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First Encounter after Online Relationship Part 2

The first meeting continues, the fantasies continue
(This is the second part of a story, please read the firstsection to set the stage)

As we leave the hotel, we get a taxi to head to the restaurant. As we are driving, your dress falls open a little, exposing a little of your upper thigh. As we’re chatting, you catch me stealing glimpses of your thigh and then your hand comes over and starts to caress my cock, locked in its chastity belt. You smile, “It’s cute watching you look at me and want me,” as you continue rubbing my cock. “If I didn’t have you locked up, I bet you’d be fully erect and wanting to fuck me. But you can’t because I locked you up,” and you giggle again.

We get to the restaurant and our reservation is ready. We sit down and look at the menu as the waiter comes over and he looks at me asks if we will be having drinks. Before I can say anything, you smile and say “I’ll have a chocolate martini and he’ll have a tonic water with lime, thank you.”

I look at you a little surprised and say “I really don’t like tonic water.”

You smile back and say “Mattie dear, I know what’s best for you. Trust me.” And then you add, “I need you sober and hydrated tonight because there will be a lot more pussy worshipping going on,” as I feel something on my crotch. As I look down, I see your bright red toenails over my slacks, teasing my cock.

The waiter comes back and asks if we have any questions. You ask “So tell me what are you specials?” and as he goes through a long list, I see you take the key on your necklace and start to twirl it and play with it. You look at me as you do, ignoring the waiter, watching me focus on the key and the power it has over me. After he finishes going through it all, you say, “I’ll take the pasta and a small house salad and Mattie there will have the fish, grilled and vegetables.” He looks at me as I sit there stunned and silent.

As the wait staff comes back with the bread, you stand up and say “I need to go to the powder room to freshen up” and you ask for directions. Then all the sudden as they are laying down the bread, you take a napkin and dip it in the water and start to wipe off my face like a little boy and say “Mattie, you are such a mess, you have some dried white stuff all over your mouth and chin” and you see me turn beet red as I know it’s from me worshipping your pussy earlier in the evening. I turn even redder as the wait staff watches you do it, but am a little relieved they really don’t know why.

After a few minutes, I feel your hands on my shoulders and then whisper in my ear, “Mattie, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to lock a man up in a chastity belt, but never thought I’d get to do it. But it makes me even hotter than I thought it would. My pussy is dripping and throbbing knowing what you’ll do for me,” as you kiss my ear.

Then you come beside me and say “I have something for you” and you reach down and open my hand near my lap and place something in it. As I look down, I see the silky and lacey pink panties you were wearing earlier. You lean in again and say “Keep them in your hand all night dear and feel how wet they are.”

Dinner takes an hour or so as we are chatting and talking. Even though we had an incredible few hours in the hotel and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife, we don’t talk about much sexual. The waiter comes up and asks about dessert and you say “No thank you, we’ll get something to drink at the bar next door.” We pay the check and I start to stand up and realize the pink panties can be seen in my hand.

You smile and say, “You can keep them in your pocket sweetie, I don’t want you too embarrassed.”

You lead me out of the restaurant and go down the street and head into the bar. As we go in, you get carded and pull out your ID and then joke with the doorman and say “I bet you don’t need his ID” as you reach up and rub my head, teasing me about my baldness. He laughs and says “Have fun.”

We go into the bar and grab a high-top table and before I can say anything you say “Get me another martini and you a tonic water sweetie.” I go up to the bar and order and come back. We sit at the table, hard to talk because it’s so loud, but you start playing with the key again and see you seductively rubbing your legs up and down as you cross them over and over. We continue chatting normally but like keeping me distracted. We talk about my week and everything I have to do for work. You smile and say “It’s good I have some friends in town and I can go shopping while you’re working, that should keep me busy.”

You finish your drink and just lift the glass a little giving me the hint and I get up to go to the bar to get another one. There is a longer line this time and after about 10 minutes, I come back with your martini and my tonic water. As I turn, I see a younger guy standing at the table and you talking to him and are really smiling and giggling. As I’m sitting the drinks down, I hear him say “Would you like to dance?” and I startle him as I came back. He goes, “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you and your father’s dinner.”

You start giggling loudly and say “Did you ask to dance?” and he nods. You stand up and smile and say “Dad, you don’t mind if I dance with this handsome young man do you?” as you give me the most wicked grin. I turn beet red and am silent.

You look at me and say “Do you mind if I dance with him? He’s cute.”

I lower my head and say “No” as you start to stand up.

You pretend to forget something and come back and whisper in my eye, “Good boy” as you pat my cock in the cage.

For the next several songs, I see you and the guy on the dance floor. At first, it’s harmless dancing but then you start to get closer and get more sensual with him. I see you touching him more and his hands on your hips. You look over from time to time and see me watching and just smiling. I keep thinking you’ll come back over but you keep dancing with him. I see his hands on your hips as you grind a little on him, he’s so into you. Finally, the DJ takes a little break and you come back over without him.

You come back and stand next to me, “God that was fun, I love to dance.” Then you rub my receding hairline and kiss my head and giggle, “Hope you didn’t mind dad” and laugh more. You add, “I’m parched from dancing, another drink sweetie.”

I get up and go to the bar and get another drink and come back. We start chatting as I see you try and fan yourself off since you’re a little hot. After a while, the guy comes back up and says “Thanks you’re a great dancer. Are you from around here?”

You smile and say “No, just visiting for the week.”

He reaches in and gives you a business card and says, “Well if you get bored or need a tour guide while you’re here, give me a call.” You smile and take the card and put it in your purse.

