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First Lover

Tags: taboo, romance
My first lover was my soon to be father-in-law
My fiancé’s father was one of the professors during my freshman year in college. I was a virgin and had a passionate love affair with him. Then ten years later, I reunited with him, as his son’s soon-to-be wife. The attraction was still there. After I met my future father- and mother-in-law, and realized our past relationship, the tension escalated as the wedding plans became more real and the details for which seemed tedious, endless, and nothing seemed to be going right. We all found ourselves at odds with each other. My tension continued to mount with rage, emotional rollercoaster, and lust. And the yearning and lust were mutual with him. On some levels, it was not a surprise, when my future mother-in-law took my girls out and my fiancé was trying to get one last game day out with the boys, that we took our culminating lust to his bed.
I really could not believe it, my first lover, here, would soon be my father-in-law. All these years, I wondered what happened, why he resigned and disappeared. We had been looking at each other for days. We communicated silently, our mutual mortification. Despite all the hurt and anger I had for him, the lust came back like it had been simmering for ten years, boiling over.

When we were finally alone, I didn’t even know what we tried to say to each other. All I knew was we tried something verbally, and then we were on the floor, his sudden weight pinning me down. I thought I let out a little scream staring into the hot glow of his eyes just before he closed his mouth over mine and thrust his tongue in. My top got pushed up and yanked off and his mouth was on my breasts. I thought he said he heard me moan last night before he moved from his bite to suckling my nipples, tonguing the valley between my tits while I quivered and dug my fingers into his hair. He dropped both hands down to pull my panties off, and pushed my thighs roughly apart. He grabbed my hips up and with one arch, he thrust deep and hard into my pussy. We both cried out a raw moan.
He closed his eyes then; I knew how much he loved the feel my wet pussy because I loved the feel of his hard and hot cock filling me. He used to say I gripped him like a fist around his cock. I scratched his back with my nails as my lower body lifted and fell, fucking him back with equal force. And we just kept fucking.

His teeth clamped down on my shoulder harder than I ever remembered. He brought his hands down around my ass, gripping it tight, squeezing and moving me, and fucking me with all his lust. I was nearly screaming with need when he drove his cock full hilt in me, penetrating almost beyond my slick, hot pussy. He was the only man ever, to penetrate that deepest part of me. I tilted up, tightened my legs around his back and pulled him deeper still; I made him feel the lock of my legs across his ass, the squeeze of my hot, soaked cunt. I cried out for him to give it all to me just as he spurted his hot cum into me.

We came so hard and then collapsed into a heap. He held me tenderly and protectively while softening inside of me, as if trying to communicate emotions from long ago. I, too, was transported back in time. Until a glance landed on a wedding gift that arrived earlier in the day and something snapped in my brain. And I clawed him and started calling him names. And within a couple of minutes, he pushed me roughly onto my hands and knees and was raging hard inside me again, pumping and pounding me. The only thing I knew was I wanted him. Somehow I managed to wrestle him onto his back, straddled him, and rode him in a crazed frenzy until we came again, with our mouths glued, kissing, kissing for all those lost years.

Afterwards, we were barely able to look at each other. We avoided being in any situation together and certainly any situation requiring communication. Somehow, I made it through to the week, with the wedding a few days away. I had been justifying it to myself and I thought I was okay. We were all entitled to a last fling, right? And I thought, I even had closure on my biggest heartache. Fling and closure; it was all reconciled. Until my fiancé and I started making love that night. I was so incredibly hot and horny and that made him all the more crazed. We fucked long and hard. I did not think our sex had been that hot, ever. Who was I really fucking?

I fucked David, not as my fiancé from just a few days ago, but David whose father I just fucked twice earlier in the day. And David, he got another side of me, a new and unfamiliar side; he got a scorching hot pussy still aching and slick with another man’s cum. He held me tight afterwards, the heat of his body radiated onto my back. His arms around me squeezed and his hands cupped my breasts, his mouth softly kissed the nape of my neck then suckled down onto my shoulder. That was when he saw the bite mark imprinted from earlier.

I was mewling from the orgasmic haze, savoring the pressure of David's lips tracing along my neck. I was purring softly when I felt the small sharp draw of his breath and followed by a pause. With great deliberateness, he loosened his grip around me. I stirred as he released just before he clenched his mouth on my shoulder. It all replayed in a split second in my mind. And in that next second, my world imploded. I turned to face him. Rage, fear, and confusion. Repulsion, lust, and hurt. My heart flinched. My eyelids fluttered but steadfast I forced myself to look at him. I brought my left hand up and removed his ring. I dropped the ring as he yanked my arms up above my head and shoved my head back down against the pillow. "Spread your legs," in a low and forceful voice I had never heard before. My legs were wrapped around his back when he thrust into my cunt to pacify his grief. His mouth moved down and his teeth sank deep into the fresh bite. My blood was on his tongue and his mouth planted on my shoulder, his arms lowered to wrap around my torso, he fucked me hard to assuage his lust. Suddenly, he recoiled and pulled away. I felt like I dropped 10 feet. "That's why he left the university," he muttered, while staring down at me. Was it possible for your world to burst into flames twice in ten minutes?

I stared up at him for a long time, and nodded yes. I looked away then, no longer able to look at the pain in his eyes. So ashamed I had hurt him. I ran my hands down his body, I wanted my touch to somehow tell him what I didn’t have words for. His body was frozen in motion. My hands reached all the way down and grazed upon his cock, full and hard with rage. “I’m sorry, so sorry, David.” I caressed it softly, too scared except for light touches, I had hoped to calm him. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know who your father is.” I felt his cock jerk and got harder still. My hands became smaller in comparison. I looked at him again, staring deep and dark into his eyes, “I love you. But I can’t explain ……….. any of this.” I leaned up and gently pressed my lips on his chest, my hands cupped and feathered his erection one last time. I had lost everything.

I shrank from the confusion, the revulsion and the fury in his eyes and I got dress hastily. I did not remember anything that happened before waking up inside the ambulance with David by my side, staring up at the white horror on his face. The rest was a blur until I was discharged and returned to his parent's home. He fell to his knees between my after he guided me gently to the sofa seat in his room. His face mashed against my jeans over my mound. He said, "You called me after you skidded off the road and hit the tree. You must have lost consciousness after that." He started working to undo my jeans. "I've never been more scared," he whispered while pulling my jeans and panties down. He buried his mouth and nose in my pussy, his tongue licked every fold and crease, and darted and fucked my cunt until he brought about my gut-wrenching orgasm. We fucked like a couple of animals for a long time after. The only words were his questions. Had it been real between us? Yes. Did I love him? Yes, with all my heart. Did I still love his father? Yes, I always will, but not with all my heart.

David and I were married the following day and we just celebrated our fifth anniversary this year. My father-in-law and I never again succumbed to our physical desires but we maintain a special intimacy. Over the years we have had occasions of being each other's arms. And David, he knows. And he knows that both his father and I made a choice, and that choice had been and is him.
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