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First Encounter After Online Relationship Part 3

The first meeting continues - start to get teased in front of friend with naughty plans
(This is a continuation from an existing story, be sure toread the first parts to set the stage)

I struggle to fall asleep after the evening and tormenting and teasing. It’s hard to believe that I flew for about 15 hours to get to Japan and then in a matter of hours, I’ve had my cock locked up, worshiped your pussy dozens of times and had to watch you flirt and dance with another man. You’re sound asleep but it takes me a while but finally fall asleep when I find a position that doesn’t rub the cage on my cock and keep me up all night.

I’m not asleep that long when I feel movement in the bed. As I start to wake up, I notice you positioned yourself and your pussy right by my face as you pull my head in between your thighs and say “Wake up sleepyhead, my pussy needs some attention.”

I start to lick and suck your pussy as I wake up, starting to like the sensation. This time you’re more gentle as you sit on the bed, watch me please you orally and gently caress my head. Your pussy gets wet as I feel your legs tighten as you climax one time. This time you just stop with one and smile down at me. “That was sweet. What time do you have to be at the conference?” you ask again.

I look up and say “10.”

As I look at the clock saying 4:23 a.m., you smile and say “Good, we have plenty of time.” You reach around the drawer and pull out the handcuffs again. You look at me and smile and say “Put your hands behind your back for me sweetie.”

I look at you, still a little groggy and say “Why Nikki, I’ll behave myself.”

You smile and say “Just do it Mattie, I know you’ll behave yourself, you’re a good boy”.

You see I'm nervous, but I put my hand behind my back as you take the cuffs and start to fasten the first one. You continue “You are a good boy, but I’m afraid you might not like what I’m doing as much as I do and I have to make sure you stay good” as you snap the second one in place.

You see me look nervous and I ask, “What do you mean?”

You smile and say, “I want you to think of me all day while you’re at the conference.”

I laugh and say, “Do you think forgetting you is an option, I’ve waiting for months to meet you.”

You smile and say “That’s sweet, but I want to make sure” and then you go down and start to kiss and suck on my nipples. You make me purr as you do. You look up and say “I remember you saying your nipples loved attention” as you continue.

My body starts to get warmer and warmer as you continue. My cock is aching as it wants to get hard, but is confined. Playing with my nipples is the best way to get me rock hard in seconds and now it can’t and I’m struggling with it. You keep sucking and playing with my nipples, making me ache more and more. You giggle as you see me humping the air, trying to get satisfaction.

You get my nipples so hard and sensitive; my eyes are closed and I am in heaven. You move to the other side of the bed and continue to kiss and nibble as your hand teases my cock. Then all of the sudden I feel a sharp pain on my right nipple as I let out a loud “What the hell” as the pain races through my nipple.

You giggle and put your hand over my mouth and say “Shh Mattie, don’t wake up the neighbors.”

I look at you and then down at my nipple and see you put a clamp on my nipple and are twisting and teasing it. I’m in a lot of pain and you smile and say “I want you to think of me all day Mattie and I think some sore nipples will help with that."

I look at you with pain in my eyes and say “Please Mistress Nikki, this hurts so much.”

You smile and say “I know it does Mattie, but remember, I know what is for your own good” as I continue to struggle. You smile and say, "If you want me to stop, you just have to say 'My nipples are too sensitive' and I'll stop, understand.

My hands still bound as you look at me, I say "In understand"

Then you say “Okay, I’ll make you a deal, I’ll let you decide if you get the second clamp or not.”

I look up and say “Thank you Mistress, thank you. I don't think I want it.”

You giggle more and say, “Well Mattie, you don’t get to decide, your body does." You continue, “I’ll give your left nipple 15 seconds to decide. If he stays soft and doesn’t get a little hard, then he doesn’t want the clamp, but if he does get hard, that means the clamp goes on. You can use your safe word if needed, but you and I both know you know I know what's best. "

I struggle as you smile and say one and start to rub and caress my nipple. As you count to five, you go down and start to kiss and suck on it. As you get to ten you start to nibble and bite on it. As you get to fifteen, you sit up and say “My my, Mattie’s little nipple is rock hard” and you reach across the bed and grab the second clamp and put it on and you smile as I squeal.

You look at me and say “See Mattie, I know your body better than you do. Now it’s time for bed. But I don’t think you’ll sleep much, so I want you to worship my pussy at exactly 6 am” as you roll over and fall back asleep.

