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First Encounter after Online Relationship

After talking with Nikki for a year online, we finally meet and fantasy turns real
About a year ago, we met online in a chat room with kinky fantasies. Over the past year, we emailed, chatted, had some cybersex and eventually got to phone sex. We both enjoyed each other a lot exploring fantasies – it was nice that they meshed so well with my submissive fantasies and your desire to have a man focus on pleasing you.

During the time we chatted, we fantasized about possibly getting together, but since we live half the world apart, it was difficult. Plus we were both nervous that the spark we found online and on the phone might not be as good if we met in person. But then fate kicked in. For my job, I actually had to fly to Asia for a week of meetings and we talked about you flying the short distance to meet me there. You were a little apprehensive but then realized this would be the perfect time for us to meet.

As we chatted, you stated, “Matt, I will come to Japan to meet you when you’re in town for work, but there will be some ground rules. While I think you’re a great guy, I’m still a little nervous about meeting you the first time. The good news is you have a submissive side, so my demands should be okay with you.”

I listen and say, “What kind of demands?”

You pause a second and say, “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. But everything we do will be totally up to me. We may have sex, we may not, it will depend on my feelings and how we interact when we meet.”

I agree and say, “That makes sense, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, but can I say I hope we have sex?” and then laugh.

You laugh too and add, “You’re cute with your crush on me. But also, if there is something I want to do or I want you to do, you must do it without question. You can always say no, but I can always leave too.”

I am a little disappointed with how you said that, but I agree and the next few weeks are long as the planning takes place for the trip. We keep chatting and talking about how great it will be to get together and I give you the address to my hotel. You say you will meet me there but you’ll have another room because you don’t want to feel trapped.

The travel day finally gets there and I land in Japan and head to the hotel. We text back and forth and you tell me you’re about an hour behind me. I go to the hotel, take a shower, put on a nice pair of slacks and shirt and wait for you. I keep waiting for the knock on the door but then my phone rings.

“Hey sexy, this is Nikki, I’m at the hotel. I’m a little nervous coming to your room, can you come to the bar and we’ll have a drink?” you ask and I agree.

I straighten my outfit, put on some cologne and meet you at the bar. I’m nervous I won’t recognize you but when you see me walk in, I see you give me the biggest smile and stand up from the bar stool. You are a little shorter than I expected, but look incredible in a sexy little summer dress and wearing some sexy strappy heels. You greet me and give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. For the next hour, we sit at the bar, have a few drinks and chat like long lost best friends. The talk is not very sexual, but we are flirting a little back and forth. You do catch me checking out your cleavage and legs from time to time, but instead of being creeped out, you’re excited that I find you attractive. You’re surprised I don’t hit on you more than I do, but then you remember that I do have the submissive side and am very nervous so we keep it light.

As you finish the drink, you get up and go to the bathroom. When you finish, you come back behind me and you startle me as you kiss my ear and say, “Let’s go up to the room for a minute before dinner,” and then add, “And don’t forget my rules, you must do what I want sweetie or I’ll go home.”

You take my hand and lead me to the elevator and up to your room. I see you look down and smile as you see I’m fully erect. We get into your room and you go to the closet and pull something out. Then you show me a pair of handcuffs and say, “Hands behind your back.”

I am a little shocked at how forward you are and say, “What are those for?”

You are a little more firm and say, “Remember Mattie, no disagreements or I may leave, now do it.”

I think you’re playing a little so I do what you say and you put the cuffs on my hands, making me immobile. You come around and use your hand on my crotch and smile. “It’s so cute that I turn you on that you’ve had an erection for the past hour, it’s a turn on. But it scares me too,” as you pull away and move out of the room.

“What do you mean it scares you, I thought you’d like to know the reaction you get and how attractive I think you are,” I say.

As you’re in the bathroom, you say, “It is nice to see, but I don’t want you to think with your little Mattie too much and not want to focus on just me too.” And then you come out and start to unbuckle my pants and pull them down. Your hand goes inside my boxers and tease my cock. You smile and say, “Oh my, that’s a lot of precome sweetie, you need more control.”

You tell me to sit on the bed and then you tell me to lean back as your hand plays with my cock a little more. You look at me and smile and say, “Sorry Matt.”

I look up and say, “Sorry for what?” and then I feel a rush of coldness on my cock and balls.

You look at me and say, “I can’t let your cock do all the thinking for you,” as I look down and see you holding a bag of ice on my crotch. I try and fight it as it’s cold as hell, but since I’m cuffed, I can’t move.

After a minute or so, my cock is completely flaccid and I turn red and get nervous. I’ve always worried my cock isn’t that big and now it’s even smaller than normal. You get up and go to your bag and come back with a wicked smile.

“For the past year, you told me all of your fantasies and fears Mattie,” you add. “Now it’s time to experience some of them,” as you look up and show me a chastity belt you brought with you.

You see me look nervous as you get it and put it over my cock and around my balls. You look at me and say, “You’ve told me all of your submissive fantasies and how you want me to own you and your cock and orgasm, now is your chance for your dreams to come true.”

You look at me and smile as you put it all in place as I say, “God Nikki, I’m not sure.”

You smile more and say, “Yes you are, you just needed a jump start,” as you put it in place and get the padlock and put it through the hole on the chastity belt. But then you tell me to stand up and I do and then you uncuff my hands.

You stand beside me in front of the full-length mirror and smile as you play with the cock cage and say, “It’s so cute Mattie. I think you are right, you were made for this and for me.”

I stand in the mirror, looking at you and then the cage and back and forth. My mind is racing a million miles a minute. Your hand is teasing my cock in the cage and it wants to get hard, but it can’t. As you see me struggle, you smile a little more and tease my cock with your nails, tormenting me and making it ache even more.

