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Emily's Seduction (part one)

Emily's Seduction (part one)

A professor marries an instructor and her daughter interests him.

It was the summer of the year. My marriage to Erica took place right at end of the school year. Now we were living together in my home. It was just Erica and me, and her daughter Emily. I'm Richard. No one had ever called me Dick. It may be because I'm rather formal in my personality.

We met when Erica came to work at the university. I was a professor of English, and Erica was a new instructor. She divorced her husband some years earlier. Then she went back to school and finished her degrees in English. She was rather old to be starting out as an instructor, but she loved the work.

She was thirty-eight years old. She married while still in college, because she was pregnant. Her daughter, Emily, was born and Erica didn't finish her education at that time. She became a mother and housewife. When she broke up after ten years she decided to complete college, and finished her BA, MA, and PhD in just six years.

We fell in love after one semester and decided to marry. I barely met her daughter, who turned sixteen at the beginning of her school year, just as Erica was beginning her new career. Emily was at a private school that her father's family was paying for. In any case, our marriage happened at the end of our winter semester. Emily was out of school, and we moved in together. I had a large house just off campus.

I was fifty years old. Since I was a full professor I didn't have any courses to lecture during the summer. Erica, on the other hand, was instructing three courses, and was gone most of each day. She was either teaching, or advising, or holding office hours. I was at home, doing my preparations for the coming fall semester, and my own writing.

Emily was there at home most of the time. My backyard had a privacy fence. She was working on her tan quite a bit, or else she was in her room, playing her music. She also had her own television, so she could entertain herself with that. She seemed to be a rather quiet girl, and Erica told me she was devoted to her father. She missed him.

I married Erica because I loved her. But I also desired her. She was a lovely woman. I never married before, and was rather naive with women. But she was so easy to get to know. In fact, she was the first to make a sexual move, during one of our early dates together. Making love to her was wonderful. She taught me some things, and I was grateful for that. Our marriage was going to be a success.

Now I needed to make friends with her daughter. It would be so awkward if Emily and I couldn't get along. She took after her mother. She was a pretty girl. She would turn seventeen at the end of the summer. Her hair was brown, usually in braids, and she was tall for a girl. She was almost as tall as me. She didn't appear to have any of the shyness that some girls had. She was rather forthright, as a matter of fact.

I noticed how desirable she was, as she sunbathed in her bikini. The patio was right outside my library. I had some french doors that opened to the outside. Looking out I couldn't help but see her, right there in the bright sunlight. Her breasts were small, and she was slight. She didn't have a lot of fat, but she wasn't skinny, either. Just right, as a matter of fact. I did find her attractive. Her legs were especially nice.

After a few days we settled into a routine. Erica and I would arise, and she would prepare for going to campus. I would get up also, so I could do my work around the house. Emily was allowed to sleep in. She was out of school and this was her vacation, after all. Then, after two or three hours I would hear Emily up and about. She prepared her own breakfast, usually cereal, but I would cook for her if she asked. She smelled so good there at the kitchen table.

We didn't have long conversations, but we spoke, and it seemed that she and I were coming to terms with our new situation. She was even smiling at me as we talked. That was pleasant. I tried to keep the feelings I was having from overwhelming me. I knew it was wrong to lust for my stepdaughter. I couldn't help getting hard sometimes as I looked at her out the window. I had to struggle not to become erect as I spoke to her in the kitchen or the living room.

Emily seemed to be a very demonstrative girl. She was quite often touching me as she spoke. Her delicate hands would reach out and pat my arm, or my leg, if we happened to be sitting at the table together. She would even call me Dick. I didn't correct her. I wanted her to like me, after all. But I didn't touch her in return. I knew it might be wrong. However, when Erica came home after work I needed some relief.

As soon as Erica arrived at the house I would hear her come in. I would sometimes go out and draw her into our bedroom. She knew what that meant. I wanted her, and she was eager to please. Erica did enjoy sex. All kinds. I could see she was often worried about Emily noticing. But Emily would usually be outside on the patio.

Erica loved to be fucked in every way I could. And I often needed it, because her daughter had aroused deep feelings of lust in me. I could be forceful, and she didn't mind. She liked it that way, and would become vocal as I fucked her deep and rough. My cock would ram my new wife and she would squeal out her passion. She was a great lover. I was learning to fulfill her needs.

