry into me. Then he was in and my hips lifted to his finger as he moved it in and out. The finger rippled back and forth. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me down there as he went in and out. My eyes fell to my mound and oh god Kay he had got his cock in his hand. It looked huge to me. He was pulling it up and down along the shaft as he looked at his finger in my hole.

Suddenly he took his finger out and lay over me. I cringed, expecting pain as he forced himself inside me, but he took his weight on one arm and lowered his body so that he was rubbing the end of his cock up and down my slit. I felt the knob circle my hole and I expected him to push. I tensed up, scared of it going in. Instead he moved it up to my clit and held it there. I could feel him jerk himself as he held it against my swollen bud. I felt dizzy with wanting as the smooth hard end of him rubbed against me. He pulled away and I saw his head snap back; his face screwed up and it was like he was in an agony of pain. He gave a loud ARHHHH noise and then all his white stuff, his spunk, came spurting out and went up to my breasts and on my chin and tummy. He still knelt between my knees as he kept pulling it, and more stuff trickled down and dripped into my sex hairs.

He lay beside me then, panting, and said "Oh God Val, I so much love you. You are a beautiful young woman." He groaned again and put his hand on my hairy mound. He felt his stuff there and he started to rub it into my hairs, then his hand went higher and everywhere his cum had splashed on me he rubbed it in. I felt my excitement build as he rubbed my nipples, all slippery now with his cum. Then I had to reach down and my hand was between my legs, my fingers on my clit and I emptied my tensions into a crashing climax. My hips lifted, thrusting at my fingers and he kept stroking and rubbing his cum into my breasts.

"Cum for me Val. Cum for me. Good girl. Cum for me." I collapsed back and he held me tight. We cuddled and I fell asleep yet again.

The next morning he did it to me again. He kept my legs spread wide with his own, his finger in me, and him massaging his length. He looked at my face as his finger plundered me.

"Val, tell me what I'm doing to you."

"You're doing me, with your finger... doing it to me."

"No Val I'm fucking you with my finger. Tell me... what am I doing?"

" Ohhhh Teddy... you... you're f…… fucking me with your finger. You're pulling on your cock."

"Tell me I'm jerking off over your naked cunt. Tell me what I'm going to do."

"You're jerking your cock over my naked cunt. You're going to...going to... shoot spunk all over me and rub it in and ..."

As I said that he spurted out, splashing my breasts, even my chin. As he jerked it, the last of his spunk drooled on me.

I was desperate to finish. My fingers went down and he must have seen the begging need in my face. He lay beside me, kissing me, fingering my clit, his finger again sliding in my pussy. He nibbled on my nipples and it came for me. I swelled inside. It burst open. I lifted up, mashing my sex at his fingers, my hips off the bunk, and I heard myself wailing my climax to the lonely sailboat.

I wasn't on the pill (he asked me!!) and he didn't have any safety for me.

Over those 3 days he did me with his fingers and mouth morning noon and night. He showed me how to hold him, how to move my hand to make it good for him. I learned the indescribable feeling of his tongue on my clit and in my little cunt hole . And, my heart thudding, I learned how to give him pleasure as I licked and sucked on his cock. I found that I could take him to his climax and not spit it out. It doesn't really taste much does it?

So that was my first time with a man. The first PROPER time, when I began to learn.

Later still he changed my life yet again. He made me a woman.

It's now back to you my dearest English friend. Are you still bi ? Do you have a special girlfriend to take care of you? Oh god I wish it were me. Do you have a boyfriend who works his wicked way with you hee hee hee ? TELL ME ALL!!

I am sending separately the pic you asked for. Please note artistically trimmed pussy hair, done SPECIALLY for you by the way. Do you like it? My B/F likes it bushy over my slit... He says he likes the mystery of looking for it and finding it and... Oh god here I go again.

It's now 9.30 p.m. here, 3.30 a.m. I guess for you. Are you asleep I wonder? If you are I'd sure like to wake you with kisses and fingers and... mmmm . Or perhaps you're on duty, caring for your patients, getting laid by a dishy intern behind those curtains in a public ward with patients hopefully asleep around you hee hee hee . Now THERE'S a thought!

Darling Kay I'm alone this evening, and yet I don't feel alone. Writing to you has let me be with you in my mind, in my heart. How I would like to be with you for real, to know your beauty. To see, and smell, and kiss and touch and love you.

So I'm not alone, not truly alone as I can feel you here with me.

In bed or at your hospital, feel the itch down there as I think of you my darling girl.

Bye honey... write soon...All my love

Your very own loving Val x x x x x x


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