You turn and look at me and say, “Mattie, I helped get you ready for the chastity belt and got it on for you, but notice I didn’t lock the padlock and left the key in place when you were handcuffed. If you want to please me and prove you really are a good submissive boy like you’ve told me for a year, I want you to lock the chastity belt yourself and present me the key.”

You look me in the eye as you tell me this and can see I’m breathing heavier and am more nervous. I’m stunned silent as you pull your hand away. You look and add, “Mattie, you know you want this…well, actually you need it. So just do it for you and for me. If you pause, you might not want this. I understand it’s a big step, but this is what I require to be here this week, so if you don’t do it, I will pack up and head over to my friend’s house for the week.”

Then it hits me that you do have friends you’ve told me about that live here and think you might do it. My hand goes to the belt and the lock, shaking a little. You smile and say, “Good boy, you know what’s right for you. Just do it.”

I am very nervous but I use my hand to squeeze the padlock in place and we hear a little click and you smile and give me a kiss on the cheek. I take the key out of the lock and hold it out to you.

You look at me with a weird expression and say, “What are you doing?”

I reply, “Presenting you the key Nikki.”

You come back quickly and strongly with, “Is that how you think you should present it to me?”

I look and say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Nikki, will you please accept the key to my chastity belt?”

You give me a stronger look and just nod a little in disgust and mumble, “I thought you could do better, maybe I was wrong.”

I am more nervous as my cock is locked up and you look pissed at me. My mind starts racing, not sure what to do, but then I drop to my knees and bow and kiss your heels and then look up and say, “Mistress Nikki, will you please accept the key to my chastity belt and hold it for me? Over the past year, I’ve come to realize you know what is better for me and my pleasure than I do myself,” and hold the key out to you.

You look down with a big smile and say, “Good boy Mattie, that’s the proper way to do it, I knew you could do it. Tell me Mattie, who owns your cock and your pleasure and your orgasm?”

I look up and say, “You do Mistress Nikki, you do.”

You smile down again and add, “That’s right, I do sweetie,” as you take the key in your hand and go to your dresser and take off a necklace and put the key around it and put it around your neck.

You smile as you look at it and pull your hair to the side. “Oh my, it’s so cute on my necklace, hanging in my cleavage.” You giggle and say, “When we were having drinks, you were looking there a lot and now when you do, you’ll remember who you belong to and who decides if you get released and have pleasure.”

You look down and see my mind racing and ask, “Is everything okay, you look a little lost?”

My eyes dart a little more and say, “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t sure what to expect and this is so intense.”

You say, “Well, you can say no and I will take it off, but this is the only time you can, do you understand?”

I say, “Yes,” and then I bow down and kiss your heels again and say, “Thank you for accepting my key Mistress Nikki.”

I see your bright smile as I say that and you add, “God, I knew you were ready for this, you are a pleaser Mattie, a sweet pleaser.”

I start to stand up as you look at your watch and say, “Don’t get up yet, we have 45 minutes before dinner. For the past year, you’ve told me how much you love going down on women and how you prefer that to getting oral sex yourself and how much you’d want to worship my pussy. Let’s see if that is true. Do you want to worship my pussy Mattie?” you ask in a flirtatious way.

“God yes, Nikki,” I pant and you smile as you sit on a chair and spread your legs apart and lift up your skirt.

As you pull it up, I see your pink panties and you smile and say, “Do you see the wet spot you created on my panties? It’s so hot knowing how much you want to please me Mattie. Tell me how much you want to worship my pussy.”

I moan and kiss your feet and say, “I want to worship your pussy more than anything.”

You giggle and add, “It’s sweet you kissed my feet Mattie, but is that what you want to worship?”

As you spread your legs, I come up between your thighs and gently kiss your pussy through your panties, right where the wet spot is growing more and more. “May I please worship your pussy Mistress Nikki, I’ve been fantasizing about this for over a year and I want to please you.”

You smile as you play with your phone a second and then use a finger to slide your panties to one side and say, “Yes you may Mattie, worship my pussy, make me come.”

For the next forty minutes or so, I’m on my knees, teasing and sucking on your clip, licking and tongue fucking your pussy over and over. I asked a few times to change positions but you just ignored me. You came at least 10 times as I licked and sucked your pussy. Sometimes you caressed my head, others you grabbed it and forced it between your thighs and other times you wrapped your legs around my head where I could barely breathe, but each time you came. My mouth and tongue got a little sore and I slowed down at one point and you held my head there and grinded on my mouth and nose on your clit and pussy. My face, mouth and nose are soaking wet and covered by your scent. As I’m licking your pussy, your legs over my shoulders, heels digging into my back, I hear a loud beeping sound and you quickly move your legs and stand up.

“Time for dinner Mattie, we don’t want to be late,” as you stand and adjust yourself.

I get up and say, “Let me freshen up first.”

You stop and say, “No sweetie, you’re going like that, I want you to remember what my pussy tasted like and smelled like. If you really wanted to worship me that long, you know you want it."

I lower my head and say, “Yes, Nikki.”

You smile and say, “Good boy, this is a great place we’re going for dinner.”

We head out of the hotel room and into the elevator. As we go down, a few more couples and business people come in. You lean over and whisper, “God, you were great at eating pussy, my pussy loved the attention.” Then I feel your hand reach around and play with my cock in the new chastity belt and you whisper more, “I know it was tough on you and little Mattie too,” as you giggle. “But you know I know what is best for you and I know all of your deepest and darkest fantasies. I think this could be a week to make a few of those come true and maybe even ones we haven’t discussed yet…..”

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