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First Encounter After Online Relationship Part 6

Nikki moves it up another level with co-worker
The next morning, I get up and start to get ready. You stay in bed telling me how tired you are. As I’m getting ready, you say, “Let’s do lunch today and do you think you can sneak out a little early too? I have a good idea for today.”

I look up and say, “I think I should be able to.”

And you smile and say, “Let’s hope, meet you at noon for lunch.”

I go to the conference and come down after the last morning meeting. You catch me off guard because you’re there early, you’ve never been early before as I’m walking out with my assistant Ally. You come up and give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and catch me off guard, you’ve never been this affectionate so far.

Ally looks at me and I say, “Ally, this is my friend Nikki, Nikki this is Ally.”

You smile and say, “Oh my goodness, this is the Ally that you talk so much about. This is the one that you say you couldn’t live without around the office and you don’t know what you’d do if she ever left” as you lay it on thick. I’ve told you about Ally a little before but never anything like this.

She smiles and says, “That’s sweet, maybe I should ask for a raise.” Then she says, “Oh Matt, this is why you booked your stay a little early and longer,” as she winks a little. “Now I know why you wanted me to cover for you this afternoon,” as she plays with me a little.

You smile and say, “Why don’t you join us for a quick bite?” and I get nervous.

She agrees, and we go get a sandwich at the local deli. You are very good and don’t say anything too naughty. Ally is chatting and says, “I have to ask, where did you get those heels? They are fierce. I never see anything like those in the states.”

You smile and say, “I actually got them here. A friend of mine showed me a new place. You want go check it out?”

She shakes her head and says, “God no, I’d break my neck with heels that high but they are very nice.”

You laugh and say, “Well, they do take practice, but a girl always needs a special pair of heels.” You look at your watch and say “I think we have time, it’s a crazy place, but the shoes are incredible.”

Ally tries to say no but you keep on her until she says she’ll check it out. We head over to the store, it’s nothing like we’ve seen in the states. There a lot of different styles of shoes, very different but the store is cluttered with boxes. As we walk in, the clerk gives you and Ally a couple of glasses of wine. You laugh and say, “They try to get you drunk so you buy more,” and you start to look around.

You walk with her like you’re best friends as I just follow. She is a little passive at first and then starts looking. She finds a few pairs and you suggest some other ones that are even sexier and more risqué. She laughs and says, “I don’t know where I’d ever wear these.”

You giggle and say, “You boyfriend would love them,” as you keep looking around.

After a while she has three pairs in her hand and asks, “Where’s the clerk?”

You smile and say, “That’s what is funny about this place, you gotta find your own box and size,” as you look around and it’s a mess. Then you say, “What’s your size?”

She says, “7 ½” and you convert that to Asian sizes and say, “Just like me”

She says, “How do I start to find these in this place, I can’t read the language.”

You smile and say, “Just sit down and relax.” And then you say, “Why do you think I brought Matt along?” as you call me over and say, “Go find these three styles for Ally…and before you start, get us some more wine sweetie.”

This is the first time you started to say something like that in front of her, but I don’t think she caught on. I go and get two more glasses of wine as I struggle for at least 15 minutes finding the right sizes and style. I come back with the boxes and sit them down. Ally opens the first one and says, “These are nice,” and starts to lean over to put it on.

You say, “Wait Ally, you don’t want to break any of your nice nails with these heels and straps, let Matt help you,” as I look at you nervously.

She looks shocked and says, “No, no, no, that’s okay.”

You stop her and say, “I insist, it’s an Asian tradition.” You look at me and say “Isn’t that right Mattie, you did the same thing for me and my friend Laura two days ago when I bought these?” I wasn’t there but I know I can’t argue and I nod.

I take the heel from and kneel and pull off her first heel and help her put the first pair on as she stands and starts to walk around. She says, “These are pretty nice.”

But you say, “I don’t think they are you, they are too clunky with your cute ankles and feet. Try the next one.”

She sits down and I take those off and get the second pair and put them on. These ones I struggle with because there are so many straps. You are chatting with her and I feel weird being on my knees in front of my assistant helping her with new heels. I finally get those on and she stands up and says, “Oh I like these, they will go with the dress I bought for the holiday party.”

You smile and say, “Good, let’s try the last pair.”

She says, “That’s okay, I love these.”