On the weekends Erica would join her daughter out on the patio. They would both sunbathe in their bikinis. They could be sisters. The two were quite similar in form, and in personality, too. I watched out the library windows. I admit I took out my cock and stroked it as I watched the two of them. I masturbated for a long time, holding back as I approached climax, but finally shooting out spurts of sperm into a handkerchief. I wasn't quite sure which one had made me come. Perhaps both.

One Saturday afternoon Erica came into the house in her bikini. I took her hand to go into the master bedroom. She was smiling. I glanced over at Emily as we walked away, and she smiled too. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I wanted my wife. I wanted some pussy. I needed to make love to her. And I knew she wouldn't mind.

This time I hadn't jerked off. I was very horny and I wanted to do things to my wife. I almost ripped her clothes off, as she giggled like a girl. I liked the sound of that. I was stripping quickly also. When we were both naked I pushed her down onto the bed and I did something I hadn't done before. She had never asked, but I had read about it, of course. I was going to perform cunnilingus on her. I was going to eat her pussy, as they say.

"Oh, my, Richard! Where did you learn to do that? Very sweet, dear. Oh, god, yes, right there Richard."

I was a quick learner. I always had been. And I liked what I was doing. I often wondered why Erica kept her pussy hairless. Perhaps this was why. It was a pity I hadn't thought of this before. I enjoyed licking her pussy. It was an unusual taste, but it made my erection extremely hard. I was eager to fuck her when she climaxed from the pussy eating I was doing.

"Jesus, god, that is so fucking good. Richard, you're my big lover. Oh, baby, eat me. I keep coming Richard."

She was coming for me. And letting me know it. That was pleasant. It made me even harder to think that perhaps Emily could hear her mother. I thought of Emily, and I rose up and rammed my prick into my wife's cunt.

"You want that, Erica! You want me to fuck you now? Take my prick, take it, take me, god take my cock."

I was thrusting very roughly. I think Erica was moaning loudly, but my own groans were loud enough. I kept fucking her with long, slow thrusts, and then speeding up, to keep fucking her into submission. She was crying out as she had orgasm after orgasm. My sperm was finally filling her cunt, as I came and came. It was so much, and I wanted it so badly. I knew Emily could hear us. I knew she could. I hoped she could.

We had dinner that evening, and it was pleasant. Erica was very happy. That was good to see. I believed I had pleased her, and that was important in any marriage. As we dined Emily was smiling often, as if she had a secret.

"You look happy tonight, Emily, dear. What have you been doing besides lying out in the sun, while your poor mom is slaving away with classwork?"

"Oh, Mom, I'm good. Just trying to do some writing. You know I like to do that. I suppose I should show you some of it, Dick. You could give me some honest criticism." She put her hand on my thigh and smiled at me.

"Well, I'm sure he could do that. Maybe you shouldn't call him Dick, though. No one does, dear."

"Ah, my dear. I don't mind at all. If she likes that name, it's fine with me. Of course, Emily. Just bring me your manuscripts and I shall be glad to look them over. I didn't realize you were writing. That's lovely my dear."

She rubbed my thigh and smiled at me. I patted her hand. I wasn't sure, but I may have blushed. I felt my face flushing. We finished eating and spent the evening watching a movie using the DVD player. Erica and Emily had brought that into the house, with their other things, after the wedding.

On Monday afternoon Emily tapped at my library door. She came in with some papers in her hand. I was at my desk going over the syllabi for the fall semester. I smiled at her and she came over and sat on the chair next to my desk. I rolled out on my chair. She had on some bright, crimson lipstick. I glanced down at her pretty legs, and she wasn't wearing shoes. Such pretty feet. She was wearing a very short sundress. She crossed her legs. I had to cross mine, too. 

"So Dick, I have some stories here. And a poem also. You said you wouldn't mind looking at them." She laid them on my desk, and her hand patted my thigh.

"Of course, of course. Right. I did say that. I look forward to reading them."

"You're a nice man, Dick. I haven't told you that before. But, you know, I think you're making my Mom very happy. I love my Dad, but he wasn't that great a husband. I can tell, you're good at it."

I was flushing again. I wasn't sure how to respond. "Thank you Emily. You must know I adore you mother. She's been all I ever wanted in a wife."

"Everything? That's good, Dick. I'm sure she's everything you want. That's good to hear. Well, if you want to let me know if these are any good, that'd be nice, Dick. I'm going to change now. I want to get some sun before Mom comes home."

With that she rubbed my leg, smiled and rose. I noticed she glanced down at my lap. Oh, god, could she see my erection? She twirled about and walked away, then turned, twiddled her fingers at me, and went through the door, leaving it open.

