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First I fucked my Sister-in-Law

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Best sex of my lifeMy wife Aisling and I have always had a good relationship with a very healthy sex
My wife Aisling and I have always had a good relationship with a very healthy sex life. This is an account of how our relationship moved beyond the conventional norm. At the time I was 35 and she was 32. I could go into great detail describing what Aisling looked like, but the easiest way is to say that she looked then a lot like the pop singer Katy Perry does now. She had long glossy dark hair, bright blue eyes and a slim but curvy figure with naturally large breasts and great legs. I was (and still am) 6 foot 2 with an athletic build honed by many hours of regular exercise every week. Just as Aisling was well endowed in the tit department, I was well endowed with a 10 inch long and thick cock. Now I am a grower rather than a shower, as when I am soft my cock looks nothing out of the ordinary, but get me excited and unless I am in very lose trousers things can get uncomfortable.

This story starts one night in bed. Aisling and I had just finished making love and were cuddled up. Aisling said “You are such a wonderful lover. Tell me what your biggest sexual desire is and I will try to make it come true even if it involves other women!”

Now I was a little surprised by this. Neither of us was shy about anything to do with sex. We had often fucked out doors and Aisling had even sucked my cock in the cinema a few times, but we had never discussed swinging or dogging or any of these other ‘group activities’. Now I did not have to give this any thought. I knew exactly what my biggest sexual desire and fantasy was, and that was to fuck Aisling’s younger sister Davina.

Davina looked a lot like Aisling as you would expect with full sisters only two years apart in age. She had the same colouring but had her hair shoulder length rather than long. She also had significantly larger tits. I had always been extremely strongly physically attracted to Davina just as I was to Aisling, but if I am honest as I like big tits I would have to admit that if I had met Aisling and Davina at the same time as Aisling then I would almost certainly have made a play for her ahead of Aisling. As such not only had I spend the last ten years lusting after her body, but also wondering ‘what if’. The fact is a few minutes earlier as I had been thrusting my 10 inches into Aisling’s pussy I had been imagining that it was Davina beneath me.

I trusted that Aisling’s offer was genuine and not some sort of trap, but still I hesitated to confess my desire to fuck her sister whereas if it had been to fuck one of her friends or some girl from work, I would not have hesitated. However when I didn’t immediately respond, Aisling pushed me for an answer.

Nervously I said “I don’t think you will like this but the truth is that if I could get any sexual desire fulfilled, it would be to fuck Davina!” I waited anxiously to see how Aisling would react to this revelation.

“Hmmmm you dirty git. That doesn’t really surprise me. I have seen you looking at her” she said “I think I probably can help you there.”

I was relieved that she had not flown off the handle but also surprised that she felt she could help. “What do you mean” I asked?

“Davina has always fancied you. She has told me how lucky I am loads of times. That she wished she had met you first.” Aisling who had been on her side with her back to me, rolled over and looking me in the eye took hold of my semi hard cock and continued “and I have told her all about how big your cock is and how good you are at using it.”

I was really taken a back realising that all these years while I had been wanting to fuck her brains out, that Davina had been perhaps been thinking similar things about me. “Yes but she is married now, so you can hardly suggest that she fucks me behind Roberts back” I answered.

“Don’t worry about that, Davina and Robert have not been getting on that great. She tells me he is a wash out in bed. She has been cheating on him for the last 3 or 4 years. I am sure if I ask her she will jump at the chance to bed you.”

“OK but why do you want to do this? Most women do not exactly want to share their man?”

“Well the truth is I have my own desires that go beyond us. All I ask is that if I set you up with my sister that you allow me to explore my own fantasy.”

I looked at her and answered “OK if it allows me to fuck Davina you can do anything you want as long as it does not threaten our marriage.”

“It won’t but my other condition is that you do not find out what I intend to do until after you have fucked Davina. I really do not want you backing out, this means too much to me.”

Now I really should not have allowed this, she was asking me to ‘write a blank cheque’ but all I could think about was getting my hands on Davina’s large tits and so I answered “OK go for it!”

All this talk of fucking Davina had me as hard as a rock again. I started to kiss Aisling and was soon thrusting into her hot pussy, my hands playing with her large tits.

“You’re imagining I’m Davina aren’t you?”


I fucked her long and hard, all the time imagining I had my cock in her sister.

Aisling was very obviously keen to get the ball rolling as when I got home the next evening Aisling told me to take the next day off from the office (I run my own consultancy firm) as Davina was going to come over first thing! Despite what had previously been discussed I was still shocked that she had gone ahead and spoken to Davina. I couldn’t imagine how she would have approached her. Nor could I easily accept that I was only hours away from getting to fulfil what had been my biggest fantasy. That evening was a nightmare. The hours dragged by, and needless to say I got very little sleep. I think my cock was hard the whole time. Normally Aisling would have fucked or sucked me, but she said “No I am not touching you. Save all your energy for Davina. I want you to give her the fuck of her life!”

The next morning Aisling set off to the school where she taught maths as normal. The last thing she said before heading out was “Enjoy yourself. I hope it is as good as you have imagined!”

I made myself a coffee and had only drunk about half the cup when the doorbell rang. I got up, my stomach in knots and opened the door. Davina stood in front of me wearing a skin tight top that was moulded around her large tits and leg hugging jeans finished off by 6 inch high heels. “Wow” was all I said. Davina did not normally dress like this, so it was obvious that she wanted to make an impression and she had succeeded. My Cock was ready to burst through my trousers.

