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First Encounter After Online Relationship Part 5

Nikki finds another way to torment me in the hotel
As I sit at the bar, my mind is going places I’ve never thought about before. I’m still in complete shock that even though I’ve always thought about eating a creampie, I never really expected it to happen. My jealously twinges as I look over at you as you dance with Juan. My face gets redder when I see Laura there, looking at me. She doesn’t seem too freaked out, but I know she’s judging me for everything that has happened the past two days. Holy shit I think to myself, it’s only been two days.

As I sit at the bar, I see you all over Juan on the dance floor for several songs and then you sit with him in a booth. You snuggle up to him and can tell you’re talking but have no idea what you’re saying. I see Tyrone head towards the bathroom and Laura comes up and sits beside me. “How you doing Mattie?” she asks, “You look conflicted.”

I am embarrassed she talks to me so openly now but I just nod and say “It’s hard with everything that happened. It’s always been a fantasy of mine but it’s much tougher than I thought.”

She surprises me as she reaches between my legs and plays with my cock in the chastity belt and says “I know it can be hard on you, but I think you found your place. I’ve never seen Nikki so happy, she talked about how much it turned her on that you gave her control like this.” Tyrone comes out of the bathroom and she kisses my cheek “You’re a good boy Mattie.” And before she goes, she pats my cock once more and whispers “I hope to find out if you’re as good at licking pussy as Nikki says” and she walks away.

My eyes follow her to the dance floor and I lose her and then look at you and you smile and wave me over. I stand and come over, you practically sitting on Juan’s lap in the booth. You pat an open spot telling me to sit down.

I’m silent as I do and Juan goes, “Well Matt, Nikki has been telling me some wild stories about you.” I look at her and start to get more embarrassed and my chin drops a little. He continues, “Is it really true that you want to watch a man fuck her right in front of you?”

I turn even redder but am still silent. He adds “You want to watch her get fucked but you get nothing? Wow, that is crazy man” he laughs.

You smile and say “Don’t tease him too much Juan, Mattie just wants me pleased and will do it for me, won’t you Mattie?”

I lower my head and say “Yes Nikki.”

You smile and pat my leg and say “Good boy. Now ask Juan if you can please watch him fuck me hard.” I’m silent a minute and you say “Go ahead Mattie, you know you need to see me satisfied like that by a real man.”

I lower my head a little and say “Juan, could I please watch you fuck Nikki?”

He laughs and says “Holy shit, I thought you were kidding” as he looks at you.

You get up and take his hand and lead him to the elevator. You smile as I follow you. We get to the room and you make me open the door for you.

As we get in, you say “Okay Mattie, here are the ground rules that Juan and I talked about. One, you don’t get to fuck me, so don’t even think about it. Two, you must be silent unless spoken to or asked a direct question. Three, you must do whatever we tell you to do without question or I will flush the key of your chastity belt down the toilet, do you understand Mattie?”

I’m humiliated at how you just said this and that you told him as well that I’m wearing a chastity belt. I lower my head and say “Yes Nikki.”

You look at me and say “What did you say?” with a nasty tone.

I correct myself, “I’m sorry Mistress Nikki” which makes you smile.

Juan stands there and looks at me and says “Undress her for me.”

I look at you as you stand there and I unbutton your blouse and then unfasten your skirt as it falls to the floor. You’re there in your bra, panties and heels. Juan smiles and says “Twirl for me” and you quickly do a few twirls as you smile and flirt with him.

He looks at me and says “Naked I said” and I unfasten your bra and your breasts fall out and he goes “Holy shit, those are incredible Nikki” as I kneel and slowly slide your panties down. As I do, I touch the fabric and they are soaking wet. I start to take off your heels and he says “No, leave her heels on, they are sexy. Nothing is hotter than a sexy woman, naked and in heels.”

You smile and he says, “Well, nothing is sexier except when she’s on her knees sucking my cock” as you leave me and go over and drop to your knees in front of him and start to unbuckle his pants. I’m shocked at how demanding you are to me but how obedient you are to him.

As you pull his cock out, you moan, “Damns, it’s even bigger than I thought when I felt you on the dance floor” and you start to kiss and lick it. You take it in your mouth, struggling with its size.

He asks “Have you ever sucked a cock this big before Nikki” as he looks down at you and you shake your head no. “Do you think I’m gonna hurt you when I fuck you?”

You look up from your knees and smile and say “I hope so Juan.”

He laughs as he tells you to stop and then he tells you to bend over the bed which you do. He looks at me and says “Look at the ass and that pussy. You’d rather watch me fuck it than fuck it yourself?” as he laughs a little. “Well I am worried that I might hurt her the first time, be a good boy Mattie and lick her pussy for me and tell me when it’s wet enough to fuck.”

You moan as he tells me to do it as I come up behind you and start to lick your pussy from behind. Your pussy is soaked and is quivering as I tongue it and play with your slit. You say “God I’m ready Juan for your cock”

He laughs and says “Not until little Mattie says it’s wet enough for me” as I continue to lick your pussy. You push back trying to get me to say it and after a few minutes I stop and back up.