You leave my hands cuffed and my nipples clamped and there is no way I can go back to sleep as I stare at the clock. As it gets to 6 am, I move over between your thighs and start to lick and suck your pussy. Your hands come down on my head as you wake up. You look down as you watch me. Smiling you say “God, this is the best alarm clock” and then add “You look a little uncomfortable with your hands cuffed and trying not to rub your clamps on the bed.”

I keep licking you as your pussy gets wetter and wetter. As you start to come, your legs go over my shoulders and start to press down. The pressure pushes my chest against the bed and I squeal in pain as the clamps move and twist. My squeals make you do it a little harder as you come hard all over my face and then release your legs. You smile and say "I like that you like it and don't use your safe word."

You let me roll back over onto my back and then you reach down and start playing with the nipple clamps and twisting them more. I start to squeal a little and you tell me to be quiet as you continue. You go harder and I squeal more and this time you get up and straddle my face and start to smother me. Now I can’t breathe and my squeals are muffled. Once you get me like this, you continue teasing and tormenting my nipples for several more minutes.

You finish and roll over and say “Good boy Mattie, wake me again at 8 am like this” and you roll over and fall asleep again. My mouth and face are covered with your come, my hands are still cuffed and my nipples are burning. Again, I can’t sleep and at 8 am, I start to go down and worship your pussy. This time you wake up and straddle my face 69 style, making me worship it like that but you lay on my chest, your weight and movement making the clamps dig in more and more. You come once like that as you start to drip on me but continue. My body and nipples ache as your weight is on me.

Then your hands start to tease my cock and it’s cage. “Oh it’s so cute Mattie, it wants to get hard” you tease me as you continue. You keep going and say “Oh, there is so much precome leaking out, you must be getting sore and swollen” as you tease my balls. You push down on my face as you come again and then you get up. You look at the clock and say, I guess it’s time to get ready for work.

You uncuff my hands and take the clamps off my nipples and tell me to get ready. You see how red and swollen they are as you smile and kiss them gently. I start to get some of my things together and then get in the shower. All of the sudden when I turn around, the water hits my nipples and I let out a huge scream. You are standing the shower looking at me and just smiling as I try and wash but not move them or bump them.

I get up and start to drip dry, my cock aching and my nipples throbbing. I look at you and say “Mistress Nikki, can I take the chastity belt off for the meeting?”

You look at me and say “Why?”

I’m not sure how to answer and say “I’m afraid I’ll be too distracted for the meeting.”

You give me a kiss on the cheek and say, “No Mattie, you’ll be perfect, trust me. You better get ready.”

I shave and brush my teeth and start to get my clothes out. I put on my boxers, socks and slacks and button them up. You come over and rub my cock through the trousers and smile “Good thing they are a little loose in the crotch” you tease.

I go to the suitcase and get out a white t-shirt and start to put it on and you look and say “Stop.”

I look at you surprised and say “What’s wrong?”

You smile and grab my starched shirt from the closet, “I don’t want you wearing a soft cotton t-shirt, I want you to wear this starched shirt by itself.”

I don’t think much about it and put it on and start to button it. You come over to help me and then put you hands on my chest and push the fabric against my nipples and I let out a little moan and squeal. You lean in and kiss my cheek and whisper, “Mattie, think how many times this shirt will rub against your nipples as you wear you jacket and move around” and you tease them more. You get a tie and help me tie it. You smile as I’m dressed in my suit and you look at the clock and say I better be going. As I’m leaving, you ask if there is a lunch break for the conference and I say I think it’s between 1 and 2:30. I ask what you’ll be doing and you just say “I will keep myself busy.”

I go to the conference and my mind is only on you between my nipples and chastity belt, every moment reminds me of you. I struggle to pay attention throughout the sessions and around 12:45 I get a text from you.

“Meet me downstairs in the lobby at 1, Nikki.”

I’m a little shocked you texted me but I’m glad you did. The next 15 minutes take forever and the session breaks and I come down to the lobby. I see you there and walk. You give me a nice hug and then pat your hands on my chest, right where my nipples are aching and smile. Before I can say anything, you turn and say “Matt, this is my friend Laura, I haven’t seen her in ages but she lives not too far from here, so we met up for the day.”

I introduce myself and exchange pleasantries as you say “Let’s grab a quick bite here at the deli.”

I ask what you girls have been up to and you smile and say, “We went and go manicures and pedicures and then we went shopping.” You lift up your foot showing me a new pair of 5 inch heels, very sexy and say “We got these, what do you think Matt?”