You smile and say, “You might love these more,” and she sits down and I take those off and put the last pair on. These heels are at least 2 inches higher than the other ones and she isn’t so sure about them. She stands up and starts to wobble a little bit and says, “They are not for me.”

You smile and say, “Give them a second, check them out in the mirror Ally.” As she going over, you say “Holy cow, you have to get them, they make your butt and legs look incredible.”

She turns a million shades of red and you add, “Don’t they make her butt look good Mattie?” Now I turn redder than her.

She sits down and says, "I think I’ll take the second pair."

You say, "Why not both?"

She looks at the price of the third pair and says, “I can’t afford these too.”

You smile and say, “Your boss must be a tightwad,” which makes her laugh. You look at me and say “Matt, why don’t you buy them for Ally, you always talk about how great she is and how you couldn’t deal with your travel without her.”

She looks at me and says, “I couldn’t.”

You smile and say, “Yes you can. Think of it like an early Christmas present or bonus. Go ahead Mattie.”

I start to pick up the box and you say, “Wait, just get them both. Ally doesn’t get to travel like you, she deserves it, don’t you think?”

I pick up the other box and she says, “No, no I can’t.”

You smile and say, “Matt insists.” You add, “Just wear them to the office every now and then, Mattie likes the sexy heels.” You see me blush and realize you called me Mattie in front of her.

She takes the bag and say, “Thanks.”

You say, “You’re welcome, keep an eye on him for me in the office.” You then playfully slap my arm “And take those out of your own wallet, don’t dare expense them.”

We head back to the conference center and you tell Ally it was great meeting her and enjoy the shoes. As she leaves you smile knowing what you put me through. You smile and say “Everything she wears those heels, your cock will get hard thinking of me and remembering this week. I love that. That’s worth more than a few hundred dollars don’t you think?”

I nod and say, “Yes Mistress Nikki.”

You say, “I’ll see you at two here in the lobby,” and you leave and I go back to the conference. The time goes by fast and I get up to leave and Ally smiles and says, “Have fun Matt,” and I blush a little but try to play it off.

I get to the lobby and you have a small suitcase. “Are we going somewhere?” I ask and you smile and hail a cab and give him a slip of paper. We drive through the city for a while and then to an apartment building and you ring the buzzer. I recognize Laura’s voice when she says hello and buzzes us it.

We go up to her apartment and you ask, “So are you ready Laura?”

She looks at you and says, “Nikki, I told you 3 times I can’t go out tonight, I’ve been traveling for work for the past two weeks and the past two nights with you, I have so much stuff to do around here.”

You ask, “Like what?”

She says, “Let’s see, groceries, errands, laundry, cleaning the apartment, is that enough?”

You laugh and say, “That’s no excuse.”

She says, “Well, in my world it is.”

You look at me and then her and say, “Well, I got that covered, I got your houseboy for the evening. Mattie took the afternoon off so he could be of service. He’ll do your errands, your cleaning, the laundry, won’t you Mattie?”

Laura looks at me and says, “God no, I can’t ask him to do it.”

You smile and say, “That’s right, you can’t ask him, you will tell him to do it.”

She looks like it’s too much to ask and you look and say, “Mattie, offer your services.”

I look at Laura and say, “I’d like to offer my services so you can go out with Nikki tonight.”

She looks a little surprised and you say, “Good, done.” You add, “Why don’t you make a list of things you need from the store and he’ll go now and we can get ready. I told Tyrone and Jerome we’d meet them at 5 for dinner and drinks.”

She perks up a little and starts to write down a list of things of things and you shoo me out the door. I get a little lost going to the grocery store and it takes me a long time trying to figure out the language and everything you want. I get back in an hour and see an empty bottle of wine and another started. As I bring the bags in, I see both of you there in robes with wet hair.

I come in and your hand her a bottle of lotion and ask if she likes the smell and she says, “Ooo, that is nice.”

You look at me as you sit down on the stool and say, “Put the lotion on me Mattie.”

You’ve never told me that before but I get the lotion and start at your feet and work my way up your body. You smile as you see working it in, as you’re working your hair and starting your make up. You say, “You’re doing a good job Mattie, I think you deserve a treat. Laura, I think Mattie would love to pick your outfit for tonight, would you like that?”

She is a bit tipsy and says, “Sure, that’s a cute idea.”

You smile and say, “Go pick something sexy. I think tonight Laura wants to try a little black cock too.”