“I think it’s ready Juan.” I say.

“He says good job there, a real man never likes to lick a pussy like that” as he chuckles. He adds “Kneel beside her ass and watch me enter her the first time.” I’m in shock but I kneel before you. You reach back and hold my hand and look me in the eye as you say “God now, please now Juan.”

He comes up behind you and starts to enter you. I hear you breathe harder and moan loudly as he starts to enter you. You’re leaning back more, your pussy is stretched out and he’s not even half way in yet. Then he slowly starts to push deeper and your hand tightens much harder on my hand as you moan “oh god yes.”

Juan looks at me and says “Do her pussy look full with my cock?”

I reply “Yes sir”

He smiles again and says “Go kneel on the other side of the bed, I want you to watch Nikki's face as I pound her pussy.”

I go over and kneel as you look up. I see the look of lust in your eye as you mouth “Good boy” as he starts to fuck you hard. It only takes about 10 strokes as you scream out as you climax. He laughs and says “God, you must be a horny girl” as he keeps pounding you. Your pussy tightened from the first orgasm and his size and pressure is even harder on your pussy. You hold on for dear life as he fucks you. You stare me in the eyes as he continues pounding you hard, other the bed making you climax again and again.

He finally pulls out and tells you to lay on the bed as you collapse from the fucking you just got. He looks at me and tells me to lick your pussy again to see if I can tell a difference. This time when I go down on you, there is a gaping hole in your pussy where he just fucked you. Your lips are red and puffy and you are completely stretched out. You pull me tighter and say “Lick me deeper Mattie, you can go deeper” as my mouth almost falls into your pussy.

He tells me to stop and he gets between your legs and starts to fuck you again as you beg for it more. Your legs are flapping hard and hit his back. He slows down a second and says “Take off her heels before she kills me” as he keeps fucking you.

I struggle to unbuckle your heels as your legs and body are moving all over the place. It’s virtually impossible to do it as he keeps fucking you. I finally get the first one off and i’m a little better with the second one.

He pulls out for a second and has you scoot to the middle of the bed. He tells me, “Hold her legs above her head, I want to fuck her hard and come deep inside her.” I take your heels and pull them up and he says “Higher” as I’m sitting by your head and now your feel are behind your head. Your pussy is pointing up as I look down. You look up at me with a look of lust in your eyes as he gets back on top of you and starts to fuck you hard. Your legs try to go back down, but I keep holding them higher.

He moans “I’m gonna come now, tell me you want it Nikki.”

You say “God yes, come in me, come in me so hard and deep, I need to feel it” and then he pushes deeper and moans as he spurts his come in your pussy. He leaves the head in your pussy as he strokes his cock, pushing more come deep inside you.

You use your hands to hold your knees up a little as your body gets a second to relax. Juan looks at me and says “Nikki says you love creampies, come down here and lick her pussy clean Matt.”

I’m shocked at his tone but then see the look of ecstasy in your eyes as you moan “Yes Mattie, worship it.”

I slowly move down between your thighs and Juan laughs and says “Beg her Matt, I think she deserves that.” You scoot up a little as he says that.

“Mistress Nikki can I please worship your pussy?” I ask.

You smile and say “What kind of pussy?” as you tease me.

“Mistress Nikki, can I please worship your come filled pussy?” I change my question.

You smile and say “You’ve been a good boy, you get the reward” as you guide my head to your pussy.

I lean in and kiss it and am amazed at how red and puffy it is. You look down and say “Clean it good, but be gentle, I’m sore.” I start to lick your pussy, I know your taste but then I start to get the taste of the mixture of come and make a little sound. You smile and say “I guess you found Juan’s come. Let me help a little” as you contract your muscles, pushing some of the come closer to your lips.

You push harder until there is a big glob that starts to appear and you smile and say, “There is it. Mattie, I want you to go down and get a huge, slow lick and get a lot of it in your mouth.” You can tell I’m scared but I do go down and take a big lick and the mixture of come is all over my mouth and tongue.

As I do it, you say “Mattie” and I look up and there you are with your phone taking pictures of me licking your pussy like this. I look up horrified and stop licking. You say “I didn’t say stop Mattie.”

“But you took pictures” I say scared.

You smile and say “Yes I did, this is a Kodak moment” you giggle as you push my head down. After about 15 minutes of licking your pussy, you smile and say “I think you got most of it Mattie, good job” as you pull back.

You get up and start to get dressed and give Juan a huge kiss. “Thanks so much sexy for doing this for me and Mattie. I’ve been so horny, I needed a cock like yours tonight.”

He says “It was my pleasure, will be glad to help anytime you need it” as he buckles up. He gives you a kiss and says I gotta go Nikki.

You look at me and tell me to go take a shower and clean up, I’m a mess. My mind races as I go to the shower and I wash my body more than usual and scrub my face clean and brush my teeth like 10 times. When I come out of the bathroom, I see you sitting on the bed with Laura, looking at the pictures on your phone. When I open the door, Laura just smiles and says “Wow.” I turn a million shades of red.