I was hard. So hard, and I was so ashamed. She was my stepdaughter, and I was having very bad thoughts about her. I watched Emily go out in her bikini, and wanted to masturbate. But I was going to wait for Erica. When Emily came inside I heard her go to her room, and the shower running. She stayed in there while I waited for Erica to come home.

I could hardly stand the wait. When she arrived I grabbed her hand and rushed into the bedroom. My erection hadn't gone down and it'd been almost two hours. I was going to get some pleasure now from Erica. With glee she tossed her clothes off, and I did the same. My prick was raging.

"Get down, Erica. Get on your knees. Come on, little girl. I need this, Erica. Suck my cock. Suck it now!"

She hadn't done this before. Our sex lives was limited to fucking before. She liked that. And she had loved that pussy licking I had done. I hadn't really been used to anything else. But I was learning. Yes, I was learning, and I wanted a fucking blow job.

"Umm, nice Mister Richard, very good. Momma wants that cock. Umph."

She had taken it all into her hot mouth, and now was running her tongue around it. I was moaning with pleasure and her face was bobbing on my cock, and I wanted to fuck her throat. I yelled out how much I wanted to fuck her face.

"Take my cock, woman. Take it all. God, I'm fucking your mouth. Oh, fuuuucckk."

Her hand was stroking my prick faster and faster. I grabbed her hair, and tried to feed her my cock, all the way into her throat. She was gagging and slurping, and her drool was running out. Her eyes were watering. I pulled out. I was afraid for a moment I had hurt her. I may have been overly eager. She looked up at my face.

"Richard, that's alright lover. I didn't know you were like this. I can take it dear. I like it rough, baby. Give me more cock, Richard. Fuck my face and come on it. I want your come on my face, dear."

I wailed with lust and rammed my prick into her mouth again. She was jacking it off as I fucked her hand and mouth, and her teeth were raking along my cock, making me harder and more forceful. Jesus, she was a good fuck. I knew I was being loud. I was thinking of Emily's mouth.

"Here it comes. I'm coming, god, coming. Cominnnng."

I pulled out, held my prick, and spurted all over my wife's face. I was gushing out and she was eagerly taking it. Just the way Emily would take it, I knew that, I thought that. Emily would take my come the way her mother did. They were the same. It kept coming out in strings, covering Erica's pretty face.

At last I had finished, and she opened her eyes. She wiped the come off of her face, licked her fingers, and grinned at me.

"I'm learning new things about you all the time, Richard. That was fun, dear. You can do that anytime Richard. I like it. And I really liked you eating my pussy, dear. It's all fun, darling."

I was fearful that I might have called out Emily's name as I came. I couldn't remember. But Erica would have noticed. We both showered together, and I decided to take her out to dinner. Emily would come along too, of course. But I wanted to give my wife a treat. She was the perfect wife. With a perfect daughter.

"Emily, we're going out to dinner. Get ready dear. Put on something pretty. Richard wants to treat us." Erica was calling out to Emily through her door. She had knocked but it was locked.

"Okay, Mom, okay. Just give me a minute. I have to take a shower, too. I'll be ready in fifteen minutes." That was Emily calling out through her locked door. I knew she had taken a shower earlier, when she came in from sunbathing. I wondered why she needed to shower again.

That evening was pleasant. I took the two girls out to a fine dining establishment. We hadn't been there together before. The food was always great there. Since it was a Monday it wasn't too busy. We all ordered and then chatted. Erica finally excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Emily had to let her mother out. She scooted over to where I was and smiled at me.

"Do you like this Emily? I haven't been here many times. It's always been good. I hope you enjoy it."

Her hand was on my thigh. "Dick, it's a nice place. I'm not used to eating like this, but I'll like it, I'm sure. I'm sure I'll enjoy myself a lot. This is a good end to the day, Dick. I've enjoyed it all. Haven't you, Dick? Hasn't it been a great day?"

I stared at her. She was smiling and her lips were wet. I felt her rubbing my thigh, and I felt my prick starting to grow. Where was Erica?

"Yes, Emily. Yes, the day's been fine. I haven't had a chance to look at your stories yet, but I just know I'll love them. Yes, everything went great today. Here comes your mother. Erica, Emily and I were talking about her stories."

Emily scooted out and let her mother in to the space beside me. We were served shortly after that. Dinner was lovely. Both girls seemed to like the food. As we left they both were saying they would love to come here again sometime. Each girl took one of my arms as we walked over to the car. I could feel myself becoming erect. I would have to use my wife again when we got home.

After Emily went to bed.

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