She says, “God Nikki, you’re so bad.”

I go to her closet and pick out a few things that I find very attractive. I come back and say, “I think I found something that is sexy as hell, but I’m not sure if it’s right for tonight?”

You look at me and say, “If you saw her in it, would you get hard?” You giggle, “Well would you get hard if you weren’t locked up?” and I nod. You say, “That’s perfect then. Would you like to dress her for her date Mattie?”

I look at Laura and say “May I dress you?” but then drop to my knees and kiss her bare feet, “It would be an honor if you let me dress you Ms. Laura.”

She looks down, still a little surprised at a submissive man at her feet. She looks at you and says, “I don’t think I want that,” to you.

You ask, “Why not?”

She goes, “I don’t want him to see me naked, I’m a little shy.”

You laugh out loud, “You sure weren’t shy when you fed him his come with your finger” and laugh more. “Why don’t you put on your bra and panties and then he can dress you?”

She looks and says, “I guess that’s safe.” She finishes her hair and make up and the calls me to her room. You follow me in and you see my eyes about drop as I see her in her bra and panties. She isn’t that curvy but has legs and an ass to die for. She looks and says, “What did you pick Mattie?”

I go to the closet and get fitted white button down blouse. I help her put her arms into it and button it up. Even though she’s not big chested, I still get turned on seeing her in her lacey bra. I then go back to the closet and come out with a black leather mini skirt. She coos, “Oh I should have known,” as I drop to my knees and help her step into it. She turns around and I stare at her ass as I pull it up. It’s very short and tight.

I go back to the closet and get a pair of black leather knee high boots and again drop to my knees and help her put them on. They are 5 inch heels and again she is taller than me. You laugh and say, “That’s Mattie, he likes his women dominant and in leather.”

You smile and say, “He does have good taste, Tyrone will want to fuck that ass tonight.” Then you add, it’s my turn as you drop your robe, stand there bare naked and open your bag. You hand me a white lacy bra and matching panties to put on you. I do as you say, this time Laura is watching. You make me kiss the key again, kiss your breasts and your ass as I do it. Then you give me a short white dress to put on you that barely covers your ass and your breasts are falling out. You get another pair of heels and make me help you with them.

You look at me and say, “How do I look?”

I say, “Incredible Mistress Nikki.”

You smile and say, “Thanks.” Then you add, “Do you think he’ll think I’m a virgin in my white outfit?” and I’m not sure who laughs more, you or Laura. You finish with “I thought he might like the white color with the contrast of his dark skin next to me, it’s so taboo.”

You go to the living room and sit down and start writing things down. After a few minutes you hand it to Laura and ask if you forgot anything. She says, “Really?” and you smile.

You hand me the list and say “Mattie, these are your chores tonight, you will do them while Laura and I are out. We will be out with real men, wining and dining us and wanting to fuck us. Maybe when we come home, you’ll get your favorite pie for dessert” as you pat my crotch. You grab your purses and leave.

As I look at the list, I’m shocked at how long it is. Clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, fold and iron the laundry, vacuum the floors and wash her delicates by hand. For the next 5 hours, I start doing the chores. My mind goes from the chores to what you could be doing. The chores suck but I do enjoy washing her panties and bras by hand, thinking how good she and you looked tonight.

Around 11, I hear keys in the door and giggling. Laura walks in and then you. Two seconds later, Jerome and Tyrone follow. You smile and Laura says, “Holy shit, the place looks great.” You look at me and say, “We got too loud so they kicked us out of the bar, go to the store and fetch us some drinks Mattie.” I do as you say and when I come back, you’re both on the sofa, both sitting on their laps. I get the drinks out and bring you each one and put the rest in the fridge.

You come over and whisper, “You did good tonight, my pussy is soaked thinking of you doing your chores like a good boy. “ You add, “I tried to see if Jerome would be into letting you watch, but I think a white boy in a chastity belt would freak him out.” You pat my ass and say, “Don’t worry.”

When Jerome gets up to go to the bathroom, you grab my hand and pull me to the bedroom and open the closet door and say, “Kneel there and don’t say a word or you’ll regret it, understand?” You kiss my head and shut the door. As I’m sitting there I hear you say “Jerome, why don’t you come here?”

He asks “Where did your friend go?” and you say, “I sent him home so we could be alone,” as I see you look towards the crack in the door. “God I want that cock,” I hear you say as the lights go out….

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