I smile and say “They are very nice, quite sassy.”

You smile and say “Thanks” and then add “Oh crap, there is a smudge on them” as you lift them up to show a little mark. I look at them and you say “Mattie dear, be a good helper and clean them for me. I just got my nails done and don’t want to smudge them.”

I look at you and see a wicked smile that Laura can’t see as you wiggle your foot. I get a napkin and a little water and start to wipe at it. You say, “Get closer, be careful, they were expensive.” As I get on one knee and wipe them clean. You smile again. “Thanks sweetie.”

We continue lunch and then you say, “Do you have like 30 minutes Matt? We need a man’s opinion.”

I look a little shocked at what you say but say “Sure” and you stand up and lead Laura and me out of the lobby and across the street. We walk into a mall and to a store and add “Laura and I were shopping here and wanted to get a man’s opinion” as you hold up two outfits.

You hold two different outfits in front of Laura and ask “Which one do you think looks better for her?” and you go back and forth. Laura has dark hair and complexion like you but is more traditional Japanese – lean with smaller chest and less curves, but she is taller than many Japanese women.

I look at them both and pick out a dark pencil skirt and a white silk blouse. You hand her the outfit and she comes out wearing it and is wearing 5 or 6 inch heels.

You smile as you see her and then say “How do you think she looks Mattie? Good enough to get a man’s attention?”

I smile and say, “You look stunning Laura” and she blushes a little and nods.

You come up to me and say “Ah look how cute, she’s actually taller than you with her heels, so cute” you tease me. Then you add “Would she get you hard if you had dinner with her in the outfit?” you tease as you play with the key around your neck.

I blush and turn red as does Laura and you say “Good choice, looks like you actually have a butt in that skirt you tease her” and then say, “Enough of her, now my turn.”

This time you pull out three different outfits and ask, “Which one do you think looks better for me?”

I say “They all look great.”

But you cut me off and say, “But which one do you think is more me, sexier, sassier?”

I look at them and say, “The black dress is classy, the skirt is cute and looks great, but the red one has more sexiness to it.”

You head to the changing room and you come out and look like a million bucks, very sexy and model it for me. “What do you think Matt? Does it look good? Is it too revealing?”

I just stand there and say “Wow, you look ravishing.”

You smile and say, “Do you think Juan will think I look ravishing or want to ravage me?”

I look a little stunned and am silent. You say, “You remember Juan, that cute guy at the bar last night. He called me this morning to see if I wanted to have dinner. I told him I was with Laura and he said he had a friend so it could be a double date.”

You see the look of fear and horror in my eye as you continue. “He’s taking us to a really great restaurant, Laura said it takes months to get reservations. I thought the least we could do is look good for the guys, right?”

I’m still silent and you say, “Do you think the guys will find Laura and me hot tonight?”

You look at me and I say “Yes, you both look incredible.” Laura blushes and you smile.

“Thanks Mattie, it’s great to get a guy’s opinion on what will make a guy hard and horny” as you giggle.

You look down at your watch and say “Matt, don’t you have to get back to your conference?” and I nod. You add “What time will you be done?”

“We have presentations till 6 and then drinks, dinner and awards that are supposed to go until 11 or so” I add.

You smile and say “That sounds dreadful. I think Laura and I are going to look for some new underwear for tonight too, might as well go all out since we got new dresses and hitting the hottest restaurant with two hot men.”

Laura smiles and says “Thanks for your help, it was nice meeting you” and gives me a friendly hug.

You come up and say loud enough for Laura to hear “Thanks so much Mattie, you’re the perfect little helper. I’ll let you know if the men make any comments about the outfits.”

You lean in and whisper “My panties are so wet. I wonder what Laura would say if she knew the key around my necklace locked up your little cock” as you press against me. “I’m not sure what time I’ll get back to the hotel tonight but I will text you when I am 10 minutes away, I want you awake and ready whenever I text. Understand?”

I moan “Yes Mistress Nikki” and you back up and smile. You start to move away and then stop and say “Dammit Laura, you got a mark on your heels too. Mattie come here” you say and point. I see the smile on your face as I get a napkin and kneel and wipe off her heel too.

I stand up and you say “I need to keep you around more often for little tasks like that, don’t I Laura?” and she giggles. As you leave, you turn around and say “I’ll text you later after we’re done with the men.”

I go back to the conference, wondering what you and Laura are doing. Did Juan really call you or are you messing with me….my mind races and races.

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