You giggle at my embarrassment and then say “Laura, do you think Mattie did a good job tonight?”

She smiles and says “Well I wasn’t here for it, but you look pretty damn happy” and you both laugh at my expense. You have me to you and start to rub my cock in the chastity belt and tease my balls. I let out a huge moan as my balls are sore.

You look at me and say “Wow, looks like Mattie has some blue balls. I wonder if he can handle a week of this” you ask. Then you look at Laura and say “Maybe we should help him?”

You look at me and say “Would you like your cock out of the chastity belt sweetie?” and I plead yes. You smile and say “Well, if Laura says yes, I’ll let you out.”

I drop to my knees and kiss her feet, “Please Laura, will you please say yes so Mistress Nikki will let me out, please, please.”

She looks down as she can see how horny and pathetic I am and she says “Well Mattie, I will say yes but only on one condition.”

I look up and say “What, what is it?”

She smiles and says “I will talk to Nikki about it later, but if she agrees, will you do whatever I request?”

I look at you and you smile and I kiss her feet and say “Yes Laura, I will.”

She smiles and asks “Promise?” and I nod in agreement.

You smile and say “I will take the belt off, but I must cuff your hands to do it, do you agree?” and I nod. You hand Laura the cuffs and ask if she’ll help.

You have me lay back on the bed and she leans over me as she cuffs my hands, rubbing against me a little as she does. You take the key off your necklace and unlock the belt and unhook it and then pull off the belt. In about a second, my cock is rock hard as it’s free and it stands straight up. You giggle and say “See Laura, I told you it was cute. Cute but small” as you start to stroke it.

You look at me as your hand is on my cock. You’re on the right side of me and Laura is on the left on the bed with us. You say “Mattie, since you didn’t come for the 3 weeks before you came here like I asked and with all of the teasing I’ve done, I’m afraid you might hurt yourself if you don’t release” as you stroke my cock. “But to be honest, this week is all about my pleasure and not yours” you say sternly. “So I did some research on a way to let you release and get the come out of your body but not like it’s a pleasurable orgasm” you say in a matter of fact tone.

You start to stroke my cock slow but firmly. You can tell I’m about ready to come and you stop stroking and your squeeze hard for about 30 seconds. Then you start stroking again and when I’m about going to explode, you stop and squeeze again. This continues as my cock is aching the come is boiling. This time you grab the bottom of my cock hard and squeeze but stroke the top part. In a few seconds, come starts coming out of my cock. Not a normal spurt with and orgasm but always like dripping out. Laura giggles as she seems the come ooze out over your hand and you continue squeezing the bottom and stroking the top. After a few minutes, I finally stop coming and your release m cock.

“I think that worked” you said. “it wasn’t like an orgasm was it Mattie?”

I say “No” and you smile.

You say “Good, I wanted you to release but not enjoy the pleasure like I did.” Then you lift your hand and say “What a mess you caused, even on my pretty manicure” as you put your hand to my face. I know you want me to lick it as I look at you and then I hear Laura breathe harder and look at her a second.

“Don’t worry Mattie, she doesn’t mind, clean up your mess” as you put it on my mouth. I start to lick your hand clean as you say “Good boy.” Then you add, “Wow, you had my come, Jerome’s come, Juan’s come and now your own. You must love come” you giggle as I lick your hand clean.

As I do that, I feel something on my cock as I look down, I see Laura using her hand on my cock, taking a finger in the come and then brings it up to my mouth. “Can he lick it Nikki?” she asks.

You smile and say “He better” as she puts her finger to mouth and I lick her finger clean. She stares as I do it and takes her other hand and scoops up more and brings it to my mouth and puts two more fingers in my mouth. As I take her fingers, I hear something and look up and there you are taking more pictures.

As my come is cleaned from my crotch by your hands over the next 15 minutes or so, I see you get the chastity belt and start to put it on me again, putting my balls in place and putting the cover over my cock. You put the lock in place as you uncuff my hands and say “Mattie, you know I want you to lock it and offer me the key like the first time.”

I see Laura soaking it all in as I stand up, my mind going everywhere, can’t believe what is going on. But I reach down and close the padlock and take the key out and kneel before you and say “Mistress Nikki, will you please accept and hold the key to my chastity belt?”

You smile and say “Of course” as you take the key and put it around your neck again.

You look at Laura and ask what she thinks and she says “I’m not sure, I’ve never thought about anything like this before, but I must say it was pretty damn sexy. I’d love to have a man that wants to please me as much as Mattie wants to please you.”

You smile as you get up and finish getting dressed. “Mattie, Laura and I are going to go down and get a bite to eat, I’m so hungry after all of that fucking.” You say. Then you add “But I bet you’re not hungry after all of the pussy and come you ate” as you both laugh. You say “Get some work done tonight so maybe tomorrow you can take some time off” as you leave the room and leave me there naked with my chastity belt locked back on.

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