She walked in past me and said “Aisling tells me that you want to fuck me!”

As she said this she ran her eyes over me, her eyes pausing as they looked at my crotch.

“God you have no idea how much and for how long I have wanted you. I have wanted to see you naked; to fuck your brains out from the second Aisling introduced us!”

Davina looked at me with a really dirty expression. I couldn’t help myself I took hold of her and pressed my lips against hers. I quickly felt her lips part and my tongue was exploring her mouth. As we kissed I suddenly felt her had touch my engorged cock, before hearing my zipper being lowered. As soon as my zip was down my hard cock burst free and for the first time I felt the object of my fantasy touch my sex organ.

Davina said “Oh god Aisling has not been exaggerating, your fucking dick is huge.”

I took that opportunity to bring my two hands up and cupped her breasts, marvelling at how large they were, and delighted that she had no bra on, allowing me to feel her nipples stiffen as I touched them. Her tits must have been a good two cup sized bigger than Aisling’s (and she was by no means small). Davina let me feel her tits for a few moments before kneeling in front of me. She took hold of my shaft with one hand and carefully began exploring the head of my cock with her tongue. She pulled my fore skin back and delicately flicked her tongue against the slit of my cock. I looked down, hardly able to believe that I was seeing my sister in law playing with my cock. She opened her mouth and began to take my cock in. I marvelled at the moist warmth as she took the first 4 inches into her mouth. I felt my cock hit against the back of her throat, and assumed that like Aisling she would stop there. However to my surprise and delight with a swallowing motion Davina started to take my cock down her actual throat. Five, six then seven inches of my tool disappeared into her mouth, surely she could not take anymore, but I was wrong she took all 10 inches until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She held my cock there for a moment before starting to pull her mouth back. I undid my trousers and when she pulled fully off my cock I quickly pulled both my trousers and boxers down and stepped out of them. Davina carefully took my heavy balls into her mouth, gently giving them a squeeze before letting them plop out as she licked the underside of my cock from its base to the tip before again sucking in my length. Now I had been so sexually charged for so long that only the fourth time she buried her nose in my pubes I felt my orgasm ready to explode. I tried to stop her, not wanting to waste any cum in her mouth, but she ignored me and sucked me down again. My balls tensed and I felt my cum shouting into her throat. She pulled back so that the final strings went into her mouth rather than throat. I had cum in my sister in law for the first time. Heaven!

“I’m sorry for cuming so quickly, but I was so stoked up” I stammered.

“Don’t worry I wanted to take the edge of your excitement before we really get down to business. Anyway you have no idea how often I have wanted to suck your cock.”

It was only then that I realised that all this had been going on with the front door still open. It is a good job that the house is set back well from the road. Still the post man could easily have arrived.

“I want to fuck you in Aisling’s bed” said Davina as she pulled her top off, letting me for the first time see her tits naked. God but they were perfect, round and full with large nipples, and yet still high on her chest. Her stomach was flat and toned. I reached for them again and bending took first one and then the second nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling them. As I did so I could feel my cock again rise. Finally I stopped and leading her by the hand I took her up to the master bedroom.

As I stripped off my shirt, Davina took her jeans and panties off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. Once she had them off she stepped back into her heels and stood naked, her legs apart in front of me. What a sight, for me she was sex incorporated.

“God I am going to fuck your brains out” I shouted as I pushed her back onto the bed. She lay with her legs spread wide as I crawled between them. I kissed the insides of both her thighs moving slowly upwards until finally I was licking the outer lips of her sex, while enjoying the musky aroma of her soaking wet cunt. As my tongue found the hard nodule of her clitoris she gasped and I inserted two fingers into per opening. I licked and finger fucked her until with a loud scream it was her turn to cum. She clenched her legs against my shoulders and to my delight she squirted clear juice into my face.

“God Simon that was good, I wish the fuck Robert would lick me” she said and then “You lay back and I will ride you.”

I did as she instructed and lay back. Davina straddled me and taking hold of my cock guided it to the opening of her cunt before slowly lowering herself unto me. “Jesus I think you are going to tear me in two” she giggled. Once I was buried in her, marvelling that I was at last in this sexy girl’s pussy, she started to ride me while her magnificent tits jiggled in front of me. She bent forward allowing me to suck her nipples and also allowing me some room to thrust to match her hip movements. Davina had been right, if she had not sucked me until I had cum, I would not have lasted long, but instead our first fuck was long and glorious. We changed position several times, finally finishing with me fucking her hard from behind. As I came she also orgasmed again, and again I felt her squirt as my own wad filled her dripping wet cunt.

We collapsed together on the bed. “Oh god why could I not have met you before Aisling. That was the best sex I have ever had” she whispered.

“Yes I thought to myself that was the best sex I have ever had as well. We cuddled and talked. She told me that she knew what Aisling was planning but was sworn to secrecy. It was not long before having her naked hot body against me had me stiff again. We fucked again, this time in the missionary position. When we were finished, she showered, and dressed.

As she was about to leave I said “Davina, we have to do this again. I have wanted you for so long that now I could not stand it if I could not fuck you again regularly.”

She looked at me and said “Aisling only mentioned once, but even if she does not intend on this continuing I will fuck you behind her back anytime. I would have at any time since we met!”

She turned and went out to her car and drove of leaving me to ponder what I had just experienced and to wonder just what Aisling was planning!

That will be told in a second instalment.

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