“Thanks” you say, “I might just have to do that, you’re a great dancer” and give him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

He leaves and we finish our drinks and you look at your watch, “We should get back to the hotel” and we get a taxi and head back. As we get into the hotel room, you put the do not disturb sign on the door and lock it. We head to the room and your tone changes a little and you say “Strip naked Mattie” as you go to the drawer and you pull out the handcuffs and toss them on the bed. “I want you naked and cuff yourself to the headboard while I refresh myself a little.

You see me a little nervous and you smile “Don’t worry Mattie, I won’t hurt you too much” you giggle. “Be a good boy and do as you’re told.”

I get undressed and my mind starts to race as I look at the handcuffs. I’ve known you online for a year or so and we’ve had great chats, but get nervous about the vulnerability. Thinking how I just got to town and now I’m wearing a chastity belt already. I am very nervous but turned on. I take the cuffs and attach it to one wrist and the put my hands through the headboard. I struggle for a minute but manage to fasten it on the other wrist.

As I lay there helpless, a million things go through my mind, wondering what I’m doing and what I got myself into. Then you come out wearing a sexy white, satin slip. Nothing over the top, but very sensual. Mid-thigh and shows a lot of cleavage. You come out and kneel on the bed and use your hands to caress my body.

“Mattie, it’s so sexy that you did that for me, I love the fact you’re a pleaser,” you say as you caress my body, even teasing my cock still in the chastity belt. “Do you want to worship my pussy again?”

I moan, “God yes, please Mistress Nikki, may I please worship your pussy again?”

You smile, “I love your eagerness” as you get up and straddle my head with your thighs. You playfully lift up the slip and say “Do you like that I waxed for you? Is my pussy sexy for you?”

I gulp and say “God yes, yes thank you” and I lean up and kiss your pussy.

You purr a little as I kiss and lick it but you keep it enough above my head that I have to struggle to keep my head high enough to keep doing it. After a minute or so, my head collapses as I’m tired. You smile and say “Is that too hard for you? Should I get a little closer?”

“Yes please” I ask but you smile.

“Keep trying Mattie, it’s fun to see you want it so bad. When you can’t take it anymore, let me know, but keep trying hard” you say.

I do as you want as I lift my head to kiss, lick and suck. After about 10-15 minutes, I’m exhausted and my head falls the last time. “I’m sorry Nikki, I don’t think I can do it anymore, can you get closer?”

You smile and say “Sure, is that what you want sweetie?”

I am sweaty and tired and say “Yes please.”

Then I feel you lower yourself on to my face, putting your pussy on my mouth. I eagerly start to lick and suck your pussy for a few seconds, but then you keep going. Before I know it, I can’t breathe as you have me completely smothered, pressing hard against my mouth and nose. I’m not sure how long you do it but I start to struggle hard. About 10 seconds after the struggle starts, you pull up and let me catch my breath. You look down and smile, “Did Mattie forget that I said I loved to face sit?” and you plop back down on my face again, this time even longer and more forceful.

I struggle again and you let me catch my breath again and this time, you get closer enough for me to lick, but don’t smother me. As I lick you, you say “God, Juan was so sexy.” I stop licking for a second trying to hear what you said. You look down and say “Keep licking Mattie, I said Juan was so sexy, the guy from the bar that danced with me” and you start to grind on my face more. “He was such a good dancer, you know they say that guys that dance well are great in bed” as you pussy gets wetter, then you push down and sit on my face again, making it almost impossible for me to breathe.

I struggle hard and you let up again. “And you know what Mattie, it was so sexy knowing that you were watching me dance with him. I pictured your cock wanting to get hard when I was grinding my ass on his cock” as you reach down and play with my cock in the chastity belt. “What’s funny is that your little cock is hard right now to my touch, but only because it’s the hard belt I locked on you, but his was hard because he wanted to fuck me right then and there” as you have me keep licking you.

You move your hips to make the sensation more and more. I feel you go faster and faster as you ride my face and then I feel my face covered in your wetness as you come hard. You slide off my face and smile and say, “God, you are a good pussy licker Mattie, I will give you that.” You sit beside me and rub my chest and cock as you keep talking to me.

“What time does your conference start tomorrow?” you ask.

I reply “I need to be there by 10.”

You smile and say, “Good, we can sleep in a little then” as you take another key and uncuff my hands from the headboard. You lay your head on my chest and cuddle a little. You look up and say “Can I ask you something?”

I respond “Sure.”

You ask, “What were you thinking when I was dancing with Juan?”

I am a little stunned you ask me and stammer around a little and say “I wished it was me.”

You smile and say “I know you do sweetie, but did it make your cock twitch watching? I saw you watching and it turned me on knowing you were there waiting like a good boy for me.”

I nod and say “Yes it was intense, embarrassing but intense.”

You smile and say, “I saw him checking out my cleavage on the dance floor and make me think about the key I’m wearing around my neck. God it made me so wet and since you had my panties, I felt the wetness run down my leg.” You moan, “Oh god, I’m hot again” as you smile and say “Go down on me again Mattie.”

I start to go down between your legs and you smile and say “Get on your knees beside the bed, it’s so sexy.”

And I get off the bed and start to worship your pussy again. It’s soaked as I lick and suck. You’re very sensitive, so I have to take more time to please you, but your brown eyes look down at me, watching me please you.

As I’m licking, you reach over to your purse and pull out the business card and smile as you say “Since you’re gonna be working a good bit this week, I better save this in case I need some company” as I feel your legs tighten as you climax again.

You invite me back up on the bed and snuggle up with me. “I know you want to come Mattie” you say as you please with my caged cock, “But I think it’s better when you don’t. You’re such a good boy making me happy, this is gonna be a great week.”

As you slowly drift off, my mind races, wondering what is going to happen next…

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